The Oilers have traded Devan Dubnyk to the Nashville Predators for centre/winger Matt Hendricks.

Hendricks is in the first of a four-year deal that pays him $1.85 million.

Dubnyk will be a UFA at the end of the season.

Hendricks is a 4th line guy who kills penalties.

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He will be their 4th line centre, maybe winger, for the foreseeable future, so clearly the organization isn’t that high on Anton Lander. Lander needs to improve his footspeed. I know some won’t like Hendricks’ contract, and that is fair, but if the cap keeps going up it won’t look as bad as it does today. He doesn’t bring any offence, however, so in two years it could look really bad. A gamble for sure.

He plays the 2nd most PK minutes of any Nashville forward, so expect him to play a lot on the PK here. The Preds PK is currently 13th.


According to Bob McKenzie the Oilers have acquired Edmonton native Ben Scrivens from LA for a 3rd round pick as well.

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So Hendricks and Scrivens for Dubnyk and a 3rd…


  • Zarny

    Wait and see how Ben Scrivens does without D. I’m sure he will be just as bad as the rest of the goalies.

    This gives Oiler fans something to talk about because the season is over. These are really nothing moves.

  • ghostofberanek

    Holy cow, can we get over the “bold move” thing already? MacTavish has done a fine job, given what he had to work with. His “bold moves” statement was made before he truly understood the difficulty in making a bold move.

    I like the moves today, his decisions seem to be very careful and calculated. Even the best GM’s make a boneheaded move now and then. His worst move was to sign Gagner to that contract, but the Perron deal was pure brilliance. I trust MacTavish all the way.

  • **

    The oilers dont need offence. they are 17 in the league in scoring, but dead last by far in goals against. If this dude is good defensively, then it’s a good move. Scrivens is a definitive upgrade on Dubnyk.

    • Truth

      Scrivens numbers are good with the best goals against in the league, now he is with the worst goals against team. To say Scrivens is an upgrade is wrong. Dubnyk is a 1st round pick Scrivens undrafted.

      Oilers are dying for any news that does not deal with the standings. This trade is pointless.

      • **

        Yeah, Dubnyk was picked in the first round by the same crew that brought us Rob Schremp in that same round, so, yeah, there’s that. Oh, and the pick after Schremp? Cory SChneider.

  • S cottV

    It will be interesting to see Scrivens numbers with the Oilers as compared to the Kings.

    Going from maybe the best team to the worst team – at supporting their respective goaltenders.

    It will show….

  • Tikkanese

    Matt Hendricks ha ha this guy won’t be playing in the NHL in 3years. It is not easy to be the worst team in the NHL for 8 years but trades like this help keep the record of the worst team.

    Oilers management = Losers

  • Spydyr

    Everyone wants that #1 D – Why cant we get it, why why why.
    F–k already i will tell you why, they dont grow on Trees, a #1 here
    is yeah, a 3-4 on other teams perhaps, do you think these types of players are not valued by their respective teams ? They are hard to come by and the asking prices people for a solid 1-2 defenceman for the Oilers
    will be high , so be prepared to give up Yak or a very good package of players. This type of trade is not easy. The last time a relevant D man was moved was probably when we got Pronger. Shoring up our D from outside the organization is not going to be cheap or easy. Be prepared to Pay
    and most likely overpay.

  • emonkee

    People kept saying Dubynk for Hendricks is crap. I agree, but if we don’t trade Dubbie, even for a bag of pucks, the Scriven trade wouldn’t have happen.

    So let’s refer today’s transaction as Scriven + Hendricks for Dubbie + 3rd rather than 2 separate deals. No way MacT make one deal but not another. They go together.

    That being said, I am interested in seeing how Scrivens perform with our D since they are nowhere near as good as the Kings. Kinda disappointed in how Bryz played lately.

  • Bucknuck

    I’m SOOOO SICK of the “bold” comments. For me, I thought trading Paajarvi for Perron was plenty bold. Or do you want them to trade away Hall, RNH or Eberle? Good Lord.

  • Spydyr

    I’d say these were not that bad of trades. I’m not saying they are great, but they aren’t Tambo-esque deals.

    The problem is, we stink so bad right now that today’s trades were the most exciting thing for the team since game 10 when we realized that we were going to be god awful again.

    I guess I don’t really care who we trade now… just keep this train in motion so I have something fun to talk about with respect to this team again haha.

    Other than that… I wonder who we’ll get for the 1st overall pick this year?

