Home ice advantage has been a mirage for the Edmonton Oilers so far this season.

The Oilers are 3-8-0 at home this year. They’ve been outscored 38-23. They’ve allowed 3+ goals in 9 of the 11 home games and they’ve scored once or been shutout seven times. There is no other way to say it, they’ve been awful on home ice, and it’s about time they start giving their fans something to cheer about.

In 2010, on their way to drafting Taylor Hall at least they were competitive at home, 18-19-4, and 9-28-4 on the road.
In 2011, they were pretty much the same team at home on and on the road; 13-22-6 at home and 12-23-6 on the road.
In 2012, they were 18-17-6 at home, and 14-23-4 on the road.

Last year, the Oilers won more games on the road than they did at home, 9-11-4 at home and 10-11-3 on the road.

There is no reason the Oilers should be this horrendous at Rexall Place, and it has to change. The games are still announced as sell outs, but I know some fans are wasting their tickets and not showing up. The Oilers must be aware of this.

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When that many fans elect to just "waste" their tickets, Oilers management better take notice. This happened in the early 90s, and once the team wasn’t competitive, 1993-1996, the fans stopped buying tickets. The Oilers shouldn’t be naive enough to believe that couldn’t happen again.

Fans have been incredibly loyal and patient, but if the Oilers don’t start winning some home games soon, I sense we could see even more empty seats as the season progresses.




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Ryan Jones has played with desperation since coming out of the pressbox, and Eakins rewarded him by bumping him up the lineup. Eakins moved Yakupov back to the right wing, and put Perron on the right side with him and Arcobello in hopes of creating two scoring lines.

I’m curious to see if Eakins starts to try and get better matchups at home. Will he try to give "softer" minutes to Arcobello’s line so they can produce offence, or will he do that with the Gagner trio?

Joensuu has to play with the same passion and determination that Jones did to earn a promotion. I think Joensuu has more to offer, and he needs to start showing it.


  • It will be back next week, but this week we incorporated into the GDB.
  • Ray Ferraro had an interesting take on my show regarding Taylor Hall, when I asked him what change Hall should make in his game that would help him become a more dominant player.

    I think there is one thing he could do that would elevate his game and he could do it quickly. If he would learn, or accept, that he is not the best option on the ice all the time, I think that could help him a great deal.

    I will give you an example. When he gets the puck, and when he gets moving, if he would give it up a little quicker and separate, because no one is going to catch him, and then get it back; that small change to his game would change his game immensely. He loves to lug the puck. At times he looks like a punt returner. He gets it in his zone and is going to go as far as he can with it, and he can because he’s that talented.

    I think if he takes a couple of strides and moves it to a centreman — and obviously in Edmonton he is playing with talented players so the puck will come back to him –now he is moving again. If he moves it to the middle the defenceman has to take a step to the middle, because he has to defend the centreman, and that will give Taylor another five feet when he gets the puck back. Now the D-man has to cross over and come back, and I like Hall’s chances better if he has that much more room to skate, than if he was just lugging the puck all the time.

    I think it is a small change, and if he can get his head around it and try it, he would find that he is going to get more room on the ice than he already creates with his speed.


  • Ferraro knows a thing or two about creating offensive chances. Ferraro is currently the 99th highest scoring player in NHL history. Ferraro admitted it isn’t easy for players to make sudden changes to their game, and while he said it was small, it would take some time to adapt properly. Hall has carried the puck his entire career, and he’s had success with it, so any change is tough, but it makes a lot of sense. Hall’s speed already scares D-men, and if he gain a quarter or a half of a step advantage he could be even more dangerous.
  • Sidney Crosby will play his 499th game tonight, and he’ll play his 500th game vs. the Sharks on Thursday. Crosby already has 701 points in 498 games and whatever points his picks up in the next 72 hours will put leave him with the 6th most points in NHL history through 500 games.

    Wayne Gretzky is first with 1,186.
    Mario Lemieux tallied 971.
    Peter Stastny had 759.
    Mike Bossy scored 757.
    Jari Kurri is 5th with 730.

