Goalies are part of the team, but often they are singled out. When they play great or horrible they are usually talked about like they are a separate entity to the team. Many Oilers fans have been asking Devan Dubnyk to steal some wins the past few seasons, and while he’s done it a few times, it hasn’t been a regular occurence. Last night, he and Ilya Bryzgalov combined to win one for the Oilers.

Bryzgalov stopped 28 of 29 shots before he left the game with an "upper body" injury after Ryan Garbutt crashed into him. Dubnyk played the final 28:41 and stopped 15 of 16 shots, including a crucial two-save sequence prior to Andrew Ference’s tying goal.

Bryzgalov kept the Oilers in the game, and so did Dubnyk coming off the bench. It was a rare display of teamwork by goalies that allowed the Oilers to pick up their fifth win in their last seven games.

The Oilers have been outshot in five of those seven games. They are 2-0 when outshooting the opposition, and 3-2 when being outshot. Dubnyk and Bryzgalov have been good to excellent during this mini-run for the Oilers, and based on the recent play of the guys in front of them, the goalies are going to need to continue to be great if the Oilers expect to keep winning.

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I’ve seen signs the Oilers are starting to play a bit better defensively, but those small improvements aren’t happening often enough, and when the skaters make a bad defensive zone decision, it is usually a major ones. Case in point, Jeff Petry’s inexplicable decision to leave Ryan Garbutt wide open in the slot on a two-on-two. Mistakes are part of the game, especially in a game as fast as hockey, but Petry got caught "puck watching" and left Garbutt wide open. Those types of mistakes can’t keep happening.

Until the Oilers stop making five-star mistakes, or at least keep them to a minimum, Bryzgalov and Dubnyk will need to be the Oilers best player most nights.


  • Eakins stated the Oilers wanted to re-evaluate Bryzgalov today before announcing his injury. The replay clearly showed he was hit in the neck and head area. I understand why they would wait to announce whether or not the injury was his neck or his head, or possibly both. This is the healthiest the Oilers have been in years, and hopefully for his sake Bryzgalov is just sore and won’t miss any significant time.
  • Eakins is significantly more patient than I am, (watch here) and he probably should be since he is the coach. Coaches can’t show their frustration regularly, especially after a picking up a victory in your third game in four nights. The Oilers looked fatigued last night, but Eakins said, "sometimes when you aren’t winning battles it is easy not to engage in them anymore. Were we winning all the battles, no, but at least we kept in the fight."
  • Eakins admitted his powerplay is struggling, and admitted they need some practice time to work on it. "We need a practice with our powerplay. It is an amazing thing. Your powerplay can be so hot and be so good, and then literally a week later we can’t seem to get anything going. We are probably going to have shake things up and get a new unit started at practice tomorrow."
  • I don’t see a major overhaul of the unit, maybe just switching up positions or zone entries and such.
  • "The only way you can move forward and learn lessons is by making mistakes, and believe me as a team we’ve made our fair share early this season, but we are learning from them. It was good to hang around in this one when things weren’t going our way, and end up with the two points," said Eakins. I do agree with his premise, and last night the Oilers didn’t make many mistakes, but the ones they did make were glaring. You hope if he keeps pointing out their mistakes that eventually the players will recognize what they can and can’t do.

    At times coaches must feel incredibly helpless. They can point things out in video or on the ice at practice and show the players what they should or shouldn’t do, but once the play happens the onus is solely on the players. I was an assistant coach in bantam for a couple years, and I felt that was the most difficult aspect of it. You try to prepare them as best you can, but ultimately their skill and decision making overrules your instruction. I was an assistant coach, and only at the Bantam A level, and I recognize there is no comparison to the pressure of the NHL, but I suspect the pressure and angst NHL coaches feel, especially those on young or struggling teams, is immense. I wouldn’t have the patience to do it.