  • Bucknuck

    Most people think that Scrivens is an upgrade on Dubnyk. Most people think the Oil need more grit and size and veteran presence (Hendricks).

    I hate losing the third round pick, but if Scrivens is the starter that MacT is betting he is, then it’s well worth it.

    I am OK with these trades, since it will make watching this dismal team a little more interesting and I need that right now. That Dallas game depressed my Oilers Mojo.

    • This is what gets me, while Scrivens numbers were better than Dubnyk, he (Scrivens) was playing in front of one of the best defensive team in the NHL.

      He also lost the “back up” position to an AHL goalie……… He also prior to the L.A trade was back & forth between the Marlies & the Leafs.

      If this is the Oilers starter, I’m not at all feeling good about it, Having said that, it can’t be worse then Dubnyk, unless of course they don’t re-sign him….

  • Spydyr

    From an asset management viewpoint the Oilers traded a first round pick Dubnyk and the upcoming third round pick for Scrivens who was undrafted and Hendricks who was a fourth round pick.

    So a first and a third for a fourth.

    Good teams don’t make those kind of trades.

    • 50 in 39

      It is not a good situation and the Oilers are not a good team. But you have to grind when it come to the Oilers horrible goalie situation. There is no starter for next season and beyond. There is no reason to think the Oilers will be attracting a quality starting goaltender through free agency. Is Scrivens a legitimate starting goaltender? Would he sign here if he plays well and garners interest? Who knows but had something like this been done last year maybe we would have a Bishop or Bernier right now. It may turn out to be a waste but we won’t be drafting a starter for next season with a 3rd round pick.

    • Spydyr

      I love how you keep quoting the picks as a measure of value. There have and will be good undrafted players. Hell, one of them played for the Oilers… Curtis Joseph!

        • 2004Z06

          I’m not using today’s deals as the basis but a first rounder who is a flop is worth more than an undrafted player who is actually playing well?!?

          Draft position is only a small part of a players value. Ethan Moreau was drafted 14th overall in the ’94 draft. Does that make him a better player than Petr Sykora who was taken 18th in the ’95 draft? Not really.

      • 2004Z06

        Just because the Oilers took Dubnyk in the first round doesn’t mean he should have gone in the 1st round. We all know how crappy the Oilers draft record was pre 2010.

        If (and it is only if) Scrivens turns out to be better than Dubnyk, will you still feel the same?

  • S cottV

    Hate to give up on Dubnyk, but while we are probably the worst team at supporting goaltenders – Dubie should have stopped a few more pucks.

    If Brys – bolts and Scrivens has a hard time playing goal with little to no support, I suppose we could always make a UFA offer to get Dubnyk back – at least as a backup.

    My prediction is that we are about to find out the Dubnyk wasn’t near as bad as a lot of people think. He will play well in Nashville and Scrivens will look very average in our system.

    Don’t mind this Hendricks guy. A veteran that looks to have good size and presence in the middle. Wins faceoffs, kills penalties, can fight. If he is good in his own zone, to help out our struggling d vs low threats – it’s a definate upgrade in 4C.

    If RNH puts on 15 lbs of muscle and MacT can hit a home run on a Benn-like 2C, we would be reasonably set in the middle – with Gordon and Hendricks rounding things out.

  • S cottV

    Hate to give up on Dubnyk, but while we are probably the worst team at supporting goaltenders – Dubie should have stopped a few more pucks.

    If Brys – bolts and Scrivens has a hard time playing goal with little to no support, I suppose we could always make a UFA offer to get Dubnyk back – at least as a backup.

    My prediction is that we are about to find out the Dubnyk wasn’t near as bad as a lot of people think. He will play well in Nashville and Scrivens will look very average in our system.

    Don’t mind this Hendricks guy. A veteran that looks to have good size and presence in the middle. Wins faceoffs, kills penalties, can fight. If he is good in his own zone, to help out our struggling d vs low threats – it’s a definate upgrade in 4C.

    If RNH puts on 15 lbs of muscle and MacT can hit a home run on a Benn-like 2C, we would be reasonably set in the middle – with Gordon and Hendricks rounding things out.

  • O.C.

    I will never forget the day when Edmonton had the 14th pick in the 2004 Entry Draft. Everyone expected Barry’s son’ Drew to be picked but Buffalo jumped in at 13. Wait, no worries, Rob Schremp was still available.

    Kevin Lowe proudly sauntered up and beamed “With the 14th pick, the Edmonton Oilers are proud to select, from the Kamloops Blazers (really, who could this be?), Devan Dubnyk!”

