Oilers demote two players, recall three

The Edmonton Oilers have announced via Twitter a number of roster moves. Recalled are defencemen Corey Potter and Martin Marincin, along with centre Anton Lander. Going to Oklahoma are Denis Grebeshkov and Will Acton.

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The General Manager

Craig MacTavish took advantage of the Oilers’ trip to Dallas this past weekend to take in some games in Oklahoma City, watching the Barons win on Saturday and then lose on Tuesday night. Corey Potter didn’t play in those games, but Martin Marincin and Anton Lander both did and were given the opportunity to impress the G.M. in person.

Based on today’s moves, it’s fair to say they did. 

The Moves

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Up front, the swap of Lander for Acton is fully deserved and has been al ong time coming. Lander perhaps isn’t as physical as Acton, but he’s a more rounded player at this point – both players offer the Oilers a fourth-line defensive specialist, but Lander’s offensive game has come along nicely in the AHL this year and he’s at the point where he’s a true 200-foot player – in other words, a guy who can legitimately help the team at both ends of the ice as opposed to just in the defensive zone.

Or, to put it another way: Will Acton’s best  AHL season saw him put up 19 points. Lander has 15 through 18 games this year. They aren’t in the same ballpark offensively, and Lander’s posted numbers while being dominant as a defensive forward.

On defence, the swap of Potter for Grebeshkov isn’t a big shock either. Potter’s been the better player when the two have played together in Oklahoma City; he plays a steadier defensive game than Grebeshkov and moves the puck almost as well.

The addition of Marincin is the only move I wonder about, but if the Oilers want another option on the left side he’s more ready for NHL work than Oscar Klefbom or Brad Hunt. Marincin has played better of late, though, and particularly on offence. In October he played eight games, with eight shots, one assist and a minus-two rating; since then he’s put up five points, 26 shots and a plus-six rating in 12 contests. 

These are reasonable moves. Two of the trades make the Oilers better right now, and the recall of Marincin rewards a guy on the NHL bubble who has made strides in his game of late. 

  • Oilerz4life

    Why does Corey Potter wear #44?He should wear 00that would be more like it. Is’nt Sam marrying a local girl? Now Sam about that 4.8million dollars a year. could you possibly maybe score a goal or two.

    • Alsker

      A strong message? Really, Quinn putting him on the 4th line helped until injuries moved him up the order and no other coach since has had the balls to do it. Handshake agreement for this year and then a NMC, what message can you send an untouchable?

      • **

        The message might be that one of the anointed “stars” on this team can be held accountable for their performance. With guaranteed contracts not much else a coach can do.

  • Arius Mumin

    Hey Daryl you are getting 700 million thanks to Patrick Laforge. If the hockey side was like the business side the Oilers would be a dynasty .Hey Daryl could you throw in a cool 100 million to cover the shortfall of the new Rogers palace?Please

  • The Last Big Bear

    Lander is one of those guys that I’d see on the ice, and say “Holy Harvey Hound, that kid is good”, and then I’d look at his box scores and be shocked. He just LOOKS like an excellent player, and I will be the least surprised person in the world if he becomes a contributor in the NHL.

    The Oilers have some solid prospects on defence, but for the most part they are very young. I think calling up Marincin is mostly just trying to get an early look. Season’s over anyways, may as well start looking to the future.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Klefblom up by the end of the season too. Although if I were an Oilers fan I’d prefer to wait and bring him up when the team is doing a bit better, so his cup of coffee tastes like winning instead of the bitter dregs of 30th place.

  • Bloodsweatandoil

    Naky..get bent!

    There are a lot of people like me on this site who have invested a tonne of money and interest in this team. Side agreement or not, his performance for which he gets paid for is non existent.

    Injured or not, he and 4 other players currently on this roster do not make the team better, only worse. Gagner would be a bottom 6 roster player on every other NHL team in the league.

    He has no trade value that will make the team better, he only has value to the Edmonton Oiler Fans like yourself that over value players like him.

