The Oilers have traded Devan Dubnyk to the Nashville Predators for centre/winger Matt Hendricks.

Hendricks is in the first of a four-year deal that pays him $1.85 million.

Dubnyk will be a UFA at the end of the season.

Hendricks is a 4th line guy who kills penalties.

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He will be their 4th line centre, maybe winger, for the foreseeable future, so clearly the organization isn’t that high on Anton Lander. Lander needs to improve his footspeed. I know some won’t like Hendricks’ contract, and that is fair, but if the cap keeps going up it won’t look as bad as it does today. He doesn’t bring any offence, however, so in two years it could look really bad. A gamble for sure.

He plays the 2nd most PK minutes of any Nashville forward, so expect him to play a lot on the PK here. The Preds PK is currently 13th.


According to Bob McKenzie the Oilers have acquired Edmonton native Ben Scrivens from LA for a 3rd round pick as well.

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So Hendricks and Scrivens for Dubnyk and a 3rd…


  • Truth

    Dubnyk nice guy terrible goalie. Scrivens had a real goaltending coach in LA Billy Ranford, solid pickup. Tell me how does Freddy Chabot still have a goalie coach job? Hey Roli you need a job? Call Craig

  • Chris.

    To grab an outside the market perspective: Matthew Barnaby on twitter:

    When Mac T took over said there would be serious changes!!! This is insane!!! Better to be quiet and make moves when you can rather than Ummmmmmmmm This…….#Oilers

    Why do I feel a divorce attorney did this deal. We’ll take Dubnyk…But u pay half… We don’t want Hendricks and the 3.5 yrs left. U take that…oh yeah and give us a 3rd pick for our 3rd goalie that’s unrestricted… That it???? No… Have a great day 🙂

  • reaperfunkss

    Homer simpsons quote always reminds me of the Oilers

    “How come things that happen to dumb people always happen to me?”

    Lowe should get that tattood on his back.

  • O.C.

    I realize hes a few years older now but if anyone is interested the 24/7 that had the Capitals/Penguins on it had alot of Hendricks in it. A lot of insite to what he brought to that team that doesnt show up in cult of hockey storys. Boudreau had alot to say about him, all good.

  • 2004Z06

    I hope that trade to move Dubie works out. My only reservation is another 3rd line player. I hope Mac realizes we need size in the top six too. Scrivens goaltending is not going to help the Oil weak defence.

  • Zarny

    Well, these moves are more bold than I’ve come to expect in the past several years. I think we are marginally better now than we were this morning.

    I still wonder, however, about the impact that our goalie coach is having on our guys, and whether Chabot is the right guy to move these guys forward (or at least sustain what they bring when they get here.)

    Best of wishes to you, Devan! May you shutout the Canucks and Leafs every time, and may you always give up 8 against the Oilers!

  • Tikkanese

    Matt Hendricks ha ha this guy won’t be playing in the NHL in 3years. It is not easy to be the worst team in the NHL for 8 years but trades like this help keep the record of the worst team.

    Oilers management = Losers

  • Lowe But Now High Expectations

    The moves are okay. Dubnyk was never going to develop here, Scrivens has a clean slate to establish himself as a legitimate NHLer. Hendricks is a depth player who will PK. Adding a forward looks like insurance because all the Oilers will get is a draft pick for Hemsky.

    However, any hope for real improvement won’t happen until bold moves are made, but that won’t happen until the offseason.

  • Bucknuck

    What speaks loudest to me here is the fact that Dubnyk was pruned and schooled over many, many years with the hope and foresight that he would be the Oilers starting goalie.

    Instead, he was traded for a bit part in the middle of January – the dead-zone for NHL trades.

    I’m not debating the merit of the trade because time will tell. What I am saying is that how come it took this long for the Oilers to move on from him? The posters on this very website knew Dubnyk was a bust two seasons ago.

  • S cottV

    Hate to give up on Dubnyk, but while we are probably the worst team at supporting goaltenders – Dubie should have stopped a few more pucks.

    If Brys – bolts and Scrivens has a hard time playing goal with little to no support, I suppose we could always make a UFA offer to get Dubnyk back – at least as a backup.

