Oscar Klefbom might be most valuable to the Edmonton Oilers as a trade chip

It sounds decidedly counterintuitive. The Oilers need defencemen, so why would they trade a big 20-year-old blue-liner with a range of skills just as he’s learning the North American professional game?

There are reasons why it may make sense.

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The simple fact is that Edmonton desperately needs at least one top-pairing calibre defenceman. The modern incarnation of Chris Pronger would be the dream here, which is why Shea Weber’s name never dies, but that may not be possible and if it isn’t Edmonton has to fill the void somehow.

The names that might be available on the trade market are generally some distance south of Weber. Players like Christian Ehrhoff and Brian Campbell and Dustin Byfuglien are the ones people speculate about; good, useful defenders either underrated by their current teams or playing out the string on a roster miles away from contending.

All of those guys have some warts, but all of them would represent a massive upgrade for an Edmonton team leaning on the trio of Jeff Petry, Andrew Ference and Justin Schultz. If MacTavish can’t bring in a Pronger, he needs to find at least a Boris Mironov or Janne Niinimaa or Roman Hamrlik. And given the meagre free agent pickings available, odds are good he’ll have to do it via trade.

Perfect Storm

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In this hypothetical trade for a good defenceman, Edmonton needs a package of certain quality to trade. It has to be good enough to get the other team interested. It has to be non-vital enough that it isn’t going to crush the team to lose it. And finally it needs to be fair value for the Oilers, a team that needs to put meat on the table for every shot they fire.

The 2014 first round draft pick might have fit those bills, but at this point the Oilers would need eight more points than they have just to get outside the top-five of the draft. It’s still a moveable piece, but the return on it needs to be something bigger than Mironov or Niinimaa and those returns are hard to land.

Some of the young forwards (Taylor Hall and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins) are too vital to make the list; the others (Jordan Eberle and Nail Yakupov) fall into the same boat as that 2014 pick, where the guy coming the other way needs to be a lot bigger than he’s likely to be. Sam Gagner’s tradable but opens up an ugly hole at centre, and the only plausible internal replacement has all of 32 career games under his belt.

What about Darnell Nurse? Team Canada may not be in love with him but he’s a 6’4” 18-year-old with a mean streak and a near point-per-game scoring run under his belt in junior this year. He’s not going to be good enough soon enough to plug the hole on defence himself, but he’s Edmonton’s best prospect by a country mile and a perfect fit for long-term need.

Which is where Klefbom comes in. He’s a good player, with that nice blend of skills and a combination of size and speed that’s awfully hard to find. He was a first round draft pick. So he has value. But at the same time, he’s also 27 games into his AHL career, 20 years old and a guy who barely played last season; he isn’t going to fix Edmonton’s blue line problems any time soon. He can move the puck but his offensive ability has a definite ceiling; he might evolve into a very, very good shutdown guy but that’s years away and not impossible to find. He’s a left-shooting defenceman on a team with Nurse, Martin Marincin, Martin Gernat, Brandon Davidson and Dillon Simpson, so the Oilers have both quality and depth at the position.

Put it all together and it’s hard not to wonder if Klefbom is moved at some point. He has enough value to be the key asset in return for a good NHL player, much like he was when Edmonton moved Dustin Penner out. His absence doesn’t hurt the Oilers now, and they have a wealth of prospects at the position. And while an excellent prospect he’s not the kind of player likely to embarrass the team by winning a Norris Trophy five years down the road.

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Recently by Jonathan Willis

  • Serious Gord

    Sooner or later, we have to give up something of value in order to get value. We can keep shipping out guys like Ladislav Smid, Nick Shultz and Ryan Jones for draft picks and prospects but eventually we will need to trade a useful piece knowing full well that they could contribute to another organization. We do have pieces that other teams could find useful, they’re all just too young or bring the same things to the table. Not all of our prospect Dmen will get the opportunity to play for the Edmonton Oilers so, other than Nurse, they should be available for the right price.

  • A-Mc

    I wonder what de Coyotes would want for Yandle? or Sammuelson? Would something like Snowpants plus Yak going to Arizona for Yandle, Murphy and Sammuelson work?

