Man of Action


Craig MacTavish, like any general manager of a losing team, has taken some heat this season. The heat’s been made worse by things he said in the summer, when he sold Oilers fans on "bold moves" and promised action.

The funny thing is that by Edmonton standards, we’ve seen that action.

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Steve Tambellini Mid-Season

The entire list of trades and signings made to add players by Steve Tambellini during mid-season follows below:

  • March 2009: Patrick O’Sullivan and a second round pick acquired for Erik Cole and a fifth round pick
  • March 2009: Ales Kotalik acquired for a second round pick
  • March 2010: Ryan Whitney and a sixth round pick acquired for Lubomir Visnovsky
  • February 2012: Nick Schultz acquired for Tom Gilbert
  • April 2013: Jerred Smithson acquired for a fourth round pick
  • March 2013: Mike Brown acquired for a fourth round pick

There’s an old line about some skaters having to play their way into midseason form after a summer spent getting out of shape; Tambellini was the general manager equivalent of that, spending the winter in hibernation and then coming to life at the trade deadline to make like-for-slightly-inferior trades or acquire irrelevant pieces for draft picks.

Jerred Smithson is the ultimate Tambellini player. Edmonton needed a centre months earlier, and the solution Tambellini came up with was a marginal fourth-liner two months after he might have been useful.

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Ilya Bryzgalov

Craig MacTavish hasn’t made a midseason trade to add players yet either – though he’s shipped out Ladislav Smid and Jason LaBarbera and Mike Brown – but he did make a free agent signing to bolster his team.

Ilya Bryzgalov was signed as the solution to a problem.

The problem, of course, was Devan Dubnyk’s implosion, an implosion that cost the Oilers dearly. For all the harping about how Edmonton is no better this year than last, if Dubnyk had managed the 0.920 save percentage he did one season ago the team would be 21 goals better than it is and likely be ahead of both Calgary and Nashville. It’s an implosion that represents more than half the gap between where Edmonton is and being a break-even team by goal differential.

The difference between MacTavish and his predecessor was that he didn’t wait until March before getting proactive. He gave Dubnyk as much time as he could, and then made a move. On a team that once handed the reins over to Jeff Deslauriers after its starter got hurt, this is a novelty.

It’s also an encouraging sign. I’ve had many people tell me they can’t tell the difference between the Oilers under Tambellini and the Oilers under MacTavish. This is a big one. And while the picture’s awfully black right now, and lots more changes need to be made, Edmonton already made the most crucial decision it could have: firing the man who led the descent into the abyss, and replacing him with someone willing to make moves before March. 

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Recently by Jonathan Willis

    • I absolutely do.

      Pat Quinn isn’t a Kevin Lowe hire. Tom Renney isn’t a Kevin Lowe hire. Canning the trainers isn’t a Kevin Lowe move.

      That’s before we get into the obvious differences in player personnel acquisition back in the Lowe days and during the Tambellini era.

      As for MacTavish, I don’t know the man but he really doesn’t come across to me like a guy who would be willing to take a ‘GM in name only’ job.

      I suspect, but don’t know, that Lowe acts as an advisor and sounding board and extra hand. I don’t think he’s secretly pulling the strings, despite his title.

      • I think that’s an excellent response to that question, JW. I’d like to take the discussion a little further, however.

        I just moved here and, although I’d obviously read a lot of online ramblings about how Kevin Lowe supposedly runs the show behind the scenes before I got here, I’d never really realized how much it really is the dogma among fans and, I guess, some members of the media. You can’t tune into a sports-talk-radio show here on the drive to or from work without a caller mentioning it. It’s almost become a disorder: Lowe Derangement Syndrome.

        In fact, I think I heard two callers mention it on the radio this morning – if the Oilers would fire Kevin Lowe, the turnaround would be started … as if it were only that simple.

        But … for all I know … maybe it really is that simple. So I’m forced to ask the question: Does anyone have any tangible proof that Kevin Lowe meddles in the GM’s office?

        That’s not meant to be a rhetorical or snotty question. I’m asking because I really don’t know. I haven’t seen or heard any tangible evidence that Lowe is pulling the strings … beyond what would be expected of a team president, of course.

        If anyone can point to any move or non-move the Oilers made during the Tambo or MacT era that have Lowe’s fingerprints on them, I’d like to hear about it … politely, preferably.

