The Oilers come home with 38 games left in the season sitting in 29th place overall. No one should be surprised they lost two games in 27 hours at San Jose and Anaheim, but once again the combination of bad defensive zone coverage and Bryzgalov allowing a weak goal cost them.

Eventually you hope the players make more correct decisions that wrong ones, but right now it is clear they have a long way to go before they can compete with the good teams in the western conference, and specifically in the pacific division.

Here are some thoughts on tonight’s game and also some news for Eskimos fans.

  •  I didn’t have a problem earlier in the season when Eakins wanted Yakupov to play better. I felt that was fair. Tonight, however, Eakins’ decision to not use Yakupov on the 6-on-3 PP late in the game was very perplexing. The Oilers biggest problem with their top-two lines is they have no diversity, they all offer similar things.

    The six players on the PP mirrored that problem. None of them can shoot a one-time like Yakupov, so why wasn’t he on that PP? It made no sense. I wonder if Eakins let his stubborness get the best of him tonight? I understand if he wants Yakupov to earn his icetime, but Yakupov was good yesterday and tonight, so why wasn’t he rewarded with a spot on the man advantage?|

  • The Oilers made some glaring errors on four of the five Ducks goals. RNH had the puck under control but gave it away on first goal. Bryzgalov has to stop the 3rd goal with 4.4 seconds remaining on the clock. Marincin (he is a rookie, so the odd mistake is expected) left Jackman wide open on the 4th goal, while Petry shot the puck directly into Cogliano’s shinpads leading to his breakaway.

    The Oilers have to find ways to cut down on those mistakes, or they will never improve.

  • The Oilers top-six had an average weight of 192 pounds, while the Ducks top-six was 212 pounds. They are giving up 60 pounds every shift. The Oilers will never be able to compete with the big, heavy, skilled teams in the Pacific until they add some size in their top-six. (When I say in their top-six, I assume most people realize that means skilled players. We shouldn’t have to add "size with skill" every time we mention the need for size. When I mention top-six, I believe that skill is a given part of the equation.)

    The Oilers have too many of the same players right now. That isn’t a knock on them, and doesn’t mean they aren’t good, but they are all the same and there is no diversity within their top-six. Size is needed.

  • No one can be shocked the Oilers lost back-to-back games in the two toughest road rinks in the league. It is disappointing, but these two losses should not cause massive uproar. The Oilers aren’t close to the top teams in the league, especially on the road in San Jose and Anaheim.  

ESKIMO RUMBLINGS…!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_620/esks940.jpg

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The Eskimos have been rather quiet about their coaching staff, but it seems like Chris Jones is getting closer to naming his staff.

Look for Stephen McAdoo to be the offensive coordinator. My sources tell me he hasn’t re-signed with the Argos. McAdoo has been with the Argos for four seasons as the O-Line coach and run game coordinator, and prior to that he was the offensive line/running back coach in Montreal from 2003-2005 and then added co-offensive coordinator title in 2006.

This would be McAdoo’ first OC job, but he has 15 years of coaching experience. McAdoo and Jones have worked together in Montreal (2003-2006) and in Toronto (2012-2013). They have a history together.

My sources also state that Jarious Jackson will be the quarterbacks/passing game coach. The Eskimos desperately need a former QB to work with the Mike Reilly, and the Esks are close or have already signed him to a deal. Jackson played 8 seasons in the CFL and was the QB coach in BC last season. He will help Reilly and the other QBs. He also should add some insight into pass patterns. Last season the Eskimos ran too many intermediate routes, but never had any safety/under routes that Reilly could dump off to if no one was open downfield.

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I’m also hearing that Kevin Strasser could be added as the receivers coach. He has worked with Jones in the past and previously worked with the Eskimos. Sources say the Strasser signing isn’t confirmed, but he is a candidate for that job.  The main concern is if he would be a distraction. (My apologies for sending out an erroneous tweet earlier today that said he was in the running for the OC job, when it clearly was for WR coach. Stupid mistake on my part.)

McAdoo and Jackson look to be solid additions. McAdoo has a lot of experience while Jackson fills a huge void on the coaching staff. 


  • S cottV

    MacT shot him self in the foot when he fired Kurger, MacT should have gave him a chance and if there were no results then fire him that’s how it works.