    My prediction is that we are about to find out the Dubnyk wasn’t near as bad as a lot of people think. He will play well in Nashville and Scrivens will look very average in our system.

    Don’t mind this Hendricks guy. A veteran that looks to have good size and presence in the middle. Wins faceoffs, kills penalties, can fight. If he is good in his own zone, to help out our struggling d vs low threats – it’s a definate upgrade in 4C.

    If RNH puts on 15 lbs of muscle and MacT can hit a home run on a Benn-like 2C, we would be reasonably set in the middle – with Gordon and Hendricks rounding things out.

  • O.C.

    I will never forget the day when Edmonton had the 14th pick in the 2004 Entry Draft. Everyone expected Barry’s son’ Drew to be picked but Buffalo jumped in at 13. Wait, no worries, Rob Schremp was still available.

    Kevin Lowe proudly sauntered up and beamed “With the 14th pick, the Edmonton Oilers are proud to select, from the Kamloops Blazers (really, who could this be?), Devan Dubnyk!”

    I spit out my drink and said “Who the heck is Devan Dubnyk!?!?!?”

    Radulov was picked next. Some others that looked promising were picked after.

    Funny thing was, Rob Schremp kept dropping, dropping, dropping… “gee, does no one like this guy”.

    Then the Oil got “lucky” and picked Rob Schremp with the 25th pick. Cory Schneider went next to Vancouver.

    Ah, the 2004 draft. Who knew, out of that first round class, Edmonton couldn’t land one solid player? Maybe this was a foretelling of things to come.

    Welcome to 2014.

    • 2004Z06

      Sometimes you never know. Perhaps the greatest goalie of our generation, Mary Brodeur, was drafted 20th overall. That means, aside from the Oilers, 18 other teams passed on him. You don’t think 19 teams look back now and say “I wish we drafted him!”?

      Take a look through a few NHL guidebooks and you will see every single team has passed on a player that could have really helped them or have drafted a dud.

    • Spydyr

      If you didn’t know who Dubnyk was that draft year you were not paying attention. He was the top rated goalie in the draft and was widely rumored the Oil would pick him.

      No surprise when he was taken.

      • O.C.

        Those who watched him play said it was a gross mistake by the scouting system. Back then, he was good for that one strange goal, every game, like clockwork.

        Point being, there were some strong needs for the future. Size up front was the main issue against the likes of Dallas. That sounds oddly familiar come to think of it.

        • Truth

          Dubnyk was the best goalie back then because he is huge. In the WHL you don’t need excellent reflexes if you are huge. Even by the time dubbie got the AHL it was apparent he wasn’t great… yet we kept giving him chances.

  • Hemmercules

    The way I see it is this: Duby has no value, its not going to go up this season and they dont plan on signing him again. Give Scrivens a shot and maybe there is something there. Fairly low risk, season is over anyway.

    MacT see’s something in Hendricks the he feels fills a need on the team. Whatever. Maybe he’s right. Maybe he’s a pleasant surprise. Maybe not. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Money and term looks less than desirable right now but still not that risky of a move.

    Third round pick will come back one way or another. No lost sleep there.

    The Oilers are no better or no worse than they were last night. If these two new players show well then great. If not, they didn’t lose much on taking a chance.

      • smiliegirl15

        I don’t disagree however all the talk lately has been how Edmonton needs some better Dmen … so we get a forward. Makes perfect sense to me.

        Is the writing on the wall now for Gagner? Moved to wing and centre shored up so we won’t miss him there. We don’t really need him as a right winger either. Maybe MacT has something else in the works too.

        • 2004Z06

          One can hope more to follow, but any team with a decent 1-2 D man available is likely in the playoff picture and won’t give em up til the off season. They also know Edmonton is ripe for the picking. I am sure anyone entertaining offers is looking for something Mac T isn’t prepared to give up.

  • googlist

    I like these moves, i still wish they would’ve given Dubnyk a chance behind a legitimate top 6 d corps, but at least the price was right. I have liked Dubnyk since he got his first start here, but a change of scenery will be much needed not only for him but for us fans too.

