Back in the olden days, hockey had Philadelphia’s "Broad Street Bullies" and the "Big, Bad Bruins" from Boston. Those days are gone, but the Edmonton Oilers clearly have plans to add some size and ruggedness to their lineup. Recent acquistion Kale Kessy and the signing of Travis Ewanyk are going to give the OKC Barons a different look next season. And what happens in Oklahoma eventuallly makes its way to Edmonton.

With the signing of Kale Kessy, Edmonton’s 50 man list for 2013-14 is now at 31. Fully half of the contracts are of the NHL variety, but the ones destined for OKC give next year’s team a different look. One thing we can say with confidence: the Barons are going to be hammering people this fall.

As it stands now–without the additions of rfa’s and the subtraction of trades and buyouts–the Barons 2013-14 roster should feature the following:

  • G: Olivier Roy, Tyler Bunz
  • D: Martin Marincin, Brandon Davidson, Oscar Klefbom, David Musil
  • C: Anton Lander, Ryan Martindale, Travis Ewanyk
  • L: Toni Rajala, Kristians Pelss, Curtis Hamilton, Kale Kessy
  • R: Tyler Pitlick, Cameron Abney

The three forwards who can impact the game as enforcers, agitators or just hit people (Abney, Kessy and Ewanyk) are joined by a pretty tough customer in Kristians Pelss. That’s a lot of added truculence for coach Todd Nelson next year. Tyler Pitlick can also run over people.

On the blue, David Musil and Brandson Davidson won’t back down and there’s plenty of beef and lumber on the rfa list: 

  • G: Niko Hovinen
  • D: Colten Teubert, Taylor Fedun, Alex Plante
  • C: Mark Arcobello
  • L: Phil Cornet
  • R: Antti Tyrvainen

I’m not certain the Oilers bring back Teubert and Plante, but both of them are capable of playing a physical style.

There are several drafted players who could turn pro, among them a couple of tough guys:

  • D Martin Gernat–My understanding is that the Oilers have to sign him or he re-enters the draft.
  • D Kyle Bigos–He has finished his senior year, Edmonton has to make a decision on him. 6.05, 230
  • F Kellen Jones–He has one year left and may stay in.
  • G Frans Tuohimaa–He had a pretty good season, .912SP in 12 SML games.
  • G Samu Perhonen–Has fallen off the pace, Oilers hunch did not pay off based on this year’s results.
  • F John McCarron–Big body and Oilers are adding from that aisle, has 2 years left but could come out early. 
  • D Joey Laleggia–Has 2 more years as well of NCAA options, would seem likely he’ll stay in college.
  • D Erik Gustafsson–Took a big step forward in the Allsvenskan this season, could come over.

Of course, Mitchell Moroz is also in the pipeline and the Oilers will no doubt be looking for trades, free agents and draft eligibles to increase the number of men of this player-type in the system.


Call them enforcers, agitators, fighters, coke machines, mountain men, or monsters. Whatever you want to call them, they’re on the way. In the last few weeks, Steve Tambellini has added Mike Brown to the big league roster and Kale Kessy to the prospect base.

How many of these kids can score enough to stay in the lineup and avoid costly, career limiting penalties? That’s why they play the games, to find the answer.

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    Thanks Lowetide, your article on the futures of this team are some of the most enjoyable on the site.

    Oilers hopefully see the errors of their ways with Hovinen and don’t re-sign him. Gernat needs to be signed soon.

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    Oilers need someone

    who’s willing to throw the fists

    other than Mike Brown*

    EDIT: I meant “in addition to” but couldn’t fit it into the 5-7-5 format.
    * I LIKE the job Brown does 🙂