Proud new parents Traci and Jason welcomed their son Beckett William Douglas Gregor into the world on December 4th, 2013. This Battle of Alberta article is dedicated to him.

We met a nice little fellow at an Oilers game a few weeks back. Standing in line for pizza we saw that we were both sporting the Eberle 14 and got to talking business. "I am 8 years old and I haven’t seen the Oilers in the playoffs once" we were informed in no uncertain terms by our fellow Oilers fan.

Doing some quick mental math we calculated he was indeed alive for the glorious run of ’06. "What about the Cup run? You were alive for that" we replied. The kid rolled his eyes as only kids can towards moron adults and said matter of factly "yeah but I was just a baby so that doesn’t count."

"Well what is your best Oilers memory then" we asked. "I dunno," came the reply after some time. "Maybe Yak sliding across the ice after that goal?"

Yikes. By the time we were 8 years old the Oilers had already won the Stanley Cup 4 times. 

Your average 8 year old Oilers fan been alive for the playoffs exactly once and we have it on good authority that the one year apparently doesn’t count. And before you start laughing Flames fans things aren’t much better down there having missed the playoffs four years in a row.

Look at little Cameron here, taken to his first Oilers game by my main man @clayballs22 the other night.  See the intent gaze in Cameron’s eyes? There is no mistaking that look. He is there to see Oilers wins. Fellas like Cameron deserve great memories of their team as a tyke which will cement his status as a superfan later on in life.

We pity these kids of today. No wins, no playoffs, nothing to get excited about re-enacting whilst playing mini stick hockey at recess until you break your little wooden stick on another kid in overtime and get a half day suspension in the library and a lifetime ban from recess hockey.*

That’s what being a lil fan of the Oilers or Flames is all about. Not rebuilds, labour disruptions and cheering for Entry Draft lottery wins.

We want better hockey in the next 8 years than we have seen in the past 8. If not for the sake of our shattered heart and expectations but for kids like Paul, dressed in his Oilers finery by proud dad @dahoosman in the expectation he too will become a big fan if he isn’t already. 

Heck we even want better hockey for you Calgary, for all the poor misguided kids wearing Flames jerseys for whom the Igninla years will only be a story from before their time. Here’s hoping to the emergence of the next generation of Iginlas in the North and South of Alberta that the Becketts, Camerons and Pauls will tell teach their kids about one day.

And here’s to the Battle of Albertas of tomorrow. Games where there are playoff implications, with both sides dreading having to face each other down the stretch. Epic pitched battles on minus 30 nights that will cause kids like Beckett William Douglas Gregor to replay the game over and over again in his mind as he tries in vain to sleep after the final whistle.

Magic games that will ignite a whole new generation of fans of our respective teams.

*The Life of Wanye Gretz circa 1987

LINES – EDM – 14th place (10-18-2)

Hall – Gagner – Yakupov

Perron – The Nuge – Eberle

Smyth – Arcobello – Hemsky

Gazdic – Lander – Jones

Ference – Larsen

N. Schultz – J. Schultz

Marincin – Petry 


LINES – CGY – 13th place – (10-14-2)

The Flames hadn’t tweeted their lines as of press time here so this lineup is the latest from our friends over at 

Cammalleri – Stajan – Stempniak 

Hudler – Backlund – D. Jones 

Baertschi – Byron – B. Jones 

MacDermid – Bouma – Smith

Butler – Giordano

Russell- Brodie

Smid – O’Brien


Expect last minute changes to both lineups as game time nears.

GAME DAY PREDICTION: Since I’m going to the game, the Oilers will win. Sir Eberle pots a pair as the Oilers win 5-1.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Considering I forgot to include this with the original article, the Oilers will get off to a slow start, but like just my beer consumption at the game, they will pick up speed in the final few periods and cruise to victory.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: I’ve decided to ditch my Eberle jersey for this game and go with my new Gazdic. I don’t expect Lucky Luke to score very often, but after fighting that behemoth McGratton, I felt the urge to support Gazdic. My new jersey is also popular with the ladies, and Wanye Manor will be rocking later tonight after the Gaz Man picks up unexpected second-period assist and makes me look good to some unlucky lady who had three Rexall Beers.


  • Mullen Mania

    Flames now clearly the 13th best team in the West, but don’t fret Oiler fans one day your team may claim 13th place…they seem to have that kind of potential 😉

  • YFC Prez

    As completely epicly stupid it would be, right now if the oilers traded Ebbs , Gagner , Yak and Schultz to the flames for Stempniak and Giordano they would be a much improved team. That’s how bad their work ethic and systems play is.

    Remember those early 2000’s teams where all we wanted was one player like a Eberle or Hall.