  • 24% body fat

    how funny would will it be when flames finish dead last next year, and lose the lottery. Than trade Baertschi for Tyler Biggs, and Monohan for Tom Wilson.

    • reaperfunkss

      I dont think his stock was ever that high. the book on him for the last 5 or 6 years was that he didnt have the quickness or lateral movement to be a true number 1. Only this organization would see value where there is none.

  • Hemmercules

    The Oilers aren’t a better or worse team after these moves. Lateral at best. Scrivs won’t look better than Brys or Duby behind the softest defense in the NHL, not a chance. Duby was done but seems like they could have got something better in return. Nothing in return almost seems better than Hendricks.

    • 2004Z06

      Really? Dubnyk has a .894 save % and of all goalies in the NHL to have played a minimum of 150 games he is dead last in wins. DEAD LAST! Were you expecting Shea Weber in return?

      Mac T is lucky to get an NHL player in return.

      Fans need to stop over valuing our junk. This is the real world, not NHL 14.

      Hemsky will bring a prospect or a 3rd round pick and Gagner + a prospect/pick might get you a 3-4 D man.

      • Truth

        Look at it from Nashville’s point of view: They get a goaltender with (prior to this year) potential #1 goaltender statistics for the rest of the year while Rinne is down to injury. If Dubnyk stays bad, they let him walk for nothing. Plus, half of Dubnyk’s contract is covered by the Oilers. In acquiring Dubnyk they lose a contract of $1.85 million per year for 3 years following this season, while they absolutely can replace his 4 points and 54 PIMs with a much cheaper option next season.

        Win-win for Nashville.

        Oilers point of view: Acquire a 4th line player that is paid way more than comparable players of his skill set with 3.5 years remaining on his contract. They lose Dubnyk, who was going to walk away at the end of the season anyway. Pay half of Dubnyk’s salary for the rest of the year.

        Oilers would have been better off taking a 25th round pick, if it existed.

  • Zarny

    Wait and see how Ben Scrivens does without D. I’m sure he will be just as bad as the rest of the goalies.

    This gives Oiler fans something to talk about because the season is over. These are really nothing moves.

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    No goalie will be successful here until we seriously upgrade our D corp and our overall team D.

    Scrivens will play well for a few games based just on adrenaline then will tank like every other goalie who has passed through here over the past few years.

    But change is good.

  • Time Travelling Sean

    I think we’re overreacting, which is natural, who wants to focus on the stuff happening on the ice after all.

    If we totally got fleeced, we got fleeced a 3rd round pick because we probably could have got Scrivens for a 5th or 6th considering L.A’s goalie depth.

    If Hendricks is overpaid, he’s getting overpaid by the league minimum at best, and when the cap is 70M next year 1.85M isn’t going to break the back of the team, not to mention they can just dump him in the minors if he falls off a cliff.

  • Johnnydapunk

    I don’t think it is a huge gamble either, Scrivens is a UFA this summer, so the Oil are still in the market for a goaltender, I mean they left their options opens for goalies for next year as they have no one signed for next season, Brossoit, Bunz and Tuohimaa are the only goalies the Oil have on the books for next season and Bachman is an RFA so I guess they could feasibly resign him.

    Hopefully Scrivens does alright here and if he works out, we can try to resign him, if not there are a lot of goalies available this summer.

    At first I was cool with Bryzgalov, but he just doesn’t seem to be the answer, again it’s also a defence issue so until that gets sorted, goaltending is gonna struggle whoever you have back there.

    Either way, this trade seems pretty good and hopefully some more moves are coming.

  • Zamboni Driver

    Goalie for Goalie…whatever. Dubnyk was finished here anyway.

    I can’t help thinking about a discussion Gregor and Strudwick had on Gregor’s show a while back. Studwick went on very passionately…

    The problem is not who is playing on your fourth line.

    Apparently for the “Braintrust” that’s all they can figure out.

    I’m sure whatever his name is will be a fine player. But you couldn’t get ONE D-man better than the garbage on this team now? I’m not saying ‘good’, I’m saying better. How hard could that possibly be?

    MacT has an MBA and everything!

    • Zarny

      Let’s keep this real.