    Crosby will join a very elite crew, being only the 6th player in NHL history to score 700+ points in his first 500 games.

  • In case you are wondering, Alex Ovechkin had 643 points in his first 500 games, including 309 goals.
  • The Penguins ability to throw out two dominant centres makes life much easier for head coach Dan Bylsma. While Crosby had a "slow" month, picking up 15 points in 15 games, Evgeni Malkin was on fire with 25 points in 15 games. After a slow start Malkin is now 2nd in league scoring, 35 points, and he’s only one back of Crosby.
  • I was perplexed in the summer when some people didn’t have Corey Perry on the Olympic team. He was great in 2010, and I don’t think his foot speed is an issue. He and Ryan Getzlaf are off to a great start, with 29 and 31 points respectively. For me, both of them are locks to make the squad.
  • I wonder if the St. Louis Blues are concerned about how they match up vs. the Sharks and Kings. The Sharks have beat them 6-2 and 6-3 this year, while the Kings dominated the Blues for 55 minutes last night, before two late goals made the 3-2 final look more respectable.
  • The Blues need a pure finisher, and Marian Gaborik is a UFA at the end of the season. The Blue Jackets likely won’t re-sign him, and he would fit perfect in St. Louis. Gaborik won’t lead your team to the Cup, but he could be an excellent complementary player in their top-six. With David Backes and Alex Steen down the middle, the Blues don’t need a defensively responsible scorer. They need a finisher. The Blues have about $2 million in cap space at the deadline, and if they are willing to spend it, they could fit Gaborik under the cap, by moving out a small salary.
  • The Coyotes have scored the 5th most goals in the western conference, but only Calgary and the Oilers have given up more goals. Mike Smith has a .307 GAA and a respectable .910 SV%. He hasn’t played as well as they would like, but the Coyotes are giving up way too many shots. The Coyotes, 34.5, are giving up four more shots against than the Oilers, 30.5.
  • Dave Tippett’s Coyotes aren’t playing as defensively as they have in the past.


GAME DAY PREDICTION: The Coyotes have lost four of their last five, and they’ve given up 4 goals in each loss. The Oilers finally give their fans something to cheer about as defeat a playoff team for only the 2nd time this season. Oilers win 4-1.

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OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Hemsky picks up a point. He has 34 points in 33 career games vs. the Coyotes.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Justin Schultz becomes the first Oiler D-man to score two goals in a game since Corey Potter did it late last season. After reading the previous sentence, many of you are stunned that Potter was the last Oiler D-man to score two goals in a game. I was too. Entering tonight the six blueliners have played a combined 2,118 NHL games, and Andrew Ference is the only one to have a multi-goal game. He scored twice on January 5th, 2004. J.Schultz’ two goals will indeed be a rare occurrence.


Yesterday we raised another $2,500 for Santas Anonymous. Thanks to Ken for the bid and especially to Robert for re-donating the Messier jersey.

It includes:

You can bid by calling 780.444.1260 or 1.800.243.1945. All the proceeds will go to the Christmas Bureau. Thanks in advance to all of those who make a bid.

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  • Burnward

    Come on ON, can you not manage this idiot
    Mike Krusyshetsky… this is insane.. this is not a glich,, this guy is manipulating your site and you let him get away with it.

    PS.. unless unless you want to impress your advertisers with the number of hits.

    • Joe Mamma

      I am sure the mods and contributors to this site are passed out drunk, trying to drown the fact that they have to cover this team for the foreseeable future in copious amounts of booze.

  • Burnward

    The morning after. And its -20 with wind chill at -28. The Oilers get pasted 6-2. At least they plowed my road this week. Pretty much the end of the good news.

  • Word to the Bird

    I cant take the losing anymore, fire the coaching staff and start winning Oilers.

    I have enough stress in my life I’m done with the oiler this year.

