It takes everything in our Jordan Eberle loving heart to come on here and write anything other than a 900 word swear parade. We had a very sombre Sunday indeed after the Oil decided to get shelled 5 squat after getting pumped 4 nothing earlier in the week. 

There are no words to describe how bad things are at the moment. On a personal note we can’t recall being this unhappy ever really. The comments section here at the Nation is melting with our fellow citizens venting fire and brimstone in every direction. People are getting clever with getting swear words on the site bypassing our naughty filters.

Originally we were going to delete them – but then thought better of it. There are times when swearing is completely appropriate. And with this All You Can Eat Crap Buffet we are being asked to enjoy for 7 years now why not let a few blue words out if it makes you feel better.

It breaks my heart to read comments like this as correct as they might be. And the 139 props from so many of our fellow Oilers fans that feel something is dying inside them too? Unbearable to read. wasn’t built for this.

It’s the age of infinite unhappiness.


You may find it ironic that this is the new NationGear design. Talking about Stanley Cups in Edmonton makes about as much sense as Lindsay Lohan keeping her schedule open on Oscar Night. But it is precisely now at the darkest moment that hope becomes so crucial. 

Hope is one of the most important things we can have. If we believe that this is our lot in life – cheering our collective hearts out for a group of unperforming non caring trillionaires working for an organization that takes us all for granted then the sun will never rise again. The minute we feel that a current squad of losers is all we deserve the light of hope will be snuffed out forever.

We will never let hope die.

We would use this horrid Monday to remind everyone what the concept of the "Oilers" really means. Kevin Lowe is not the Oilers. MacT, Eakins and the rest of the Coaching staff aren’t the Oilers. None of the players or Daryl Katz himself are the Oilers. They are merely the current crew piloting a ship that is far bigger and more important than any of their piddling efforts can destroy.

The Oilers are Fernando Pisani and Company bringing us to our feet in 2006 for one glorious spring. It’s Doug Weight getting 104 point season back in 1996 blowing minds in the process. It’s Cujo flying across the crease to rob Niewendyk in the playoffs. If you are old enough the Oilers are the glory filled 1980s. We are too young to remember them but we understand it was quite the time.

The concept of what being an Edmonton Oiler means might be lost on 75% of the people collecting cheques from Kay-Z but we must all keep our heads held high through this darkest time in franchise history if ever we are going to find our footing again. If this current iteration of players don’t want to show up and compete they are free to leave. They are not Oilers and we refuse to acknowledge half of these crumbs going forward.

Being an Oilers fan is the aggregate of all the good times we have had with the team in our lives. The Oilers are the team that we would listen to as a kid on the radio late into the night before John Short would tuck us into bed. The Oilers are Dr Randy Gregg taking an 8 year old Wanye into the dressing room to meet his hero Craig Simpson who couldn’t have been nicer.

The Oilers are a rookie Ryan Smyth talking to a 13 year old Wanye outside Rexall Place for a good 15 minutes when he must have had many better things to do. The Oilers are the team that played an OT playoff game during a high school dance that had the entire school watching the game on a tiny TV in the cafeteria while a confused DJ spun tunes for an empty gym.

This current squad is simply an unimportant chapter of a story that will outlive them all.


It is some strange sort of a twist of fate that we picked the worst 6 year stretch in franchise history to make the Nation Network and commit a good part of our day to supporting the team. We can’t stand the Oilers at the moment but our love for OilersNation grows by the day.

We have made so many friends all around the world from this site and reading the tweets and comments of all these folks we have come to know over the past 6 years is heartbreaking. But it is some small mercy at least we still have each other to talk to in an uncensored environment that is telling it like it is.  A place for top drawer fans that deserve so much better than what we are currently getting.

Fans like Mr and Mrs Towelboy who came in from Lloydminster to take their lovely daughter to her first Oilers game on Saturday night. Driving for hours in the hope that they will give their kid a night she will remember fondly in years to come. The minute folks like this say "yeah it’s probably not worth sacrificing the weekend to see the Oilers get pumped" we are all screwed.

They deserve more.


We actually considered taking some time off from the Nation yesterday. We don’t intend to be some voice in a chorus of negativity screaming and yelling about how crappy everything is. But there is something deep inside us that believes a better day is on the horizon that prevents us from quitting. So we will slog on even if the divide between the actual Oilers and OilersNation increases by the hour. 

We have been saving free vehicle stickers for a few weeks now hoping something awesome would happen and then we could drop them in celebration. But it seems as though that day is far off in the distance for the time being. In any event our friends at Auto Canada have partnered to distribute awesome free vehicle stickers. You can click here to order them for pickup or delivery depending on your locale – completely free.

Cop these stickers Nation and rep them proudly. Most people with a functioning brainstem would take one look at this team and say "I wonder what’s showing on HBO right now?" Luckily we are made of tougher stuff. We are Oilers fans.

And if you want to drop some money on hope – with a portion of the proceeds going to our friends at the ICCP – go buy some NationGear here. Hope must never die no matter how dire things seem.

Meanwhile in Pittsburgh….

  • ubermiguel

    Well Doughtheslug wrote my exact thoughts. My wife keeps asking me “whats wrong with you? did someone die?” Well my passion for Oil is dying pretty quickly, I thought those are words I would never ever say but this is just to much. I’m not recording anymore games becasue I just end up fastforwarding on the fastest mode anyway. Its awesome talking Oilers with all you but I’m checking out for a while.