      There is no “the problem” in Edm.

      There are problems…plural. And one of them is who is playing on the 4th line. Most of them aren’t bona fide NHL players.

      I would agree the blueline is a more acute problem; but the answer is no…MacT couldn’t get a better D in a trade for Dubnyk because no one was willing to give up a better D for Dubnyk.

      • reaperfunkss

        maybe, but what the Oilers are doing is akin to repainting a car then hammering out the dents. There are reasons you need to do things in a certain order.

        This management group clearly has no plan to follow. No blueprint on what they are doing. they are just flying by the seat of their pants and that is never a good stragety but it is the path they have followed for the last 13 years

          • Zarny

            Haha…probably not.

            Many like to compare the Oilers rebuild to Pit, Chi etc.

            So what are the differences? The high 1st round draft picks? Nope. They need to improve their 200 ft game just like Crosby, Malkin, Toews and Kane did but they are basically what you’d expect.

            The difference is no Keith or Seabrook or Gonchar or Letang. No Niemi or Crawford or Fleury etc.

            The difference is everything that surrounds the 1st round picks.

            Why is that? Part of the answer is certainly management. To date they haven’t drafted and/or developed those players and/or have refused to the pay the price to get them in trades.

            Part of the answer however, and I know this won’t be popular, is Edmonton. The city.

            You can criticize Lowe and MacT etc all you want, but I think it’s foolish for anyone to think Holland or Chiarelli or anyone would have better luck convincing the players the Oilers need to sign in Edm.

          • Zarny

            No I didn’t say Lowe has done a good job.

            But he certainly isn’t near the problem that some want him to be.

            You can fire Lowe all you want; it isn’t going to attract better players to sign in Edm or make other GMs more likely to trade with the Oilers.

          • reaperfunkss

            Nice, don’t hold those responsible accountable. Can I work for you? The job is to win. when you spend this long at the bottom excuses no longer work.

            Fact is Lowe has had no real success as a manager of an NHL team. His poor attitude is all over this organization and nothing will have any chance of being better until that changes.

            Cutting the people who have been doing, at best a mediocre job gives you a chance. It shows the organization as a whole that you are now going to have to do what you say. Talk all you want but know you have to have results should be the rule.

            As far as attracting new players. Perhaps the current management is keeping them away. He certainly isnt popular with agents. Several different players have had issue with how this organization has handled them.

            How do you know that some GM’s wont trade with Lowe? He certainly made a lot of enemies with his restricted free agent contracts. NHL GM’s are notorious for the “Black Ball” behavior. Not all of them but quite a few.

            Of course firing Lowe wont make the current players better only a fool would think that. But to let this management group continue to produce nothing except verbage is ineptitude at its finest by Katz.

          • Bucknuck

            It’s not about firing him to attract FA’s or so GM’s will trade with us. Firing him is about his poor job performance and the situation we are currently in because he brought us here. There is no valid point to defend kLowe and no valid reasons to keep him

  • pkam

    Ben Scrivens is a UFA at the end of the year, but it’s still worth the pick for me. I think the Oilers should be looking at a platoon situation next year. They can ill afford another collapse in the crease at the start of next year. So say the Oil sign one of Fasth, Elliot or Halak over the summer. Fasth has never been THE GUY in the NHL and Elliot and Halak have been inconsistent in the past, thus why St Louis has always kept them both.

    We can watch Scrivens the rest of the year and see if he is one of the two goalies we want next year.

  • Randaman

    Everyone needs to chill a bit. It was only Dubnyk and a 3rd for Scrivens and Hendricks. Sure he’s got a contract about 500k too high, but next year it’s too small to freak out about.

    And funny somehow the attitude towards Dubnyk on ON just took a 180. A few weeks ago he was dirt, and now Mac should have gotten way more? With who?

    The other GM’s don’t see our garbage as anything more than what it is. Who out there thinks that Gagner will get much more than Hendricks? I bet the other GM’s don’t. And what they think is what matters. Not what we think, not what Mac thinks, not what Gagner thinks. It’s what the other GM’s think.

    You know, the Oilers could use a guy like Hendricks, why don’t we see what he does?