    • Greasy Goal

      They tried that. Basically everyone has either been fired or not resigned. All except Lowe. Lowes only saving grace is that he has a spot on Team Canadas board. Other than that he’s been less than useless. If Hall doesn’t make the Olympic team, im gonna have to start flipping some tables.

  • Sean17

    Skip: You guys. You lollygag the ball around the infield. You lollygag your way down to first. You lollygag in and out of the dugout. You know what that makes you? Larry!

    Larry: Lollygaggers!

    Skip: Lollygaggers.

  • **

    About Eakins throwing Arcobello under the bus, this from Bruce McCurdy at the cult of hockey in the Edmonton Journal:

    “#26 Mark Arcobello, 3. Was “way off” according to Eakins, and I largely agree. He had his issues defensively, couldn’t close down the passing lane on the 2-1 goal, the 5-2 goal, or the disallowed goal (which was another own-zone meltdown by the Oil that should have been punished but wasn’t, quite). On the other hand, this guy also posted the following stats: Corsi +16/-4; shots +9/-3; a team-high 2 hits; a team-high 3 blocked shots; and a team-leading 2:37 SH TOI. Recorded an assist (on a nice interception and dish to Perron). Oh yeah, he was also credited with drawing 3 penalties. Either statistics are damned liars or Arco’s game wasn’t completely “way off”.”

    I think it was classless from Eakins to say that about Arco when there were others who suck even worse (Petry anyone?).

    • Joe Mamma


      Couldn’t agree more. I agree 100% with the media’s assertion that Arcobello is not a fit for this team (last thing we need is another small center), but singling him out when Ganger, Petry, Joensuu, Ference, and Shultz (squared)all played far worse is laughable.

      But hey, gotta justify playing the coach’s son when Gordon gets back somehow, right?

  • Greasy Goal

    Chilliwack…. well we fly by night thats a rocket flight baby thats just what its for.. well we fly by night it makes you fell all right we keep coming back for more……uuggghhhhuuuuhhhuuuhuuuhhhhhh…ooooooo…….. Too many flybyes and no aggression, hitting, compete etc. from DAFODILS Hall, eberle, Hemsky, Petry, J Schultz, etc……FINISH YOUR CHECKS…..PLAY HARDER WHEN YOU ARE LOSING….BE HARD TO PLAY AGAINST…..EBS-passing the puck around the periphery is not a good power play….CRASH THE F%^&KING NET LIKE PERRON, FIGHT AND COMPETE LIKE FERENCE YOU OVERPAID WIMPS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Puck JammeR!

    Trade one of Hall or Eberle this season. They know they’re untouchable as the first line wingers into eternity and it seems like every defenceman in the league has got a bead on their ticky-tacky, toe drag, over-handle the puck, no-hit style. The game they play isn’t going to work in the NHL and they’re never going to change it.

    • Puck JammeR!

      Hall & Eberle may not be perfect, but Hall has 123 points in his last 128 games. And Eberle has 136 points in his last 155 games. The stats say that these guys give NHL defensemen at least a little bit to worry about.

      They both need to be more consistent, but trading your two most offensively gifted players on an offensively-challenged team would be a big mistake.

      • Puck JammeR!

        How many of those last 155 games did their team win?

        We need to stop looking at any player as untouchable. This team is deeply and fundamentally broken.

        • Hockey Problems 101

          I agree that there isn’t anybody who is untouchable, but I don’t think the top two offensive players on the team are the major problem and trading them for more grit but less scoring will not help this team.

          This team has one of the worst defensive cores in the league with extremely inconsistent goaltending. Dubnyk looks like he could be a very good goalie on some nights and then totally looks like he would struggle on a beer-league team the next night.

          • vetinari

            And yet somehow MacTavish trades one of his better defencemen to Calgary for a small centre iceman playing in the minors and a prospect goaltender. What an idiot

        • Joe Mamma

          Excellent post Clarko, this team is so fundamentally broken it is irrepairable. Here is the biggest problem with the Oilers, the main guys and I do not include Hall in this comment only care about their points. Perron, Eberle, Gagner look at it as I got my points so I must have done good. Instead the thought process has to be if we win the game then if I contributed awesome if not we still won.
          It is a “ME” first attitude on the Oiler team and that is a true fact.