    I spit out my drink and said “Who the heck is Devan Dubnyk!?!?!?”

    Radulov was picked next. Some others that looked promising were picked after.

    Funny thing was, Rob Schremp kept dropping, dropping, dropping… “gee, does no one like this guy”.

    Then the Oil got “lucky” and picked Rob Schremp with the 25th pick. Cory Schneider went next to Vancouver.

    Ah, the 2004 draft. Who knew, out of that first round class, Edmonton couldn’t land one solid player? Maybe this was a foretelling of things to come.

    Welcome to 2014.

    • Spydyr

      If you didn’t know who Dubnyk was that draft year you were not paying attention. He was the top rated goalie in the draft and was widely rumored the Oil would pick him.

      No surprise when he was taken.

      • O.C.

        Those who watched him play said it was a gross mistake by the scouting system. Back then, he was good for that one strange goal, every game, like clockwork.

        Point being, there were some strong needs for the future. Size up front was the main issue against the likes of Dallas. That sounds oddly familiar come to think of it.

        • Truth

          Dubnyk was the best goalie back then because he is huge. In the WHL you don’t need excellent reflexes if you are huge. Even by the time dubbie got the AHL it was apparent he wasn’t great… yet we kept giving him chances.

    • 2004Z06

      Sometimes you never know. Perhaps the greatest goalie of our generation, Mary Brodeur, was drafted 20th overall. That means, aside from the Oilers, 18 other teams passed on him. You don’t think 19 teams look back now and say “I wish we drafted him!”?

      Take a look through a few NHL guidebooks and you will see every single team has passed on a player that could have really helped them or have drafted a dud.

  • DD was a UFA too so they aren’t worse off in that regard. Henricks can be bought out in the summer if they feel they don’t want the contract and likely couldn’t have traded DD without taking the ugly contract back. Every team has an overpay or two somewhere – if $500K on Henricks is it in a market where the cap is going up, so be it. Giving the squad a tough, gritty veteran to test drive who comes from a winning org (the Caps) for 40 games was badly needed. Yes he’s 32, but there aren’t a lot of NHL miles on him.

    Don’t forget they will be unloading remaining UFAs to restock the picks come the deadline.

  • Chris.

    Five hours ago the Oilers had one less bad contract, a high third round pick, and a different unproven UFA goaltender.

    This may be the most expensive audition ever… I sure hope Scrivens works out.

      • 2004Z06

        So you are saying 3.5 mil/yr for a .894 sv% goalie is a good contract?

        They swapped bad contracts and are auditioning a high level goalie prospect for around 300k.

        • Spydyr

          Not at all. I never liked Dubnyk liked that contract less.

          The thing is why pick up another bad contract .One for three more years.

          They could of waived him or traded him for a better contract.

          Don’t forget the Oilers are also paying half of Dubnyk’s contract.

          I’m looking at both deals as one deal as they had to move Dubnyk to pick up Scrivens .

          • 2004Z06

            Bottom line is we can all be armchair GM’s, but we don’t have a clue what the market is out there right now or what offers were discussed/weighed.

            Yes the oilers are paying half of Dubnyk’s contract which I believe is around 650k. (I am sure Pkam will correct me….)

            All in all, if Hendricks helps and Scrivens plays well and re-signs, we will all look back at this day as a win.

            We can go back and forth all day debating the moves, but we just don’t know how it will pan out.

            For all we know these were precursors to other moves yet to come?

          • This says to me the team REALLY wants a quality goalie and think that Scrivens might fit the bill. If they wait until the summer they’re on the same playing field as every other team who needs a #1. This way they get to test drive him for the last part of the season to see if he’s the real deal, and be at the front of the line to make an offer/have more time to make their case.

            Sure it’s a gamble but you can’t expect to change your situation doing the same things you’ve done in the past. Some might call this a gutsy move. Maybe even BOLD.

            If you ask me MacT really nutted up this time.

        • Truth

          My mortgage is payable at $10,000/yr with 15 years remaining until the house is paid off. Your mortgage is for $18,000/yr on it’s last year until the house is paid off

          If you pay half of your mortgage this year I will swap mortgage payments with you until our houses are paid off. Deal?

          • bleedingoil

            not a good comparison, really. I cant even begin to type out something reasonable for you here. one contract has 3 years remaining, and the other has 6 months. In 6 months, we lose the contract for NOTHING! Hendricks is a brick sh**house who has been in the playoffs in every year he is considered an NHL regular. His +/- has never been worse than -6 and is a penalty killer. He can play wing or center. In a world where the salary cap is going way up, we won the deal fair and square. No question about it.

