In a season where we’ve seen Oiler goalies do the regrettable, the impossible awaits. After Devan Dubnyk posted the first Oiler shutout in Shametown ever, Ilya Bryzgalov has a chance to play his old team—the Philadelphia Flyers!


Hello! Devan Dubnyk has an answer for every Calgary bullet, Ryan Smyth hearts a goal and then sends the slowest moving puck in NHL history into the net for a 2-0 win in Sin City. It was a beautiful moment, made even more enjoyable because the Flames were wearing their new "we have Crayola" uniforms.

But, enough about the past.


Dittrick brings the news: Martin Marincin, the tallest building in Edmonton, will draw into the lineup tonight for Corey Power Potterplay. I like it—give these towers a chance to play an NHL game or two and maybe they’ll be regulars before I get the pension!


Wait, there’s more! The Oilers signed Mitchell Moroz to his entry level deal today, meaning he’s bona fide and buying root beer floats for everyone! Seriously, congratulations to a guy who took a lot of heat for no reason (Moroz didn’t control where he was drafted, only his performance and today’s signing tells us he was plenty good enough) and this is a day us to congratulate him.


Russia’s coolest export is BACK ON THE POWERPLAY according to coach Dallas Eakins! Music! I have no idea what he’ll do, but will guess ‘score with a ricochet off the shot clock" for the win.


  • Hall-Nuge-Perron
  • Joensuu-Gagner-Ebs
  • Smyth-Gordon-Hemsky
  • Gazdic-Lander-Yakupov
  • Ference-Petry
  • Belov-J Schultz
  • Marincin-N Schultz
  • Bryzgalov


GAME DAY PREDICTION: Oilers take the Flyers to overtime before Wayne Simmonds walks Nick Schultz and Philly wins 4-3

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Taylor Hall and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins put on a show for the home crowd, but the big news is Bryzgalov stopping 42 shots.

NOT SO OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Bryzgalov turns into a real life Jigglypuff and sings the Flyers to sleep in a 7-1 romp.

  • paul wodehouse

    …”Obviously he wants revenge on the team that paid him to leave…..”said cubro

    …maybe the only reason Bryz gets the start
    pop a few in early he gets the hook early

    Eakins has a lot to learn tonite…

  • @Rheal1

    Your logic is heavily flawed. By your logic, Bryz should not have played against the Jets in that 6-2 win because he stunk the joint out against St. Louis the game before (the whole team did, but Bryz wasn’t exactly stellar either).

    So by your reasoning, DD should have played the Jets and if the results had been the same, still earned the game last night.

    You’ve got a short memory, my friend.

  • Win one for Captain Bryzgalov! Show those dirty Flyers what they are missing out on!

    Seriously, no more post-mortems after sad HNIC games. We need to look like we’re something other than a joke on national TV.

  • Bucknuck

    What’s that smell? *sniff* *sniff* Ooooh, it’s a troll.

    It was nice to see Dubnyk get the start against the popgun Calgary offense so that our starter could be fresh for his old team. Smart play by Eakins.

  • I’m interested in seeing Braydon Coburn. I’ve seen his name crop up in trade scenarios on the oilogosphere and have no idea how Philly Fans feel about him.

    I only know one Philly Fan (and not very well), and he seemed to be ok with the idea of losing Coburn since, in his words, he “sucked”.

    However, that was earlier in the year before Giroux and the team woke up.

    Also, the stats here:

    suggest a defensive workhorse who leads his team in ice-time 5v5 and on the PK. He can’t ‘suck’ if his coach likes him that much. Anyone ‘seen him good’?

  • Cubro

    Lol, okay mr coach, after playing bryz in both of a recent back to back, why would you want the same results? I think Eakins is learning the ropes, he tried and Clearly playing a goalie back to back doesn’t work. Which game would you want bryz in? Obviously he wants revenge on the team that paid him to leave…..

  • Rheal1 "Ontario Oilers Fan"

    Looking at all the trashes on my posts #9, 10 & 12. I had no idea that this site was used by teenagers. I’m moving over at

  • Rheal1 "Ontario Oilers Fan"

    To my trasher: are you a Flamer?
    Eakins is not only an NHL rookie coach, he’s also inconsistent in his decisions. Why switch goalies after a win? Sounds very incredible to me. What does it say?

  • Rheal1 "Ontario Oilers Fan"

    Why does eakins still starts DD when they signed the cosmonaut? Also, why make the goalie switch after Bryz did good on Monday vs the Jets?

  • Oilers Coffey

    Great read and an even more sizzling GIF WOW.
    Oilers pull off a 3 game winning streak with a win tonight!

    Damn it was fun chanting LetsGoOilers in the dome last night!!!

  • The real minnow

    Hey everyone with Dennis Seidenberg sidelined for the rest of the year there may be a suitor for mister Nickolas Pylon Shultz.


    • Stack Pad Save

      Wow. That is rich. You must believe Boston is where they are by making stupid moves.

      I believe they had three rookie d-men in their lineup aganist Ottawa. All very much above the level of Shultz(either one of them).

      Here’s what the Bruins have, that the Oilers don’t have.
      1)No rings Neely. Competent person in his position.

      2)GM that knows what’s needed to compete. And gets it.

      3)A professional scouting group finding “people who go to work”

      4)Professional coaching staff. Both competent and intelligent.

      5)All players with dedication, determination, grit and ability to do their job.

      6)The “me” player Seguin, sent packing. No team concept. No grit. In return, they picked up the people who could be coached.


      Look at that. I just gave you 7 ways to build a team. ONE more reason then LOWE has rings.

      I think I know a thing or two about winnig.

      How many of these seven do this Oilers group have in place?
      If you check even one, you probablt believe Boston would trade Rask, Chara and a couple first liners for Dubnyk.

      Your Oilers are about 10 players away from “playoff contenders”, and 16 away from Cup contenders.

      You may or may not like the sweater tosser. I ave more respect for him/her then just about anybody in this organization at this point.

  • I tried it at home

    This should be interesting, Ive been waiting a while to see what Marancin looks like on the big ice. Good on DD too, Im no longer a backer of his, but good work gets good applause.