  • Slapshot

    at this point i’m starting to feel bad for even the players on this team. year over year this organization tries to push players into roles that their not cut out for. sure the oilers have seen their share of crappy hockey players, but… who brought them here? we’ve all run perfectly good hockey players out of town because we’ve slotted them one pairing higer, one line higher… after Pronger left town we have seriously lacked that star power that takes the load off secondary players. instead we took a guy like tom gilbert and tried to force him to become a top defence man. and we’re doing the same with Petry right now. the guy is absolutely falling apart right now. i feel if you want players to develop you need to have someone they can develop under. right now they don’t have that. Ryan Smyth. No. Ales Hemsky. No. i’m sorry, but from what i’ve seen, the are horrible leaders. i feel bad for andrew ferrence. he’s a solid d-man. just not one that leads the charge. and because he’s not cut out to do so, he’s getting carved up over it. get some blue chip talent in here to start running this team.

    the sad fact is i believe, that players that know the league, and are good, don’t want anything to do with teams like the oilers. seriously they’re a joke right now, and have been for 8 yrs. when you make winning your mandate why would you come to a team that has found every possible way to loose.

  • Alsker

    A forever Oiler fan here and I couldn’t be more disgusted with the state of this organization. The downward spiral started 13 years ago when Lowe became GM. He was a horrible GM so what did they do? They promoted him to President where he has continued to shape this team into what it is today… the laughing stock of the NHL. He had 13 years to prove himself and he did. He proved he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    New Rule: I’m not spending another dime on this team until Lowe is gone.

    You guys can talk about this player and that player all you want but a move here and a move there doesn’t even get them close to being out of the hole they are in. They are at the limit of the salary cap with this line up? Unreal. It could be years before they make the playoffs and as long as Lowe is in charge I don’t know that they ever will.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    They can continue to move the deck chairs around all they like. Till they have two top pairing blue liners, and a second line center, the less than acceptable results will continue to be the same.

    Management sits by and does nothing as the players in the dressing room take the fall for the blatant holes on the roster on this hockey club.

    Feel bad for these kids, having to come into this laughing stock organization. One thing is certain, the players are outperforming the coaching and management of this hockey club. The acceptable intended underachievement starts at the top.

  • **

    I would like to see Gagner, Petry and joenssu scratched. I’m glad Acton and Grebeshkov are gone. I hope they stay gone and Lander is finally ready for the big stage. I’m a fan on Marincin and what he can do with his speed and size.

  • Serious Gord

    If that’s what qualifies as a “Shake up”, this team (and the media that follows it) truly has lost its way.

    Talk about underwhelming.

    At least one nepotistic adventure has been abandoned…

  • **

    Lander has certainly earned this call-up and I’m hoping that he kicks the door down and shows he deserves a spot in the show. I am looking forward to seeing Marincin even if it is likely only for a cup of coffee at this point in time. Corey Potter is meh but at least he’s better than Garbagekov.

  • **

    This rebuild is pretty much a train wreck!Why, because the operation broke the cardinal rule:
    “build your team from the backend out and at the center position, fill in the rest.

    If anyone thinks this rhetorical or a bunch of hooey,,, well look at the goals against on this team.. the worst in the NHL.

    After a 3-4 year rebuild… still don’t have a
    NHL goalie, still don’t have a 1-2 NHL D men., still don’t have a genuine season center man,

    And you know what, none of these deficiencies are in sight, at least not in the immediate future.

    Even the young all-stars are leaving question marks all over the ice…. with their press clippings and big contracts, starting to take on a smell.

  • The Last Big Bear

    How Kevin Lowe, MacT, and the pro scouting staff could not see that Grebber is NOT an NHL dman is an indictment of them all.

    Watching Calgary dismantle the same Phoenix team that blew us off the ice makes me sick to my stomach.

    What an embarrassment this whole organization is. Why don’t the fans declare a general strike and refuse to watch this crap.

  • ValleyviewSports

    I think Eakins’ presser earlier spoke volumes. Change is gonna have to come from within, the players are gonna have to be be all in soon and we might see Eberle get into another scrum! the dig, the heavylifting, muck…this is stuff that can be learned through sheer will and commitment. IT IS THE ONLY WAY, this group must/will grasp this. even skill guys can fight for the puck sometimes…

  • jeremywilhelm

    So, basically, the Oil sent one true competitor (Acton) and one piece of Garbagekov to the AHL, and brought up three Dafodils!WOW!!!!!!!!! Maincin and Potter are big but both avoid contact or confrontation at any cost! Lander is as big as an elementary student – a giant compared to Arcobello – I get it- more SIZE at center. All are very soft perimeter players so they should fit i perfectly!

  • 2004Z06

    Please explain how you can sit Gagner? Boyd Gordon is injured I believe. Who is your 4th center if Acton has been sent down?

    As much as I think Gagner needs to sit/be moved to the wing/be traded, he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.