  • The Oilers have moved up to 28th place, and they are within four points of 24th, where they finished last season. They have 20 games to be ahead of last year’s spot in the standings, if they want to say they’ve improved. It isn’t saying much, but at this point of the season, looking for any sign of improvement is a necessity for the Oilers.
  • The Avalanche finished 29th last year with 39 points in 48 games. This year, the Avs already have 38 points in 25 games. Their turn around has been remarkable. They were on pace for 66 points last year, and today they are on pace for 124, which won’t happen, however, the Avs could play .500 hockey the rest of the way and still finish 30 points ahead of last year’s pace.
  • Colorado, Phoenix and Tampa Bay are the only teams in a playoff spot today who weren’t in the playoffs last year. Vancouver, Ottawa and the New York Islanders have dropped out. The Canucks are only one point back of Phoenix, and likely will overtake them by the end of the season. It shows how difficult it is to go from being a non-playoff team to a playoff team. Each year there is usually only one or two spots in each conference that are realistically up for grabs. That is why the Oilers have to use the final 54 games to get close to a playoff spot, and then take another small step next season, otherwise they would need an Avalanche-like improvement next season to end their 8-year drought.
  • I didn’t like the Denis Grebeshkov signing in the summer, and I don’t now. He can move the puck, but he’s always been prone to the major giveaway. That part of his game hasn’t changed. Corey Potter is a much safer player.
  • Some are wondering why Taylor Fedun wasn’t recalled instead of Grebeshkov. Fair question. I think it is best to let him keep developing his game in the AHL. Allow him to gain more confidence and come to camp next season ready to compete for a roster spot. If he comes up now, he won’t play as much as he would in the AHL, and he’ll struggle. He’s only in his 2nd season of pro hockey, so I’d rather see him develop his game in the AHL than come up here and play on a 28th place team.
  • Many fans want Ales Hemsky moved, and the main complaint it that he is too inconsistent. I can understand why people feel that way, because some games he completely dominates and then in others he is a non-factor. That is fair, however it proves he isn’t elite, but he’s still very good and much better than most skeptics think.

    Since the start of the 2005/2006 season until now, Hemsky has scored the 58th most points (401) in the NHL, despite missing 157 games due to injury. That is almost two full NHL seasons of missed time, yet he is still the 58th most productive player in that time span. Hemksy’s point-per-game of those top-100 scorers in that span ranks 42nd. You can dislike Hemsky all you like, but suggesting he is a bad NHL player is asinine and grossly inaccurate.

  • Some feel Taylor Hall has no chance of making the Olympic team. I’m not so sure. Of course, his 200 foot game could be more consistent, every 22 year-old with fewer than 200 games could be more consistent, however, only ten NHL players have been more productive offensively in their last 100 games than Hall.

    Courtesy of the Elias Sports Bureau, here is the list of active players with 100 points in their last 100 games, effective December 1st, 2013:

    Sidney Crosby           151
    Evgeni Malkin            132
    Steven Stamkos       125
    Martin St. Louis         108
    Alex Ovechkin            107
    Henrik Zetterberg     107
    Patrick Kane              106
    John Tavares             103
    Ryan Getzlaf               101
    James Neal               101
    Taylor Hall                  100

    Crosby, Stamkos (injured), St.Louis, Tavares, Getzlaf and Neal are the other Canadians on that list. Hall’s defensive game isn’t elite at this point, but he’s working on it and like most elite young scorers he is getting better away from the puck as he matures.

    However, his scoring totals are elite, and the Olympic brass should think long and hard before discounting Hall. He can score, and when surrounded by the best of the best, I think his overall game would only improve. In the Olympics you need game breakers, and Hall is one. 


On Friday, we raised $4,200 for Santas Anonymous for the Messier Jersey/party for 10 package. Robert won the package, but when I met up with him on Saturday to get his cheque, he shocked me and re-donated the jersey to auction off again and make more money for charity. UNREAL.

Today we will auction it off again. People like Robert inspire me to want to do more. What a guy.

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Today’s package includes….

