The past eight Oilers seasons have been painful for everyone involved. The players are sick of losing, management and the five head coaches are tired of it, the fans have to give each other a pep talk before every game just to keep watching and even the media is tired of covering the constant losing.

There are some things none of the aforementioned groups can change instantly, like suddenly making the Oilers contenders, however, there are some small things that can and must be changed to make the process more bearable.

We can all agree what needs to change in the near future for the Oilers to become competitive. They need a better blueline, they need more size and experience up front, the players who return next seasons need to be more consistent and competitive on every shift, and the Oilers must add more experience within their assistant coaches.

Ultimately, those moves or decisions will be made by Craig MacTavish and Dallas Eakins. We will debate, analyze and scrutinize their decisions. That is our job, and it’s what fans love to do and that is what makes sports great.

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Every fan and media person will have differing opinions on players and how organizations build their teams. That will never change; however, there are some decisions within a pro team that fans can impact. One of them is the music played at their home facility.

The Edmonton Oilers owe it to their loyal fans to make the in-game experience as enjoyable as possible. The product on the ice hasn’t been doing it, but the fans can demand and should be treated to a better in-house atmosphere.

The music during Saturday’s OT loss to Philadelphia was atrocious.

I watched the game from the stands, and I asked the fans around their thoughts on the horrendous playlist? These fans ranged in age from 20 to 60, yet unanimously they agreed the music is awful. This is not a new problem, but the Oilers either don’t feel the fans deserve a better experience or they haven’t searched hard enough to find a better DJ.

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Late in the third period and leading into OT the DJ played Give Me Some Loving, a Beatles song and Wooly Bully. The Beatles are one of the greatest bands ever, but their beats aren’t energizing. I could not believe how bad the song selection was late in a tie hockey game. None of those songs got the building rocking. Seriously, it shouldn’t be that hard to find more appropriate songs during key times in the game.

The fans deserve better, and so do the players. I spoke to three different players off the record and when I asked them about the music they said the following:

"It is embarrassing," said the first one.

"Most rinks play heavy, deep, quick paced music, but we rarely do," said the second.

"My friends come to games here and they all mention the music, and not because it is good," said the third.

If the Oilers don’t want to listen to the fans, they shouldn’t they at least listen to their players?

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I know the music isn’t the reason the Oilers are losing, and none of the players suggested that, but the Oilers need to look at improving every aspect of their team and in-game experience. Emotion plays a huge factor in hockey, and a better playlist could get the fans more into the game, thus improving the atmosphere and that could ignite the Oilers at certain times in the game.

Regardless of whether it helps the Oilers or not, the fans deserve better. I am a season ticket holder, so I’m not writing this from a media person’s perspective. I’ve been to many other rinks around the NHL and the music and in-game experience is better in those rinks. The music selection in Edmonton if brutal.

I don’t expect the management or scouts to listen attentively to media or fan’s opinions on players, although getting as much info as possible is never a bad thing, however I do expect the organization to listen to fans when it comes to non-hockey matters.

It is time the Oilers improve the in-game ambiance. It is the least they can do for their loyal fans, and considering the players admit the music is terrible, an improved musical selection might even help the product on the ice.


  •  The Oilers were 4-15-2 in the first quarter of the season and 9-9-2 in the 2nd quarter. They aren’t as bad as they were in the first quarter, but they need to at least maintain a 20 points in 20-game stretch pace the rest of the season. If they pick up 43-46 points in the second half that would be a major improvement, and they need to come close to that to realize the effort and execution necessary to be in the playoff hunt next season.
  • Nail Yakupov won’t play tomorrow in Phoenix. Yak looked frustrated on Saturday night, and I’m all for sending players a message by putting them in the pressbox, but is Yakupov receiving the message and is it the right one? If they want him to regain his confidence would they be better off sending him to OKC than sitting him in the pressbox?

    I understand that all players mature differently, but playing him six to eight minutes a night or sitting him in the pressbox might not be the best way to develop him. Make a tough decision and send him to OKC for a few weeks. In my opinion he needs to play 15-20 minutes a night and regain his confidence.

    I know many fans are going to scream they are ruining Yakupov, but the harsh reality is he will need to play himself out of it. Missing a game or two won’t hamper his long term development, but they need to find some common ground. If they want him to be better away from the puck, then let him learn to do that in the AHL where it will be easier to learn. That isn’t quitting on the player or punishing him, it is about trying to help him become a better player.

  • "It was a good conversation… We have a definite plan moving forward," Eakins said this morning about a 45-minute chat he had with Yakupov. He didn’t outline what the plan was, but I’m curious to see what it will be. The Oilers don’t need to just give Yakupov icetime, but they have to ensure they nurture his development and not ruin his confidence. It is a fine balance, but it is one they have to master. He isn’t the first #1 overall pick to be benched or play on the 4th line. Steven Stamkos and Joe Thornton did and both became great players, however, they were 18 and didn’t have the option of being sent to the AHL. 

