There was a time this year when we thought our tickets to the games tonight and tomorrow were quite the saavy investment. "It will be right at the end of the year" we cackled to ourselves as we looked at the schedule "it’s going to be a circus."

Of course the Circus left town a good two weeks ago now and in its place the Misery Carnival has set up shop as it seems to do each and every year around this time.

Even though the Oilers have checked out of this season and are now just collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars of Kay-Z’s money every game to go through the motions, the fans are still selling out the building each and every night which is just mind blowing.


We are Oilers fans. We will always watch. This game and the next game and every other game until the end of time. And we will run into other top tier Oilers fans tonight too. Fans like the Dakin brothers Travis and Cory who will be at the completely meaningless game having hauled ass hundreds of miles to be in the stands today.

They are shelling out meaningful money to see an Oilers team that has a 93% likelihood of mailing it in. For their sake and the sake of everyone who will still be watching tonight regardless of what logic would suggest – let’s hope they don’t.


We popped over to CoppernBlue to see what they were projecting the lines to be tonight and we found the hilarious lineup above. Everyone’s nickname is pretty hilarious and the fact that Corey Potter doesn’t get one is for some reason even more funny to me for some reason. Well done fellas.

The lineup using Government names can be seen below. None of these are official lines at this point as the Oilers have not seen it fit to announce their lines on twitter yet today keeping us all hanging. The Nuge is out with shoulder surgery so we have left his roster spot empty. Impact on the lines is unknown at this point.


Hall – Gagner – Yakupov

Pajaarvi – Empty – Eberle

Horcoff – Lander – Jones

Smyth – Smithson – Brown


Smid – Petry

Schultz – Schultz

Fistric – Potter




GAME DAY PREDICTION: The Oilers and the Ducks will put on a decent display of the Ice Hockey tonight. The Ducks need a win having cooled off of late and the Oilers want to prove they are going to be better next year. Oilers will win 4-2

Coach Kruger stated that "The things we want to take out of this season and into next year should be visible in this week’s games." We shall see Sir. We shall see.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Jordan Eberle is going to score and we will throw our favourite "I love beer" boxers onto the Ice and immediately regret it. Those are awesome boxers.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: One of the Dakin Brothers in attendance will stand up midway through the period and try and take matters into his own hands, climbing up into the netting above the glass and refusing to come down until the Oilers promise they will make the playoffs next year. Arena security will side with the Dakins as will the Police in attendance, who wait until a 10 minute ovation has passed before luring him down with 2 1/2 free Rexall Beers valued at over $109,000.


Heal up quick lil buddy. We all love you so much and need you back in tip top form next season.

  • Travis Dakin

    Love that kid RNH…………all class all the time. He is probably the only guy besides Hall that a coach never has to motivate……pure gold!

    I hope he gains 20 lbs and becomes the best centre in Oilers modern history, excluding the great one of course.

  • Lowetide

    Rough estimate of GDB’s this season being predicted with an oilers win is about what, 38/44 so far?

    My goodness. ~We should be battling Chicago for the presidents trophy with that amount of wins~

    With 89 and “empty” centering our top 6 tonight, we are toast. I hope for a win however, the “lets keep losing for a better draft pick” mentality has gone on too long and needs to stop.

  • Oilers will come up big and win 3-2.What was Tambo thinking “not” getting RNH to the surgeon a month ago? A number 1 center with a bum shoulder was not going to carry them far. Can’t believe the mistakes that the man continues to leave for MacT to clean up. Go Oilers and win or lose were always there.

    • Alsker

      You are dreaming if V.P. MacT did not know about the RNH injury. And if he really didn’t he should have been fired for having his head up his backside.

      This is belongs to all the lunkheads in head ofice.

      • OilersBrass

        A good reply. Who ultimately has the responsibility to make the call on this kind of thing? Tambo? MacT? or Klowe? My thought Lumley is that the decisions that were made at the trade deadline included the knowledge that RNH needed shoulder surgery. Your number 1 center has a bum shoulder and you think that you have a shot at making the playoffs? So they keep Whitney, Hemsky, Jones and whoever knowing this? It appears that the process of evaluating the teams ability to compete was/is broken. Without knowing who had the final decision it makes it hard to say who is responsible. In short Where does the buck stop?

        • Alsker

          That depends,if you’re praising the orgamization them look to has the most rings in any organization(as we were told) now if you’re talking blame well lets see, Klowe has 6 rings MacT 4 and Howson 0, ok its all Howsons fault. I knew there was a true reason for his rehiring.

    • Hall/Gagner/Eberle could be money if they were given more than 30 minutes to work together. Then you could go with (New guy TBA)/RNH/Yak for your second line. (or really, 1A). PRV/Lander/Harti for your third is pretty damn solid, then dregs fill out the rest.

      But then there’s the D. That damn D. *SIIIIGH*