The fate of the Phoenix Coyotes could be decided within the next two weeks. NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly mentioned yesterday that it is possible that Phoenix could relocate. "It certainly means that it’s possible that the team won’t play there next year. We’re in the short strokes in Phoenix now," said Daly.

The Coyotes saga has gone on way too long, but yesterday Daly and Gary Bettman spoke openly about relocation, something they’ve been loathe to do. Many feel Seattle would be the obvious destination, but what if Seattle or Quebec aren’t viable, could we see a dispersal draft?

It is unlikely, but if it happens some teams would get some pretty good players.

If they had a dispersal draft, they would most likely do a reverse draft based on last year’s standings, so Florida would get the first pick. For fun here is what I think the first round would look like.

1. Florida: OIiver Ekman-Larsson. His new six-year, $27.5 million deal starts next season. He’d be a huge boost to the Panthers backend.

2. Colorado: Keith Yandle. The Avs need help on their blueline. Yandle has three years left at $5.25 million. He, along with Seth Jones, could quickly change the outlook for the Avalanche.

3. Tampa Bay: They need help on the blueline, and would want to trade down, but that makes a mock draft way too hard to predict, so I’ll say they keep their pick and take Zbynek Michalek.

4. Nashville: The desperately need offence and take Shane Doan. He’s got a farm/cowboy background so he’ll love NashVegas.

5. Carolina: They like Hanzal, but need help on their blueline and take Brandon Gormley (13th pick in 2010 draft), and hope they can develop him.

6. Calgary: The Flames gladly snatch up Martin Hanzal, and Jay Feaster immediately claims the Flames will make the playoffs.

7. Edmonton: The Oilers debate over Mike Smith, but since he’s a UFA they take Henrik Samuelsson instead. Some will quesiton the pick because he’s not in the NHL, and he plays for the Oil Kings, but he’s the exact type of forward they need in the organization.

8. Buffalo: The Sabres take Mike Smith and within hours of making the pick, they annonce they’ve traded Ryan Miller.

9. New Jersey: The Devils need more offence and they grab Radim Vrbata. He puts up some solid PP numbers in NJ.

10. Dallas: Jim Nill loves veterans and chooses centre Antoine Vermette.

11. Philadelphia: The Flyers try desperately to make a trade, just because they like to make a lot of trades, but they don’t find a partner and since they can’t afford any big salary they choose Connor Murphy (20th pick, 2011 draft).

12. Winnipeg: Initially the Jets asked for a special exemption to pick first since Phoenix stole their team two decades ago, but Bettman said no. The Jets need offence and take RFA forward Mikkel Boedker, and they sign him for six million over three years.

13. Columbus: The Jackets want young offence, and they go off the board and select Chris Brown (36th pick, 2009 draft). Brown had 29 goals and 47 points in his first AHL campaign in 2012/2013 and the Jackets believe he can help them.

14. Islanders: They lost Mark Streit so they grab David Schlemko. The Edmonton resident won’t replace Streit’s offence but they feel he can be a regular.

15. Minnesota: The Wild take Derek Morris. They want depth on their backend.

16. Ottawa: They want to upgrade their 4th line and take UFA Boyd Gordon, and sign him to a two-year deal.

17. Detroit: The Wings grab David Rundblad (17th pick, 2009). They are confident they can turn him into a solid NHL D-man.

18. Rangers: Slats loves wildcards so they take Rostislav Klesla.

19. San Jose: The Sharks take Michael Stone, and many wonder why the Rangers didn’t take him instead.

20. Washington: They choose David Moss.

21. Toronto: The Leafs take goalie Mark Visentin. The Leafs haven’t drafted a goalie in the first four rounds, since they took James Reimer (4th round, 99th overall) in 2006.

22. Vancouver: They choose veteran Kyle Chipchura. They need more centre depth.

23. Los Angeles: They take goalie Chad Johnson. They want depth in the organization and they plan to trade Jonathon Bernier.

