Ales Hemsky named to Team Czech Republic


Edmonton Oilers’ right wing Ales Hemsky was named to the Czech Olympic team on Monday. 

Hemsky has been a staple of the Czech national team for years now. He missed the 2010 Olympics but won a bronze with the team in 2006, and he has also played in 25 World Championship games, recording 16 points and a plus-10 rating. He last played in Europe during the 2012-13 NHL lockout, putting up more than a point per game in the Czech Republic’s top league.

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This wasn’t a foregone conclusion; the Czechs made a bunch of weird decisions and quality NHL’ers like Jiri Hudler, Radim Vrbata and Jan Hejda were left off the team while players Petr Nedved and Tomas Kaberle made the cut. 

It’s a nice reward for Hemsky, whose offence has dipped a little in a recent years and particularly this season as he takes a back seat to players like Jordan Eberle, David Perron and Nail Yakupov. He’s been providing the Oilers with an improved defensive game and doing yeoman’s work on a line with Ryan Smyth and Boyd Gordon; it will be fun to see him flying on the big ice at Sochi. 

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He’ll be joined by his old teammate, Ladislav Smid, who was also named to the team today. Smid’s likely to play key minutes in a shutdown role for the Czechs. 

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  • vetinari

    Go get ’em Hemmer… of course, you may have a new NHL team within a week or two after your return…

    As for Smid, congrats to him too… now it really hurts to think that we traded a stay at home Olympic calibre blue liner for two middling prospects…

  • **

    Good luck to Hemmer and Laddy (still an oiler in my books)

    You think Smid will play key minutes in a shutdown role for an Olympic team? Not we sure could use a player like that on our team.

    Hey here’s a thought for a bold move MacT, let’s do Yak for Smid….. Does the incompetence of this organization surprise any of us anymore?

    Again good luck boys!

    • **

      Just to clarify, no I was not serious about trading Yak for Smid, that was just mocking our joke of a franchise for trading one of the few true defensemen we had for nothing and now teams set up shop in front of our net like nobodys business.

    • Truth

      Hemsky on a Sutter team?!? Do you know that he is the last on and first off at practice. Also, soft as butter.

      Who needs to score goals when your team is built to prevent all the goals? Soft European teams, that’s who.

      • Jack Dupp

        Soft as butter?
        Have you watched this guy play?
        He is not the most physical guy in the league but he is far from soft. He constantly goes into the high contact areas of the ice. Took a beating from Regehr, Phaneuf, Bieksa, etc. for the better part of a decade. Also the guy usually leading the charge out of the defensive zone. Soft? No sir.

        • 24% body fat

          I think you are all missing what I was trying to say. I think hemsky should be on the team and that my comment was not aimed at a shot at him.

          The czechs are not taking their best players. They are trying to build a team for the large ice surface. Brent sutter just did this when he left Nurse and Domi at home.

          I am not saying Hemsky made the team and shouldnt have, i was saying my trashing of the team has nothing to do with hemsky being on it.

          EDIT: sorry it replied to the wrong person

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    Congrats Hemsky….like Smitty was Captain Canada…..Hemsky is becoming Captain Czech!

    Here’s hoping he shines like he did the last time and stays healthy so his trade value rises.

    Gregor makes a good point that with their injury situation, Pittsburgh could use a player like Hemsky at the deadline.

    • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

      I would love to see hemsky on a team like Pittsburgh. It’d be amazing to watch him get his passion back playing for a real life hockey team

    • 24% body fat

      Gregor said that??? No way Pittsburgh takes on a player like Hemsky. He is the antithesis of Penguins hockey and would very very very quickly end up in Bylsma’s doghouse.

      Dupuis is a terrific two way forward who is a top notch penalty killer, plays a physical north-south game and can chip in 15-20 goals with little or no PP time. No way is a good GM like Ray Shero (are you taking notes MacT?) going to replace Dupuis with a dead weight like Hemsky.

      I’m kind of disappointed in Gregor if he really thinks a high end team like the Pens would think Hemsky can help them.

  • Spydyr

    “Ladislav Smid, who was also named to the team today. Smid’s likely to play key minutes in a shutdown role ”

    Sure wish the Oilers had someone to do that.

  • vetinari

    A shutdown dman that made the Czech national team? do you think we could acquire him?
    Stupid MacT.

    At least the Czechs weren’t so arrogant as to leave one of the fastest most skilled LWers in the game off the big ice in Europe.

    I hope the Czechs beat Canada for that one. Otherwise they’ll never learn.

    Duchene and Hall wouldn’t fly on the big ice like an old Martin St. Louis can. No sir.

