Whether you deem it the bold move GM Craig MacTavish talked about, the Edmonton Oilers today made their most substantial move of this off-season, acquiring left winger David Perron from the St. Louis Blues for Magnus Paajarvi and a draft pick.

The Oilers get Perron, 25, who has 198 points in 340 NHL games with the Blues, including 10-15-25 in 48 games this season. In exchange, St. Louis gets Paajarvi, who was selected 10th overall by the Oilers in 2009, and a second-round draft pick.

Perron, six feet and 200 pounds, has three years remaining on a contract that pays him $3.5 million next season and carries a cap hit of $3,812.500 for the balance of the term.

More to come.


News release: "General Manager Craig MacTavish announced today the Edmonton Oilers have acquired left wing David Perron from the St. Louis Blues in exchange for left wing Magnus Paajarvi and a 2nd round selection in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft.

"Perron, 25, has spent the past six seasons with the St. Louis Blues organization, registering 198 points (84G, 114A) and 232 penalty minutes in 340 games with the Blues.

"In 2012-13, the 6’0", 205-pound, forward recorded 25 points (10G, 15A) and 44 penalty minutes in 48 games with St. Louis. He added two assists in six playoff games.

"The native of Sherbrooke, Quebec played junior hockey in the QMJHL with the Lewiston MAINEiacs for one season, registering 83 points (39G, 44A) in 70 games leading all rookies in the league that season in goals.

"Perron was originally selected by St. Louis in the 1st round, 26th overall in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft."

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  • Mike Modano's Dog

    Wow…what a waste of trade bullets.

    How many other picks are available and young roster players to acquire a big power forward who can keep our young guys safe on our top lines?

    Add David Perron to the list of players who will need to be protected now – one with concussion issues at that. On the plus side, however, MacT just told us he feels David Perron has a great skill level. ~Just what we needed (again).~

    I only hope the Oilers managed to clone MPS and that 2nd round pick so maybe we can get that top pairing d-man (along with other assets from us) and that power forward we so badly needed.

    Oh well – we still have Taylor Hall, Ebs, Yak and Schultz the younger to trade away to get those needs addressed.

    No problem…

  • Actually Oilers press release has him at 6’0 205lbs, has him at 5’11 196lbs, yahoo sports has him at 6’0 180lbs.

    I wonder where the truth actually is. If Oilers acquire a forward with someone with a height not including 6.xx feet, the uneducated fanbase would be up in arms.

    Since MacT says he wants to increase size of team, probably no surprise the press release is probably biased to overstate Perron’s size.

  • striatic

    the Oilers are a better team than they were this morning.

    Perron puts up second line points and has excellent possession stats.

    he’s got three years left on decent 3.8m cap hit contract.

    STL may have won this trade in the long term, maybe, but for next season Edmonton will be a better team.

  • reaperfunkss

    I don’t like this one on it’s own. Let’s hope it’s part 1 of something more. I’d rather have kept MPS and sent next year’s 1st along with a prospect

      • Mike Modano's Dog

        Haha…this IS hilarious.

        Just an hour or two ago that very site had him listed at 5’11” 196 (or 193) pounds.

        Wow, the Oilers must have made sure this change was made (St. Louis or the NHL didn’t care before). He just gained an inch and 10 pounds in an hour.

        Why the difference? Exactly the reason as we are writing this. Imagine the Oilers sending out a press release saying they got a player officially ‘listed’ at 5’11” and 193 lbs. – meaning maybe even smaller than that, we all know.

        The fan base wouldn’t be happy with us getting smaller AND giving up a 2nd round pick. Instead they muddy the waters by putting out that he is over that mark.

        • toprightcorner

          Haha okay that is hilarious, the Oilers work fast. I saw the same 5’11 listing too lol. I do think the guy is 200+ though, seems like a bigger guy whenever I see him on the ice.

          • Oilers4ever

            Different sites have had him listed at different weights… the site has him at 6’0 and 205 pounds… Yer a moron if you think any NHL team can change the numbers there. Stop drinking so much of the koolaid…

            This gives the Oil the 2nd line winger they need. In my mind MPS has had three seasons to show that he can play like a 6’3 220lb guy, and hasn’t done it. Perron plays like that kinda player without the size. Don’t get me wrong, MPS could turn into a dynamite player and I hope he does well in St. Louis, but he didn’t do enough here. And don’t feed me crap about not getting enough chances. Just because you don’t play on the top two lines doesn’t mean you can’t bang and crash on the 3rd line, and he never did that. Not sure how much of that he did in OKC, but his first year here, the small part of his 2nd year and last year’s shortened season did nothing to prove to me he can play that banging power forward winger style of game that the Oil need. And if Perron doesn’t fit the bill then we have three years to find someone else.

            Pure hockey trade. About damn time. The 2nd rounder is nothing… whats the percentage of them that turn out? 15% or something. Good deal for both teams. The Oilers D will be fine this year as well.

          • Mike Modano's Dog

            Fact: website had Perron listed at 5’11” and 190-something after the deal was made.

            Fact: Now he is listed an inch taller and at 5% heavier than earlier today on the website.

            Unless you’re saying he was re-measured just today after a sudden growth spurt and had joined Penner at the buffet table beforehand, it is probably not a legitimate change.

            You were mentioning something about the other person being a moron? He was right, so I’d be a little more hesitant to call someone else an idiot when you were the one who was actually wrong here. He was stating a fact, as several people who saw this, including myself, can attest to.

            Now about drinking the kool-aid…he wasn’t blindly making statements about his team that weren’t true, that was you.

      • Supernova

        this is a funny back and forth.

        one of things that makes me laugh in hockey, is size talk.

        sometimes a player is 6’0 and described as small, the next day someone is 6’1 and described as big.

        sounds like that inch is a major difference.

        I am 5’11 but when I played people would tell me off the ice, that they always thought i was like 6’2.

        when your in that 5’11 to 6’1 one range it is all very relative, you can play big or play small.

        it sounds like Perron plays big for his size.

        Where as the knock on Paarjarvi is he plays small for his size.