      • Puck JammeR!

        Gotta give something to get something. Even 4 more Perron’s will not work, too much of the same. We need size, and grit and need to use our assets to obtain this, even if it means overpaying. Not doing anything is total disrespect to the fans.

      • Joe Mamma

        Unfortunately the Oil are also challenged in many other areas. There is a perception that the Oil have a number of players who have scoring ability. This perception and a high draft pick next year are the only items of value the Oil have which they might be able to leverage to address some of their weaknesses. IMO it is not if, but when will they turn their perceived strengths into assets that will address their weaknesses.

  • S cottV

    It really is curious as to Eakins calling out Arcobello after that mess of a game last night. Petry yeah but Arco?
    The biggest problem was 6 GA’s and two 2 GF’s and Arco was directly responsible for one of the GF’s.
    1st GA – terrible PK positioning from Hall and Eberle to allow an easy pass thru the middle up top and no collapse to the net by them. Awful.
    2nd GA – I would fault Petry more than Arco on that back door play. We had Joensuu, Ferrance and Petry back vs 3 Coyotes, so not sure what Petry’s problem is. Count to 3 and take the 3rd guy…
    3rd GA – flukey one, but Joensuu very slow to get to the shooter up top and not in the shooting lane, like he doesnt want to get hit.
    4th GA – Why we have wingers behind our net is beyond me, but Jones was there, so Gagner needs to swap assignments and have awareness behind him. Nope.
    5th GA – Petry all the way out to lunch on this one. Good offensive move but not that good. Arco on the ice but whats he gonna do?
    6th GA – doesn’t really matter at this point but not a great rebound from Dubie. It starts with Joensuu in the corner for some unknown reason? Puck goes to Joensuu’s man at the point and he has nothing but time and space on his hands.
    Arco should be singled out under these circumstances? No – that is just wrong. So many breakdowns with suspect d systems and Eakins has to take responsibility. A coach is only as good – as his ability to influence the players to do what he wants them to do. What about calling out the RNH, Hall, Eberle, Yak, the PP, – we only scored 2 goals… but calling out Arco? Wow….

  • Doctor Smashy

    Let me be clear…I am not an Arcobello fanboy. He’s played well but he isn’t the grand solution to any of the Oilers’ problems. However, Arcobello played a very good game last night. He was involved in exactly zero of the defensive breakdowns that resulted in goals (I’m looking at you Belov, Gagner, Petry, Schultz Jr…..and a very comprehensive etcetera….). He set up the first goal, and took the body in a surprisingly effective way for a man of his stature.

    The fact that, besides saying that 3 defencemen had their worst games, Eakins singled out Arcobello as having a rough game tells me Eakins has NO F-ing idea what the problems actually are. Eberle has the puck on his stick for 17 of the 18 minutes he played and got 2 shots? Gagner plays his gawdknowshowmany consecutive terrible game and isn’t cited as a problem? I have no idea if Eakins is a terrible coach or not but it is becoming very clear he doesn’t know what is happening on the ice at all. Does he think Arco is wearing the full cage?

    • I thought Arco was Ok. Drew a couple penalties by mucking it up.
      Maybe Eakins thinks that because the Oilers PP blew chunks it was Arco’s fault for drawing the penalty and thus exposing the chosen ones to scrutiny.

      ~young and skilled baby… young and skilled~

    • Joe Mamma

      Judging by the lengthy shot of Eakins staring at his shoes behind the bench a few minutes after the 5-2 goal, I would suggest he’s just as disconnected and disinterested as the players. Do we think the players don’t see that?

      Frankly I’m getting tired of the story line from the Edmonton media that “We’ve changed coaches over and over. It’s not a coaching issue.” I agree, in a sense. The players are the big problem, and until we have a better mix of players, the playoffs are a pipe dream.