  • Tikkanese

    I’m sorry, Smid is a great guy but if he is their best shut down defenceman Canada will kill them. Really, he wasn’t that spectacular with us so I don’t know why everyone is so upset. Some of Canada’s players will have him spralling all over the ice on a regular basis. IMHO

    • **

      he royally eff’ed it up. if he knew he didn’t want smid, Ottawa would have taken him for bishop. it was a reactionary move that tells me the whole “stick with the plan” idea is out the window

      • oilerjed

        I disagree, I don’t think MacT blew this at all. He got a center prospect that we are low in, a goalie prospect that we also desperately needed and he got us a bonafide NHL goal tender. The blackhole immediately after Brys was signed. He needed to get rid of a contract and Smid is possibly the only one he could unload in a hurry. And its not like our goals against has really plummeted without him.He didn’t know he needed Bryz until Dubs shat the bed, then what was he supposed to do? If anything he MacT missed the boat in the summer by sticking by Dubs. But at the time I agreed with him thinking Dubs would at least stay at an even level.
        So thats a 5th and a 6th for a stay at home dman. not terrible.

        • reaperfunkss

          MacT did not NEED to clear cap space or contract space to sign bryz. Depth at forward by adding the same as we have already? Brilliant. Depth at goal? maybe but who knows, Broissant is a few years from being NHL ready. MacT told us at his presser when given the reigns at GM that he is impatient and wants to start winning now. That is the standard to hold him to. His words his work.

          Drink more Kool-Aid.

          • Zarny

            And Smid was playing like junk and was the Oilers worst puck-moving D.

            The team started 4-14-2 with Smid playing significant minutes. That’s how effective he was.

            I love how hard he played but he was a very expensive bottom pairing D.

          • reaperfunkss

            I am not defending Smid as much as I am saying the Incompetent management has ruined this team more than any player has.

            If someone says they are going to start trying to win now and makes deals that have no or negative impact then how can we trust this person to do anything correctly?

            Smid is meaningless in that it doesn’t matter who we talk about because management will screw it up.

          • Rick Stroppel

            He was not playing big minutes at the beginning of the year. Eakins thought Belov was better, good call hey Belov is brutal and should be in the KHL the other guy played hit 500th NHL hockey game Not an expensive 4th D man It was just a very bad trade

        • Rick Stroppel


          If MacTavish made all these brilliant moves, WHY IS THE TEAM IN SECOND LAST PLACE?

          The loyalty of the MacTavish fan club continues to astound me. Using big words (often inappropriately) does not make you an intelligent person.

          Edmonton reminds me of Toronto. They did a survey very recently and asked people if they would vote for Rob Ford for mayor. Almost 40 percent said yes. Almost 20 percent said they would vote for him if he ran for PRIME MINISTER.

          • ToppsSmith

            I agree MacT got a tie for Christmas one year, now he is playing GM with it. His role in the 80’s 80% of players of that time could fill. He was just the lucky one who won a contract. He was a disappointment in St. Louis when he played their, and put Edmonton into this Tailspin as the coach, Tried to destroy Vancouver’s Prospects, and that is a resume that earned him GM. This team needs a shackup above him, and all new management.

          • Rick Stroppel

            PS: I cannot wait for the next press conference when MacTavish will treat us to more profound and helpful comments like: “The season has not gone as well as we hoped. The results are not what we expected.”

            No sh!t, Sherlock.

          • Rick Stroppel

            This is very true. MacTavish is so desperate to prove he is the smartest guy in the room that he tries to use big, impressive words when plain English would suffice. Many of the ” big” word are used incorrectly and/or out of context. And he has had many grammatical clangers when pontificating to the ignorant masses.

      • pkam

        Who is this ‘he’ you refer to?

        If you mean MacT, he wasn’t the GM when Tampa and Ottawa pull the trade, so how could he offer Smid to Ottawa for Bishop?

        If you mean Tambo, I wonder how you know he didn’t want Smid because he wasn’t even here when Smid was traded?

        • reaperfunkss

          MacT was VP hockey ops at the time and the Oiler PR told us he was going to be working very closely with Tambo under Lowe.

          “he” actually still fits.

          • reaperfunkss

            None of these guys are qualified to do anything when it comes to important organizational/player decisions.

            So no, Howson should not tell Mact or any hockey person anywhere what to do. None of the coaching or management staff should be here or anywhere significant in the NHL

            K. Buchberger
            F. Chabot and his assistant
            K. Acton
            D. Eakins
            C. Mactavish
            S. Howson
            R. Olchyk I believe he is the “cap” expert but if I am incorrect then ignore this one
            K. Lowe
            D. Katz

            These are the accountable ones. Pick your order and maybe a couple arent as bad as they look but none have had any real or consistent success in the NHL (as management and coaches only)

            Unless katz sells the Team he is untouchable but still accountable.

            This team will never be relevant with these fools running things

          • ToppsSmith

            You are 100% right, however when they sell out every game, and get the next big name each draft do they care? The object is business, and to do business you got to make money. This team makes tons of money on their stars, they have a line of 1st overall draft picks for goodness sakes. They don’t need to build a team because they will always be making money with the team. But I agree on the point of Edmonton has to forget the 80’s ever happened to move on.