    MacT now need to show that he means business and will not take losing and get a new coach. AND COACHING STAFF.

  • camdog

    Actually, I am surprised that Stauffer is as critical of his team as he is.

    He travels with the team and and is to some extent an Oiler insider. If he was too critical of the team he would be replaced by a total sycophant and we would lose a insiders perspective completely.

    Stauffer has made negative comments about Eakins coaching in recent broadcasts.

      • YAKCITY64

        Give it a rest Bizzaro. The man is doing his job. He probably hates his job right now, but it is his whole world, wife, kids, mortgage. He is not at fault for this disaster and will be great to listen too if this ever gets turned around. Let him do his job.

        • reaperfunkss

          Sounds like you work for the Oilers. You don’t like the idea of holding people accountable. Stauffer chose his job and the consequences are that he will get run down for being a PR man dressed as a journalist.

          His fault for this disaster? Of course not but he is a lackey that has been trying to shine up this pile of garbage to con the fans into thinking all is good and to keep spending your money on the team.

          • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

            To quote
            “How can you even listen to that slobbering fool. When I used to listen to bob I kept waiting for him to drown in his saliva….”

            He should go back under his rock.

        • Bryzarro World

          His job is to speak clearly and not disgust his listeners with the saliva sound effects. There are about 7 billion people on the planet, you telling me they couldn’t find one that doesn’t stuff his face on air or that can swallow and talk at the same time?

  • reaperfunkss

    Good Read as usual JG. It would be interesting to note how many time over the life of the nation you would have noted similar comments about the oiler short comings and I couldn’t agree more. I suspect many of the nation writers and readers would be on the same page yet management current and past have done nothing to address this. The common denominator being six rings. I ask with all sincerity how much longer do we have to put up with a management team that is not worthy of their post on mahogany row ?? How many many more after tax dollars does one need to shed on this mediocre franchise. At some point, someone has to pay for how poorly this organization has been run and how the fan has been treated.
    How LOWe can we go ??

  • Oilers4ever

    Eakins should be fired and put MacT behind bench for rest of year. I am sorry as I thought eakins was a good cjoice at the start of the year but you dont bench yaks on a 6-3 when clearly he’s the best one time shot you have. Whwn personal vendettas are getting in the way of smart choices its time to go. Yak has scored in two straight games and seems to me their defense is a bigger pronlem. bryz was terrible. Should have had both lovejoy shots. Marincin should be on the farm team still. He’s not good enough to handle the big teams in the pacific division. This team will be lucky to get to 60 points and will finish 30th again. If they dont gut the mgmt and coaches and get rid of all exoilers then I am done with this team. Clearly katz doesnt care and doesnt get it. Ex oilers have ran this team for years and they’ve done jack crap. Read the writing on the wall for pete sakes. Frig katz the damn fans no more than you. This team isn’t even exciting to watch anymore.

  • Bryzarro World

    As fans expect things to get worse. The trade deadline is coming up and Expect to lose Schultz and hemsky for draft picks. that means we replace them with AHL players. Any team that is in the playoffs or on the bubble won’t make an significant trade giving up roster players. Expect draft picks back. Plus the value of our players are at a all time low unless your name is Nug/hall/Ebs. When it comes to our first round pick, this franchise won’t trade that pick til they know where we’re picking. Off season. Unfortunately this management has put us in a tough spot where we can make a trade but we ll lose the trade. I think fans will have to suck it up and wait til the off season to make bold moves where some of our players have value. We may not like it but it’s reality.


    Looking at the schedule ahead for the next month the prospect for even 1 win looks dim. The only teams I see them having a marginal chance against are Winnipeg and Dallas. When Buffalo comes to town and we lose I wonder will that be the tipping point when sweeping changes are made? On a positive note maybe the team can recycle all the sweaters they will be recieving soon.

  • CMG30

    Reading through the comments here the level of frustration is off the charts. While I don’t actually believe that firing Lowe will solve anything (at least in the short term) I can totally respect that fans feel so strongly because it means that despite the decades of putrid filth dished up by the Oil, the fans still actually care – And that’s why Oiler fans are the best in the world.