  • A signed Mark Messier jersey courtesy of Robert.
  • The jersey will be framed courtesy of Pro Am sports
  • A party for 10 at The Pint

You can bid by calling 780.444.1260 or 1.800.243.1945. All the proceeds will go to Santas Anonymous. Thanks in advance to all of those who make a bid.


  • Truth

    Hall just doesn’t “look” like an elite talent. Always falling, looks like he has a 12 ft stick, far from Eberle-type hands. He had to prove to the Team Canada suits at the World Championships last year that he makes up for his lack of flash using speed and determination. Unfortunately Lindy Ruff didn’t give him a shot. To Oilers fans there is no doubt he puts up the points and is a force out there.

    Can’t see Hall making it unless he scores 2 pts/game from now on out.

    Grebeshkov will not be able to make a KHL roster after his contract expires this year. What was MacT thinking on that one? You can only claim to have defensive depth when the depth is comprised of NHL defensemen. Grebeshkov and Potter do not qualify.

    Also, where do we go to vent about Nurse being snubbed from the WJC? You’d think a huge, mobile, mean defenseman that puts up points would be desired by team Canada. I suspect, like usual, that there is more behind the scenes going on than we all know about.

    • Newj

      Watching the Subway Series, Darnell struggled at times. Maybe Sutter and company saw something they didn’t like during those games? On the other hand Nurse has more points to date than a number of the d-men that were selected to the tryout camp.

  • 24% body fat

    Why does Eakins not go back to the PP units that worked last year. 89-14-64-19-94, and than 4-93-83-57-77 (57 subs in for 10).

    Numbers were of the charts.

    • Jason Gregor

      YES. THANK YOU! Hall NEEDS to be on 2nd line PP, not the 1st. He is one of the best 5v5 players in the league. But he struggles in close quarters puck control situation. If the Oilers giveaway the puck after setting up the PP, its usually Hall.

  • Zamboni Driver

    Grouse grouse. Gripe gripe.

    Hall isn’t going to make it. Petry is god awful. Oilers need to sack up when their goalie gets clobbered…

    All of these thoughts running through my head until right at the end of the article. Instead…

    Robert for MVP.

  • PutzStew

    I think it funny you mentioned the Avs turn around this year considering they didn’t make many changes….they just CLEARED OUT THE HEAD OFFICE AND COACHS, THUS CHANGING THE WHOLE CULTURE AND ATTITUDE OF THE CLUB.

    Hello…..Mr. Katz…..Might I make a suggestion…..Helloooooo…..Anyone In there???????

      • PutzStew

        You Bet…

        From the Avs Site:

        Former Avalanche captain Joe Sakic was named Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations on May 10, 2013 and begins his first season of overseeing all hockey-related decisions for the club.

        Sakic’s first move as executive vice president was to name Patrick Roy as Head Coach/Vice President of Hockey Operations on May 23, 2013. A month later.

        So what you meant to say give Sakic more power, hired Roy as coach and let him be in charge of Hockey Operations. Right.

        So you are welcome for me doing your home work.

        I say Good Day

    • Jason Gregor

      Didn’t the Oilers also hire a new GM and head coach?

      Also you do realize that the Avs changed the majority of their blueline…

      Last year their top-6 D in games played and minutes:
      Hejda, 46 games 19:41
      Zanon, 44 games 19:19
      Hunwick, 43 games 21:31
      O’Byrne, 34 games 18:51
      Barrie, 32 games 21:34
      Johnson, 31 games 20:45

      This group combined for five measly goals and 54 points.

      Compared to this year’s top-six:

      Hejda, 25 games 22:54
      Johnson, 25 games 21:51
      Guenin, 25 games 17:50
      Benoit, 24 games 20:28
      Sarich, 24 games 17:31
      Barrie, 11 games 16:28
      Wilson, 10 games 16:48

      Barrie played the most minutes last year in 2/3 of their games and this year he is 6th/7th D-man…

      Benoit already has 11 points, and he has given them some offence. Hejda led them in D points last year with 10.