    Will the plan see Yakupov playing on the 4th line at ES and then getting PP time? That would allow him to see easier competition at ES, but also allow him to maintain some offensive confidence. I doubt he sits out more than one or two games, and when he returns I’ll be intrigued to see what "plan" Eakins has come up with for Yakupov.

  • I know it is only a few games, but Justin Schultz has been better the past three games. He is making better decisions with the puck, and more importantly he is making better defensive decisions. His positioning has been better and I haven’t seen him getting beat one-on-one. It is a small sample size, but he needs to continue his improvement during the 2nd half of the season. He’s only played 81 NHL games, so people need to recognize that it takes time for young, offensive D-men to get comfortable in the NHL, however, the Oilers desperately need Schultz to develop into a solid top-three D-man if they want to become a playoff contender in the near future.
  • Roman Horak will make his Oiler debut tomorrow night on a line with Gagner and Eberle. Todd Nelson told me he thinks Horak has potential to be a solid 3rd line centre, and potentially a 2nd line forward if he learns to use his speed regularly.
  • I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all the sponsors who donated packages during Month of Giving, and to all those who bid on packages. This year we raised an amazing $77,150 for the Christmas Bureau, Santas Anonymous, Operation Friendship Senior Society and MS Society during the Month of Giving on my radio show and promoting the packages on the Nation. That is awesome. Thanks again.


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    • Guy Lafleur

      Forget the crappy canned music get a organ and a guy like Frenchie on the trumpet the guy from the Montreal Forum ..if you watched games back then he set the mood ..tense , charge or just fun he was awesome .Go on youtube watch some of those old Habs games and listen for Frenchy during the breaks ..he got you going!!!

  • hallsyoilerforever5

    Can the DJ please get replaced and can they please change our goal song? Pitbull seriously? I get a buzzkill after hearing it, when the oilers score and the goal horn goes off.

  • Alsker

    I’m sure other people have mentioned Yak cannot go to OKC because of his age/games played. It was back to jr or NHL. If OKC is an option, then why in heck is he still here? It would help his game and get him away from this 6ring circus.

      • Alsker

        Excellent, then there shouldn’t be any question as to what the Oil should do. I’m sure coach Nelson and the AHL game speed would benefit Yak immensely. This season’s lost and Yak would probably play 1st line minutes and PP opportunities in OKC.

  • Jordan1126

    the music sucks yes…but it sucked 10 years ago as well..at least the oilers played competitively then. why change the music when the product sucks. maybe it was meant to mirror the on ice production. there is no use having more energetic music when you down 5-0 by the second period

  • I was at an NBA game last week and the difference was shocking. Hi-tempo music at every break (and they have ALOT of breaks in the NBA), smoking hot cheer squad (unbelievable!) and pretty much every non-game second is packed with entertainment to keep the crowd jacked.

    By comparison an Oilers game is like going to church.*

    *Not that I actually know what going to church is like

    • ubermiguel

      I was making exactly the same comparison on Saturday night when I was at the game. I was at a Raptors game that played great up-tempo hip-hop beats (they skip the lyrics), had great cheerleaders, and had the mascot entertaining people all game. Hire an ex-NBA choreographer and get some new tunes! Someone on ON suggested the players should pick their own celebration song for when they score (within reason); that would be a great start (if they could start scoring more). Or at least get some tunes from the last 20 years!

  • Micbilly99

    Are you seriously talking about the music again? That’s like talking about the stale popcorn or the flat beer! Who cares! The music is not the problem. If the Oiler management put a product on the ice that is worth watching you would not care what kind of music they played. Play chopsticks over the PA, I don’t care. The Oilers need to start with a better on ice product first once that is done, then you can complain about the playlist….until then put on headphones and listen to your Ipod!

  • Word to the Bird

    I like that jukebox idea, nothing wrong with that.

    I do agree that the music sucks. I believe the playlist should be what goes on in the warmups. (EDM, lots of bass bumping music that fires you up.) Also perhaps some upbeat rock, both classic and new.

  • Dirx

    Hey, you know that kid we took 1st overall And lead our team in goals last year? Lets demand he becomes a checking winger and bench him! He’s not good enough to play on this powerhouse team!

  • Duchess

    Yes that is what the Oilers need on their 3rd line is a small centre iceman like Roman Horak. That will solve their size problems. Once again the Oilers picked up a player they have tons of already.