        • Spydyr

          Unless you are getting a fabulous return I would not move Yak yet. He is just a kid he needs time and a coach too teach him the pro game.His whole life he owned the puck and never had to worry about defence.

          Too bad he held the KHL over the teams head last year. A year more in junior then some time in the AHL learning the pro game would have been better for him.

          • A-Mc

            Please give examples of 1st overalls who went back to junior?

            Mike Modano 23 years ago is the last example.

            As for Yak playing in the KHL please explain how that was holding anything above anyone’s head. The kid went to his home town to play. To play the Pro game.

          • Spydyr

            Yak said he would not report back to junior if he was not playing here he was going to the KHL.

            You don’t think Yak could of used some time learning the pro game?One more year of junior then the AHL would of helped with that.

            It sure hurt Modano eh.If he needed seasoning he needed seasoning does not matter where he was drafted.

          • Oilers4Ever

            Yak has told us what his game and that is the root of the problem. He has stated his game is no checking just shooting. Hopefully this year will be a learning experience for him and the Oil will have an NHL caliber player in a year or two.

          • Spydyr

            Sometimes you gotta just accept the Ovechkins of the world. He’s not gonna be a strong 2way player. All were doing is lowering his value, taking away his passion and turning this into a soap opera.

          • PutzStew

            Hmm…OK… I accept your challenge.
            I went as far back to 1980, because before that, the WHA and NHL were in such a battle for underage players that there were 18-year-olds playing professional hockey everywhere from Birmingham, Alabama to Edmonton, Ala-berta.

            Admittedly, not all of these are “pure” examples, but that’s only because not everyone who was drafted No. 1 overall came from a Canadian junior team (and, thus, had different rules apply to them in terms of being sent down to the AHL).

            So, here we go…

            – JOE MURPHY (1986) played five games in his rookie season and 71 in the minors with Adirondack (1986-87). Yes, I know, that’s not “junior,” it’s minor pro. But Murphy was a college kid and he could be sent down to the minors.

            – MATS SUNDIN (1989) didn’t make his debut until the fall of 1990. He stayed in Sweden for one more year after his draft year. Again, I know that’s not “junior,” but the point is, he didn’t make the big club straight off his draft year (1989) and did a developmental year back with his drafted team.

            – ERIC LINDROS (1991), as we all remember, didn’t make his debut until a year after his draft year. In 1991-92, he played with his junior team in Oshawa, the Canadian national team (this was back when there was one), the Olympic team and the world junior team. Of course, he wasn’t “sent” down. He held out for a trade because that’s what Bonnie and Carl told him to do. But he actually got a pretty decent developmental year in junior and international hockey after he went first overall and before he turned pro.

            – ED JOVANOWSKI (1994) went back to the Windsor Spitfires for another year (1994-95, which was a lockout half-year).

            – BRYAN BERARD (1995), was sent back to junior after his draft year … which was a small miracle, given that, on the draft floor, he was traded to the Islanders, who traditionally rush picks to the NHL.

            – CHRIS PHILLIPS (1996) played another full season in the WHL – in fact, he was traded from Prince Albert to Lethbridge about halfway through it.

            – RICK DIPIETRO (2000) played 14 games in the minors in his rookie year, 59 in his second year, and 34 in his third year. Just like Joe Murphy, they could send him to the minors because he was a college kid, not a junior player.

            – MARC-ANDRE FLEURY (2003) played 10 games in Cape Breton during his rookie year.

            – ALEX OVECHKIN. Oveckin played in Russia for another year. OK, it was the lockout year (2004-05), but again, another case of a buffer year between his draft and his pro year.

            – ERIK JOHNSON (2006) played his freshman year at the U of Minnesota after he was drafted from the U.S. Under-18 national development team.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    I’d suspect that they are already looking to move Sam Gagner. His NTC kicks in this summer. Maybe that’s why we saw Roman Horak get a looksee at centre.

    I don’t think I’ve seen anybody mention Kulikov here. He’s risky in terms of his development and risk of flight to the KHL, but if Sam Gagner’s value is as low as some of you suggest it is, then maybe that’s the deal you could complete without surrendering too much.