      The already have 8 goals and 45 points. That is massive difference.

      Suggesting they haven’t made changes is incorrect. They have revamped their blueline significantly. I think you are the one who has been Dominoed, to use your lame term.

      • PutzStew



        Your right. Edmonton did change coach (multiple times) and GM and yet they are still bottom dwellers because THE CULTURE AND ATTITUDE STAYED THE SAME.

        KLowe is still here. There is no accountability anywhere on this team and The Oilers are still sucking pond scum off the bottom of the tank.

        Here the only fact that matters. Edmonton are out of the playoffs and it is only December 3. They have been the worst team in the league since 2006. There are no positives. End of argument.

        MacT had a great line last year. Something about to many players not being good enough, or something like that?????

        This is a team where the management and people responsible for developing and putting the team together aren’t good enough.

        • Jason Gregor

          I noticed you ignored the facts that were presented to you about the Avs.

          They made changes to players and that helped them win…stop pretending culture is what wins games. Good players win games. The Oilers don’t have enough of them. I’ve said it for years, and it is still the case. You can keep believing that changing coaches or GM will solve it, but it won’t. You need players to win.

          • PutzStew

            No I didn’t. Fact is the changes on the ice had less to do with the change of attitude of the team.

            If your boss was like Mr. Six Rings and was not holding himself accountable, how would you perform.

            Mr. Sackic and Mr. Roy came into the Avs organization and brought a whole new attitude. Mr. Roy is not going to let his players float and is going to push them. And Mr. Sackic has won it all, is a gentleman and is going to hold himself accountable. If the players aren’t going to play a system, or give it their all, they aren’t going to be playing.

            In the end Mr. Sackic and Mr. Roy did make some player changes but they are also getting their players to give it there all to play to their full potential.

            Mean while in Edmonton….The Media is too busy making excuses, trying to get sound bits and or pointing out positives instead of holding, The players and Management, of their supposed beloved team, accountable for being a bottom feeder.

            Good job guys. Keep collecting a pay check. Keep it up and maybe the organization will offer you a job.

          • pkam

            Didn’t Avs finish 28th in 08-09, then finish 12th and make the playoff in 09-10? What management change did they make at that time to change the attitude of the team?

            Wonder why that change of attitude only lasted one year and they missed the playoff the next 3 years and were bottom 2 in 2 of those 3 years?

          • Jason Gregor

            Sakic is going to hold himself accountable? You mean by getting fleeced in their first trade. Downie for Talbot?

            Keep believing that the attitude of the coach magically makes players better.

            Good players win games, and the Avs have upgraded their D substantially. And do you honestly expect Lowe to fire himself? I’m sure he’d just walk away from his salary. Katz will need to fire him, and since Katz is good friends with him, so that isn’t happening. I’m not into beating the same dead horse every day…fire Lowe, fire Lowe. It won’t change Katz’ mind.

            As for your lame and inaccurate comments about media excuses…

            Please show me where I made an excuse for the Oilers.

            I’ve said for four years they aren’t big enough, aren’t strong enough and aren’t mature enough. They don’t have the right mix of forwards or blueliners to win.

            Why don’t you show us how it is done. Start your own blog, many others have. Show the world how Stew Putz will be hard hitting and accurate. I’ll even promote your site on here. We will be waiting for your first post, that will force the Oilers to change their losing ways.

  • Mikey

    Is Hall any worse than Neal on D? What about Patrick Kane? Maybe putting Hall with a more defensive minded C would work.

    Maybe as an extra he could make it. Him with Logan Couture would be fun to watch.

  • camdog

    “The Oilers have moved up to 28th place, and they are within four points of 24th, where they finished last season. They have 20 games to be ahead of last year’s spot in the standings, if they want to say they’ve improved. It isn’t saying much, but at this point of the season, looking for any sign of improvement is a necessity for the Oilers.:

    The Oilers have 1 win against playoff teams this season, and that team is Montreal. The Oilers record against playoff teams has not improved thus far this season.

