That don’t look like no Sam Gagner being named Captain. Uh oh.

I’m a big boy, I own up to my mistakes. I said that Sam Gagner was going to be named Captain a few weeks back because I was told by someone who I trust that was going to be the case. Not because it was a rumour. Not because I was looking to stir the pot. But because I believed it was going to happen.

And I was wrong. So be it.


Your ol’ pal Wanye saw an opportunity and I pounced on it. I don’t regret it and given the chance to do it over again I would. I can suffer unlimited slings and arrows from haters as I am made of tougher stuff. So if you want to tell me off and call me names let’s get at it.

I don’t block people on twitter or ban people from the site. So let’s dance.


Poor ol Sam Gagner first of all. He went from being trolled on the internet by some clownshow with a fake name as being the next Captain to having his jaw turned to dust and being on the LTIR. For the record you would have made a tremendous Captain of the Oilers. I hope you get more respect from us Tier 2 rabble going forward in your career.

Look at you tweeting pictures of being back in the gym already. Respect.


Welly welly well. Andrew Ference is the new Captain of the Oilers. To quote the immortal TowelBoy "Who saw this coming?" I certainly didn’t. Good on you Captain. You join a laundry list of heroes including Gretzky, Messier, Lowe, Weight. You also join Corson, Moreau and Horcoff. It’s up to you which column you will ultimately join and we sincerely hope its the group of Legends.

Yes you used to be a Calgary Flame. Yes you have a Bruins tattoo on your right bicep. None of that matters. You are our man now. Please make the Oilers win. For heaven’s sakes it would just be so grand.


At the end of the day this entire Captaincy naming proves one thing. Dallas Eakins ain’t here to rubber stamp the orders of the Powers that Be for the Oilers. Naming Ference Captain comes straight from his playbook and he is clearly calling the shots around these parts now.

Do whatever you think needs to be done. Name Ference C14. Release Ryan Jones. Close every single doughnut shop in Northern Alberta. Just PLEASE get the Oil on the right side of the win-loss column. You have our unwavering respect Sir.


Shoutout to Bob Stauffer and Kevin Lowe respectively. I appreciate that K-Lowe took time out of his day a few weeks back to go on Stauffer’s show and call me names. I also appreciate Stauffer saying my real name on the air and DM’ing me threats on Twitter. I get it fellas. I am a nerdy blogger that lives in his Mom’s basement and couldn’t possibly know anything that goes on in minds as great as yours.

But you might want to rethink your approach to how you treat us young nerds though in this day and age. You might be surprised who we turn into one day.

  • Bishai in the Benches

    ARRRHGGGHGHGHAHAHASHRHRHRHHASDKAKDFLNARLWREKEF YOU GOT IT WRONG!!! I am never ever going to visit this site ever again forever. And because you got it wrong, I HATE this site. And you are going to lose ALLLLL your advertising. And you are going to have to sell wanye manor (WHICH MIGHT NOT EVEN EXIST). And this site will go to the toilet.. A TOILET FILLED WITH POOP. And you’ll have to sell teh compuutrz and NVR GO ON TEH INTEeRNTEZ AIGAIN!! **

    Jokes, I still love you.

  • Reg Dunlop

    So you took a shot at the Gagner prediction and came up short. So what?

    Nation membership is strong and getting stronger. Stauffer clearly feels threatened and is lashing out in the only way his lard-ass knows. Again, so what? Keep on keeping on Wanye.

    As for cappy’s Bruin tat, at least it’s not a flaming C. He will be a good role model for Hall to learn from.

  • Batfink

    “I don’t block people on twitter or ban people from the site. So let’s dance.”

    That’s awesome. But watch out you’re not the victim of a bloody coup from the bloggers who DO ban people from the site! All hail Wanye!

  • vetinari

    Your… real… name… it isn’t Wanye????

    What about Wanye Manor???

    The Wanye-Mobile???

    The Wanye Blimp???


    What about the Okla( )( )homa girls???

    Were they all made up too???

    *adopts Cpt. Kirk pose from the original Wrath of Khan)


  • The 'Real' Ron Burgundy

    Anyone have a link to that audio, I normally avoid Stauffer but this might be too good to pass up.
    I had a “friend of a friend” claim to know Wayne’s real identity and this would be a good way to prove him wrong, or bow to his superior blogger identity knowledge

      • Batfink

        I wore my nation hoodie for the glorious 6-4 victory over the Avs, and some dude in the bar said “do you want to know Wanye’s real name?” I thought about it, then said “no.” See, I was bummed when my parents told me Santa didn’t exist. I will literally meltdown if I do indeed find out that you are a teenager in a basement. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I have no idea if this guy was legit either. It could have been you, for all I know.

  • 27Ginge

    Ference will make a fine captain and provides an excellent stop gap for the franchise before having to place a lot of weight and responsibility on a young star player.
    3 years from now Andrew Ference will relinquish his ‘C’ to the Oiler’s best player and former number one overall pick. He wears #93 and has a hyphenated surname.

  • Ducey

    Welly welly well. Andrew Ference is the new Captain of the Oilers. To quote the immortal TowelBoy “Who saw that coming?”

    Me! 🙂

    Post 51 in Lowetide’s September 26th post entitled “Hall C?”

  • * Warning this post is Completely Unrelated * – My Draft Team Name for 2013 – 2014

    Ryder Kunitz Boyes

    Hey, eh, eh, get it, get it?! So far, only 2 people have a sense of humor and it appears that will be all.

  • Wow, Stauffer really did that!? Talk about overreacting! Huge props to you for stepping up. You reported what you heard. No harm, no foul, IMO.

    For the record, I think Ference will be a great captain that the fan base will grow to love. Plenty of time for Hall in a few years.

  • T__Bone88

    I blame “Caveman” Zach Kassian for Gagner not getting the “C”. If it wasn’t for his uncontrollable stick swinging, Gagner would not be out for 2 months and would be donning the Captains hat.

    • **

      Oddly, I’ve wondered whether or not Kassian breaking Gagner’s jaw impacted the decision too. It may not have, and they may have always had Ference in mind but I do wonder if Sam would have been given the C. Hard to have a cappy who can’t speak to the public for two months. Anyway, the decision was made, and best of luck to Ference! I’m sure he’ll be a good captain.

  • Reg Dunlop

    Klowe can do whatever he wants. He cant hear you. Or see you. Or pee and poo. Because his six stanley cup rings are plugging every hole in his body. WHAT UP!!!

  • S0DAP0PS

    We can’t always be right. I believed you and next time I’ll probably believe you again. Ference should make an excellent captain. I’m still positive about this future year