The Oilers have traded Devan Dubnyk to the Nashville Predators for centre/winger Matt Hendricks.

Hendricks is in the first of a four-year deal that pays him $1.85 million.

Dubnyk will be a UFA at the end of the season.

Hendricks is a 4th line guy who kills penalties.

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He will be their 4th line centre, maybe winger, for the foreseeable future, so clearly the organization isn’t that high on Anton Lander. Lander needs to improve his footspeed. I know some won’t like Hendricks’ contract, and that is fair, but if the cap keeps going up it won’t look as bad as it does today. He doesn’t bring any offence, however, so in two years it could look really bad. A gamble for sure.

He plays the 2nd most PK minutes of any Nashville forward, so expect him to play a lot on the PK here. The Preds PK is currently 13th.


According to Bob McKenzie the Oilers have acquired Edmonton native Ben Scrivens from LA for a 3rd round pick as well.

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So Hendricks and Scrivens for Dubnyk and a 3rd…


  • Rick Stroppel


    Ben Scrivens has decent career stats but you really have to wonder how he will look playing behind the Oilers defense.

    Someone suggested Matt Hendricks will “add toughness”. The following players were also brought in to “add toughness”: MacIntyre, Hordichuck, Eager, Brown.

    I cannot wait for the press conference where MacTavish is up there, all smug and smiling and happy, telling fans these are the “bold moves” he promised. Sorry folks. The Oilers are not an appreciably better team than they were yesterday.

    • 2004Z06

      I would argue that Scrivens can’t be worse. We also improved our horrific PK and our 4 th line.And we didn’t have to mortgage the future to do it.

      Not bold, but not bad.

      • reaperfunkss

        Woo Hoo our 4th line is better!!!! just what this team needed was more AHL level talent. I see the Oilers have most of their office staff on Oilers Nation now.

  • Spydyr

    From an asset management viewpoint the Oilers traded a first round pick Dubnyk and the upcoming third round pick for Scrivens who was undrafted and Hendricks who was a fourth round pick.

    So a first and a third for a fourth.

    Good teams don’t make those kind of trades.

    • 50 in 39

      It is not a good situation and the Oilers are not a good team. But you have to grind when it come to the Oilers horrible goalie situation. There is no starter for next season and beyond. There is no reason to think the Oilers will be attracting a quality starting goaltender through free agency. Is Scrivens a legitimate starting goaltender? Would he sign here if he plays well and garners interest? Who knows but had something like this been done last year maybe we would have a Bishop or Bernier right now. It may turn out to be a waste but we won’t be drafting a starter for next season with a 3rd round pick.

    • Spydyr

      I love how you keep quoting the picks as a measure of value. There have and will be good undrafted players. Hell, one of them played for the Oilers… Curtis Joseph!

        • 2004Z06

          I’m not using today’s deals as the basis but a first rounder who is a flop is worth more than an undrafted player who is actually playing well?!?

          Draft position is only a small part of a players value. Ethan Moreau was drafted 14th overall in the ’94 draft. Does that make him a better player than Petr Sykora who was taken 18th in the ’95 draft? Not really.

      • 2004Z06

        Just because the Oilers took Dubnyk in the first round doesn’t mean he should have gone in the 1st round. We all know how crappy the Oilers draft record was pre 2010.

        If (and it is only if) Scrivens turns out to be better than Dubnyk, will you still feel the same?

  • Reg Dunlop

    Dubnyk for Mike Brown. That’s a great trade, we have been needing a guy like that since we traded Mike Brown for a bag of pucks… Wait a minute. Bold moves, maybe we can find a decent #6 d man that blocks shots and knows how to ring a puck off the glass. S-M-I-D If management thinks that guys like Hendrix or Scrivens will get us out of the cellar they are dreaming. Rubber Boots for Mayor. Just like in the business world, if you can’t fire a problem you move them up.

        • Zarny

          No, of course the players they got are not pointless.

          Hendricks will hopefully be a better 4th liner and PK than what they currently have.

          Scrivens might not be the answer to win the Cup; but if he can simply not let in easy goals from the blueline in a tie game with 5 min left he’s better than Dubnyk and Bryz.

          Trades aren’t a zero sum game. It isn’t all win or all lose.

          The fact a trade for a #1 D would certainly help the Oilers out more doesn’t make trades like these pointless. That’s just lazy thinking.

      • smiliegirl15

        I don’t disagree however all the talk lately has been how Edmonton needs some better Dmen … so we get a forward. Makes perfect sense to me.

        Is the writing on the wall now for Gagner? Moved to wing and centre shored up so we won’t miss him there. We don’t really need him as a right winger either. Maybe MacT has something else in the works too.

        • 2004Z06

          One can hope more to follow, but any team with a decent 1-2 D man available is likely in the playoff picture and won’t give em up til the off season. They also know Edmonton is ripe for the picking. I am sure anyone entertaining offers is looking for something Mac T isn’t prepared to give up.

        • geoilersgist

          I think that is because a large portion of our bottom 6 aren’t really bottom six players in this league… I am honestly ok with these trades because we got a slightly better goalie and someone who knows their role on the 4th line and can play it.

          • Spydyr

            Scrivens is still unproven. Hendricks is what he is a fourth line player.Good teams draft good players in the second and third round.The Oilers are not a good team.Nice try though.

          • pkam

            Petry is a 2nd rounder, isn’t he? So Petry will never be an NHL regular?