    PS Canucks still suck monkey nuts

  • I’m sorry Wayne but I only made it half way into your article and had to stop… Hope is something that is earned.. We as fans can only get kicked so many times! I appreciate the fact that your trying to shine a light into a very long dark tunnel.. But you bring up the past… The past, the past… Start living in the now and future!! I was raised an oilers fan all my life but after all the sharaids that have been going on with the fight over a new arena, lack of effort from the team, and six cups comments…. I was looking forward to taking my little nepfews to an oilers came as my uncle did many years ago… Unfortunately I can’t see myself wasting my hard earned money supporting individuals that seem like they just don’t care!! An your right!!! It’s very sad and disappointing!! I’ll see how they fair on this road trip… If nothing has changed! I’m out! Done! Finished!!!

      • Admiral Ackbar

        From the sounds of that article, I believe we went to the same High School Wanye.

        I’ve been to a few places around this globe and have enjoyed sport every where I go. Having been a former Seahawks season ticket holder, lived a block from the Bell Centre, a block from Rogers Arena (I loath the Nucks) and been to see Palmeiras in Sao Paulo, there’s one thing I can say about Edmonton Oilers fans:

        These are the best fans in sports. Classy. Patient. Loyal. These are fans that will cheer through thick and thin. The copper & blue means much more than Gretzky & Messier to us. We don’t riot and destroy when our team loses, we celebrate in pure jubilation when the team does well.

        I’ll always have the hope deep in my heart. This current edition of the Oilers garners little interest from me now, but I’d be glad to give some love if the players show that they want it.

        This undeserving team has the best fans in sports, and they have the nerve to be a cap team that plays like one of the worst teams in North American Sports (their playoff record of the past 20 years would be an example).

        We come from a place with an amazing work ethic. This has aided me in my career wherever I go. Sadly the current edition of the Oilers doens’t have this work ethic. I do appreciate Eakins appreciation of haute-fitness though I’m disappointed at his lack of a tough-love approach. Unfortunately it seems like the Flames current edition has the good ‘ol Alberta work ethic. I wish that was my team..

  • I haven’t felt this bad since Ryan Smyth was traded.

    Oilersnation is still a place to stop during the day, like the Black Dog. Even if it’s a desperately cold Tuesday, so you still pop in hoping there’s a Saturday night going on inside.

    • Spoils


      moved to LA a few years back. I will probably live out my life here. I got right on their bandwagon and enjoyed their cup run.

      they have a pretty cool team and all. Drew Doughty – Quick – Anze…

      You’d think I could make the change, maybe the extreme glory of the 80s oilers of my youth made that impossible.

      For me, to quote another bit of 80s awesomeness “there can be only one”

      I believe this is how it goes in sports – I see it like this – fans can complain, rage, demand changes, not pay for tickets until changes happen etc. but you can’t jump ship.

      If you jump ship, you don’t have a right to the glory.

      Those are the rules.

    • Oil Bog

      As a well connected insider I know this for sure: nobody hurts more when we lose than Lowe, MacTavish and Eakins. Nobody cares more than Lowe, MacTavish and Eakins. Lowe, MacTavish and Eakins are WINNERS and SURVIVORS! They will fix this mess and turn it around! These three men were and are Intense (scary INTENSE) Competitors! EAKINS is well, well respected by most people he has coached, and will be REVERED like his idol ROGER NIELSON 15 years from now! Everything has gone wrong for the OILERS (so far) that can go wrong. PATIENCE, PATIENCE,PATIENCE FANS!!!! The light at the end of the tunnel will emerge soon! PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE!!! THIS WILL GET FIXED!!!! THESE MEN ARE WINNERS AND SURVIVORS IN BOTH THEIR PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL LIVES!!!! I believe in them now more than ever! THEI CHARACTER, INTEGRITY and COMMITMENT WILL TURN THIS AROUND!!!! GO OILERS!!!

  • ubermiguel

    Damn it, you’re right, true fans stick by their team thick and thin. Not uncritically mind you. Just one new player, just one trade, just one less injury…whatever it takes to keep hope alive. Signed myself up for a car decal to profess my insanity…I mean fandom.

  • 13 year old Wanye chain smoking darts, quaffing Big Bear and stalking the players exit at RX1. Those must have been the days.

    Now players chain smoke reefers, quaff Lowenbrau and stalk Wanye at The Pint.


    • Maybe DE has it right but needs to go the rest of the way…that is relieving some of the artifacts from the past glory days out of the room.

      Management seems to revel with how many rings “we’ve won” but sports is a Now business.

      Fact is this is results-based business and in E-Town they arent even close. Combine that with a holier than thou/apathetic/antagonistic attitude toward the directly supportive (and secondary tier) fan base (Oil Management words not mine btw) and the current status and immediate future outlook does not look good. Try connecting with Patrick or Kevin or anyone else from the leadership group and its all only to benefit the Oil.

      Im beginning to take on the perspective of DougtheSlug. Last Tuesday was the first time ever that I was ready to depart the building with over 10 minutes left in the third before the 50/50 was drawn. Uninspired, uninterested, unbearable and unsure is ways to describe their play and state. Sad indeed.

      Unfortunately the current roster and talent is going to have to own this — MacT’s only out is to trade a core player to get IMMEDIATE help and this trade will have to be one where the Oil have clearly bettered the current team. Anything less is an epic fair. Trouble is our talent is selling low at this point in time. Senior management changes and changes in the talent evaluation pool solves some symptoms. And Eakins cant be hung out for this one. If any coaching changes are to occur its getting rid of the Assistants who are part of SeriousGord’s crony club.

  • 27Ginge

    I dove head first into this rebuild thing along with every body else in OilersNation. I just keep wondering where rock bottom is. I’ve hit my head on some pretty hard s#it on the way down and can’t help but wonder if maybe we dove too deep. The water is cold and we barely got enough air to make her back to surface. Not a comfortable place to be.