        Did Lowe ever say that he’d directed Tambo to make certain moves? Did Tambo ever say that he felt handcuffed or attached to the strings of a puppeteer?

        I guess I’m trying to figure out why the Oilers’ problems aren’t the making of Tambo … and, more importantly, a cast of undersized players who can’t seem to execute properly when called upon.

      • The Real Scuba Steve

        If Klown oh sorry KLowe is working for the Oilers under a lesser role then why keep him? If Klowe stepped down that would cause a lot breathing room for a while for Kayz, The OIlers, and for the fan base. This team is
        still KLowe vision.

    • If you think Craig Mactavish took a job to be someones lacky, then you dense. The guys a Bull. He took a job and sure their are times he has to confer with above, but the guys not Lowe’s mouthpiece.

      I don’t think this Lowe’s some sorta egomaniac micromanaging dictator makes sense Some people have suggested this because they saw a few episodes of Change Change and inferred meaning from a few statements.

      The truth is he’s the last decent GM we had, he actually had some track record.

  • Oilers4Ever

    JW, let me try to clear things up for you through your rose colored glasses and explain how Lowe is the main culprit and in any other organization would’ve been fired long ago.

    1. Lowe royally mishandles the Pronger trade request and basically gets duped by Brian Burke. For the best defenceman in the league, Lowe gets an unproven NHLer (Lupul), prospects, and picks. Don’t tell me we got Eberle out of the trade cuz that’s just dumb luck.

    2. Lowe gives out stupid contracts and extensions to one hit wonders from the fluky cup run (i.e. Pisani, Horcoff, etc).

    3. Lowe royally mishandles the Smyth contract negotiations and lets him go over a measly $200K thus disrupting the line chemistry that Hemsky, Horcoff, and Smyth had going.

    4. Starts the trend of drafting small forwards such as Cogliano and Gagner.

    5. Hires Tambellini but still appears to be pulling the strings (checkout the old Oil Change shows and you’ll know what I’m talking about).

    6. Fires Tambellini and hires his old buddy MacT who has zero NHL management experience.

    7. Insults fans that don’t go to the games by basically calling them tier 2 fans.

    8. The rookie GM hires a rookie coach.

    9. The rookie GM fails to address goaltending and defence issues over the summer.

    10. The rookie GM signs Gagner to a long-term contract and gives him a no-trade clause (WTF!).

    11. The rookie coach employs a bizarre and confusing system.

    12. The rookie coach decides to abandon the said system after it basically has cost the Oilers the season.

    I think that sums it up. Anyone feel free to add anything I might have missed.

    • 1. Lowe royally mishandles the Pronger trade request and basically gets duped by Brian Burke. For the best defenceman in the league, Lowe gets an unproven NHLer (Lupul), prospects, and picks. Don’t tell me we got Eberle out of the trade cuz that’s just dumb luck.

      One could also say he was screwed by a public trade demand. Have you seen the return teams get when players demand trades?

      2. Lowe gives out stupid contracts and extensions to one hit wonders from the fluky cup run (i.e. Pisani, Horcoff, etc).

      This is exactly what happens when the GM caves to fan pressure.

      3. Lowe royally mishandles the Smyth contract negotiations and lets him go over a measly $200K thus disrupting the line chemistry that Hemsky, Horcoff, and Smyth had going.

      Meehan demands more money at the last second and Lowe is told no by ownership – this is Lowe’s fault. Got it.

      4. Starts the trend of drafting small forwards such as Cogliano and Gagner.

      Can you believe Anaheim took that runt? They must be terrible now.

      5. Hires Tambellini but still appears to be pulling the strings (checkout the old Oil Change shows and you’ll know what I’m talking about).

      Yes. Lowe hired Tambellini and then immediately changed everything about how he managed the team to fool everyone.

      6. Fires Tambellini and hires his old buddy MacT who has zero NHL management experience.

      Yet MacT has acted reasonably so far. You want to fire him for his motivation?

      7. Insults fans that don’t go to the games by basically calling them tier 2 fans.

      Poor thing. Did he hurt your feelings?

      8. The rookie GM hires a rookie coach.

      Much better to hire retreads who have been fired repeatedly by other teams. Why try to find new talent right? There is some interesting research out there on new/veteran coaching hires. You might be surprised at what it says.

      9. The rookie GM fails to address goaltending and defence issues over the summer.

      This is pretty well addressed in the article by young Willis here.