            Pitlick and Marincin are also 2nd rounders. So none of these two will ever be an NHL regulars?

            I think we have about 10 2nd round picks since 2004 (last 10 years), if we can have more than 1, it is better than 10%.

            Looks like we will have at least 2, probably 3. And we haven’t counted the picks of 2011, 2012, and 2013.

          • Tikkanese

            Hate to burst your bubble but Pitlick and Marincin are far from NHL regulars. Sure they have up arrows and Marincin has looked good so far but it’s only been 11 games. Hardly a regular yet. Possible? Yes. Fact? No.

            So you’re saying Gregor’s article where he did all the math and had those figures was wrong? Maybe it was 20% for a 2nd rounder, I don’t remember exactly. Either way it is still terrible odds. That was also odds only for a regular, not a “good player”.

            That’s all 2nd rounders anyways and the conversation was about the trading of a 3rd for Scrivens. Spydyr said all good teams draft good players with 2nd and 3rd rounders. That is hardly the case.

          • pkam

            I am responding to Spydyr’s comment that Oilers are 0%.

            I didn’t say that Pitlick and Marincin are NHL regulars. I asked Spydyr if he think they will ever be NHL regulars?

          • Spydyr

            Scrivens is set to become unrestricted free agent this summer.So if the don’t sign him they will have nothing by the time that 3rd round pick happens at the draft.

            Stupid move.It is not like they were in a playoff battle.

          • Spydyr

            Good managers don’t hope they can keep an asset. They know.

            What I know is if they sign him or not that third round pick is gone.

            Perhaps Mac-T asked permission to talk to him before the trade and they have a deal in the works. If not it is a gamble.

          • Spydyr

            Yeah your probably right. What scares me is that they traded the second and now the third and there is talk about trading the first.

            Not sure if a team ever had a draft where they did not pick till the fourth round. Top five picks at that.

            Imagine looking back in five years at the 2014 draft class.

          • Spydyr

            Trading picks for players works if your contending for a Cup.

            Trading picks for overpaid ,old fourth liners and UFA goalies when your building a team does not work.

          • pkam

            I agree.

            So what should we do? We still have many holes to fill, and we don’t want to wait, and we don’t want to trade away our picks or prospects. So how can we improve our team now?

          • Zarny

            Not true at all.

            Contenders routinely trade picks and prospects for proven NHL players.

            It’s teams that always trade proven NHLers for draft picks that end up losers.

          • Spydyr

            Tell that to Sam Pollock the GM that won 12 Stanley cups.

            Here is one story:

            Among one of his shrewdest moves, was a series of trades in which the Canadiens obtained the first overall pick in the 1971 NHL Entry Draft, the year in which Guy Lafleur would be eligible. It appeared as if the first overall selection would be held by the California Golden Seals so he persuaded Seals owner Charlie Finley to trade the Seals’ pick and François Lacombe in return for Montreal’s first round pick and a veteran Ernie Hicke. However, during the 1970-71 season, the Los Angeles Kings were playing even more poorly than the hapless California Seals. The Kings were in danger of “beating” the Seals out for last place, and if this happened Pollock would lose his first overall pick. Pollock cleverly traded the aging but still valuable Ralph Backstrom to the Kings for two insignificant players. Backstrom’s presence lifted the Kings out of last place, the Seals finished at the bottom, granting the Habs the first pick. Pollock hesitated between Lafleur and Marcel Dionne, but chose Lafleur with his overall no.1 pick.

            Now that is a GM.

          • Serious Gord

            Go check out the stats – Dionne was a far better player who toiled on some of the worst teams in the league and still had a far better career than lafleur.

          • Zarny

            And go tell that Chicago, Boston, Pit, LA and Detroit who have all traded picks and prospects for proven NHLers over recent years and won the Stanley Cup.

            And one story from 40 years ago in a much different era doens’t have a lot of bearing in 2014.

          • Spydyr

            When your team is contending for the Cup sure trade picks for players to help you win the Cup.When you have not made the playoffs for eight years trading draft picks to placate a growing fire Lowe chant, well there is a reason they missed the playoff for eight years.

          • Zarny

            The Oilers have missed the playoffs because they have consistently traded proven NHL players for draft picks as part of the rebuild.

            Obviously you don’t trade every draft pick away but the LAST thing the Oilers need is another draft pick or rookie in the dressing room.

            They started the season with half the roster having played less than 200 games. Hall, Nuge, Eberle, Yakupov, Schultz…the Oilers have all the young players they need.

            What they need are players 25-32 y/o who can play now and support the young kids.

            They have a logjam of D prospects; half of whom should be packaged with picks for players 5-6 years further developed.

            The Oilers have had multiple 2nd and 3rd round picks in recent years. It’s time to turn the corner.

          • pkam

            Are you suggesting the Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli was not smart enough because he should have tried to trade us a couple of veteran players to help us win some games so the Leafs could finish last and they can get Hall?

          • A-Mc

            Not easy to use the word “contenders” and Oilers in the same sentence!

            Hendricks a slight over pay, but dont think Jones is back next year, Smyth likely gone , Hemsky , and maybe Gagner. At least we are adding real sandpaper.

  • Tikkanese

    Matt Hendricks ha ha this guy won’t be playing in the NHL in 3years. It is not easy to be the worst team in the NHL for 8 years but trades like this help keep the record of the worst team.

    Oilers management = Losers