What you gonna do about it?

What was your gut reaction to seeing Zack Kassian of the Vancouver Canucks rub the Edmonton Oilers noses in the stinking end of a 4-0 waxing at Rogers Arena Friday by mocking Sam Gagner?

Video provided of a scrum near the Edmonton bench at the end of the game shows Kassian, who badly broke Gagner’s jaw with a high stick in pre-season, yapping at the Oilers and motioning toward his face. He appears to be saying "What’s this?" or "What’s that?" in reference to the cage Gagner is wearing to protect his jaw.

While what Kassian said exactly is up to question, his actions, whether you deem them a classless act worthy of contempt or weasel-like agitating that’s part of the game, begs another question: "What you gonna do about it?"

We’ll have to wait until January 21 for the Oilers to answer.


Where you fall in the gut-reaction category to what unfolded Friday will dictate where you come down as far as what you deem a suitable response to Kassian’s actions.

1. Win hockey games. There’s a school of thought that he who laughs last laughs best and that there is no better way to shove it to Kassian and the Canucks than to beat them on the scoreboard.

2. An eye for an eye. If your blood boiled as the gap-toothed Kassian smirked and motioned, you’re likely of the mind that the Vancouver ruffian should see a steady diet of Steve MacIntyre and Luke Gazdic when the teams meet in January. Kassian deserves an ass-kicking.

3. A combination of the first two options. Kassian should pay for what he did and what he said by taking a beating on the ice and the Oilers should add an exclamation mark by answering the "What you gonna do about it?" question on the scoreboard. Hell, why not run that clip before every game against the Canucks?

4. Do nothing. Turn the other cheek. Exacting payback from Kassian is nothing but premeditated violence and goonery that would drag the Oilers down to his level. As for beating the Canucks, well, the Oilers aren’t actually good enough to do that.


Whatever the Oilers come up with as a response, that response is best left unsaid – assuming it falls under one of the first three options. First, talk is cheap. Second, if the Todd Bertuzzi-Steve Moore case taught us anything, it’s that there’s legal peril in talking about revenge and then getting it.

Reporters, you can rest assured, will be looking for comment about Friday’s incident with the Oilers in California today. I’m guessing Dallas Eakins and his players will offer up a whole lot of nothing on that front. Better now that what’s churning in their guts doesn’t pass by their lips.

What you gonna do about it?

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  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    boo hoo hoo, option 6 is to just pick up our puck and go home.
    Who cares abour kassian and retrobution, there are more important items on the agenda.

  • Zamboni Driver

    Option No. 2. Oilers can play well enough to just beat them on the scoreboard.!

    I would seriously dress Big Mac for the next game…. enough said.

    Kassian is more smoke than fire.Decides to do his taunt after the game is over.Bully.

    On the other hand Gadzic should have gone after him earlier, but what can he do when he
    is tpically , in Oiler fashion pinned to the bench.Eakins cant even figure out this part of NHL hockey.

  • Serious Gord

    As I posted on another thread, I think that the oil mgmt was told not to let the team exact revenge on kassian. Ghosts of bertuzzi/Moore.

    And until the game was in dead time nothing was attempted and the scrum that resulted ended with a whimper EVEN after kassians egregious words and gestures. This supports rather than weakens my theory.

    As for revenge or perhaps vengeance in the next game, winning would be nice, but with the Canucks being as well coached as they are and the oilers being THE worst coached team in the league, that is highly unlikely.

    Thus the best method would not to tackle Kassian directly but for a third liner to hack one of the sedins just below the knee causing ligament damage that requires surgery – season (and playoff) ending surgery. And moments after committing the act that same player should skate by the Canucks bench and point at kassian and mouth (not say) the word “payback”.

    • Get serious, Gord.

      Rather than bagging on a rookie coach (the easy way out) you might consider quality veteran players, a world class goalie, impeccable D and four lines that contribute every night might have something to do with Vancouver being a pretty decent team.

      If you were one of those guys who was all over tanking for high draft picks, well you should know this current team is the result. No coach in the league could have this roster in the position to beat the Canucks any time soon.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    You left out option 5.

    5. Repay Kassian by a series of intense, hockey checks to skill players on the Nucks. Taking out Kassian — a marginal player on a very good team — has a lot of catharsis in its favor… but a true eye for an eye would say that a marginal player taking out a skilled player deserves the same in turn. Introduce a Sedin to the boards and make sure your stick/elbow are appropriately placed.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    They’re going to do nothing about it.

    This team can’t play offense, it can’t play defense, and it can’t play relevant physical hockey. When a ping pong ball like Arcobello is up there in hits, you know you’ve got a problem. Gee whiz, that 5’8, 160 pound body’s gonna wear that other team down eventually right?