Dallas Eakins Trolls Oilers Fans/Media


Reporter: "[Inaudible] won the game on the power play, power play was struggling again tonight…"

Eakins: "The power play was one-for three, 33 percent. That’s a hell of a night."

For those who didn’t see the game, the power play allowed one shorthanded goal on it’s first attempt, created almost nothing in five full minutes late in the third with the Oilers holding a one-goal lead (after which the Hurricanes scored to tie it) and then won the game in overtime.

Which rather strongly suggests that whatever else coaching the Oilers has done to Eakins, it hasn’t robbed him of his sense of humour.

Final note for the irony-impaired: I think this is funny, and you look ridiculous when you angrily demand why I’m ‘calling out’ Eakins.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    I thought Eakins was impaired when I heard the comment. He must be sniffing the same glue that Patrick Roy was high on, which was apparent during the interview after the Oiler’s game.

    I think he’s trying to find a positive…and trying to find a balance between being the head cheerleader and the grim reaper.

    I looked at the game as the Oiler’s escaped playing 20 minutes. Its one of those things I think teams that are good do. Find a way to play a few minutes and then float the rest. They pulled it out it was not pretty, but its better then loosing. The Oilers never win that way, and we have seen teams like San Jose, Chicago do that to the Oilers where they play one great period and are blah the rest. I think its a positive that we played one period of hockey and won.

    • pkam

      Too many times I heard the Oilers said “We have to play 60 minutes, not 40” in the post game interviews. Last night, I heard it from the Canes.

      I don’t like last night’s game overall, but I don’t mind to hear that comment more from the opponents than from the Oilers.

  • pkam

    Eakins next job is to teach baby Nuge not to put himself in vulnerable positions. I would not of called a penalty last night as he turned his back at the very last second. If he does that again he might not get up so quickly.
    Protect yourself at all times!

  • Old Timer

    Been reading the comments on this site for a few years, but this is my first time adding my 2 cents.
    First off, I like Eakins sense of humour. Classic.
    Secondly, Has anyone noticed that Alex Ovechkin is a -10 on the year. The Washington fan base must be screaming for management to get rid of him. I can’t believe Russia would consider him for their Olympic team.
    Glad Canada isn’t going to consider a player like Taylor Hall who is a terrible -6. It’s much better that they will go with proven defensive talent like John Tavares. (also -6)
    Also, did I mention that Taylor Hall has played fewer games than anyone else in the top 30 scorers. And he’s number 3 in scoring for Canadian left wingers. Don’t want guys like that on our Canadian Oly team

  • Johnnydapunk

    Anyone else noticing how Eakins is fundamentally changing the way this team plays? I used to cringe anytime the Oilers gave up the puck because their defensive play was so erratic and lackluster.

    Last night though for at least half of the game, the Oilers looked like a team that knew how to dominate the play offensively and defensively. Sticks in lanes, incredibly persistent fore-checking and back-checking, sound positional play.

    No offense to Renney or Krueger, but I would bet that lately the Oil would be playing to the standards of their former coaches. Something tells me however, that this team is nowhere near the expectation level set by the newest coach, and if you’re a fan of this club that means the future is bright. Bring it home Dallas!

  • oilerjed

    One thing that is not being talked about thaT IMO is worthwhile conversation.
    4 out of 5 goals last night were even strength. It seems to me that this is becoming a bit of a habit for our lowly Oil as of late. A few weeks ago we were complaining about the lack of 5v5 goals, now it is PP. 1 step forward 2 step back.

  • S cottV

    Hey JW – any comment on what is going on with Gagner in his own end?

    Half hazard clearing attempts, missed assignments, obsessive puck sucking, little to no attempt to put his head on a swivel, to read whats going on around him – etc etc.

    Last nights fiasco of skating thru the crease and taking out Dubnyk, was glaring – but things along the same lines are happening a lot – with him.

    Not much different with RNH but he is just 20 years old, playing 1C before his time. Gagner is a 7 year vet?

    Is Eakins beating him up over stuff like this or is just accepted that Gagner is abysmal in his own end?

  • Johnnydapunk

    Maybe I am simple like that, but it didn’t even seem like a question per se, more like a “finish my sentence” game that Eakins played quite well. All that was missing was the thump of a dropped microphone and a longer awkward silence at the end.