  • Dirx

    The music is garbage, the cheerleaders are awful and the team is brutal. Seeing how the cheerleaders and team won’t be better anytime soon we may as well have some decent music to listen to while we drink our sorrows away at Rexall…

  • Dirx

    If this is the music they will play get rid of it entirely. Bring back a old fashioned organ player. It worked in slapshot. The inhouse entertainment has become very stale and boring. Cheerleaders at hockey games No Thanks. Now if they were like the old Chicago Honeybears then that might be a different story. The Oilers need to have a complete overhaul in the game experience department

  • Johnnydapunk

    It seems like its that middle ground crap that the Oil are trying and failing to do regarding music. I don’t know who the music is for specifically as that is a monster factor in deciding what should be played. If it’s for the players, just ask them to pick 3 songs they think would make them play better or “pump them up” and go with it. If it’s for the fans, you need to make sure you don’t alienate the “most easily offended” group. That group being old people, I don’t think they want blazing techno or hip hop ringing in their heads on their way home.

    Oil fans are a pretty wide demographic so things like music choice is not that easy if you are trying to not as much please, but not offend anyone as people nowadays seem to be quite sensitive.

    If I had the choice (which of course I don’t) I would love to hear songs sung by the fans, like chants and stuff. I live/lived in the UK for quite a while and go to see football matches when the time allows both in England and Mainland Europe and the chanting is incredible and adds so much to the atmosphere of the game. Even the funny/insulting ones are comedy to sing and hear. If a bit of that occurred here, I’m sure the atmosphere would be improved immensely.

    As for cheerleaders, I’ve never really understood that at a hockey game, they don’t make me cheer anymore or whatever, but again whatever floats your boat I guess.

  • Dirx

    People or the fans refer our oilers small, and yes that might be right but if our team is small but have some bite than we are okay! The problem is we are small and scared poopless with no bite, do you agree with me? Oh with the coach scratching yak the question is why? I rather have him on the ice rather than up in the press box.

  • Space Dad

    I’ve often wondered how fans in Montreal are able to create such a crazy atmosphere in the Bell Centre. Regardless of the strength or weakness of their team in any given year, that place rocks with intensity.

    By comparison, the atmosphere in Rexall is funeral. The 2006 Playoff Run proved that Oiler fans are among the loudest in the league… but since then that barn has been relatively silent.

    Yes, its up to the players to give us something to cheer for, but I wonder if the Oilers would show more pride and dignity in doing their thing, if we as their fans would hold them to it with our own pride and intensity.

  • Change the music? Change the music? Now THAT would be BOLD!!!
    Maybe we better re-hire Moog or Muni to study the situation before we just start changing out all the old albums for those new-fangled CD things.

    Those old songs were good enough in the 80’s so why should we change them now.I mean, it used to work, so why shouldn’t it work nowadays,let’s not start taking chances on changing things up.Right Klowe???

  • camdog

    Honest question here folks, if they can’t get something as simple as the music right at the games, how can we expect them to put together a Stanley Cup winning team?

  • crobar

    the music is brutal. the sky is blue. no kidding!! i mean “private eyes” in the room?? wtf?? gimme a break!! what kind of state does this put a player in? it shows the nature of guys on the team. let’s get a little judas priest united or something a little more ballzy in there. cmon already, it’s quite obvious that there is a pansy attitude in this room!! eakins has them eating veggies and dip, meanwhile, where is the testosterone? they need to get some george foreman grills in the lunch room me thinks……

  • SteelStewart

    HAHA this is great. I was at the Flyers game and said the EXACTLY SAME THING to my wife about the music, “embarrassing”. I was also at the game in Calgary the night before and Calgary’s playlist had some jump in it. I’m only 26 and was a DJ for the better part of my adult life. The music they play in the rink on saturday was out right embarrassing and weak. Play some heavy energizing electro-house remixes of some popular songs at least. Something with some kick and life to it! I would even prefer dub step and trap to nickle back and some old song from the 60’s.

  • crobar

    Hey here is an idea……..how about the DJ pick the music according to the play?

    Good fast paced play equals Van Halen and Ozzy……..bad play equals Kenny G and Rita MacNeil.

    This will fix everything…….and fitness of course!

  • Byks

    Yes, the music is awful, but even if it was good do we have to hear it at ear-splitting volume every second in which the play is not on? I like to talk to my pals and the other season ticket holders around me during the ice-cleaning breaks and between whistles and we have to scream at each other to be heard. Are the fans such zombies that they will doze off or get bored if they are not beaten with pounding moment every second? And by the way, Octane is an embarrassment as well.

    • Guy Lafleur

      Hey Dad! I told you that you’d like this forum.

      Remember you and your friends can chat about the “Old Country” after the game.

      During the game, you guys can just turn down the volume on those darn hearing aids when the music gets gets ear-splitting.

      These nice people are talking about increasing the experience at a hockey game, not catching up with your buddies on the sales price of beer at the lodge on Friday.

      Love ya Dad!

  • Byks

    From the start of warmup to the end of the game, the music at Rexall is awful.

    I wish this wasn’t a true story, but a few years back there was a pretty decent scrap, and what do you think the DJ played? “So What” by Pink. If I wasn’t there I wouldn’t have believed it.

  • SteelStewart

    With a few games with lack of effort or poor performance they should have played “I want my money back” by Meatloaf

    Just kidding but play list does need to improve.