    Now we have those and we want a team like those early 2000’s to play with them.

    Critical mistake was dumping all the character vets the oilers had at the start of the rebuild. Looks like the flames were paying attention.

    I still have faith it will happen with these kids. We’re behind though. And I don’t want to see any one of the kids traded unless we get the d man we need back. Oil are way too far invested now.

    • Captain Ron

      Stempniak and Gio are awesome.

      Stemp for Langkow was one of our best trades ever.

      The Oilers NEED guys like this.

      Honorable mention to Matt Stajan. He’s a much improved player for the Flames.

  • YFC Prez

    Until oiler fans are willing to put real pressure on the Oilers’ owner to do something about the failed Oilers’ management, I think that we are going to have a whole lot more nights like tonight where the Oilers’ fans just are just going to end up extremely frustrated.

  • Slapshot

    The Oilers get pushed around every game they play, they are way to soft,we need 6-7 mean SOB’s who can play and go out every shift and hit and cause havoc on the ice ,Petry got elbowed in the head tonight and there was no retaliation at all,way to stand up for a teammate, he will be out with a concussion for who knows how long,anytime there is a scrum on the ice, just watch the players on the ice, turn away and head straight to the bench, they don’t watch each others backs,a good team and teammates go to battle and look out for each other, not the Oilers, they are way to soft to play against.Who’s the idiot who put this team together anyways? K Lowe, its time that he get’s shown the door, he obviously does not know how to build a winner,he has had enough time ruining this team.

    • RedMan

      Petry never got elbowed… what a homer.

      Never heard you whining when Ference knocked teeth out of a guy that declined a fight…

      now, quit whining and enjoy the game. it’s just a game, and a fun one at that.

      Why you hef to be mad all the time?

      Are we having fun yet?

      Flames Rule!

      • YFC Prez


        Just how long are you going to dwell on stempniaks teeth? That’s probably the 6 th time you’ve mentioned it on this thread alone.

        It wasn’t that bad. Give it a rest man.

        • RedMan

          I won’t dwell on it much past this season, I promise. 😉

          just like to remind the Oiler fans how much joy they took in the injury and loss when it is sustained on another team, as if these people are just video game characters that don’t suffer… yet when it’s one of their own, they ball like babies… even when it was a normal hit with no intent to injure.

          I can’t remember you mentioning how it was brought up countless times on the last shared BOA blog when a couple dozen Oiler fans said over and over again how wonderful the ‘fight’ was, regardless of the fact that Stemps declined the fight.

          So, when i see a whiner like whats his name, well, it needs to be said. 🙂 or at least, it is fun to say.

  • RedMan

    I was thinking about coming on here and beating up on the Oilers a little but I see that their fans have already done an outstanding job. Worse than disdain for the Oilers I feel some pity.

    Somebody remarked that the Flames need to learn from the Oilers rebuild and surround rookies with high character vets. Bang on. I also think that a major fault with the Oil was taking away incentive to work hard by prematurely signing players to lucrative long term contracts. Everybody who has participated in a hockey pool knows that the best guys to take are guys in contract years because they work their ass off.

    Finally. It’s a sad day when the Battle of Alberta has come to this. Maybe we can do like the old peewee travel team used to do and combine teams so that we can compete…

  • DoubleDIon

    I thought tears were supposed to taste salty? Edmontonians have defective tears, they definitely taste sweet.

    Seriously though, how brutal was Schultz tonight? The only guy who looked dangerous at all was Taylor Hall. He must be from Calgary or something…

    • DoubleDIon

      Ya. I hear ya. But I’d trade a young Iginla for a young Hall. I know Calgary had raised some top notch hockey talent. Kinda wishing Edmonton had something to brag about. A messier type of player. Like Iggy, I don’t know, maybe a Fuhr. I remember when he suited up as a Flame, just seemed wrong. Oh well, we don’t have much to brag about her either in Cold Lake…. Greschner was an all star one year.

  • DoubleDIon

    saddest thing about the Oilers ineptitude is that even lifelong fans are now starting to disappear from these sites. No question that the haters far out number the fans. Fans are no longer anticipating success, expecting the Oilers to make a key trade, they don’t expect the playoffs and certainly not a run at the Cup. Even the draft has lost its excitement. We have had the draft as our sole focus for too long. Some threads talk about Oiler domination. I’d be hasppy if we were just competitive.

  • Reg Dunlop

    Good on ya Flames! Stickin it to your provincial rivals must feel good. All that dynasty talk that was coming off these boards for the last couple of years was hilarious but its even funnier now watching these oilers fans squirm in their own filth. Go Leafs Go!