In a season where we’ve seen Oiler goalies do the regrettable, the impossible awaits. After Devan Dubnyk posted the first Oiler shutout in Shametown ever, Ilya Bryzgalov has a chance to play his old team—the Philadelphia Flyers!


Hello! Devan Dubnyk has an answer for every Calgary bullet, Ryan Smyth hearts a goal and then sends the slowest moving puck in NHL history into the net for a 2-0 win in Sin City. It was a beautiful moment, made even more enjoyable because the Flames were wearing their new "we have Crayola" uniforms.

But, enough about the past.


Dittrick brings the news: Martin Marincin, the tallest building in Edmonton, will draw into the lineup tonight for Corey Power Potterplay. I like it—give these towers a chance to play an NHL game or two and maybe they’ll be regulars before I get the pension!


Wait, there’s more! The Oilers signed Mitchell Moroz to his entry level deal today, meaning he’s bona fide and buying root beer floats for everyone! Seriously, congratulations to a guy who took a lot of heat for no reason (Moroz didn’t control where he was drafted, only his performance and today’s signing tells us he was plenty good enough) and this is a day us to congratulate him.


Russia’s coolest export is BACK ON THE POWERPLAY according to coach Dallas Eakins! Music! I have no idea what he’ll do, but will guess ‘score with a ricochet off the shot clock" for the win.


  • Hall-Nuge-Perron
  • Joensuu-Gagner-Ebs
  • Smyth-Gordon-Hemsky
  • Gazdic-Lander-Yakupov
  • Ference-Petry
  • Belov-J Schultz
  • Marincin-N Schultz
  • Bryzgalov


GAME DAY PREDICTION: Oilers take the Flyers to overtime before Wayne Simmonds walks Nick Schultz and Philly wins 4-3

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Taylor Hall and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins put on a show for the home crowd, but the big news is Bryzgalov stopping 42 shots.

NOT SO OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Bryzgalov turns into a real life Jigglypuff and sings the Flyers to sleep in a 7-1 romp.

  • Serious Gord

    41 games – halfway – and the oil have 30. Pts. Take away the four OT win pts and you get 26. That is the worst half-season performance in oiler history. And that is THE story tonight.

    • Serious Gord

      Gord statistically your without a doubt right. Cannot argue hard numbers.
      Yet Gord I like you have been a fan since I was kid in the 70s.I grew up as an Oilers fan. At 48 I have seen a share of games. The expectations going into this season from a lot of fans and some media were imo set to high.

      Brownlee I believe had us 12th?Stauffer in the 10ish range. I was more in the 12-13 range.

      My reasoning was and still is that MacT has several moves that he needs to make before this team can be competitive.

      He signed Ference which I thought brought experience to our backend. He flushed Belanger in favor of Gordon who has been solid.But on the other hand he signed Belov. No NHL experience. He signed Garbagekov.Who proved once already he is no NHL dman. He signed Labarbra who I had mixed feelings about and was eventually proven right as to why I thought he was a risk.He corrected that in one sense but he had to pay Peter to pay Paul. Thus the Smid exit to Calgary. That was a direct cause and effect kind of deal.DD caused the effect by his own poor play early this season. Thus the need to sign IB. Who has been solid.

      MacT signed Smack off waivers more as a reactionary move than anything.Gazdic he picked upon waivers too. And you can’t argue Gazdic’s contribution to this team.

      The deal for Perron looks to be the deal of the year. Can’t argue that deal.

      The coaching. Here is where I take a breath and give my head a shake. A 4 year deal for an unproven NHL head coach. I shudder to think how Eakins must have jumped for joy when he signed that contract. Gord if its me I hire the best available coach with NHL experience. The first 30 games were a disaster. The live and learn motto comes to mind. Eakins found that the systems play he wanted to implement did not match the experience or the kind of talent he had on the ice. Brutal. The PP. Still a disaster and with Yak and Shultz finally earning PP time once again it might improve after the Olympic break. As far as the assistant coaches go I could care less.I hold Eakins responsible for the teams performance. Not Huey Duey and Louie.

      The Oilers need a house with skill and who can skate. Last night we saw Simmonds eat our lunch. Need a guy like that. Finding one is like finding needle in a haystack. The defence. It will be 2-3 years before we can honestly say we have one that is competitive at the NHL level. Nurse, Klefbom, Marincin all will take time to learn. (Add Ekblad?)

      The learning process takes time. Teams that we have seen win the Cup have gone through that process. Losing, drafting, developing. Winning. when we lose to teams like Chicago, LA, Anaheim, St Louis,San Jose and Vancouver I am not thrilled. But when you look at how much experience their top 6 players have vs the Oilers top 6 its not even close. Their coached by guys with so many NHL games under their belt that its almost unfair. Eakins to a guy like Hitchcock is an ant. Boot meet ant. Presto 6-0. Eakins is so outclassed right now by the WC’s top 8 teams coaches its not funny. He’ll learn the hard way as they all did at this level. But till then there will be nights when boot will meet ant and more likely than not we’ll be the ant.

      I can’t help but feel your passion on the radio and in your posts. I too am passionate about the Oilers. This is not the season to throw anger into the wind. Its going to get worse before it gets better. Eakins will continue to learn. Yak will continue to learn. JS will learn that his own end comes first. Gagner might learn to backcheck. And DD might learn that he has stop the easy shots too.

      Its not easy being us. I hate looking at the standing and seeing us in 14th. But I have faith in MacT and he’ll do the right thing.

      There is another set of games coming up in January that look like deaths row. Should be fun to see where the emotions will be then.

      Happy New Year Gord

  • Oilers4Ever

    Don Cherry said that the fan who through his jersey on the ice owes management an apology. That’s rich. If anyone owes anyone an apology its Kevin Lowe to the fans for his offensive presence.

    • Serious Gord

      That the jersey toss made it all the way to HNIC tells you there is more to it than just one disgruntled fan. The oil were fortunate not to lose in cgy and could have shelled tonight were it not for an all world effort by Bryz. Imagine if they had lost those two games – more oiler memorabilia on the ice I bet.

  • Serious Gord

    What is truly sad is that Don Cherry is still getting air time. I find his perspective on hockey, and often on hockey issues, to be off the mark. That, combined with his bigotry, is really a pain. Hopefully Rogers will put him out to pasture soon.

    Would much rather here from an analyst like Bob MacKenzie or Elliotte Friedman. They bring a balanced view of the issues and make sense.

    • Stack Pad Save

      At the very least you must respect Don Cherry. He has an opinion and isn’t afraid to say it. I can’t stand guys like Friedman or MacKenzie who hide behind what they say by going “well this isn’t my opinion I am just reporting what he said”, but by the air time they give one side of the opinion it is obvious what their opinion is.

      You might not agree with Don Cherry and that is fine, but the man offers insight into the game that very few other people are willing to give.

  • Jimmeh

    GAME DAY PREDICTION: Oilers take the Flyers to overtime before Wayne Simmonds walks Nick Schultz and Philly wins 4-3

    OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Taylor Hall and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins put on a show for the home crowd, but the big news is Bryzgalov stopping 42 shots.

    These predictions are incredibly accurate, was this edited??