David Perron a Scoring Chance Machine vs. Boston


Despite the 4-2 loss, the Edmonton Oilers had an okay game against Boston, with "okay" here meaning a combination of dreadful for one period and excellent for two. David Perron, who scored both of Edmonton’s goals, was a little north of that mark.

Team Scoring Chances

Edmonton Oilers SC+ SC- SC%
Even Strength 15 12 55.6%
Power Play 2 1 66.7%
Short Handed 0 2 0.0%
Total 17 15 53.1%

The Oilers won the scoring chances battle by a narrow amount overall after losing it in the first period. Some of that is score effects – teams with leads get conservative, as the Bruins did, and that helps the team trailing to take an edge.

The Forwards

Player SC+ SC- SC%
Mark Arcobello 1 0 100.0%
Jordan Eberle 9 3 75.0%
Ryan Nugent-Hopkins 12 5 70.6%
David Perron 11 5 68.8%
Ales Hemsky 2 2 50.0%
Nail Yakupov 3 4 42.9%
Taylor Hall 2 3 40.0%
Sam Gagner 3 5 37.5%
Jesse Joensuu 1 2 33.3%
Ryan Jones 1 2 33.3%
Luke Gazdic 0 2 0.0%
Anton Lander 0 3 0.0%

There is an interesting range of performance here.

Obviously, Perron’s line was the engine that drove the Oilers tonight; Edmonton only managed 15 even-strength chances and more than two-thirds of those came with Perron and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins on the ice. 

The third and fourth lines weren’t able to contribute much to the chances battle, but the alarm here is Taylor Hall. He’s capable of being the best player on the team and the Oilers aren’t going to win many games where he’s an indifferent presence. 

The Defence

Player SC+ SC- SC%
Anton Belov 6 2 75.0%
Jeff Petry 6 4 60.0%
Philip Larsen 6 5 54.5%
Andrew Ference 6 6 50.0%
Justin Schultz 3 3 50.0%
Nick Schultz 3 4 42.9%

There’s not much to see here.

Jeff Petry and Anton Belov, as the third pair, had the lightest match-ups on the night and did pretty well with them. The top-four more or less broke even, with the Schultz’s having the most trouble by eye during five-on-five play.

No real surprises anywhere on this list, given how the lines played by eye; I wouldn’t have guessed that Joensuu was on the ice for so few dangerous shots (the only one five-on-five would have been that Gagner rebound he put just wide) because he looked pretty good but sometimes strong play doesn’t lead to chances in a period as short as a single hockey game. 

That Nugent-Hopkins, Eberle and Perron line has looked pretty good for a while now but the Oilers need to figure out a way to get everyone else going. 

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    Perron is a stud and we need to give Mac T huge props for pulling off that deal and also acquiring boyd gordon. But the essence of the problems with this organization are actually seen when we bring guys like perron and gordon in. Both of them are easily in our top 5 fwds and both of them have been taught and developed by superior coaches and superior organizations and these two players show how terrible the oilers have been in drafting, acquiring and developing similar players. This evidence alone should cost Kblowe his job

  • S cottV

    Nice to see a game with a Stanley Cup contender involved, in the “big team” profile. While probably not the only way to approach the building to contender status, it is easy to see – why its effective. It’s not only big and tough – its reach, commanding space, strong sticks, protecting puck possession, dirty ice entry etc etc..

    If you reinstate the 6 guys out of the Bruins line up, go with Rask in net, set up a playoff series between the two teams – with playoff style refereeing and the Oilers would obviously not stand a chance. No big surprise in that, but probably sheds some light on where MacT has to put some focus, if we are ever to see a playoff game, in the not too distant future. I dont think you have to be particularly big to compete, but big enough is a minimum and the Oilers are not there.

    There were several Oilers last night that were not comfortable playing “big boy” hockey. Some can adjust and others are just are not suited for it. The stats probably tell some of that story. Not sure because I had company while watching the game and didnt pay particular attention – but – looks like Hall’s line, saw the most of Chara from the numbers. If so – another indicator that size matters.