      But refusing to address what is clearly poor coaching simply because “we’ve gone through so many coaches” is inane. That argument sounds a lot like “We hate each other’s guts, but let’s stay together for the kids.” Does that ever work?

      His system is a punch line throughout the NHL. The players have no idea what they are suppose to be doing, and the man can’t be bothered to even be on the ice in practice. His player personnel decisions and line combinations are laughable. And he is consistently out-coached, refuses to line match, and often seems paralyzed when his initial gameplan doesn’t pan out. Just keep going back to the same matchups and lines over and over while the team collectively tries to blow out a lightbulb. The man looks lost in space behind the bench on most nights.

      With all the players we have to develop, do we really have the time to be developing coaches too? This guy is completely in over his head, and the results and on-ice product speak for themselves. This team needs an established head coach, and to finally get rid of Bucky and Smith while they’re at it. How about a Brent Sutter, Peter Laviolette, or even a Paul Maurice? The season is over. Who cares about “maintaining consistency” when the only consistent thing has been bad decisions and loss after loss after loss. Cut the cord already and move on.

      It IS a problem. We can admit that, or just continue to sit around and watch Daddy lay a lickin’ on Mommy night after night, because hey, that’s best for the kids, right?

  • Death Metal Nightmare

    funny how out of that list, Paul Stastny gets the least respect or talk but is sitting in third place and probably will forever. everyone else on that list gets a verbal BJ non-stop.

  • Puck JammeR!

    My girlfriend, who is not a hockey fan in the least, was watching the game with me last night and she was like “they always have guys blocking us from getting to the net, why don’t our guys block our net?”

    Well, Mr. Eakins? She’s waiting for an answer.

  • Hockey Problems 101

    Does Yakupov mean pylon in Russian ? The kid is constantly standing still, watching the play in the D zone. Hey Yak, if you want to watch the game I’ve got some tickets in sec 122,row 11, I sell you for cheap. I’m not using them anymore.
    How do you forget how to play a game that you’ve played your whole life. Maybe we can loan him out to the KHL and dress Larionov instead.


    Anybody ?

  • Slapshot

    This season will end up no different then the past 7 seasons,the rebuild has been a complete failure,at the end of the season Katz should hire an experienced president of hockey operations from a winning organization,someone who has a proven track record in management,and rebuild this team from the top all the way down,look at what Montreal and Colorado have done in just 2 years,The incompetents who have been in charge of this rebuild have had 8 years and we are no closer today then when we started,In any other team or business there would have been major changes in management and the organization by now, how much longer is the fan base expected to watch this sorry excuse for a hockey team?

  • Puck JammeR!

    P.S. I really hate the name “rogers place’, crass marketing at its finest. I know main stream media is powerless to help with this as there paycheck from the jollyroger will influence them, but can we make a effort to call the new arena “The barn”, right now it’s a stinky barn.

  • vetinari

    I suggest that the League implement a new rule just for the Oilers– if they win a game, they get 4 points instead of 2. That way, they at least hover around the last playoff spot… *

    *sadly, if this rule was in place, the Oilers would have 38 points this morning and would be tied for 6th in the West with Colorado… uuggghhh….

    • Joe Mamma

      Isn’t that the irony of this situation. Krueger knew how to motivate and teach, but was in over his head on NHL strategy. He apparently asked for an experienced NHL assistant/associate coach or two to assist with the strategy part to help the team win.

      Mr. “Smartest man in the room” Mactavish fired him and brought in Eakins instead. Now we have a guy who doesn’t appear to know NHL strategy AND can’t motivate/teach his players.

      Well done, MacT. Well done.

  • Hockey Problems 101

    I saw lots of empty seats. If ticket holders refuse to go at least find some kids that cant afford the NHL experience. Lots of kids enjoy the circus. Seriously find some kids worthy.

    • Hockey Problems 101

      No !!!!

      I’m “wasting” $20,000 a year on season tickets, this is the only voice I have left.

