The Oilers losing 6-0 to Nashville on Friday night is not helping the powder keg of emotion that is the OilersNation right now. Twitter reads terribly with demands for everyone that collects a cheque from Kay-Z being immediately dismissed. The comments section here at the site stretches to infinity as people vent their rage and frustration with a team that looks to be writing off another year of NHL hockey.

Incredibly the only people not showing any rage or heart at this moment are the Oilers themselves – which has a lot to do with explaining why we are all in this mess in the first place.


Lost in all of this losing has been the play of the newest Oiler Mike Brown. Now sure there are some gaps in his game – particularly at 5 on 5 – but it has also been refreshing to see someone in an Oilers jersey finishing checks (say what!?) standing up for his team mates (how is this possible) and getting the jackhammer going in spectacular fashion (oh baby.)

Assuming the Oilers ever figure out a way to win (they will) and start playing with some emotion (perish the thought) Mike Brown could well end up being a fan favourite in E-town among fans who are currently displaying roughly 150x the heart of many of their beloved Oilers.

Good on you Mike Brown. Beat someone else down if you can find the chance tonight and give us all a good cheer will you?



The Oilers are set to see the return of Horcoff, Hartikainen and Hemsky tonight. If the object of professional hockey was to dress the greatest number of players whose names begin with the letter H the Oilers would be heavy favourites to win tonight’s match against the Hawks.

Sadly winning a hockey game has something to do with goal differentials at the end of 90 minutes of play or something. So the Oil will be forced to try and do that, instead of standing pat and letting the Hs speak for themselves. Chicago just ended an insane 24 game streak without a loss in regulation so you know they will be ready to play.

Per the Oilers twitter about 23 seconds before puck drop


GAME DAY PREDICTION: The Oilers love to mess with our heads and just when you count them out they usually play out of their minds and draw us back in. Tonight will be one of those nights and they will win 4-3 forcing approximately 140,000 Oilers fans on twitter to reevaluate their entire line of thinking.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Mike Brown will fight someone and we will be happy, shadow boxing along the entire bout from the squalor of Wanye Manor.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION:  Minutes into the game GM Steve Tambellini will burst into the Oilers section of the press box. "I have finished my assessment of the team" he will breathlessly announce to all within earshot. "I can now conclude with great certainty the Oilers made a horrible mistake hiring me to be in charge."

He will receive a standing ovation from the entire world.

  • vetinari

    Sure glad the lockout cured my desire for NHL hockey! (Self-talk is wonderful.)

    As long as Brown hangs a lickin’ on Carcillo, I’m happy. That’ll make the score irrelevant and I’d even dare to wear my Oilers golf shirt to work tomorrow.

  • Oilers Coffey

    Can we reboot this Oilers Nation?
    Positive energy, positive karma!
    Afterall we are most likely all older than the boys (kids) on the ice.
    I’d still rather be cheering for this group than the Yellow and Red puke down the road, or any other team!
    Lets GO OILERS !!¡!!!!!¡!!!!!¡

  • Oilers in a commanding loss 5-2 as the Hawks feel bad for them and let the gas off 10 minutes into the first period. Krueger looks over at the Hawks bench, simultaneously nods his head and rubs his nose in that secret way in grateful, relieved acknowledgement.

  • Time Travelling Sean

    Chicago, resigned and disappointed come out strong, but thank God we get a few bounces and are up 3-0 by the first.

    As we insipidly progress through the game, we wait for Chicago to pounce, as the Lion stares down the frozen lamb, but the lion never strikes and we win 3-0.

  • Spurzey

    4-3 Oil? Seriously? The Oil will get pumped (sorry) big time. And K-Tamb can’t wake up long enough to fix the problems. And I thought Kreuger was some motivational genius. Does not appear so. Season death for Seth. Who will make the pick?

    • Dave "Killer" Carlson

      “Sadly winning a hockey game has something to do with goal differentials at the end of 90 minutes of play or something.”

      So that’s why the Oilers keep losing! They’re being deprived of the final 30 minutes of play every night! Given their improbable record when trailing heading into the final 20 minutes of the game this year (I think it’s above .500), there would be a lot more W’s in the column if minutes 71-90 were actually played!

      Or maybe just a lot more GA’s and we should be thanking the powers that be…