Darnell Nurse definitely made an impression in his first NHL camp. His infectious smile and polite demeanor allowed him to fit in off the ice, but it was his on-ice play that impressed his teammates the most. None of the Oilers had ever seen him play before, but his fluid skating stride grabbed their attention the first day of camp.

"He moves incredibly well," Taylor Hall said to me on the second day of training camp. "He’s so smooth for a big man. He’ll be scary when he fills out," continued Hall.

When Hall is impressed by a player’s skating ability, you take notice.

Last Wednesday in Vancouver, Nurse played a dominating 24 minutes vs. the Canucks. He gave management, coaches, teammates and the fans a glimpse of his future potential, and he should go back to Sault Ste. Marie feeling very good about his game.

While Nurse dominated in Vancouver that night, in his other preseason games he was solid. At times he looked his age, and you could see that he’ll need to add some weight to his 6’4" frame, but every game he played he did something that caught your attention.

Even the most pessimistic Oiler fan was impressed by Nurse, and in 12 months I think he’ll be even more impressive.

The Oilers made the right decision to send him to junior. He’ll go back to the OHL, play 25-30 minutes a night, develop his game, improve his strength and he’ll take on more of a leadership role. He’ll be a better player next year, and when he comes to training camp he’ll be focused on making the team.

Prior to the draft I interviewed Nurse, and when I asked him about going straight to the NHL he gave an incredibly honest and mature answer, "I think I need to keep developing my game. There are areas I need to improve on, and I think it would be best for me to play another year in junior."

For Nurse to recognize in the summer that the best thing for him would be another year in junior, shows you why he’ll be successful, but that doesn’t he mean he wasn’t crushed when Eakins told him the news last night.

"If anyone tells you it feels good to get cut, they’re probably lying to you," he said. "It sucks. There’s nothing fun about it but they (Oilers) have the best plan for me and my development. I’m going to go back and dominate my league and hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to play in World Juniors," continued Nurse.

I love his attitude. He’ll use this as motivation to become even better. He’ll make a serious push for the World Junior team and that experience will also help his development.


There is no negative in sending Nurse back to junior, the only negative out of training camp was that we didn’t get to see him play against a complete NHL team. Every game he playe, the opposition had very few proven NHL players. Regardless, that game in Vancouver gave us all a glimpse of his potential. 

He didn’t look out of place, even when the Sedins were on the ice, and the best part was that he didn’t look intimidated at all. You can’t teach confidence, and you can’t teach competitiveness. Nurse has both in abundance, and I can’t wait to see how he looks next September.


Tyler Pitlick, Anton Lander and Taylor Fedun were assigned to OKC last night. They will be on the team charter to OKC this morning and all of them will play significant minutes in OKC this season. Fedun continues to improve. He’s an incredibly smart player who rarely makes mistakes. He or Oscar Klefbom will be the first call up, if the Oilers suffer any injuries on the blueline.

Pitlick had the best training camp of his short career. He is close to being an NHL player, and if he can stay healthy this year. and keep improving. he should make a serious push to crack the lineup next season.

Lander wasn’t a factor in training camp. He just never looked comfortable and wasn’t able to stand out in any of the games. If he can get off to a good start and play well, I think there is a good chance he will play some games in Edmonton this season. He needs to be a leader and one of the best players every night in OKC.

***EDIT at 10:00 a.m.***

The Oilers placed Ryan Jones on waivers this morning. If he clears he’ll start the season in OKC. I haven’t seen anything from Ryan Hamilton or Ben Eager that suggests they are better NHL players than Jones, but Jones didn’t have a strong camp and the Oilers do save cap space by keeping Hamilton up and sending Jones down.

Eager brings a completely different element, so I understand why he is here. Hamilton’s footspeed in the preseason was an issue, we’ll see how he looks against NHL lineups. Good for him he worked hard to make the lineup, but I don’t think anyone on the Oilers fourth line is a lock to stay the entire season.


A few things I’ve never understood; how someone thinks Olivia Wilde isn’t hot or why coaches play prevent defence in football or sit back when they have a lead in hockey.  The picture answers the first question, and when I’ve watched the Oilers games this season I’ve noticed a refreshing approach when they have a lead. Eakins wants them to keep pushing forward, rather than sitting on a lead. THANK GOODNESS.

