Aidan Muir didn’t come from nowhere but you can see it from there. The final North American Central Scouting List saw him rocket to #108 after not making the initial and mid-term list. Who is this guy?

Aidan Muir is not your ordinary teenage hockey player. He was born in Brampton Ontario in August of 1995 and that’s just about the only normal thing about him. The week before he was drafted, Aidan flew to Washington to help some fellow Michigan high school students build and then fly an experimental airplane. Normal right?


Muir’s quick jump up the draft charts is in keeping with the unusual. Central Scouting’s MAIN goal is to draw attention to draft eligible players in a specific year, giving all NHL teams an even chance at least in terms of knowing all the names. Muir’s name made only the final list.


The stats published on Muir tell us he’s a big kid and that he was a good player at the midget level this season. In other words, not a lot. Scott Reynolds–an outstanding observer of the game–had a lash at the question this week and came away thinking this is an extreme long shot. Which makes sense, that’s kind of what you’re getting at #113 overall.


This week, Oiler fans have had a chance to see Muir at the Prospects camp in Sherwood Park and early returns are impressive. A buddy of mine told me his play with the puck is exceptional and he’s certainly going to be a power player when he matures. And then there’s this:

The best scouting report I’ve seen is from Chris Dilks article:

  • Chris Dilks: Muir is a 6’3" 180 lbs. power forward. He’s a decent skater for his size, though there is still some room for improvement. With his frame, there’s also the potential to add a little more strength. His biggest attribute is his grit and toughness in the dirty areas of the ice along the boards and in front of the net, and that he has the hands to make plays in tight spaces. He’s also a very high energy player and a tireless worker.


It’s tough to get a handle on Muir. He might never be heard from again or he might take off like a bat out of hell in the fall (he’ll be playing in the USHL). At this point, we can be encouraged by the reactions of guys like McCurdy, and count those as encouraging arrows.

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