So an overtime loss and the Oilers falling to 4-3-3 through 10 games has led to people calling for massive changes, hate lazers focused squarely on Ryan Whitney, the precious Nuge taking flack and even some pockets of Eberle hate does it?

*grinds teeth*


Whoa. Let’s all just take a moment here and take a look at the bigger picture. The already on the comeup version of the Oilers last year have added two super stars in Yakupov and J. Schultz. Hall, Eberle and the Nuge are looking awesome overall. The often hated Sam Gagner has an amazing 10 game point streak on the go and Ales Hemsky looks better than he has in years.

Sure the Oil aren’t firing on all cylinders yet but as someone who used spend hours trying to make lines in his mind with the garbage the Oil had lying about circa 2007-09 things aren’t nearly as bad as some Chicken Littles would have you believe.


Check out this twitter convo between a pair of legends from last night. Brownlee correctly points out that there is a torrent of hate coming from a segment of Oilers fans and compares 6 to ol’ Tom "No food for me – I’m allergic" Poti.

Now wild swings of emotion are what being an Oilers fan is all about. It is our God given right to lash out at player XYZ one minute and then shower him in over optimistic praise the next. Hell, that’s why Shawn Horcoff was invented in the first place.

But this quick into the lockout shortened season, suddenly fighting injuries on all fronts – this isn’t the time to start warming up the Get out of Edmonton Express. A slightly calmer approach with a longer view is in order.


Ask yourself a couple quick questions.

1. Are the Oilers better than last year?

Yes, yes they are. By a lot actually. This is arguably the best squadron the Oilers have iced since heavens knows when. Most teams in the league would gladly execute their entire lineups if it meant getting their hands on the 23 man Oilers roster.

2. Was Rome built in a day?

No. Most talking heads and those in the know were 50-50 on the Oilers making the playoffs this year. There is a lot of hockey left, and the Oil are showing flashes of brilliance so bright we watch most games now with a welding mask on to protect our eyes. They aren’t undefeated and haven’t played perfectly so far this season. Of course.

But turning on individual players already? Take a deep breath. And if you feel compelled to diss Jordan Eberle on the internets we suggest you immediately cut off all your fingers. Or we can do it for you.

We ain’t playin.

  • MattyFranchise

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about. They’re playing pretty good for only having one NHL level center currently on the ice. The only real problems I can see are defensive lapses, which every team is struggling with, thanks to no preseason and a lack of consistency. Which again isn’t surprising considering the core of the team is like 14 years old.

    I think they’ll finish out of the play offs this year but they won’t be eliminated until the last week of the season which obviously is a huge improvement.

    • Phixieus666

      Disagree, I don’t think Whitney is slow or can’t turn. He is just taking too long to make decisions and making wrong ones a lot. Maybe he does need to get in a good fight to break him out of a funk. Slip something in his coffee we need him to get mean and nasty and go raging.

      Why was Acrobello sent down??????????????

      We can’t possibly have two centers back. Let the kid play, unless there is a trade in the works. Tambo, you been playing catcher receiver with the Islanders??????

  • A-Mc

    Had i not the love for King Jordan, i may have screamed at him for missing a 3/4 open net last night.

    But, better heads prevailed. 1 missed shot butterflies into a hattrick in a game soon to come.

    *sits back and waits*