      Let them play in front of empty seats. That is what this organization deserves. Maybe if we stay away long enough, the Oilers will call to ask if we plan on coming back to the games.

      I’ll tell them to “just be patient” !!!

      That would be justice.

      • The Last Big Bear

        I know three season ticket holders that offer their tickets to us and other friends at cost for games. They have recently started to offer them below cost and are having a tough time to find any takers. Noone wants to spend the time and extra $$$ on going to the games to watch an inferior product. That speaks volumes to me, as I could only get one or two dates from them the past few seasons – maybe the non-season ticket holding fans’ patience has finally run out this year?

        The poor on ice performance is hurting the team with young fans as well. My son, an avid Oilers fan up until now, is now watching better teams (e.g. Chicago last night) play instead so he can learn something from the games. No matter how much he likes Hall, he is hitting the age where kids start to cheer for winners. When I was in elementary I can remember a large number of junior high and high school kids that were Canadiens or Islanders fans, even after the Oilers started winning Cups. On my son’s Novice team there are already a number of kids that cheer for teams other than the Oilers . Unless something changes fast, the team is going to lose a number of young potential season ticket holders going forward.

  • Oilerz4life

    There is a bunch of griping over the whole new Rogers deal that is going to be in place soon. I might be wrong, but it seems like the coverage will actually be better. No blackouts, more games, more Canadian games covered, etc. There is complaining over the talking head shows etc, but I would like to point out that if you can actually watch more NHL hockey what do you care about the cheeze bits in between?

    Also, cable deals are going to be changing soon, where you no longer have to purchase package deals for a bunch of channels you don’t watch, so if you can pay a smaller amount, for a channel that is going to cover all the hockey you want, then what gives? If you don’t want to watch it or pay for it, then don’t, its that simple. Also, because it will be Rogers place the new arena will be really tech savy, so that should give all you old farts something else to cry about.

    I may be wrong, but it seems that that is the direction things are going. Here come the trash its. No big deal.

      • Oilerz4life

        Like I said, I might be wrong, but where are you getting your numbers? Do you have some insider information that nobody else is privy to, or is it just complaining for fear of change? From what I understand package deals are going to be a thing of the past soon and you will only have to pay for the channels you want.

        Anybody with half a brain knows that these media giants are losing revenue because people who cant afford it will easily find a way to pirate what they want anyway, so they have to try to find a way to compete. Times are changing and there is more to the country and this world than Edmonton, Alberta. Do you understand the revenue stream that Rogers will make continually from marketing alone? More than some couch potato can pay for his monthly bill thats for sure. Do you understand that its bigger than just people paying bills? As far as my bills are concerned I pay 0, but I don’t miss very many games and I live outside of SN West coverage. But, if there is an option to watch more of what I want and the price is right, I might be willing to budget that, if its affordable. Either way, I will still see the commercials, adds, sponsorships, etc. They are always there and that’s where the big bucks roll in. Do you think Rogers has some accountant punching numbers to “recoup 5.2 billion” from your monthly cable bill alone? Thats a small part of it, but you will see the adds, one way or another. Recoup 5.2 billion. Thats funny. Rogers will “recoup” more than that, easily.

      • Oilerz4life

        Or, if you’re that upset about it, take that $200 a month cable bill that you are upset about and cancel it. Then, take that $200 a month and invest it in Rogers Communications. Then, when your buddies are complaining about their cable bill, you can have a laugh, because you are investing in and possibly turning a profit from where they are losing their shirts.

    • Johnnydapunk

      What Rogers has done has kind of worked from a business perspective as it is very similar to what happened in the 90s with Football and Sky cable paying a stupid amount to win the rights to broadcasting the Premier League in the UK and Ireland. The result was that if you wanted to watch the football, it had to be through sky and the former broadcaster (BBC) was left with showing non league and international matches, which is a similar position to what TSN will be in.