  • Spoils

    Gregor wonders that maybe Eakins didnt play Yak on the PP because he is stubborn. For clarification the reason he didnt put him on the PP is because Eakins has no clue how to run a bench in the NHL and is way over his head. Eakins must go now! Some make the argument that a revolving door of coaches is bad but letting this disaster continue is doing more damage long term. These young men need direction not some rookie coach who experiments with systems. Grow some cojones MacT and get rid of this amateur.

  • Spoils

    I really don’t like the statement that you earn PP time, and I get the feeling Eakins has a bit of a power trip thing going and hands out PP as a reward.

    The PP is not a reward it is a job that we need to get done right. Yak’s shot is a tool that needs to be put to work.

    Find other ways to manage the players that doesn’t weaken the team.

    • Serious Gord

      Top 10 PP last year. This year? Why. The players are the same but the philosophy on how to run a PP has changed. Who made that change? Eakins.

      Your comment rings so true. “Find other ways to manage the players that does not weaken the team”. The benching of Hall/Nuge/Perron in SJ for 12 minutes in the second period reflects that comment to a tee. Talk about hurting the teams chances of winning. Eakins comments post game regarding Yak and the second goal were just unforgiveable. Eakins body language is all wrong.
      For me I would have preferred a coach with NHL experience who works well with kids. Brent Sutter?

  • Spoils


    “No one can be shocked the Oilers lost back-to-back games in the two toughest road rinks in the league. It is disappointing, but these two losses should not cause massive uproar.”

    If this is what you think we are in uproar about then you are as out of touch with the fan-base as the Oilers management are.

    By the way, however many years we are into this “re-build” now, getting crushed 5-1 and 5-2 back-to-back by the Sharks and Ducks is cause for uproar. Absolutely. If that isn’t, then what the hell is?

    • Slapshot

      It’s sad when we just accept loses now. We accept loses like the players are. Eakins can kick and scream about “no one quitting”. This team is so messed. I have no idea what we have here anymore. What kind of team are they? Why are they so bad? Have we been too young too long? Have we lacked true NHL experiance for so long? I would not like to be in his position right now.

      Is there any GM on this great green earth who could solve this mess?

  • Serious Gord

    I never thought i’d come to Kevin Lowe’s defence (no pun).
    But if these players played with the same determination Kevin did when he was an Oiler, they would’nt be in 29th place. You’ve got to want something, and be willing to work for it.

    I think we should put in 2 goalies.

    • Serious Gord

      I think what your trying to say is some players are afraid to win, and some afraid to lose,or don’t care. If they don’t care, their in the wrong city.

  • Spoils

    I would love to have a media guy like Kevin Kurz in San Jose and call out these clowns in public during a press conference. Unfortunately we have no one in this city with big enough balls to do that. They are too afraid to lose privileges in the new toy if arena when it opens even though it will still house the joke of the NHL for years to come until Management leaves. We’ve hit rock bottom now that other city’s media personnel laugh at our expense. Pathetic!!!

  • Serious Gord

    Eakins is a disaster. Mac is a disaster, Katz is a disaster….Lowe should have never been an Oiler in any capacity. I think people are running out things to say about these arrogant fools. You know it’s bad when rival fanbases are feeling bad for us. The folks that still go to the game should probably stop doing that. Ban Rexall products too. The media contingent need to grow the cohones and demand accountability. All these disasters have become one big catastrophe.

  • Spoils

    No. 1 line didn’t show up for the game, again.
    Were on the ice for 3 goals against and scoring zero themselves.

    Glider 1 and Glider 2, have not scored a goal in such a long time they are sure not if it was this year or last.^That would be #89 and #83, I speak of.!I think Gagner was playing better hockey with his face guard, maybe he should put it back on.

    Both these guys should get their pee wee sticks taken away, then maybe they will play like men.

  • 2004Z06

    The fact that Yakupov is getting very little PP time baffles me. Our PP has been brutal over the past month or so because we have nobody who poses a threat as a shooter. While I agree that Yakupov is the person who is most responsible for his own play at 5 on 5, I do believe that Eakins has failed Yakupov when it comes to PP time. Also, just because we have lots of skilled players does not mean that we can just throw 5 of them out there on the same PP. Somebody like Ryan Smyth or Boyd Gordon should be out there on the PP more often. Our 4 on 3 in OT against the Coyotes a few games back was embarassing. Four players all standing on the outside, none of them with a threatening shot, expected to perform magic and pass the puck into the net. What a joke.