      10. The rookie GM signs Gagner to a long-term contract and gives him a no-trade clause (WTF!).

      I don’t think “long term” means what you think it means.

      11. The rookie coach employs a bizarre and confusing system.

      This rookie coach made the unforgivable mistake of assuming his supposedly NHL calibre team could grasp a system his AHL teams had no problem with.

      Is this a problem with the coach or with the players?

      12. The rookie coach decides to abandon the said system after it basically has cost the Oilers the season.

      You mean after realizing his supposedly NHL players couldn’t understand an system used in the AHL for years.

      Point is that Lowe had a reasonable good track record up until the year after the playoff run. He didn’t suddenly turn into a different person. He did make a few mistakes, but nothing on the scale of what has gone on since.

      • Zamboni Driver

        I’m inclined to agree with some of your responses here – don’t know what firing Lowe would do now, anyway…

        But this one:

        8. The rookie GM hires a rookie coach.

        Much better to hire retreads who have been fired repeatedly by other teams. Why try to find new talent right? There is some interesting research out there on new/veteran coaching hires. You might be surprised at what it says.

        Yeah I don’t know that you can call Tambellini’s replacement being really ‘thinking outside the box’.

    • Let me put it this way:

      Kevin Lowe made plenty of mistakes before turning the wheel over to Steve Tambellini. I’m inclined to think that’s part of the reason he stepped back, honestly. But I don’t think retroactively firing him for stuff he did in 2008 or earlier moves the team forward one iota right now.

      Further, I’m still in the cautiously optimistic phase with MacTavish. You disagree, and there’s room for that disagreement, but I’m just not in the ‘fire Lowe because he hired MacT’ camp.

      Take those out and your argument basically comes down to ‘he said stupid things about fans in the heat of the moment.’

      I won’t shed a single tear if the Oilers fire Lowe tomorrow, and I’m not going to campaign for him to stay on with the team. I just think we’re past the point where firing him makes the Oilers better.

      • On your last point I think you are wrong. You fire Lowe and replace him with someone with no ties to the boys on the bus and a mandate to fire people based on their performance and you have automatically made the team better.

      • I can see why you be cautiously optimistic about Mac, but is that because your point of reference is Tambellini? It really feels that way to me.

        MacT has certainly done more than Tambo ever did, and has seen more success. But his mis-steps have been worrisome. The Smid trade, the Clarkson deal, even the Ference signing aren’t the kinds of moves one associates with a good GM. Certainly you could make arguments that Holland or Wilson would make one of those moves in the right circumstances, but all three? In poor circumstances? Wouldn’t Smid be useful right now? Wouldn’t he have more value at the deadline? Was trying to sign Marty Lapointe… Err… David Clarkson to a ridiculous contract a move any really good GM would make? Especially when you’ve already thrown away some salary on one aging vet FA?

      • Chris.

        Hi Willis.

        It’s been a long time.

        I believe Katz should look at cleaning house: Lowe, Howson, Bucky, MacT, Smith… everybody… I believe the Oilers are going in circles. I know that the rebuilt core of Hall, Eberle, RNH and Schultz are better than the core of Gagner, Cogliano, Nilsson and Gilbert that was assembled by essntially the same braintrust years ago… However, both groups are similar in that they are comprised of smaller, skilled, mostly perimeter type players who seem to underachieve the lofty expectations of those who assembled them.

        As a coach, MacTavish predicted the first group would challenge for the division… Forgive my pessimism years later when the same crew at Kingsway predict a team with similar deficiencies, and lack of balance will one day soon challenge for the cup. We are just wasting time. This organization is in desperate need of a core philosophical shift… Organizationally from the draft on out, too much faith has been placed on the idea of the NEW NHL (rebranded post 2004 lockout) where speed and puck handling skills would trump size and tenacity…

    • Zarny

      Let me clear some things up why you’re an idiot.

      1. For Chris Pronger, Lowe got a prospect in Lupul who has been a pt/gm player over the last few years despite injuries, a top 4 D prospect in Smid who played over 7 seasons for the Oilers and a 1st round pick that turned into Eberle.

      Given the situation that was good return for Pronger despite your drivel.

      2. Pisani and Horcoff were given contracts because no one else wanted to sign in Edmonton. A reality too few Oiler fans actually seem to appreciate.

      Pronger booked town, they didn’t get Vanek, they gambled on Penner and got turned down by Heatley. What move was available in your delusional mind that Lowe missed out on? Please enlighten us all.

