Is a Ladislav Smid deal imminent?

The single biggest issue for the Oilers to resolve between now and the NHL trade deadline is the uncertainty of Ladislav Smid’s future with the club. On that note, those hoping to see the Czech rearguard signed to an extension got good news today.

Twitter Attack!

According to the Twitter, a contract extension may be imminent.

Good News?

A $4 million cap hit – the number Van Diest suggests – is less than ideal, but with a weak group of free agents on defence this summer it might be less than what Smid would get on the open market. Given the player’s repeatedly stated desire to stay in Edmonton, I wonder if the team might not be able to knock down the cap hit a little – perhaps by offering another year or by frontloading the deal a bit. Even if they can’t, Smid is the best left-side defenceman currently on the roster and is only replaceable via trade – something that’s likely to be a costly proposition.

In other words: in a perfect world, the dollars would be a little lower, but the critical thing is getting an important player under contract.

Plus, it means Oilers fans will continue to be treated to this once or twice a year:

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  • At less than 4 million the Oilers will get a steal of a deal. On the Open Market Smid would make at least as much or more. Someone his age with his experience is hard to get.

    The Oilers suffered long enough through his younger days just to let someone else reap the benefits. And if things change in the future a sub 4 Mill contract wont be difficult to move either.

  • Spydyr

    The 4 million dollars is not a big deal. Whitney’s salary will either dissappear next season or if he is still here will be greatly reduced. I see N Shultz’s 3.5 heading out the door either Wednesday or on draft day. Sooner rather than later would net the Oilers a better draft pick. Where is the room on defence? With Klefbom in the mix come next season we’ll see added pressure on Tambo to move someone. Peckham?RFA? Walk away? Whitney? UFA.Trade or sign for 2.25ish. Smid.4 million. Justin Shultz. 3.5ish? Petry.Its going to be tough to retain N Shultz moving forward.

    Crosby gone for a while. What do you do if your Ray Shero? Going to interesting.

  • Blocks every puck he can get in front of, tough as nails, solid in his own end, and most of the Canuck fans I know absolutely hate him.

    There are far worse things this team could spend $4 million a year on…

  • Alsker

    Still hope the cap-hit drops a bit but we need him here, 3.25-3.5 would help both our caproom going forward and the fans disapproval of another overpaynent, in our eyes anyways