  • Serious Gord

    Brent Sutter. Klowe and Mact are in Sweden for WJHC. Perhaps a dinner and a conversation should be in order.

    Eakins signed for 4 years. Who the frak cares. I for one do not. My believe is that Eakins will not be able to take this team to the next level. I believe he is a good coach. But not for this group of young men. My opinion.

    Regardless of what MacT said about continuity and not changes coaches. He made a mistake.He bought Eakins sales pitch but it turned out to be coming from a carpet bagger.

    MacT will change players. As he should. We are lacking in several areas. Everyone knows that. But its how those players are used and how the players respond is what is important. We could have Sid Crosby on this team and we still would be getting killed. Eakins systems amd personality are not condusive to winning with this group of players. And the deal is that your not trading away Hall Nuge and others to match the coaches system and personality.

  • Spydyr

    It has been said over and over but the only way to fix this mess is from the top.Since i don’t see Katz selling the team it is Lowe that has to go.Then the new guy can bring in his own people from GM on down.

    My question is who available at this time would be the man to fix this mess?

  • reaperfunkss

    Brent Sutter has Canada playing like a real team after a hand full of practices……….we have Eakins after 40 games still telling us that none of his players understand his sytems.

    Can you say clown.

  • reaperfunkss

    Why do people want MacT to coach so badly? He sucks at that as well. Makes no sense to replace incompetence with more incompetence. Although that should be Lowes Motto

    “Replace Incompetence With More Incompetence!!”

    except in latin so it looks smart

      • reaperfunkss

        No clue, I am not in that profession, although i would sniff around Jim Hollands staff. Maybe Chicago, LA, San Jose for a guy who has exposure to winning and how teams are built.

        • Spydyr

          Jim Nill just left as Holland’s assistant GM.

          LA has Hexall as assistant GM he would be on my interview list.

          The thing is who in the Oilers organization has the knowledge to hire a replacement for Lowe.Katz kid?

          • reaperfunkss

            Katz has to open his eyes and realize good business is not run based on friendship. Then maybe there is a chance.

            This is like a really bad mushroom trip that just won’t end to me. Just when you think there is a light ahead it somehow extinguishes itself.

          • Spydyr

            The thing is, from the looks of things Katz is running the off ice part of the team like he runs his business. That arena deal he got was pretty sweet.

            As for the on ice part of the Oilers it appears as he is running it like a toy, a plaything and it is destroying the hearts of many long time Oiler fans.

      • Slapshot

        Whoever they try to bring in ,might not want to leave the team they are with,I would try to get one of these assistant general managers from the Black Hawks Norm Maciver from the Bruins Jim Benning or Don Sweeney or from the Penguins Jason Botterill all of these guys are working for really good teams and the managers of these teams know how to build a competitive and winning team.

    • Serious Gord

      Lest I be misinterpreted – I would like Eakins and Lowe terminated and MacT made INTERIM coach to th end of the year.

      I would expect the new POHO to get a new GM and that they would then get a new coach and MacT could then begin work on his correspondence PhD in biz admin. (IOW I think MacT is just as incompetent/culpable as the others.)

      • reaperfunkss

        Fair enough. Dont bring someone in when your shaking things up. i get that.

        I do know however there are those out there that think MacT would do a good job as coach and that has me terrified.

        Sad that katz has bilked us for $350 mill but the chicken s*&t media here are never gone be actual journalists and start making a stink about this situation.

        Pocklington would be proud of Katz.

  • Spydyr

    Let’s get real here. Katz, Lowe and Mact aren’t going anywhere so we need to just get over this already. They are Katz’s buddies and this is his toy so forget it already.
    MacT is like a young man who just bought a lemon of a used car (Eakins). He has made a mistake but refuses to accept that this was a mistake. Instead he tries to fix all the problems and just sinks more and more money into this pig because of his pride. It’s a tough lesson for any new manager, admitting a huge mistake, and baby this is huge mistake that is only getting worse.
    I hope he man’s up and takes over the team till year end.
    This is just gross already.