    • pkam

      MacT wants to add goalie depth and he trust Bob Green so he overpays for Laurent Brossoit.

      Didn’t fans here say rather he do something than nothing even if we have to overpay?

      Some posters here suggested Hall + RNH + Kelfbom + 2014 1st round for Weber. Some suggest Hall/RNH + Eberle + Klefbom + 2014 1s rounder + a prospect for Weber.

      Personally I don’t like the trade cause I don’t like to overpay, but IMO, Smid for Roman Horak and Laurent Brossoit wasn’t as bad as the above suggested Weber trade.

      • reaperfunkss

        Itss not about the value per se. It is about adding help now. the Oilers weren’t supposed to be adding futures. they were suppossed to be making deals to help now.

        Evidence that there has never been a real plan I think

      • If you look at the Smid trade, when you analize the trade it just comes back to complete incompetence as an organization.

        The whole organization should wear this!
        From pro scouting, to amateur scouting, & finally to MacTavish.

        I’ve been extremely critical of MacTavish, as I wrote a lengthy blog about it not too long ago.

        Let’s look at this trade, the Oilers mired in a slump, trade a 4 – 5 defensemen on any team in the NHL.

        First the Oiler’s trade that player to a division rival!!
        The player that MacTavish is getting back cannot make a team that on paper is worse than the Oilers? This is the RED flag right here.

        MacTavish comes out talks about center depth & getting a useful 2nd – 3rd line center, again this makes little sense since the player cannot make the starting roster of a team that should be worse.

        A couple weeks later Nelson is interviewed on Oilers Now saying he might become a useful 4th liner in the NHL which leads me to believe that he will never play in the NHL full time & there is a disconnect between coach’s, scouts, & management about player talent & assessment.
        That was just the warm up, here’s the real incompetence.

        At the NHL draft the Oiler needed a goalie, now, I’ve heard from a lot of Oilers fans who keep using the Oilers “know Brossoit” “They got to watch him on the Oil Kings”! “This is the actual player the Oilers wanted not the center”

        If putting stock into being an Oil King is so relevant then I find it funny how the Oilers could have traded back to get Lazar even though they had ample opportunity to do so?
        (More on this)

        This is where I really get mad and where this trade makes zero sense, the Oilers trade back after missing out on Fucale, however, both Tristan Jarry & Eric Comrie are still on the board, Tristan Jarry IS an Oil King and in fact has posted better number then Brossoit in his draft year likewise with Eric Comire.

        The Oilers then go on to draft Marc-Olivier Roy – Bogdan Yakimov – Kyle Platzer – Greg Chase all centers.

        This trade never should have happened in the first place, not to mention, when do you think Smid would be at his highest value? This is about as bad as people making unrealistic Weber trades.

  • Admiral Ackbar


    He made it and that’s all there is to say. If the Czechs had the depth that Canada has, he’s be left off for his weak defensive play.

    Honestly, no Oiler belongs on any Olympic squad. Two way play has been pathetic on this entire club. I thought Eakins was supposed to create responsibility and accountability. How then, has the team digressed from last year?

    This second tier fan, that lives far from Edmonton, is dissatisfied.

    • **

      I find it hard to believe that “no Oiler”, should be going to the Olympics. I think that we could have at least three player that should be considered and probably more………except they are all getting a new defensive system rammed down their throats by Mr. Chop Water carry wood.

      I suspect if we had a real coach who played his players to their strengths and not their weaknesses, we would have a lot of players being considered.

      Go Hemmer……..I hope he scores a ton.

  • Nuge&Connorvs.Sam&Sean

    I will cry myself to sleep for at least a week the day Hemsky gets traded.

    I will also celebrate like a madman should KLowe ever get a pink slip.

  • Zarny

    Nedved and Kaberle? I thought you were joking but nope. I guess you can’t make that kind of stupid up.

    I love Smid but his play has dropped off big time. He was getting walked around this year and not even brushing a jersey.

    Best of luck to Hemmer. After seeing the Czech roster the Olympics is probably going to feel a lot like playing with the Oilers.

  • reaperfunkss

    I miss Smid..and once Hemsky gets dealt I’ll provably miss him too..heart and soul players are tough to give up but things are turning over to the youngsters in Edmonton.

    It’ll be fun to watch Hemsky fly out on the big ice in Sochi.

  • What is it with this love affair for Weber?
    Sure, he is one of the premiere D in the world.
    But trading two-thirds of our top line plus 1 of our top D prospects plus our 2014 1st rounder (which could very easily be Ekblad, who B. Sutter says WILL be playing in the NHL next year)? Please get real.
    After you make this trade and are paying Weber $14 million per for the next 4 years and $12 million per for the following 4 please tell me what you are going to do to get your number 1 and 2 centers plus a top line left winger to replace Hall (who some of you are mad that he was left off the Oly team). And are you going to play Weber 60 minutes a game since you will have no other top 4 D?