  • PutzStew


    Thank you for point in out why Hall will not make the Olympic team.

    -No 200 ft game
    – Number of others that can play the position that will be chosen before Hall. Since he is one dimensional, he has to be int the top 6 and well….He wasn’t even the top six at the Worlds last year….when he was an actual top ten score in the league.

    It’s not all about Points.

    All Offense and No Substance=No Olympics

    • Mikey

      Why does Hall have to play top 6? He could be on the fourth line, very easily. What is your starting roster for team canada? Just the fowards.

      Mine could be:

      Crosby, Toews, Getzlaf, Couture, Bergeron

      Stamkos*, Perry, Tavares, Duchene, E Stall, Benn


      Kunitz, Hall, Thorton, Sharp, Spezza, Giroux

      • PutzStew

        Your right he should be bottom 6 because he showed he had such a great Defensive/200 Ft game at the worlds last year.

        I hear Lindy Ruff really liked his game too.

          • PutzStew

            Not trolling. Didn’t list it because I think arm chair GM’s are Cheesy.

            If it will set you straight…For LW. Easy…..Kunitz to play with Crosby, St. Louis (His GM is putting the team together and plays well with Stamkos), Benn (Big strong talented and coach is Ruff), Ladd (2 rings, a few medals, gritty, scores goals). I highly suspect Benn will be the extra and some one like Taveres or Giroux moves over to LW. Hall….probably taking a holiday with his buddy Ebs somewhere warm and far away from Edmonton.

            Hope that makes you happy. You can go back to the Kool-Aid cooler and continue drinking if you so wish.

  • John Chambers


    Ales Hemsky is NOT the 58th most productive player in the NHL since ’05-’06. Many other productive players, such as Tavares, Stamkos, Seguin, Hall, etc played in half (or less than) the contests that Hemsky has. There are many players with 200+ games who have been far more productive on a ppg basis than Hemsky.

    PPG over the past 3, maybe 4 seasons should be used to determine most productive players. If you want to go back to 2006 you can include Mark Recchi and Joe Sakic in the conversation of most productive, but it doesn’t offer any basis into who can put points on the board and help their team win in 2013.

  • Craig1981

    Thank goodness Oilers fans today are admitting its Petry’s fauly on the 2nd goal. So many comments and props were given about Gagner not backchecking enough on the goal………

  • Phuryous George


    the video in the link seems to show Garbutt trying to draw a penelty shot. He falls to his knees for no apparent reason, other than ” if I score, great! if not, maybe i can get a penelty shot” He then runs Bryz on his knees.

    Should have been a diving penelty at least. Does the NHL dole out discipline for diving?

  • S cottV

    Early – but looks like Bryz and Dubie can constructively push each other for better overall goaltending. No goaltender can withstand the level of glaring mistakes being made in front of them like Petry / Grebs the other night, the first two periods in Columbus vs Bryz and the first two periods against Chicago vs Dubie. So – maybe its improving, but lets see how it goes this month vs some pretty tough hockey teams.

    I am on the fence with Hall. Geez – when that guys gets going, he can cover ice in the top 3% of the league. The thinking process is lacking, like with ill timed cross seam passes and taking on 1 on 3’s, which result in costly turnovers. However – I really think that RNH is holding Hall and Eberle back. Both Hall and Eberle are ready for a veteran 1C and RNH is two years before his time. So – would be interesting to see Hall with a world class veteran C at the Olympics.

    To me the factor that most explains (there are several for sure) the current record, is the lack of depth at Centre, particularly in the first two lines. RNH is in training and Gagner just doesn’t have enough overall presence. He is like a PT boat – when we need a Frigate or better yet a Destroyer. To be fair – both are coming off injuries and had both started the season healthy, we would probably have a few more points right now. Our relatively high end wingers are all negatively impacted by the relative lack of dominance in the middle and the lack of a push up and out – by legit top pairing defencemen. Toews – Eberle – Hall – Keith – Seabrook would make some hay to be reckoned with. Hemsky and our other high skill wingers could easily fit in there with similar high end results.