  • PutzStew

    I only read a few comments but that was enough.

    Eberle, Prospect and Pick will not get you Weber. Thats not even up for debate.

    Don’t forget there would be 29 teams in on the bidding. One of those would have to be Philly too. What do you think they would give up to get him.

    So if if I was Nashville, I would be asking Hall/RNH, Nurse and this years 1st for Weber.

    If you think different then keep drinking the Koolaid. At then least you will have an excuse for not having a clue.

    • A-Mc

      That’s likely what they would be asking for, but it’s not something that would get done.

      1st overall, 7th overall and likely top 3 overall, all likely to make 6m+/yr (by todays standards) for Weber? No way.

      I guess I’m drinking the Koolaid, but i think at least 1 of those pieces needs to be of lower caliber than top 10 pick: ie: Ebs, Klef and our 1st.

      • PutzStew

        So when making a trade, teams base the grading of potential player on their draft position.

        That would mean PVR would be higher then Webber.

        Just saying.

        My point is that Philly was willing to give up 4 first round picks to get Webber. They even tried to sweeten the pot to get him. If he is available, what do you think they would give Nashville to get him? The only one I think they would not trade, would be Giroux.

        So lets see. If I was Nashville….how about Couturier, Coburn, Voracek….picks…..prospects…..??? I don’t think Philly will hold back if they have a chance to get Webber.

        So my point is that you have to beat someone like Philly if you are going to win a sweepstakes for Webber, you are not going to be able to skimp. Edmonton would have to be all in to get him. Eberle, Klefbom and this years first is not all in.

  • oilerjed

    Oh thank goodness Putz, another voice of reason! (And I mean that, no sarcasm).

    Oiler fans tend to forget that there are going to be a bunch of other teams in play for any players that provide actual skill and value. Why fans here seem to think that Gagner for anyone other than perhaps a prospect is going to happen is beyond me.

    The Oilers need serious, veteran, immediate help. And you aren’t going to get the kind of help you need without giving up some serious skill in return. Frankly, I see two options.

    1. Give up a Yak, Gagner, Hemmer, Schultz, maybe the pick, and piece-meal approach to fix all the glaring holes in the organization, one trade at a time.

    2. Bite the bullet, put Hall or RNH, plus the pick (or similar) on the line, and go after a team that can provide pieces to fix quite a few of the holes at once–i.e. a dman, a gritty BUT ALSO SKILLED veteran forward, and a goalie.

    I’m in favor of #2, because at least you’d get it all done at once, rather than thinking “oh sure, we fixed one hole, we’re done now, right?”

  • Spydyr

    JW we might see 10 points this month. Might. The schedule makers have not been kind. Its a murderers row of the WC’s top teams. My expectations are low for Oilers going into the Olympic break. Which will be a needed break both physically and mentally.

    The Olympic break will certainly be a most interesting time for the Oilers management and coaching staff. A time to look at the current players and review its plan moving forward.

    The tradeline will see some players moved. Whether there will any current Oilers moved is another question. We have some tradeable assets in our own deluded opinions. We’ll have to see if our reality matches any of the other 29 GM’s.

    If I had m druthers I would keep out 2014 pick. I would try to get Eckblad or Sam Rheinhart. I like Ritchie also. DalColle?

    Many of you have posted about the lack of FA signings that we’ll see. As far as defencemen goes really has anyone but me looked at the list? Its a list of 5-6 dmen. Anyone worth having as a number 1 is signed long term already by their respective clubs.

    Forwards? A second line center? Good luck finding one.

    MacT and Eakins are running this team. I have no doubt. What I hope for is that MacT can find more Perron’s and less Grebeshkov’s next summer.

    Development and Patience.

  • Spydyr

    Offer sheet Subban and surrender 4 1st round picks.

    I mean, what are the chances that the Oilers finish out of the playoffs next year and win the Connor McDavid sweepstakes?!?!?

  • Oilers4Ever

    What are you people on? I mean it–what good drugs do you clearly have?

    The Oilers players are, on the whole, only of value to the Oilers. On a REAL hockey team, sadly, most of these players would be fringe/injury insurance at best.