      3. Who gives a sh*t about the Smyth contract situation? He was a washed up forward with his best years behind him.

      4. Yes, clearly all teams should avoid small, skilled forwards. Patrick Kane completely lacks any value whatsoever.

      5. Yep, you finally made a valid point. Tambo proved a bad hire.

      6. Firing Tambo after inaction was the right move. The jury is certainly still out on MacT given he’s been on the job for less than half a season.

      Zero NHL management experience? You mean like Yzerman or countless other GM’s that have been hired.

      Guess what…no NHL experience isn’t actually a point.

      7. Yep, dumb comment. Other than hurting your feelings though completely and utterly irrelevant as to how good the hockey team is.

      8. A rookie coach. You mean like Dan Bylsma, Cooper or Oates. Againt…not actually a point.

      9. MacT failed to address the goaltending situation? Last I checked it was Dubnyk who was letting in beach balls the first 20 games not MacT.

      10. WTF are you talking about? They signed Gagner to a short-term contract (3 yrs) precisely because they weren’t ready to commit to him long-term.

      11. Bizarre and confusing system? Are you really this stupid?

      There is nothing bizarre or confusing about Eakins’ system. It’s the exact same thing as any basic system except when the Oilers pin an opponent to the boards in the corner the F is supposed to jump in to out-man the other team.

      There is nothing complicated or confusing about it; except for dumb fans caught up in a nifty tag line called “the swarm”.

      12. The coach simply made an adjustment when it became clear the players weren’t good enough to execute.

      Quit driveling about sh*t 7 years ago and pointing the finger at everything but the actual problem…the players on the ice the aren’t good enough.

      You say “rookie” like it’s an actual point. It’s not. Countless rookie coaches and GM’s have been hired and succeeded.

    • Spydyr

      Don’t forget when KLowe backed out of the Comrie trade with the Ducks and demanded Comrie pay back his signing bonus. Cost us Corey Perry. I think Perry won a Richard trophy. Instead we got Woywitka. I think he sits on the bench in Europe.

    • I want Kevin Lowe gone too because I’d like to see the management team operate without him there. It’s sometimes hard to drop habits and like anyone else Kevin Lowe still involves himself in some of the day to day decision making even though he’s president of operations.

      I kind of take issue with the reasons you listed though. The Pronger deal was done from a weak standpoint in that he wanted out of the city. Anytime a player requests a deal that’s a generational star it’s never a fair deal because he’s the best player in the trade by a mile. Just look at the deal Edmonton made with St. Louis to acquire him. That’s why the trade pissed everyone off, we knew the team was never going to get fair value.

      They also just didn’t want to sign Smyth long term. The excuse they gave was just terrible but they never wanted to hand out a 5+ year term to Smyth because they thought he wasn’t going to cover the value of that contract, which he didn’t incidentally.

      Jury’s still out on Mactavish and Eakins, still not enough time to form an opinion. This season has also been a perfect storm of bad hockey. If goaltending hadn’t let us down this season the club would at least be respectable. No one could have known Dubnyk would be this bad. During exhibition he showed no signs of dropping off a cliff.

      Also every team that makes the cup and has to re-sign their players overpays them. Chicago did it and had to let go of a lot of good players as a result. Edmonton just had the bad luck of having solid depth players elevate their play for the playoffs and then go back to being solid depth players. Also again a ton of bad luck, Pisani got colitis and Horcoff was playing very well until concussion and back/shoulder issues really slowed him down in the back half of his career.

      I think he’s responsible for a lot of bad things and some good things but most of the things you’ve listed are common to the majority of teams and gm’s. We just happen to get a front row seat to Lowe on a day to day basis.

  • The Real Scuba Steve

    Our rookie GM MacT fired Kreuger and replaced him with a rookie coach who is learning to teach a new system to rookie players. That does not sound like something that any wise and experienced GM would do. For that reason MacT gets a big fat F in my books. He signed Gags long term-fail. He gave away our most physical D man- fail. Allowed Hall to take the heat on HNIC- fail. Signed washed up D men-fail. Was Oilernation recently bought by the Katz group?

    • No, we’re blaming Tambellini for years and years of incompetence. Specifically, three times he thought he had playoff teams (2008-09, 2011-12, 2012-13) a significant distance into the year, and three times he twiddled his thumbs rather than trying to improve them.