    Not to pick on Gagner – but with RNH not being the biggest kind of guy and not going anywhere – it magnifies the need for a larger and talented 2C, to play with the big boys in the league. So – size really does matter in 2C. It also matters in 1 or 2D and 3 or 4D.

  • BTW Jonathan. Any chance of getting more of those screen capture/stop action articles? I’d really like to know what system Eakins is running that’s screwing these guys up so much. Or what opposing teams are doing to neutralize our strengths.

  • Positive Ray of Sunshine

    I’m going to trash any comment that suggests we fire our head coach for at least the next 1.6 seasons. I don’t think any coach we have had in the last 5 years, or any other coach in the NHL for that matter, could win with a team full of players that don’t give a sh!t about defense. Let’s keep a coach around long enough and give him enough authority over the players to see if he can teach them how to play. It might have been better if Renney was that guy, but Tambo burnt that bridge.

    Assistant coaches are fair game. Bucky and Smith have been around too long and don’t seem to be adding much. If you could transplant Bucky’s heart into half these players we would never lose, but if it hasn’t happened yet, it isn’t going to. A solid X’s and O’s guy who can teach defense would help.

  • Oilers4Ever

    I think the team is coming on in spite of Eakins lack of coaching skills……….since he has announced the team no longer follows the ” swarm”, we seem to play much better hockey.

    Now we need someone with the analytical skills of say David Staples, analyzing the shortcomings of the PP and PK. David has done an excellent job of dissecting the PP and highlighted so many deficiencies it’s embarrassing. Have a look at the Journal today.

    Even a coach with limited coaching skills like Eakins should be able to see what is wrong with the PP………but no Mr. Fitness is too busy running fitness drills because apparently after 30 games he has realized some guys are not fit enough.

    Eakins has cost us the season with his Swarm and now his inability to improve the special teams………pathetic coach!

    • oilerjed

      Did you honestly suggest that David Staples of all people is more astute the Dallas Eakins when it come to dissecting team play. You may not like the way he coaches, you may not like his results(yet), but cmon man. One has actually expertise when it comes to the fine points of hockey and one writes about what he sees on TV. Breaking something down is the easiest thing in the world, just ask my 6 year old. Building something is what takes knowledge and creativity, and yes patience. It takes a big man to admit his mistakes and adapt to correct them, which DE has done. And the team is the better for it. Lesson learned. If you think it is Eakins fault this club is in the position it is in then you havent been paying attention. Poor execution by the players in almost every facet of the game is what led us here. I can tell my kids what they are and not allowed to do on the palyground and then drop them off for school, what they do when they are out there is up to them.

    • S cottV

      Like others, I have posted my disdain for the swarm from the start. Some teams do swarm like things at certain times / in certain isolated situations, but no one employs that stuff as the default way to defend – your 90% way to handle things in your own end. OMG – the NHL is way too fast and way too skilled to throw what is essentially an extra man on the puck carrier, leaving what is normally an opposition point man – wide open.

      Eakins having the gall – the nerve – the inflated ego, to come into his first NHL coaching assignment to “impose his will” with the swarm, was a bad rookie coach move. That thing cost the Oilers a lot of points and maybe we could have been at .500 right now.

      No question in my mind, that the Asst Coaches would have been rolling their eyes – watching the swarm and other Eakins tactics blow up left and right – throughout this season.

      We do not know how much the Asst Coaches challenge the direction of the Head Coach. However – the fact that they have survived for so long, thru all of the recent Head Coach changes – probably tells you that they are diplomats. Some diplomacy can be good but too much can be real bad.

      One of the main reasons that a Head Coach generally picks his own Asst’s, is that there is greater chance for a united and focused leadership impact on the player group to get the vision executed on the ice. This can be very powerful – “if” the vision is on target – the right things to do with the player group on hand.

      I would suspect that Buchberger and Smith have not been fully on side with Eakins direction – how could they be? So – there has been a disconnect and if so, it is impossible to keep this from the player group, even if the leadership group tries to hide it. Fragmented leadership makes a tough situaton – tougher and shows on the ice, in the form of more losses than would otherwise be the case.