24. St.Louis: They want to engage with their fans more so they choose Paul Bissonnette.

25. Boston: They select Lauri Korpikoski. Claude Julien likes to roll four lines and likes Korpikoski’s speed.

26. Montreal: They grab journeyman Andre Bolduc.

27. Anaheim: Takes Rob Klinkhammer. They like his name and he’s cost effective at $600,000 for the next two years.

28. Pittsburgh: The Penguins take Jordan Martinook (58th pick, 2012). He’s already played one year in the AHL and they hope he can be a call up next season.

29. Chicago: They grab Lucas Lessio (56th pick, 2011 draft) and he becomes a solid performer within two seasons.

I know it is unlikely that the NHL would have a dispersal draft, but considering we will see compliance buyouts this summer and a reduced salary cap next season, a dispersal draft would just add to the intrigue.


  • What an excellent game one for the Cup final. If Nathan Horton is out, I don’t see the Bruins being able to bounce back. The Hawks won and none of their gunners, only Hossa had one point, really made an impression.
  • Does any player get less respect than Corey Crawford? He’s been very solid in the playoffs, yet few seem to think he’s capable of winning the Cup.
  • I sense that Hockey Canada influenced the CHL into banning European goalies. It looks like a knee jerk reaction. Banning Euro goalies won’t make the US/CDN kids who replace them better. The Canadian goalie class coming out in this year’s draft looks strong. You can expect that four of the first five goalies chosen will be Canadian.
  • Is the CHL going to ban all European players next?


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We have decided on these four finalists. You can vote on our Nation Poll page we will announce the winner on Monday.

Enjoy, they are all very different in their approach to Prancercize.






  • The Soup Fascist

    Can we draft the Coyote Ice Girl at the top of your article over Samuelsson and Vermette? The Oilers would still stink, but the fans would not care as much … well at least the male fans wouldn’t.

    But seriously folks …..I think you are typically better off taking youth with upside than a useful veteran. A number of reasons, not the least of which is years of RFA and ELC that remain.

    It isn’t just best player in a cap world, it is who will help you the longest at the most efficient price. Agree virtually every team would make OEL their first choice.

  • geoilersgist

    In terms of teams picking for NHL now players, I can see JW’s opinion to go for Vermette over JG’s opinion on Samuelsson…

    But the clincher to this is that the Oilers are still growing with the youngsters as the primary core and Samuelsson would be an excellent 3rd line winger now for the team and the long term future than Vermette.

    H.S is exactly what Harikainene ain’t been lately…a crash and bang tough gritty in your face winger who can put up decent pts.

    He would surely compliment MPS and who may be the next 3rd line centre on the Oilers big time…or even…maybe move up to be with Yakupov and gagner/or the next 2nd line centre.

    Vermette is good but I rather would take JG’s side and go for Samulesson here and now.

  • DoubleJ

    Maybe not a simple solution to contraction as opposed to relocation, but how about a bid system for picks.

    Teams all bid a $ amount per pick. Top bid gets top pick. Multiple bids count (eg. When Holmgren pays 3 bids of $1m, and each bid comes in the top 20, he gets 3 picks in the monetary order in which they fall)

    With todays free-spending GM’s, the league could make back millions. Or for that matter, have teams pay transfer fees plus absorb the contracts. Atleast then you could prevent the idiots from hamstringing themselves with contracts they can’t afford.

  • smiliegirl15

    If there were an odd number of teams and less in the west, does that mean Detroit comes back?

    The Farm Animals is totally awesome. It made me laugh out loud. I loved how it “caught” on and everyone wanted to do it!

    Sally O’Malley would have been more awesome had there been more of it!

  • Also, I would love the NHL to have a dispersal draft and fold the franchise and then let any new team come in after as an “Expansion” then have an expansion draft.

    The rest of the NHL has been paying for these players out of their pockets because Phoenix cant support NHL hockey. The rest of the league should get a crack at their best picks and players when they die off.