      But if you’d like to go into the rebuild (a rebuild caused when he signed a terrible old goalie who promptly got hurt, an old coach who was out of touch, and handed the team over to Jeff Deslauriers) we can do that too.

      • Tikkanese

        A terrible old goalie huh? Hindsight is 20/20.

        Khabby was the consensus best UFA goalie available on pretty much every list out there that summer. He had similar offers but chose the Oilers because we were the only team to add the 4th year to the contract.

        Not to mention, the Stanley Cup Champs didn’t think he was “terrible” when they signed him this summer, did they?

        • Do you know the definition of “hindsight”?

          Let me help you: it’s understanding of a situation or event only after it’s already happened.

          I could link to what I wrote in the summer of 2009 about Khabibulin. I could link to what I’ve written along the way, or what I wrote about Chicago’s decision to sign him. Suffice to say, this isn’t a case of ‘that’s not what you said at the time!’

          • Tikkanese

            Well then you may have been the only one back then and good on you. Was there a need for the attitude about it? Like I said, nearly every list had him as the best UFA available. Everyone loves bagging on that signing in hindsight, but at the time most everyone was excited about it. Recent Cup winner and all. Except for you apparently.

            Does your crystal ball have any hope for the Oilers next year?

          • I’d love to see one of the better writers like yourself tackle a “what if” scenario, like what if Clarkson had signed. With your perspective -having some insight into feeling life as a GM, what with all the criticism and hindsight coming your way – it’d be interesting to see what you have to say on the subject of Clarkson in Edmonton.

            Or even do one on a successful trade for Schneider.

        • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

          The Stanley Cup champs still have their Stanley Cup-winning goalie between the pipes.

          The Oilers were pinning their hopes and dreams to ol’ re-khab and it bit them in the ass. I highly doubt many other teams were knocking down his door with both dollars and term that summer.

          And for the record, JW has been very critical of the Khabby deal since it happened. I can verify.

      • Oilers4Ever

        JW, and who hired Tambelini, and let him wallow in the do doo he was creating on ice and behind the bench. Did it take Klowe 3 years to realize that this guy was spinning his wheels ?

        Ultimately its the guy at the top that is responsible… never mine the 2006 fluke, this team has been in the ditch for a long time now, and no signs of a turn around in the near future.

    • The Real Scuba Steve

      Tambi’s opportunity to grab the bull by the horns was last season. I didn’t understand why he was unwilling to acquire an extra centre early on to help out the club when both Horcoff and Belanger were hurt and RNH struggling with a bad wing.

  • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

    @Jonathan Willis

    Great article as always. I’m getting frustrated to the point of apathy (as many fans are), but still find time to procrastinate at work reading Oilers articles…

    Quick question: how do you see Dubnyk/Bryz situation rolling into next year? Do you think MacT will try to move one of them at the deadline for assets? Or would he be more inclined to let one of them walk as a free agent and offer a contract to the guy who plays best between now and the end of year?

    • I’m honestly not sure; both could be replaced this summer via trade or free agency.

      My guess is that Edmonton’s done with Dubnyk. MacTavish tried to upgrade at the position last year and couldn’t; if there’s interest I’d guess he moves him at the deadline.

      As for Bryzgalov, I see this season as a trial run. If both sides are happy with each other, a longer-term commitment can be made; if not, he’s deadline bait too.

      But that’s just me guessing.

      • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

        I don’t bryz is going to hang around this gong show at all! Nobody on the farm ready to move up so I would actually like to see Dubbie signed as the back up for 2 – 2.5 mil if he can be had for that amount. He is certainly capable to push whoever the new #1 is and could always bounce back and be a #1 if the true #1 goes down. Let’s just not put all our eggs in his basket.

      • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

        That’s fair enough. I imagine they’re both trying to play their way into a job for next year (be it with this organization or another). Too bad they’ll probably flush Dubnyk, a shame to spend so long on a guy and probably let him walk for nothing, but a lot remains to be seen in how both goalies play.

        Anyhow, thanks for the response and Happy Festivus. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of Oiler-related grievances aired today.

        • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

          Put another way, I think it’s a shame to spend so long on a guy to see him turn out way worse than you ever could have expected.

          I tried to give Dubnyk the benefit of the doubt this season. I even picked him up in my fantasy pool when the Oilers were playing the soft parade in November. I’m now leaning towards his league-average seasons being the aberrations and his current performance been the accurate depiction, though.

