Earlier today, the St. Louis Blues signed forward Derek Roy to a 1-year, $4M contract. The deal–and the rfa’s still on the Blues list of ‘things to do’ might mean a solid scoring winger shakes loose from the very deep St. Louis depth chart.

The Blues as we speak have have about 8M to sign the following rfa’s:

  • R Chris Stewart, their leading scorer and a coveted PF
  • D Alex Pietrangelo, a franchise type defender coming into his own

This is going to be close, and I think there might be a chance for a club (oh, say the Oilers) to jump in and help St. Louis while also improving their own lot. As we’ve discussed for ages, and MacT has mentioned many times, the Oilers need a complementary player to go with the fab five (Hall, Nuge, Yak City, Ebs, Gagner). The internal candidates are:

  • Magnus Paajarvi, a solid young player but thought to be shy offensively.
  • Ryan Jones, recently signed and possessing offensive ability
  • Jesse Joensu, newly signed big man who has a nice range of skills but lacks NHL success
  • Ales Hemsky, thought to be headed out of town but only if a replacement can be found.


About a week ago, leading up to the draft, there were reports of Perron’s possibly being available:

  • Jeff Gordon, St. Louis Post-Disptach: The Blues also engaged in some preliminary trade chatter as other teams checked in on goaltender Jaroslav Halak and winger David Perron.

Those rumblings appear to have re-started and with the signing of Roy this could be closer now. The Fourth Period repeated the Perron rumor as the weekend started and things could heat up at any time.

Perron is a very skilled forward who can play at a very high level. In 340 NHL games, he’s scored 84-114-198, which works out to 20-28-48 per 82 games. Here is the Hockey News description of the player:

As you can see, there’s some health issues–Perron has had concussion problems and he spent some time in Ken Hitchcock’s doghouse last season. Still, there’s a talent player here.


So far this summer, General Managers have had a terrible time making trades. However, the window of opportunity may be opening for Craig MacTavish. The St. Louis Blues may be willing to deal one of their skill forwards for a less expensive forward or a package of prospects. And this should take place in other NHL cities as teams near roster completion and find themselves up against the cap.

David Perron could have a new NHL address in the coming days, and other names may emerge. Edmonton has the trade assets, the cap room and the desire to make a bold move. 

Stay tuned!

  • Supernova

    Closer to bold:

    Hemsky, NSchultz, Potter and next year’s first pick to Phoenix


    Vermette and Yandle.

    Phoenix is actually in cap difficulty, with only $9MM for 6 players. Salaries in this deal are a saw-off, but Phoenix gets an extra D-man and are only locking in to all of these guys for 1 year, while we take Yandle’s remaining 3 years and Vermette’s 2, so the Yotes also get flexibility. Ribeiro also gets some high-end offensive talent to play with as well.

    I’ve said it before but there are the seeds of a deal here…

    • toprightcorner

      I like the target but probably have to sweeten the pot, which I would do. Paajarvi instead of Potter since Hemsky doesn’t have a lot of value. Heck Throw in Potter too if they want him.

      Vermette could be 2C and move Gagner to the wing or for size, trade Gagner for Stewart straight up and we would be cookin with peanut oil!!

    • toprightcorner

      Not a chance, you are dreaming and way overvaluing our players and not filling anything with trade partners.

      STL won’t save cap space and gets an inferior player and a failed prospect. Ridiculous offer

      PHI wants to upgrade defence not down grade, Colburn way better than Petry and you really think Maracin would get you B.Schenn? Delusional!

      At least make reasonable trade suggestions, you probably think Omark could get you a 2C too?

      • a lg dubl dubl

        so, who would you trade to get those 3 players then?

        Stewart is probably looking for close if not a smidge more than what Hemsky makes right now, and a longer term too than the 1 yr on Hemmers contract.