I find when I watch games on TV, even worse on the web, that it is hard to see some of the small nuances of the game. The camera only focuses on the puck carrier, so it’s hard to see what players are doing away from the play. Luckily the Oilers have had the lead for every home game this season, and I noticed early on that they never "sat back" on a lead.

In the first few games I wondered if it was just the quality of the opposition, but after watching last night’s game I was confident the Oilers’ were in fact trying to remain aggressive.

David Perron played in St.Louis the past few seasons, and the Blues have a reputation of protecting leads, so I asked him if Eakins’ message, when protecting a lead was different than what he’d previously experienced. 

He tells us to keep going, and I love it and I think everyone in the room does. I don’t think that other coaches say sit back, but they way they react it says it without saying it. If you read between the lines, it is pretty easy to figure out that (sitting back) is what they want from the team. 

If you are up 3-2, yeah you need to be smart, but even if you are down 1-0 you need to be smart. It is the same game all the time, and I like that. Dallas wants us to learn to play the same game; in the preseason, the regular season and then when we get in the playoffs we won’t be as nervous. 

It is refreshing to hear that a coach is constantly telling his team to push forward, and it is equally good to hear a player already thinking about the playoffs. That is the type of attitude the Oilers need.

After speaking with Perron, I asked Eakins about his gameplan to never stop attacking. 

It kills me. It makes me crazy. I was getting ready to check myself in in the third period because we started to sit back and I don’t understand  why you would. After having great success for two periods by pushing the pace, and limiting their time and space, why would we suddenly give them time and space when the otherwas working for us. I feel the best way to defend a lead is to score a goal. That’s the way to do it. To sit back and give them chance after chance doesn’t make sense to me. 

There are things we can do in practice to work on that, but that is more of a mentality. We have to plant the seed, then start taking great care of that seed and watering it every day, and that’s what we are going to do here. That is the one thing I didn’t love about the game, because we started to sit back in the third period. 

When the regular season begins and the games matter, if the Oilers are sitting back on a lead, don’t blame the coach. He’ll be just as frustrated and perplexed as you if his team stops pushing forward. I’m curious to see how long it takes before the players are confident enough not to sit back.


  • I tried it at home

    In one or two years, after he fills out and improves on his game a bit, the Oilers are finally going to have their number one stud D man. Nurse and Schultz will be our top pair.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Stand pat and make due with what’s already in the system. Ride this season out, and hope the kids can do it on their own. One more season of hockey that doesn’t matter coming to RX1 this fall.

    It’s difficult to understand how a team with so many holes on the roster can send someone who may have been able to contribute back to junior. To even believe he couldn’t be a contributor under Eakins watch is stuborn. Guess we’ll never know now. Despite being well inside the top 6 group of defenders on this team during camp, we won’t get to see how he’d fare against NHL players, he didn’t even get that opportunity.

    • Crackenbury

      I’ll give you Props for being one helluva troller. You’re consistency is impressive. I think you may even be starting to believe your own nonsense.

    • Doomoil

      you’re right, we should have kept him and thrown his development out the window.

      maybe if we were lucky a much bigger and stronger grown man could obliterate him in the corner and put him out with a season ending injury.

      if only we could properly destroy this kid’s nhl career before it gets started!

    • Spoils

      Not understanding the value of sending a kid down to ensure he gets top minutes against the best competition just shows me you don’t get it.

      But hockey that doesn’t matter?

      Even last year when we lost most nights the oilers where fun to watch. What these young guns do approaches art. They are one year older, do you think they are getting worse?

      Sit back and enjoy.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Kicking and screaming bud, kicking and screaming… one game at a time. Hard to see the Oilers stuck in neutral for so many years. In three years, after the Oil have turned the corner, there will be nothing to complain about. Instead of passing judgement on Oiler players here on ON i’ll need a new hobby.

        With the Oilers being the only game in town, I guess we’ll just have to force ourselves to like them. Going to be another long year boys…it’s good to have a place to come and vent one game at a time.

        • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

          So you admit that your hobby is to be a complete goof in an online blog?

          Truly sad. When this team turns the corner this season I cant wait to see you try and weasel your way back in.

          You need to learn how to be a fan and not an a$$ho#e

          Best of luck

  • DSF offers up a contrarian point of view and I can appreciate that. At the very least least he generates conversation. Some others, I wonder if pissing off commenters on fan sites is the best thing about their day. That’s pretty sad.