    No one wants Gags, even if we did decide to trade before the NTC kicks in. Certainly not for a player of value, even in a package (unless part of that package is RNH, Hall, or maaaybe Ebs). No one really wants Hemmer, and if they do, they’ll sit tight until off-season, then pick him up without having to give us a thing.

    Most teams aren’t going to give us a solid dman, a 2C, a goalie, etc, etc. etc. for any of our prospects or even possibly the pick. You want improvement, you have to give to get. And we can’t afford more seasons of giving crap to get different crap.

    We can continue to try that, or wait on our prospects, but it wont be long until the “trade me out of this hell hole please” rumblings start from RNH, Ebs, Hall, Perron, etc.

    • PutzStew

      I agree. Who would want Gagner right now? What is his current value? At the moment very little.
      Hemsky is a 2cd or 3rd round pick. Maybe.

      N Shultz? 4-6 th round. His numbers are awful.

      The only way we get any of our needs is by trading away other key pieces.

      Then the pundits want MacT to piss away a possible 1-5 pick. For what? So we can still suck 5 years from now.

      Good teams develop players longterm. A franchise needs to draft and develop players continuously.

      What is this the point of all this losing if we only glory once? We need to build a team and an organization that is competitive over time. Not for just short spurts.

      MacT knows this and I hope he will do the right thing for this franchise longterm.

  • Spydyr

    The quote regarding Sather hiring someone out of prison is the most discusting piece I have read on this site. Bringing up a regrettable incident from over thirty years ago is classless and ignorant. This should not exemplifily an Oiler fan #57 please go cheer for Calgary.

    • Serious Gord

      Why is it disgusting? It is 100% true. And it is a credit to both Sather and MacT what happened because Sather took a chance and MacT made the most of it – the number of people who are convicted and jailed for vehicular homicide and actually make something of their lives is very very few.

    • Spydyr

      Some people cannot handle the truth.

      Why would the truth be classless and ignorant?

      It happened a human being sadly lost their life.Putting your head in the sand and ignoring it will not change that fact.Pretending it did not happen does not mean that it did not happen.

  • DoubleJ

    I’m all over getting a better d instantly. I also think Klefbom has been over hyped from day one. So I have no problems using him to get one.

    I do think the oilers will get a better dman at the draft. I keep saying Yandle is the guy. Phoenix is loaded on d, but there’s no way hey’re going to give him up this season.

    The Oilers have the forwards to make this move. Plus Yandle is the best dman that could be available.

    So as much as I hate not having a better d. we would get a better dman in the offseason.

    • DoubleJ

      Give this kid time. Two years ago, he was named top defensemen at the world jrs as a 18 yr old at a 20 yr old tourney. Never played last year due to injury. Now ur expecting him to step into the NHL. Hes as good as Brodin from Minny.

  • DoubleJ

    If Weber were to really be available, no way the Oilers land him for anything short of Hall/RNH. Never going to happen–there are enough teams in the league that would want him, that we’d have to pay/offer top dollar/value for him. Teams aren’t going to be interested in our prospects and our busted-prospects for a dman like Weber–pipe dream.

    I wish it wasn’t the case, but there’s no way to fix this besides 1) a painful, blockbuster trade of RNH or Hall, etc., or 2) a lot more time/patience. And sadly, the Oiler nation doesn’t have the stomach for another 4 years of finishing last in the league, which is what option 2 sets up

  • This is totally off topic, BUT….

    Does anyone else wonder, just a little, if maybe Gagner isn’t playing so terribly this season on purpose? He’s always been thrown up as trade bait, and once he got his NTC for next season..

    Maybe he realized that since he apparently wants to stay in Edmonton, the only way to really be sure he wasn’t getting shipped out of town before his NTC kicked in, was to tank his value. The injury helped, for sure, but he’s been playing far below form for even him

  • Oilers4Ever

    How about giving Klefbom a chance on the team before packaging him up in a trade? What if he suprises everyone and ends up being a top pairing D man that we so desperately need? Give your head a shake Willis!