  • Big fan of MacTavish. Was one of the ones running him out of town as coach in his last year, due to him being stale. However I always recognized the very smart man he is. I do think he’s superior to Tambellini by a mile even though results haven’t showed this. He has a big mess to undo, whereas Tambellini created it (although I do like the decision to blow it all up).

    MacT is impatient, as he says, and it shows. Tambo seemed to be too unsure to take a risk. I think the team is in good hands but we have to remember that Tambellini burned Rome to the ground before MacT took over. So sadly, there is much work to do. Tambo left MacT with good building piece (due to ineptness that let him draft high), but Tambo was incompetent at filling the rest of the roster out.

    I think MacT has made some good changes, the best of which are Gordon and Perron. Another year in the free agent market, since trades are dead, will give MacT more chance to shine. This July’s goals… New starter.. Top end D… Bottom six dudes. He will make it happen. He also should shore up the top six and move one of these guys for some size.

    • Burnward

      I think MacT has made some good changes, the best of which are Gordon and Perron. Another year in the free agent market, since trades are dead, will give MacT more chance to shine. This July’s goals… New starter.. Top end D… Bottom six dudes. He will make it happen. He also should shore up the top six and move one of these guys for some size.

      ^^ This in spades ^^

  • @JonathanWillis

    What you talkin bout Willis……..

    Is this article your own or are you on Stauffer’s lap like a ventriliquist Oilers apologist doll? Now I can’t say the sample size of Mac T’s tenure matches up with Tambo’s yet but my god man call it like it is. Your going to sit here and blame Dubnyk for where the oilers sit now. Those 21 extra goals you speak of may take you ahead of a few other bottom feeders but your missing the big picture “PLAYOFFS”. I don’t care about finishing 10th or 12th or 15th that is so irrelevant. The team is at the rock bottom of rock bottoms and while what Mac T dove head first into was a shark pool from the beginning he was the one arrogant enough to promise he was a “MAN OF ACTION”. Now the man of action is batting about .100 with his addition of Perron, and I hope your not serious about your ravishing reviews of Belov. Last years best defenseman not currently playing in the NHL a la one unemployed Jay Feaster and his plethera of foreign failures is a few minuses from the snowy train back to Siberia. Maybe he could still get a seat next to Denis Grebeshkov another failed retread from the brilliant mind of a man who never found it fit to play the game with a helmet. Saturday’s game is a clear reminder that Dubnyk is not all to blame with this club, it’s the defense that has oppostion teams licking there lips as they blow past the likes of Corey Potter and Jeff Petry then are served up piping hot pizzas in the slot by the aformentioned Mr. Belov. Mac T has pieces in this team but this is a childrens puzzle from years past , half the box is missing and the rest is nowhere in site.

  • S cottV

    MacT really blew it hiring Eakins.

    No way Dubie delivers a .920 with what was and is still – going on in front of him.

    Dubie hasnt been great but Eakins trial and error learning curve is as much or more to blame for those unwarranted ga’s. I mean c’mon, the defensive zone coverage has been and is still horrific.

    These next 4 games to close out the year will be very interesting. I believe that they will get a couple of wins, however if they dont – it probably cements what appears to be a sizeable disconnect between Eakins and the player group.

    The big problem with the Eakins hiring, is that it has set the program backwards rather than advancing it. I mean – there is not one area of play that looks better – that is taking shape. The club is in 29th place and has not played a meaningful game since being effectively out of the playoffs in mid Nov.

    While the Jets will be tired tonight, they still have faint hope to make the playoffs and the game has meaning for them. Eakins should have been able to direct the club into a similar position and failure to do so, may still be his undoing.

    These next 4 games will have tell tale implications and undertones for what is going on and what may have to be done.

    MacT may have to fess up…

  • Spydyr

    The coach is solid , the players and upper management are not . Both Lowe and Mc Tavish have been involved with this team far to long and its time to change gears Mr Katz. Both have not delivered in the long or short term and for the most part created Edmonton as a non destination for quality players. Now as we see the young players realizing this is not where you want to be , they are probably wishing to be traded because the grass is greener on the other side of the rink most nights . Dallas Eakins as a person and coach is a leader and wont quit on the players even if some nights they quit on him , the ones who work will stay and the rest may get their wish to play in the AHL or retirement league. Fresh management of non oiler history is needed to give the team a chance , quality players are available that could help this team within your own organization but you have to give them a chance . New energy , life and heart . Lots to gain little to lose .