  • Phuryous George

    Hall does produce, which is the bottom line. That said, for a guy who puts up the pts he does, he seems to bobble the puck accepting passes, have it slip off the end of his stick, mishandle it, etc. quite often. If he works on his hands, and dedicates himself to that, he’ll be scary, scary good.

    Also, I wish he had a breakaway move or two in his bag of tricks. He’s not far from Todd Marchant when it comes to the amount of breaks, and how few goals he scores on them. Swear to God, I don’t even get that excited when he’s on them anymore because he rarely scores on them.

    That said, he’s still infinitely better at hockey then all of us, and is still better than 97% of the NHL as well.

  • Mikey

    I thought the Grebeshkov signing in the off season made no sense, and then when it was announced to be for 1.5m. I thought well that’s bold.

    When Fedun was here he showed more then Potter or Grebeshkov, and since Eakins a strong proponent of accountability it would of logically made sense they brought up Fedun. Fedun is not a complete defender, and probably would never more then a 5/6 defender, but in a 15 night minute role he is effective. He make simple smart crisp plays. He gets shots on net and picks up players well in his own zone.

    How did Nurse not get a look, was this because Sutter never got a job in Edmonton. Make no sense. How can you leave off a dynamic gritty offensive defender with a bad attitude.

  • A-Mc

    It’s really too bad our goal tending couldn’t have stabilized much earlier than it did. It would have been nice to have this season as an “almost did it” season so we had something to look forward to for next season.

    It’s likely we finish better, overall, than last year because the east is doing so poorly, but being so far out of a playoff spot really doesn’t instill confidence in next season.

    • S cottV

      Being effectively out of the playoffs at this point in the season is a disaster. The Oilers needed to play meaningful hockey games, as far to end of the season as possible – for development purposes. They will try to build a case that the remaining games are meaningful and they are – but – that little extra playing for a shot at a playoff spot will be sorely missed as motivation for the team to learn to play proper survival based team hockey. Eakins will have his hands full – keeping it together, if the group goes through too much more adversity – this year.

      Goaltending is one of several factors at play for the situation, that they find themselves in. However – dont think its at the top of the list, as the goalies have not been properly supported, as Gregor points out re glaring scoring chances that have been offered up since the start of the season.

  • S cottV

    Is anyone else concerned that Bryzgalov got runned, and there was NO RESPONSE from the Oilers?

    Eakins talked about not getting pushed around, but then a guy takes a headshot at a hot goalie, and no one even goes in to stand up for him.


    • Truth

      Concerned? Absolutely. Surprised? Not at all. Ryan Jones was literally the only Oiler player throwing hits out there and he was clearly the best Oiler on the ice last night.

      The Oilers are absolutely pathetic when it comes to taking the body. I’m sure the opposition circle the Oiler games knowing they get a night off. The clear gameplan against the Oilers is play the body, put the pressure on the defense because they don’t like being hit, and don’t make a pass too soon. The Oilers attempt at a turnover is swinging the stick in the general direction of a player as they skate by, no use in forcing pass when they know the Oiler player isn’t going to hit them or take the puck away. It has become painful to watch as an Oiler fan.

    • S cottV

      let me step in, NO RESPONSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! disgrace

      We also got a goal off the post. If we keep hitting post we will win more games, lets just hope its the inside of the posts.

      yes I’m a Oilers fan and cheer for different things when I watch the oilers.

  • Johnnydapunk

    Do want to say as others have, bravo to Robert for the very kind gesture he/she has done ( assume its a he by the name, but have been surprised before)

    It’s only in Alberta you this kind of kindness. I have have lived in other countries and still do in a weird way, and it is in Alberta and Canada you see things like this, most other times if someone does the same, they make sure everyone knows about it. So yeah, I applaud Robert as well 🙂

  • Johnnydapunk

    Just read that LaBarbarbarbarbarbarbera has just been called up, hope Its just a precautionary measure and The Bryz feels better soon.