  • Slapshot

    Randy Gregg,Charlie Huddy, Grant Fuhr,Glenn Anderson,Jari Kurri,Mark Messier and Kevin Lowe all won 5 Stanley cups with the Oilers,4 of these players are in the HHOF,Messier one of the greatest leaders in hockey was passed over as head coach of the NYR ‘s this past year. Using Kevin Lowes way of thinking, how come none of these other guys are in charge of NHL teams,They all know a thing or two about winning ,appointing Lowe as a general manager when he had no experience was a mistake ,making him president of hockey operations has been a colossal failure,his management record speaks for itself ,the Oilers have been at the bottom of the standings for the past 8 years,it is time that Katz hires a experienced President with a winning record to restore this once great franchise,and undo the damage that Lowe has done,until then I will no longer support this team,I will not renew my seasons tickets which i have had for 14 years,I am not a quitter,I was a die hard Oilers fan ,but I cannot support this team any longer ,doing so would mean I support the incompetence of management and I no longer do, management has had enough time to correct this sinking ship ,we have sunk to the bottom and it’s time we release the anchor s Kevin Lowe ,kelly Buchberger,Steve smith,Scott Howson,Craig Mactavish and Dallas Eakins,only then will the sinking end and the Oilers can become a winning team.

  • CMG30

    I was cautiously optimistic when Eakins was hired in the summer, I believed that it was high time to put the onus on the players and that was what Eakins was promising. I saw what he was able to do with Kadri and I had hope he could replicate that here.

    Right now I believe that hiring Eakins has turned into a mistake. I realize that there is only so much that can be done without top defense men and I still believe that the players are ultimately falling down with what it takes to win but the things he should be controlling are not working. His PP is a disaster and the team looks increasingly unorganized out there. What I’m seeing is that Eakins is growing as a coach along with the team. I suppose this would be fine if the Oil were in a better position that they are. A rookie head coach along with a bunch of rookies is not showing returns.

    Having said that, I don’t believe that firing another head coach is the solution at this point. There needs to be continuity sometime. If you fire another Coach you’re sending the message to the players that they don’t need to listen and do what the coach wants -he’ll be gone in a month anyway. Instead I believe that MacT needs to take some of the responsibility away from Eakins. He could do this by hiring an assistant coach with experience, someone to take over the PP and PK. Sort of like a Tom Renney to Pat Quinn arrangement. As an added bonus, this would make for a smooth transition if Eakins was to move along in the next year or two.

    • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

      I was disappointed at the Kruger firing, disappointed at the MacT hiring, but open minded on Eakins.

      Eakins is a disaster OR the boys are at the stage of learning when they still have to think about what they have to do at any particular point or situation in a game. This hesitation make them look they they are not trying. Once the thinking stops, action begins. The process just has to unfold, this year is a write off.

      So, keep Eakins. Worst case scenario is that we will be drafting McDavid next year. What scares me more is having MacT behind the bench.

      • Robert (AKA Hockey Fan)

        Kruger deserved better. Though while vacationing in the Swiss Alps enjoying his frosty lager, I’m sure this is what Ralph is thinking about the Oilers situation…..

        He’s doing jumping jacks and handstands trying not to knock over his keg of beer in celebration that he wasn’t the problem!

    • reaperfunkss

      The reason the Oilers suck is due to very, very, bad management. The list is long and well documented, from player selection, drafting, coaching, and trades.

      Everything starts and ends with KLowe. He started by stating there was a new NHL where small fast players would excel. He ended by creating a poisoned atmosphere for the players ………it’s no wonder no players wants to come to this team. Add to that the great players that have left the Oilers under suspicious circumstance, only to excel in their new teams. Too many player to mention here.

      Now that the going gets tough, he disappears! IF one care to look close enough every bad thing that has happened to this organization can be traced back to very bad management.

      I’m waiting for someone to start the chant FIRE LOWE on the next CBC broadcast.

  • Robert (AKA Hockey Fan)

    The good news is we don’t have to watch our team get embarrassed on national tv tonight.

    the bad news … well there is a lot of that …

  • Robert (AKA Hockey Fan)

    Just in case anyone needs a refresher on why the Oilers are in the state they’re in and likely will never get out of it until one guy is fired from the organization:

  • Bryzarro World

    It is truly a very sad time in Oiler history. I find it embarrassing, hurtful, and shameful that this team has regressed to this point. Oiler Pride is slowly diminishing …and I no longer wear Oiler colours with Pride.