      As for what will happen to the new arena regarding technology and whatnot, it would depend not the specifics of the contract that Rogers agreed with Katz and the Oilers and what rights they have with the building regarding the communications infrastructure of the new arena. The new building will most likely be quite advanced on that front regardless, as it is new.

      The deal only covers the Canadian market so I don’t think the prices will drop at all, though your TV packages will become more “streamlined” as they would say, so you would have to push your change channel button on your remote fewer times to find what you want I guess.

      You had mentioned in one of your responses that it is bigger than just Edmonton or Alberta or even Canada, but Rogers only exists in Canada currently so unless they are sprucing themselves up for a merger all Telefonica/O2 like, I don’t think they are too worried about the international market as of yet. But who knows.

      It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few years and the direction the NHL and even Rogers take.

      • Oilerz4life

        Rogers is a Canadian company, is listed on the TSX and the New York Stock Exchange. The list of media outlets and communications providers that they have ownership in is quite extensive, but to say that they are limited to Canada falls a bit short lol.

        • Johnnydapunk

          Where they are listed has very little to do with where the company has interests, it is more to do with when the company feels their stock will be traded the most, and being listed in the TSX and the NYSE fits Rogers well.

          Saying all that, whilst Rogers is a big company with many aspects of business, their interests are only in Canada at the moment, they aren’t anywhere near the size of a company like Telefonica, AT&T or even T-Mobile. They are not even in the top 30 biggest telecommunications companies worldwide. The advantage they have is that there is no competition in Canada so unless something drastically changes with CRTC laws or some multinational decides to go crazy full power and invest and insane amount to try to get what is a very small difficult market for telecoms(which can’t happen under current CRTC laws) , they will continue to be the big fish in a pretty small pond.

          Rogers has it very good right now, they don’t need to be any bigger than Canada as they have most of the market and as Canada has a very small population relative to size, and quite restrictive laws regarding international telcos entering the Canada, they are sitting quite pretty at the moment.

          So yeah, actually they are just limited to Canada in every way possible and saying that doesn’t fall short by any means. They do not exist outside of Canada, they don’t really need to either.

          • D-Unit

            So, now we are arguing about what Rogers does and doesn’t do. I guess this is telling about the Oilers season. Wow. I think this section of the comments should get sent to Katz and Lowe. Oilers fans on an Oilers blog site care more about an Arena name and broadcaster than what the team is doing.

  • Oilerz4life

    I wonder if the oilers will ever be good enogh to compete for the rogers cup?

    Ordering food from my seat with a jollyrogers phone, wonder how long it will take to deliver it in the nosebleeds?

  • Johnnydapunk

    I’m slowly realising and accepting the fact that Katz couldn’t care less about the results. From his standpoint, his “investment” has almost doubled in value since he purchased it, he just sold the naming rights to the new arena, making even more cash, the Oilers are surprisingly one of the most profitable franchises in the NHL with regards to the operations side of things so that side is just fine, and he has his hockey heroes on his speed dial. He doesn’t have to have a winning team to make money, even when the Oil are crap, they are fine to him.

    Maybe he will want to try to change things to make the team a winning one when the Oil move to the new building, as I thnk there will be more of his money involved and if fans stay away, it would affect the “bottom line” more so than now.

  • Doctor Smashy

    Why doesn’t any of the D-men pass to hemmer when he’s flying up the right side into the offensive zone, this happen like 20 times this year, hemmer is waiting and wanting the puck but the D pass it to the center or left wing all the time.

    I remember when we started the rebuild and the oil didn’t score for like five games, then hemmer came back from a injury and scored our first goal in how many games in his first shift.

    PASS TO HEMPSKY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wanna be entertained.

  • Hockey Problems 101

    Fire Eakins! If your too scared to make a trade fire the coach MacT. You gave him this mess and he couldnt even keep it close to 500. He was lost since day 1 and if the fans notice what do you think the players are thinking?

    Either Intern yourself until you find a replacement or let Tod Nelson have a shot at it. He cant do any worse than whats already been done the last 7 years.