I think we’ve established that Taylor Hall is unlikely to make the Olympic team—he’s on my team without a throw—but as the calendar turns it’s important to keep in mind what Hall’s been through this season, and what he’s been doing recently.


Zach Fucale isn’t the one who got away; Antti Raanta is

With Zach Fucale’s strong play against Team USA on Tuesday, minds are turning back to how close he came to being part of the Edmonton Oilers organization in the draft last summer. Crying over spilled milk is always a little silly, but if it deserves to be done over goalies nearly acquired last summer Fucale…


A Comedy of Errors

On Tuesday night, the Edmonton Oilers lost a game by a 4-3 score, falling in overtime to the Phoenix Coyotes. The score and standings point flatter Edmonton, but the comedy of errors on the final goal was something not to be missed.