        Petry from all accounts is trending up, yes he had a sub par year but who didn’t in the shorter season, plus Petry makes way less than Coburn, that said Petry is a UFA after this season if Im not mistaken, but IMO I don’t think he’ll command the 4.5 Coburn makes for the next 3 years.

        Give your head a shake man we all know Omark could get you Malkin…. 😉

  • gr8one

    Just spitballing here…if what BobMac says is true about Schenn/Couturier

    I love Justin Schultz but until this Eureka moment I’ve never even considered trading him buuuut, if Philly wants a young D with his upside so badly how about offering up something like Nultz and Jultz for Couturier/Schenn and Coburn? Sign Grabovski to replace Gagner at 2C to buy a little development time for Couturier/Schenn and suddenly we look amazing down the middle.

    Gagner could then be shipped out in a package for a legit top pairing D.

    Hall Nuge Eberle
    YTD Grabo Yak
    PRV Couturier YTD
    Smyth Gordon Jones

    Coburn YTD
    Smid Petry
    Ference Belov


      • gr8one

        No, but I don’t think it gets done with Petry, next years first defeats the purpose of the deal for Philly, they want a high end D man that has offense. Even with Jultz in it I suspect we’d have to sweeten the deal a bit more for philly to bite.

        The reason I do it is because I think we could use Gagner+ in a separate deal for a first pairing D.

        Mostly just thinking out loud though, it’s all so far fetched.

    • I would do that. I do think Schultz will be a very good d-man, but you have to put the team first, and I think if the Oilers get Schenn+Coburn, this is a much better team than with the Schultzy twins.

      Now would Philly do it…?

      • Supernova

        The optics of trading Justin Schultz this soon after he choose Edmonton over everyone else would be horrible. Edmonton can not afford to do that. He is untradeable for a while, unless he requests. Then he has the bad optics because he would spurn two organizations in a short time. In my mind he has effectively got a no trade clause. Not sure how long but at least until he has a new deal.

        Also what has Schenn proven, we don’t know he is even better than Gagner or even as good. Why not sign Gagner and Grabovski without waiting for another few years for one of Schenn or courterier to develop

        • Starting with the optics… this isn’t setting a precedent here. But that said, Justin Schultz was mentioned by gr8one because we really need to give to get. If Petry got the deal done, I’d sub him in. If Klefbom could, I’d pick him. But I don’t think that’s the case. I would start with Klefbom+Nick Schultz, and if that did it, great… if not.. work to J.Schultz + N.Schultz.

          The question about what Schenn has proven could also apply to Justin Schultz, although my gut does say that he’ll be a very good offensive d-man. Not sure how good just yet. Same goes for Schenn, it’s a gut thing, with a lot of it based on his high compete level (Eberle-like, in that regard).

          I think Brayden Schenn has shown in junior that he brings a lot more to the table than just offense (And last year, his offense was pretty good for a 2nd year player). He’s also a two-way centre. I think he’d bring what we need.

          I think gr8one is just being realistic as to what it would take to land both Coburn and Schenn (my preference over Couturier, to be honest). It’s a deal all about making either team better. Both give up a lot, IMHO, but both should improve by the deal.

          The biggest downside to moving “Jultz” for me is that it creates a hole at RHD… might be hard to fill that.

          • Supernova

            I understand what gr8one was getting at, but I don’t think that is what the oilers need. They don’t need young developing Centers, unless they draft them themselves. If they are going to pay a premium for someone it needs to be someone in their prime.

            Oilers are already a non attractive market, by trading their most significant would be suicidal to their reputation.

            Oilers might be able to become a attractive market once they have made the playoffs and still have higher to go. Some teams don’t buy out players because they realize what it would look like to other players. Pittsburgh didn’t buy out Fleury this year primarily for this reason, they also supported Martin when he had a rough year last year, and he was probably their most consistent all around defenceman this year.

            Oilers have no choice but to establish their off ice reputation as anything but first class, becoming the Detroits or Pittsburghs.