    • Spydyr

      What I saw under Tambo was tanking for draft picks. What I see under Mac-T is the tank is over let’s try to win. Then a fail not sure what scenerio is worse.

      They both very well could have come under Lowe’s direction.

      • Even the most casual fan could see this team wasn’t going to be about “winning” this summer. Surely MacT wasn’t dumb enough to believe that either. I think the first step was to “get better”. The goalie collapse and having your two top C’s out pretty much sewered that thought.

        What compounds the problem is that Gagner probably shouldn’t have come back until at least Christmas. Even Eakins pretty much admitted as much yesterday. So you’re left with one functional top six C for the first half of the season. Any team in the NHL would be screwed with that situation.

        Add in far too many kids being put in over their heads and the woeful D, and you have what you have.

        Get real you guys. Who in their right minds thought we’d win against LA, Vancouver, Anaheim, Boston, St Louis? And this is the cause of the angst?

      • So your belief as that a better GM would have this team in the playoffs right now? What exactly would this mystery GM have done.

        Clearly MacT can see what is wrong based on what he has tried to do.

        The question is, did he choose wrong or did he take the best options available?

        • Spydyr

          Not sure where you got the playoff thing from.

          A new owner hiring a friend to run his hockey operations. Who in turn hires his friend a rookie GM. Who in turn gets a man crush and hires a rookie coach. For some reason the new coach does not or is not allowed to replace the assistant coaches who just happen to be friends with the head of hockey operations. What possibly could go wrong?

          You would have to be very naive to not understand that every hockey decision made here in the last eight years crossed Lowe’s desk first.

          • Spydyr

            Again, when did I say “write off MacT “

            He just has not accomplished much. What I said is he put “lipstick on a pig”. The team’s record proves that.

          • Spydyr

            1) An NHL starting goalie and a defense not comprised of eight 5-6 defencemen.

            2) I compared the job he has done too putting lipstick on a pig. At no time did I compare anyone to a pig.

            As this is the third time this thread you put words in my mouth perhaps your reading comprehension could use some work.

          • So you believe he is a failure as GM because he was unable to acquire 4 top 4 defensemen in a single off season? I’ve now asked repeatedly what a good GM would have done differently. You refuse to answer.

            I’m not putting words in your mouth, I’m spelling out the implications of your own words.

          • Spydyr

            Again at no time did I mention four top four defencemen.One would of been nice though.

            A good GM would of addressed starting goalie not just try too.It is too important a position.

            A good Gm would not have spouted off about “bold moves”.

            A good GM would of seen that he has too many small skilled forwards and made a deal for that top four defencemen.

            A good GM would of realized the team was soft as butter and signed someone harder to play against then Jones.

            A good GM would have addressed 2C as Gagner obviously is not the answer.

            I could keep going on but this is getting old.

          • Oilers4Ever

            No. I’ve read everything that was written here and you are 100% putting words in his mouth. You can argue his other points. But of this one there is no doubt.

  • Zamboni Driver

    The same guy that gets kudos for Gordon (I guess) and Perron also is the mastermind behind Garbage-kev (another example of a team with no new ideas), that backup goalie, wasting a roster spot on the Goon….

    Saying MacTavish is better than Tambellini may be marginally true…but it’s really not much of a compliment.

    • The jury’s definitely out on MacTavish. The most concerning thing for me isn’t Gazdic (I don’t like guys who can’t play a regular shift, but it’s a reasoanbly small sin) or Grebeshkov (the money wasn’t good but if played the way he had before it would’ve been fine) or even Smid (MacT wants a puck-moving blue, and Smid’s days were probably numbered the day he was hired).

      The most concerning item for me is the attempted Clarkson contract (which I suspect would have actually been reasonably popular in Edmonton). I get that the team needs a different mix, and that UFA’s get overpaid but wowee is that an ugly contract.

      Overall, though, MacTavish comes across to me as a smart guy who finds the balance between making hotheaded moves and paralysis by analysis. We’ll see if that view holds up.

      But you’re right that Tambellini set the bar awfully low – which is why getting rid of him was so important.

      • Zamboni Driver

        Actually I meant MacIntyre, not Gazdic. Don’t mind Gazdic actually. Have to be smarter than to waste time, effort, money and one of 50-spots on Steve MacIntyre (another example of ‘if he used to play for us, he must be good’).

