It could happen as soon as today (the trade deadline is tonight at midnight, after that no deals until Christmas past), but it’s clear Linus Omark is once again hell bent on bolting the Oilers organization. A marriage that has always been uneasy appears to have reached the point where reconciliation is impossible.

An article by Michael Baldwin in the Oklahoman spells things out with so many specifics the mind boggles. After reading his entry on Omark I am convinced this deal may come down tonight. An example:

  • Edmonton isn’t a good fit for Omark. The Oilers have several young, highly skilled forwards. But his stock could be on the rise. A couple of teams reportedly are interested. The past two months with the Barons, he’s shown noticeable improvement on the defensive end.

If the story is true, we might be hearing something in the next few hours. Mr. Baldwin suggests the return expected might be an AHL player or a pick, which makes sense. I also think there’s a chance Edmonton might take back a useful player with a bad contract if that player addressed a current need (two-way winger, defense) if it was necessary. It is extremely likely Edmonton would prefer to lose the contract and further reduce the number of the 50-man list (now at 48). 


Well, there certainly has been a lot of disagreement about Omark, but he’s played in the league and there may be a window of opportunity for him. Elliotte Friedman framed the issue nicely in this week’s 30 Thoughts:

  • Edmonton is trying to trade AHLer Linus Omark, who deserves a shot at the NHL level and isn’t going to get it with the Oilers. This is pure speculation on my part, but Buffalo makes sense. The Sabres are on a pace to score 137 goals. The last time a team scored fewer? Chicago in 1953-54, with 133 in 70 games. Twelve teams bettered that in lockout-shortened 1995. Last year? Eight. Omark’s not a cure, but it’s a sensible gamble, no?

Now, we’ll see, but at least someone is talking about it being possible aside from Jon Willis and me. I think Omark has the ability to play in the NHL, but other clubs have their own prospects lined up and I’m not certain how many would be willing to take a chance on him. It only takes one, and chances are his agent has been working hard to make it happen.


Omark needs an expansion draft, but he’ll have to make do with a trade. Which could come down tonight.

(Omark photo by Rob Ferguson, all rights reserved)


Update! Edmonton Oilers have traded Linus Omark to the Buffalo Sabres for a conditional 6th round pick in the 2014 draft. Sail on, Linus. Godspeed.

    • CMG30

      I’m not sure you’ve been paying attention.

      Since Schremp was claimed off waivers by NY, he flunked out there as well and was eventually waived again. He was then picked up by Atlanta but was not offered a qualifying contract when Atlanta moved to Winnipeg. No one else wanted to waste their time on him so he has been playing in Europe since June 2012.

      As difficult as it is to hear: Schremp is not good enough to be a regular in the NHL. Omark was trending the same and for a number of reasons was highly unlikely to re-sign with Edmonton. Good on MacT to get even a bag of pucks for him.

  • outdoorzguy

    MacTavish is a man of integrity. He promised Omark he would move him if things didn’t work out in Edmonton and he kept his promise! Three spots open on 50 man roster – things will start to gey better very soon! MacTavish and Eakins are men of integrity! I believe in the Oilers because I believe in them.

  • Zamboni Driver

    I haven’t been able to sleep.

    Linus was by far my favourite 8-goals in the NHL, second line AHL player the Oilers have ever had.

    At least now that 6th round pick will bring the Oilers that help on D that someone way smarter than I was suggesting yesterday.

    Other 6th round picks:

    Ben Betker
    John McCarron

    Interesting info found while doing “research” on Wikipedia. The Sabres drafted a guy named: Linus Ullmark last year.


  • camdog

    I hope he lights up th e eastern conference and becomes a steady 20 goal player. Sure would give us something further to cluck about.

    Perhaps now that 3 grit for one skill trade is in the works.

  • Tikkanese

    MacT the miracle worker?

    Got assets for the impossible to trade Horcoff, Omark and Labarbera. The last two who both cleared waivers, yet he was still able to trade not much later for assets. Miracles.

  • Joe Mamma

    So this is what being an Oiler fan has become? Ad-nauseum discussion about size in the top six, #1 d-men that we will never get, and the merits of one-dimensional dwarves like Omark. Mix in a hearty helping of ridicule from around the league, flames and canucks trolls all over our boards and facebook pages, and all the while Katz & Co fiddling while the team burns. Oh and we’re building him an arena for it.

    I am about ready to just close my eyes on this whole fiasco. Wake me when the Oilers make the playoffs again.

  • Bob Cobb

    Glad Omark is finally gone, the only people who wanted him here were the same people that thought Robbie Schremp had game.

    Good riddance Linus, enjoy the AHL!