  • OnlyOil

    They will have to include one of Klefbom or Marincin (depending on which is valued higher by the trading partner) to get some value back.

    They should also try and make some smaller like for like kind of trades with some forwards where the players may be more or less a wash, but the incoming player is coming from a successful team that plays the way the Oilers should be playing. Guys who will finish a check and go into the hard areas. This was apparently a big part of the Ference signing. We just need more of them even if they are of the 3 line variety.

    I can’t imagine Hall wants to wait for Nurse, Klembom, Marincin etc. to impact an NHL game

  • pkam

    I know of 3 types of trades.

    1st type is playoff teams trade their futures for immediate help to push for the playoff and the cup. Usually, you give up more in this kind of trade. Since we are not a playoff team so so I don’t think we are looking at the 1st type of trade.

    2nd type is exchange of garbage. Hopefully your garbage may work better than mine. I don’t think this type of trade is going to help us but at least it will quiet some fans with new faces.

    3rd type is two teams trade away their redundant strength to fill a hole of their own.

    I know we have needs in at least one 1st pairing D, more likely 2. A big 2C, a starting goalie, bigger 3rd line winger, and a 4C. But where is our redundant strength?

    The only position we may have some redundancy is top 2 RW in Eberle, Yak and Hemsky. But some suggests that Eberle has already reached his maximum potential, Yak is still a big gamble, and Hemsky has no more value and we should let him walk UFA. So even our deepest position is not that deep. If we have so many holes and no real redundancy, what does it mean?

    Some suggest packaging RNH/Hall for Weber. So we fill the top D hole with a new hole in 1C or 1LW? How is this helping our team?

    So how can we improve the team but filling one hole with another?

    I don’t know about you, IMO, we are not ready yet. No trade is going to fix the problem. If we can’t lure UFA to come here, the only option we have is to be patient and fill up our cupboard first.

    If we are to trade away our young core players for some immediately help to push for playoff, we will never have a team good enough for the cup. Isn’t it what we we did prior to 2010?

    • Spydyr

      This is exactly what we did. I agree with your reasoning. It reflects what I have been saying about drafting and developing.

      I totally disagree with those who feel that making the playoffs is the goal. Yup we’ve seen where that path lead year after year. Losses to Dallas/Detroit/Colorado and so on.

      Just getting there is and should not be the end all and be all.
      It should be about being competitive long term like those Sharks were playing tonight.

      The experience factor is so huge. And what do our top 6 lack vs the top 6 teams in the WC. Experience.
      Teows and Kane are 4 years ahead of Hall and Ebs and RNH. Minimum.

      Yup we should be their equal because we say so.Does not happen. Hall has made great strides as a player. But it takes more than Hall to win.
      It will take time and patience.

  • Oilerz4life

    I see a lot of comments who seem to be rather more interested in staying the course, developing our prospects and picks, etc. Don’t trade away our star assets for pieces now, just be patient.

    And while I can understand this, I really can–because it will HURT to say goodbye to a quality piece or two to solve needs now–I think people miss the point. That if you DON’T do this now, you take the patient, slow-moving, build for the future approach, you may lose those stars anyways.

    By the time our prospects, picks, etc. develop into (hopefully) top-notch NHL quality players, our core guys contracts will be coming up. Anyone here want to tell me they see Hall, or RNH, or Eberle, re-signing here if they’ve been in a crappy re-build, finishing last or close to it, for the last 5-6 years?

  • If I’m MacTavish Weber is really the only player I move at.

    Weber instantly makes the defence better as a group & the Oilers players better. I doubt Campbell or Ehrhof would have the same effect overall on a team.

    Both Ehrhof & Campbell are ultra butter soft payers who on good teams are 2-3 D-players much like Campbell in Chicago & Ehrhof in Vancouver, this doesn’t help the Oilers.

    The Oilers need to get bigger, meaner & better.

    The Oilers need Weber almost as much for an identity as they need him to anchor a brutal defence & play 27 a night.

    The other is term, whether you hate it or not Weber is locked up for a long time, his salary in three years won’t look as bad as it does to some people now.

    To me getting any other defensemen is just getting more of the same.