  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

    Taking Ekman-Larsson first overall over the ice girls, JG? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!

    At least to the Oilers. Just imagine: “Edmonton Oilers are proud to select… *pause*… the Ice Girls!” *everyone who’s awesome stands up and cheers, spilling their beer, as the entire team of ice girls makes their way to the podium to put on see through Oilers jerseys*

    I wonder if you could literally hear Knoxville’s (Oil City) go out business immediately as the announcement is made? Hallsy would no longer have to even leave RX2 to put his mark on this city on and off the ice.

  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

    Are you kidding? Is Shane some kind of a hilarious rocket scientist with all that attention to detail?

    The New Farm Animals by an oil country mile! Awesome job! Down to the very… *cut scene*

  • T__Bone88

    It would be neat if the NHL did decide to do a disperal draft and allow teams to trade picks like a normal entry draft. I wonder though with the Coyotes in the situation they are in now might rid of a few contracts for lower priced players, so maybe a Vermette is traded for say Oilers 2nd rounder from Anaheim + prospect to free up salary. With Pittsburgh signing Malkin now and the team having 33 million in cap invested in 5 players next year, If i was MacT I would be making a bold move to acquire Letang.

  • DoubleJ

    Good read JG and an strong new league issue to definitely now piock up steam…

    If this then does happen by June 30th, I think there will be a lottery for all teams from 1 to 30. That being said I can also see that the bottom league teams would be choosing first second and so forth..

    Wow…two drafts in the dame week eh..

    Anyways, I think that Seattle and Quebec will now place huge offers for the Coyotes immediately and behind the scenes for now. I can see Seattle getting in first then Quebce second on the basis of a secret expansion promise.

    Now, I would definitely pick up one of three for the Oilers if available….in order…Yandle, Henrik Samuelsson, or Boyd Gordon. The Oilers go to get Mike Smith as a UFA deal or Khudobin from the Bruins.

  • Toro

    I think we take a chance on Mike Smith , nobody outta the top 5 really interest me to be honest so might as well take a chance on getting that other goalie to push Dubnyk for that number one spot.

    • Tikkanese

      Smith wouldn’t push Duby, he would be the #1 no question. Smith is in the mix for Canada @ Olympics right now, Duby is nowhere near that unfortunately. The “UFA” part is the only reason Smith would drop down that far in a dispersal draft.

      • 2004Z06

        Exactly. Smith is not coming here to be a backup. People need to give there heads a shake. If the oilers were to get Smith, he will be starting and Duby will be gone.

  • Samuelsson over Vermette is a difficult choice – one might be an NHL’er for the next decade, the other is bound to be a top-nine NHL’er for the next four seasons.

    I’d have to think more about it but I’d lean toward Vermette in the Oilers’ shoes.

    • Jason Gregor

      Do you think Vermette is better than Gagner? I looked at it that way, and I don’t think he is, so went with type of guy they need. I agree it is riskier, but based on what Oilers have done recently I thought that strategy was more realistic to what they might do…ha

        • Totally agree. We might have difficulty signing a player like him into our 3rd line role, but I think this way would work out. Having a guy like him on the 3rd line gives flexibility to move up the line up if needed.

          Also, I wouldn’t take Mike Smith, for those that said it (and I actually would like him here)… only because he’s turning UFA, so he would potentially be lost (unless he signed first of course, for a good deal, then I’d be game). Vermette would be my first choice though, assuming the guys in the top six are gone.

          I also really like Samuelsson, but I’d take Vermette over him just because he can address a need in a big way.

          That all said, as fun as this is, it won’t happen.

      • DoubleJ

        I would hope gormley falls to us but if he didn’t, absolutely agree with Samuelson over vermette. It’s not like we are giving anything up, so I go with the higher risk and high reward. I think Samuelson is likely an nhler anyway. Hate to guarantee anything in regards to prospects, but I suspect he is at worst a third liner.