    What’s with the Oil breaking their new goalies?? This is the second one after Bachman. It’s like no matter what happens, the Oil are destined to have Dubnyk start without any real competition.

    Maybe it’s a situation where Ryan Garbutt is Jeff Gillooly and Dubnyk is Tonya Harding?
    I mean I understand one broken goalie, but two ? Both having insane first games, not so insane 2nd games and then boom !

    Very strange 😛

  • ubermiguel

    Those numbers tell us if Hemsky is supposed to be your #1 or 2 scorer you are in trouble (see: the last 8 seasons). He’s topped out as a 2nd line winger. 3rd line when he’s slumping. The sooner people come to terms with that the happier everyone will be.

  • Horcsky

    “Corey Potter is a much safer player”

    If by safer you mean he puts it off the glass and out when he gets near the puck in his own zone, or dumps it into the offensive zone immediately after crossing centre. I suspect that why his shot attempt differential is by far the worst of the defenders.


    Not much of a a sample size yet, but Potter doesn’t look good so far. Grebs on the other hand…

  • Yourmomthinksimhot

    Look at that list. Hall is the youngest one on it and you have guys like Wanye writing articles saying he needs to “Level up”. I love you Wanye but take off your Eberle goggles. Hall is a beast and he’s only 22.

    There’s 11 players on that list and Eberle isn’t one of them. I get the Eberle love, I really do, but don’t discredit Hall when he’s clearly one of the leagues elite players.

    Level up….c’mon man.

  • Jason Gregor

    Well we’ll be awash in comments on how MacT blew that 9th pick on a guy who couldn’t make the WJHC team. Start your engines. Here comes DSF with the first verbal bomb.

    To me Nurse’s deletion from the roster will only push this kid to do better. His success or failure will not depend on this selection. His ego is not that big. Nurse will not let this spoil his future.

    Grebby is what he is. Petry’s blunder was the one that chocked me. That left me shaking my head for a while. I was yelling turnaround so loud that he should have heard me in Dallas. How do you get to that level of hckey and not know that your responsible for the trailer. Especially if you see and recognize that your defense partner has the man with the puck. Steve Smith will have a chat with Petry about that play.

    Jones looks like he understands what it will take for him to stay in the lineup. Sure has been more engaging. In the opponents face. On the puck. Making plays. This is the guy we know. Thanks Jonsey for coming back. We missed you.Its been a while.

    The PP is confused. Fix it.Or Ron Burgandy will.

    • Jason Gregor

      Petry looked pretty bad on that play.

      In defense of him, Dallas attacker had a half-step on Ferrence and Petry had the angle on him.

      I think Petry expected Ferrence to peel off and pick up the trailer. I think Ferrence was too focused on catching up to the Dallas player. I don’t know if this is right, but it’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

      Petry isn’t as bad as he looked on that play.

  • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

    @ Jason Gregor

    I agree with you that many Oiler fans are frustrated with Hemsky’s lack of consistency, but further to that I think they are frustrated with his contract. He simply is not as solid of an all-around NHL player as the colleagues in his tax bracket: Ryan O’Reilly, Patrice Bergeron, Val Filppula, Jamie Benn, Scott Hartnell, Ryan Kesler, David Krejci etc..

    I would contend that a more telling statement than his scoring pace from 2005-2013, is that over the same time period, Hemsky has been the poster boy for the Oilers’ woes:

    -lacking solid compete/effort level on a nightly basis

    -can score, but has little to no physical play or defensive accountability

    -mediocre practice habits

    -amazing natural ability that always seems to leave fans wanting more and doesn’t always translate to wins

    I’m not saying he should or shouldn’t be traded, just trying to represent why I think most fans feel a change of scenery may benefit both parties. Sure he can and has scored at a solid rate, but we can probably all agree that the Oilers don’t need more scorers, they need more/better complete players for the team to round into form.