    It’s the intangible’s that Weber brings that very few other can match, the respect he is given on the PP open up plays all over the ice. His aggressive play in the front is exactly what this team lacks, his PK work & ability to shut other teams top players down on a poor team.

    I hate to speculate what it would take to get Weber, it might be high? It might be right down the Pronger type deal?

    One thing is for certain, with J.Schultz you don’t need another Ehrhof or Campbell

  • Spydyr

    So what do you guys think a reasonable return for a package like this:

    Eberle+Klefbom+2014 1st (with best shot at either of Ekblad or Reinhart or whoever else they’re pimping by then)

    I would think that could form the basis of a deal that might land a player of Subban’s calibre. I love me some Shea Weber, but I would be targeting Subban before him given his current contract situation, his insane talent, and his age.

      • Spydyr

        Yeah it certainly might be – but it being an overpay doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not what the market is for that player. You think Eberle+1st would get it done?

        I’d be inclined to agree that a lesser deal could be found if the Oilers were willing to wait until Subban’s contract situation potentially deteriorated, but I think this is a package that would be hard to turn down and would make the Oilers significantly better immediately, and for the next 10 years.

        • Spydyr

          It should but again I would not trade the first until I knew what it was.Ekblad may end up being a better player then Subban and you have given them Eberle also.

          • 15w40

            As for this part:

            He may, he may also end up being a bust. Subban is a Norris winner with a proven record of excellence for going on three seasons now. He’s the real deal, and the Oilers need a few more of those and a few less ‘could be great’s’ in the organization at this time.

      • pkam

        I’m also probably in the minority here, but all things equal, I think a 24 year old Subban might be a more valuable asset (assuming he can be signed for an $8x8MM type deal) than a 28 year old Weber signed for an AAV of $7.87MM until he’s 40.

        • Spydyr

          My choice would be Alex Pietrangelo 6 ft 3 in 205 lb signed for seven-years worth $45.5 million ($6.5 million per season)He is 23 fits right into the group age wise.I would trade anyone not named Hall or Nuge but good luck getting him .

          • Spydyr

            I like Pietrangelo too but I think Subban is more of a complete player. The extra $1.5MM per in cap space would be nice though, but I think he’d be a harder get because of that cap-friendly deal.

          • 15w40

            To be honest, I don’t watch enough of either player to make a truly informed opinion, but by the numbers Subban is more impressive in all three game states, and the MTL blog circuit has pretty much nothing but heaping praise for him while casting aside opinions about his character as being uninformed.

            I’m not saying you are, but that narrative just doesn’t seem to jive with what smarter people than me usually say about him. What kind of stuff have you seen/read that makes you think that way about him anyway?

          • Spydyr

            I seen highlights of him doing some things in previous years that make him look like a me player. His extended contract battles lean that way too.

            Like you I have not seen either player a whole bunch but what I do know is most experts have Pietrangelo as a lock for the Olympic team and Subban is on the bubble.

            That shows people with higher a hockey IQ and more information then us think Pietrangelo is the better player.

          • Spydyr

            Those same experts with higher hockey IQs than us tried to, and did, pay David Clarkson almost $7MM per annum to play hockey. David Clarkson. I’m not going to hang my hat on anything anyone of those mouthpieces who are paid to spout off has to say.

            I’m no expert, far from it, but I’m fairly satisfied with my opinion about PK and how I got there. Using the same criteria, Pietrangelo is below him in almost every way.

  • Rick Stroppel

    Um… I think you folks might be over-estimating Shea Weber’s value a tad.

    There are a lot of names being thrown around and it seems like most of you think it’ll take two of Hall, Nuge, Eberle, and J-Schultz, along with Klefbom and the No. 1 pick.

    But I can quote some case-law that suggests that a deal for Weber could be done for less than that. And it’s a case involving another trade the Oilers made for adefenceman.

    In the summer of 2005, the Oilers traded Eric Brewer, Doug Lynch and Jeff Woywitka for a 30-year-old Chris Pronger.

    The Oilers got the league’s best defenceman for a decent No.3/4 defenceman, plus two mid-level prospects.