        Though the Smid trade is still a head-scratcher. Not that he’s anywhere near a great player, that trade especially the timing still makes no sense.

      • Zamboni Driver

        Good article. But when you talk about MacT not making hot-headed moves, what would you call the Ralph Krueger firing? We ended up with a coach who gets outcoached on a nightly basis and has taken the team back to the bottom of the NHL. At least Krueger seemed like he had the room and the team was moving in a positive direction.

        • Zamboni Driver

          The players definitely seemed more motivated to play for Krueger. Krueger’s problem was strategy. He couldn’t translate his Europe 5×5 strategies to the NHL game. If the Oilers weren’t going to go after Ruff, then getting Krueger a new crew of experienced assistant coaches would have been a smarter move than hiring Eakins.

  • For tonight’s game I will not go, and will not watch it on the tube! And here is my reason why.
    Oiler players and coach will talk a good game,
    And when the puck drops, the same crap happen can’t score can’t defend and the outcome will be another
    Fricken lost, so tell me is it worth it to get upset I over nothing?

  • Tikkanese

    MacT may be more proactive then Tambo, but that’s setting the bar pretty damn low. Maybe comparing him to Jim Nill, Joe Sakic, and Marc Bergevin would be more fair comparisons.

    Nill wins automatically for picking Ruff over Eakins.

    MacT shouldn’t be fried because he made a few good moves (Gordon and Perron), he should be fried because of what he didn’t do.

    He didn’t get the best head coach available. He didn’t address centre depth when every blogger in the universe could see trouble coming. He didn’t bring in enough veterans to mentor the kids. Replace Acton, Joensuu, Gazdic, Larsen, Grebeshkov with vets (worst case if they just grabbed guys on try out or who were signed late – Hainsey, Gilbert, Boyes, Raymond, Morrow, Grabovski, etc.) this would be a much better team.

    Yes, the team was thin on talent outside of the wunderkids, but there was plenty of proven NHL talent available this summer both at the coaching level and the player level and MacT didn’t go get it. He made foolish bets instead.

    I don’t care if he is only a few months into the job, his lack of judgement so far is staggering. He should be fired.

    Fire them all to be safe!

    P.S. I wish I still lived in Edmonton. I would love to go to a game and toss a jersey on the ice after the next loss. I have a cheap jersey I picked up at Canadian tire that would be perfect.

  • A-Mc

    Also: I dont think the team is getting worse, i think they are getting better and it’s resulting in a worse record. Here’s why!

    For the last few years, we’ve played extremely risky hockey. At any given moment, the Oilers could pounce on a team with endless cheats for offense. unfortunately, cheating most often results in goals against.

    Fast forward to this year. Guys still cheat but i dont see it nearly as much. What i Do see is that guys are legitimately playing harder and trying to do the right thing. Unfortunately for them, With out the risky plays, all that is left is team defense and the team’s defense is simply not good (for various reasons).


    In a round about way, i think the fire wagon hockey was actually hiding mistakes that we’ve always made. Now that the wagon fire has be put out and the team is trying to play the right way (more often than it used to), we’re coming up short in the wins column.

    Fire wagon was our edge but it was unhealthy. We remove that and we’re left playing PROPER hockey which the team doesnt know how to do yet. We’ve regressed in the standings but i think that regression is healthy. Improvements from the basement will be made doing things the right way – like bricks building a wall.

    I dont think we’ve become a worse team. I think we’re better.

  • paul wodehouse

    Good level headed article.
    I’m getting tired of the blame game where everything is just Lowe’s fault, the juvenile assumption that he controls all aspects of the team behind the scenes.
    All of the management team have made mistakes. Sure Lowe made a mistake with Comrie, but that was years ago, he also defined bold and hastily pulled a team together that made it to game 7 of the finals. His passion, history and 6 rings actually do mean something to me.
    And MacT made a mistake hiring a rookie coach, but he has also made some good moves (Perron, Belov).
    I think these guys can and have learned from their mistakes, they can work well together and we will see some tweaks after the holidays that will help this team.
    We were never going to win the cup this year, now we just have to stay focused on being a playoff contender next year, sadely that is all we have now, a big shake up trade just to wake the team up is not going to help long term and neither is a huge mangement reshuffle. This management team we have now (in its current config. with Mact as GM)is new.