      If Eakins revised “vision” is now on point, and is something that Buchberger and Smith can really embrace with a united passion – then maybe there is a chance they stay together.

      My guess however, is that passionate synergy isnt really there and is something that will have to change in one way or another.

      • I agree with all your points. The most frustrating thing is we are fatigued by the notion of hiring yet another coach.

        There is much to like about how Eakins presents himself to the media in a straightforward fashion, but this is not going to win us games. He has admitted that he was stupid for asserting his retarded system of play…….kudos for that.

        If he has admitted this he basically told the hockey world, I’m learning on the job……well this learning has cost us games.

        Now if he fired the assistant coaches, ( Lowe’s friends) and hired a PP specialist and a defensive coach, not named Steve Smith, I would cut him some slack.

        • S cottV

          I dont see MacT changing any of the Coach staff in the short term.

          If MacT increasingly believes that Eakins is now on point and is his guy, he will allow Eakins to make an AC change or two at the end of the season.

          With that mandate, I would not be surprised to see him cut one or both of Buchberger and Smith. They are probably good AC’s in their respective own rights, but unlikely to be ideal compliments to Eakins – unless by some fluke of compatibility nature.

          My guess is one of Buchberger or Smith is least on side or compatible with Eakins and he will sense or know it outright. So – whoever that is – will go first.

          I would not entirely rule out the possibility of a Head Coach change at the end of the season. Will depend on how things go and will not be easy holding things togther, being out of playoff contention since mid Nov.

          That all being said – I respect his acknowledgement to the hockey world, I feel his pain, hope he is now on point, the Coach staff is united and that things all work out.

  • 27Ginge

    This game brought up bad memories of the old Oilers/Stars matchup. The Stars would get into the lead and take the foot off the pedal. The Oilers would get the next XX amount of shots but could never tie or get in the lead.

  • Tikkanese

    going trolling…

    that was horrible goal to let in. especially with such a supposed fragile team. come on.

    Dubnyk needs to go. he’s an NHL goaltender, not here anymore. not because he is a horrific goalie but because this organization is a mess and apparently he is sole reason of issues. i hope he lands some where other than here, and succeeds.

    you don’t buy-out a goalie for 20+ million because he is great. time will show us that. steady your footing boys it’s going to be a bumpy trip on the Bryz wagon. don’t fall off.

    can we consider the rest of the team (excluding a few select) a disaster?

  • Oilers4Ever

    how good is st. Louis if they can almost give away someone with that much heart and passion? go mac t and find another team’s character player and let him teach our superstars how to play cuz ou veterans don’t know how to win let alone battle.hemsky,gagner don’t have enough between them to justify their role on this team…unless the invisible man is a role they”re trying out for.doug weight learned from guys like Richardson and buchberger on how to compete who”s teaching our kids?

  • for a team that is so sensitive to having the first goal scored on them, Dubnyk is a real cancer in the dressing room. I know guys like to stick behind the goaltender, but how many times have they cut to a player after dubnyk lets in one of those goals, and see the body language of the players (i.e., hall). It doesn’t matter how many awesome saves he makes, when players see those knucklers go in, it deadens them. Nothing will change while he’s the goalie because the players don’t believe in him anymore.

  • vetinari

    Meanwhile back at the KatzCave…

    Since our “Great-And-Mighty-Owner” got his new stadium, he hasn’t been around much to comment on the current state of affairs of his wonderfu; team… what’s he been up to? I suspect that on Saturday mornings, him and his kid force Oilers alumni to join them on their backyard rink and relive the glory days of ’80s with Darryl filing in for Gretz… much like a human chess piece set.

  • Slightly off topic. No televised hockey where I am so I listened to the game on 630. I thought that Bob Stauffer had a very good play by play filling in and I liked Brown as his colour guy. In fact I liked the broadcast better !

    • Positive Ray of Sunshine

      I’m not sure if Perron has done enough to make the Olympics, but he certainly has done enough to get in the conversation. And perhaps he is being seriously considered, we may never know.

      Although Hall’s top end game can be better the Perron, Perron brings a more consistent game that you can count on most nights. Over the 1st third of the season Perron has been better than Hall.