    Yes, I know – the Oilers were taking advantage of some Blues’ cap troubles. But, upon closer examination, the Blues’ troubles weren’t actually that bad.

    You’ll recall that, about five minutes after trading for Pronger, the Oilers signed him to a five-year contract worth $31.5 million US ($6.25 million US annually). But what is sometimes forgotten is that, before the trade, the Blues had tendered a qualifying offer to Pronger that would have paid him $7.22 million-per. Their problem was they also made similar offers to Keith Tkachuk and Doug Weight which would have meant that three players would have eaten up almost $20 million of their cap space (at the time, the cap was $39 million).

    In other words, the Blues weren’t really in “cap trouble,” but more “cap-inconvenience.” It’s my opinion that they could have lived with that arrangement and probably done OK … but I’m not a GM, and whoever was at the time obviously thought that Pronger was worth one quality NHL rearguard and two middling defensive prospects in a cap-motivated trade.

    I’d argue that the Predators could be in the same boat with Weber. And, I’d take it one step further and say that the Preds have a chance to do a better “hockey deal” than the Blues did eight years ago.

    Last time I checked, the Preds score at a rate of one goal a week. Eberle plus Klefbom plus the No. 1 pick should just about do it. Honestly. These are the deals that get made nowadays.

    Hall plus Nuge plus Klefbom plus the No. 1 pick? Don’t be silly, people. The Oilers didn’t get that for No. 99.

  • 15w40

    Eberle & the 2014 1st should be enough to get the conversation started on Weber. Right now I don’t think there is any urgency to get anything done before the draft – the playoffs are gone.

    I still believe the preference is to try and get Yakupov to play good hockey and trade him not Eberle.

    Nashville may not want to go down that road with a Russian player again though. Weber is a long shot to complete a transaction I think but I think Poile would listen.

    • Spydyr

      You do understand if they let Weber go to Philadelphia the would have received four first-round draft picks. They also payed Weber many millions in bonus.

      Now even if they wanted to trade him after all that the Oilers would be bidding against every other team for his services.

      Eberle & the 2014 1st would get the phone hung up on you.

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    The reason I find spyors quote discusting has nothing to do with whether it is true or not. It really has nothing to do with hockey. It is a cowardly comment hiding behind a pen name. I would let you wouldn’t,t say that to MacT,s face

    • Spydyr

      First off look up how to copy and paste.That way you can spell peoples handles properly.

      Second off you know nothing about me.

      Third off the comment was brought up in context to Sather taking chances on reclamation projects.That has to do with hockey.

      Finally your quote “I would let you wouldn’t,t say that to MacT,s face”

      I believe you mean I bet you wouldn’t say that to Mac-T’s face.

      I would not unless it came up in the conversation.Say like talking about second chances.One would hope he wishes he could change that day and thinks about it often.

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    Who would you package with Klefbom, Jonathan?
    Nick Schultz? Or would you throw in more D prospects (we have a lot of them)?

    And who would you target?

  • PutzStew

    Stupidest proposed trade EVER!! That’s why it will likely happen. If any other NHL team owned Klefbom it would not even be considered. This disfunctional and incompetent management are just liiable to do it.

  • paul wodehouse

    its like the phil colins song throwin it all away, just start getting the team close to respectability and everybody wants to throw it all away!! go figure

  • I’m not an Edmonton fan but I was perusing this comment thread out of general interest.

    All of you are criminally underrating Ehrhoff. His numbers in Vancouver were terrific. He was the straw that stirred the best power play in hockey. His numbers in Buffalo have been nothing short of remarkable given how horrible that team is. He is a possession, play driving monster.

    Preferring Byfuglien over him is just plain wrong. And crazy and silly.

    Your solution to your problem on D is a defenseman who isn’t good at defence?

  • Zarny

    Why everybody want Weber so much? Nashville is not in a playoff spot with Weber on the team, having a good Dman but the rest of the team don’t play defense will not win you games. With Pronger we didn’t win game 7 of Cup Finals in 2006. Stop being stupid and wake up all of you. This team will get better just be patient and bring in some bigger players in. An experienced coach will do too, instead of this AHL coach in training.