            As much as Philly is an attractive trading partner, unless we are taking salary from them and giving prospects it isn’t going to happen. I would love to get Hartnell, Simmonds and Coburn, but don’t know if we have the right assets to get them. ( I am not meaning all of them).

            Heck I think Philly would deal kimmo timmenom (*sp) to someone on the right type of trade, anything is possible with them.

        • Quicksilver ballet

          Now you’re talking. A dp and Klefbom, or Fedun and Marincin might be just rough enough around the edges to get that pucker Holmgrens attention.

  • Metal&Oil

    Offer sheet Petriangelo , and then Chris Stewart.
    They will match Petriangelo but a $7 million for 8 years, isn’t that far out.
    After the match Petriangelo they might not be inclined to match on Stewart.
    If they match both, trade assets for Berglund or Oshie.

    Highly unlikely to happen, but would be a good plan.

    More likely is approach them with a feasible trade, if talks are going well tell them of this intention and it will force their hand on some move

    • You can’t just throw out multiple offer sheets.. you need the picks for both. Any offer sheets involved there would include the 2014 1st round pick.

      And really, since DSF just rained on our parade, it seems that Pietrangelo isn’t interested in offer sheets anyways.

      I would definitely trade for Stewart though. But I think if that happens, it would create a jam on RW… I’m not confident any of our RW could play the left side… might have to move one.. perhaps Eberle in a different deal for big C or D

      • MKE

        I was meaning one right after the other, when the 1st is matched.

        They would likely match Petriangelo almost immediately.

        Players say that all the time, but money talks. Especially if the team that holds his rights are not in the ballpark.

        In my opinion Petriangelo is one of the few defenceman that is worth either 4 1sts of $7 to 8 million a year, for 8 years.

        There is maybe 10 D man worth that.

  • toprightcorner

    I’ve wanted Perron here ever since the year we missed drafting him – even more so than Gagner . But Gagner was still a good pick , but missing two picks later on Perron I was not impressed. Great if we get him , but not really a bold move .

    Bold attempt at a bold move : 5Ft.6inch Gerbe let go by Buffalo – can he be the next 5 ft.6inch T.Fleury ? Worth a look ?

  • I couldn’t imagine the cost to acquire either of Couturier or Schenn when we don’t really have any good D that should be available. They are risky pick ups, especially Couturier, but I would definitely go for either though.

  • gr8one

    Perron doesn’t really seem to be a match, he’s not a C, nor is he a big winger.

    Now if it were Berglund that would be a huge hell yes, and Stewart would be great too, depending on price.

    Better yet, offer sheet the hell out of Pietrangelo.

    • Beat me to it… the Perron stuff.

      And you already know the raging one I have for Pietrangelo, so I’d be all for that! Even though Armstrong said they’d match any offer. I’d test that they’re really willing… to have a hope though, it will cost two first rounders, a 2nd and a 3rd rounder. Pricey. But Pietrangelo is the perfect D piece.

      Maybe MacT can talk trade first and see if that goes anywhere.

  • Perron 5v5 pts/60 last year = 1.58

    Pajaarvi 5v5 pts/60 last year = 1.54

    Perron did it against tougher comp, but also had better line mates.

    Concussion history and 3 years left on his deal.


  • The Real Scuba Steve

    I think the dog in your caption represents the Oilers. Trying do the same thing over and over and expecting different results. 2nd line Center is what the Oilers need.

  • oliveoilers

    Oilers are too weak up the middle, they are a lottery pick team for next season. Perron would be nice however Edmonton has enough skill in their top 6. What they are missing is a 2 way center. I’d rather take 1 step back and 2 steps forward. I’d be looking at Sean Couturier or Scott Laughton.
    Philly is very strong up the middle Oilers need a potential 2nd line center.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    Trade for Stewart and then offer sheet Pietrangelo,
    this would put the Oil in the playoffs. Armstrong and Mac T finding a barn to settle their differences.