      • Chris.

        Poor pro scouting and cap management will apparently continue under the MacT regime. Matthew Barnaby said via twitter that MacTavish had offered Hendricks even MORE money last summer but Hendricks felt Nashville would be a better fit.

        The crew at Kingsway may actually consider the first move a hockey trade. *facepalm*

        • Spydyr

          So they tried to pay him more money and he still would not come here.

          Then they trade for him, that will make him want to come here.

          Don’t they think these things through?

    • You’re absolutely right. People don’t realize that in a salary cap system players can have a negative value. Players who are overpaid compared to the skills they bring are negative assets, especially when they are aging. Guys like Redden when he was buried on the farm. Way too much money for his play. It doesn’t mean wasn’t an NHL player, but his insane contract gave him negative value and that’s how the team dealt with it.

      I’m not incredibly familiar with Hendricks, but at quick glance, it looks like he has this negative value. Dubnyk had no value because at the end of the season, the contract was done and the Oilers could walk away. Rather than letting him walk, they took on a negative asset.

      Acquiring these guys is like taking on debt and we all know the Oilers don’t need that.

  • oildawg99

    I don’t really have a problem with any of the player personnel moves that Mac T has made to this point. He is actually doing a fine job thus far if you look at it with a clear head. Do I wish we could land a big #1 d-man, of course. However, I also understand those deals are nearly impossible to make.

    Personally I think the biggest mistake made by Mac T has been hiring Eakins and not giving Kruger a fair shot. Eakins so emotionless its not even funny yet that exactly what the team is lacking and frustrates me as a fan. Attitude reflects leadership and Eakins has yet to deliver. i sure hope he can.

  • Hemmercules

    The way I see it is this: Duby has no value, its not going to go up this season and they dont plan on signing him again. Give Scrivens a shot and maybe there is something there. Fairly low risk, season is over anyway.

    MacT see’s something in Hendricks the he feels fills a need on the team. Whatever. Maybe he’s right. Maybe he’s a pleasant surprise. Maybe not. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Money and term looks less than desirable right now but still not that risky of a move.

    Third round pick will come back one way or another. No lost sleep there.

    The Oilers are no better or no worse than they were last night. If these two new players show well then great. If not, they didn’t lose much on taking a chance.

  • Truth

    Dubnyk nice guy terrible goalie. Scrivens had a real goaltending coach in LA Billy Ranford, solid pickup. Tell me how does Freddy Chabot still have a goalie coach job? Hey Roli you need a job? Call Craig

  • Chris.

    If Hendricks can come in and make any kind of contribution its a win.
    Dubnyk was a #1 by default, he’s a #3 on any team with reasonable depth. Any return for a #3 ufa is a plus. No team planning on making a playoff push is giving any kind of an asset at the deadline to rely on Dubnyk if their starter goes down and what team that will be on a run doesnt already have a better backup than him already. He likeley wasn’t going to re-sign hear anyways, a gamble on Hendricks is better than nothing.
    If Scrievens can come in and be a resonable backup a 3rd for him is a steal based on what the return for a 3rd has landed recently (Fistric,Smithson). If he’s an average starter its a steal. if he can be a solid #1 who can steal a few games its a cam neely/allan peterson sized fleecing.

  • O.C.

    I realize hes a few years older now but if anyone is interested the 24/7 that had the Capitals/Penguins on it had alot of Hendricks in it. A lot of insite to what he brought to that team that doesnt show up in cult of hockey storys. Boudreau had alot to say about him, all good.

  • Spydyr

    Hendrik’s contract isn’t ideal but if he can anchor a solid fourth line and bring us some much needed grit then I’m not complaining. Dubnyk was done in Edmonton and keeping some of his salary doesn’t hurt since his contract is up at the end of the season anyways. Scriven is worth taking a shot at. Bryzgalov hasn’t exactly guaranteed a spot in Edmonton next season so hopefully Scrivens can come in and play well.

  • Zarny

    If BS comes in and does not play well or is an improvement over Dubey …….I’m looking squarely at Eakins.

    If Hendricks is not an improvement over Lander……..I’m looking squarely at Eakins.

    We have been led down the garden path by Oilers Management as the players being the problem, ( OK I will buy some of that) but I suspect coaching has something to do with the current state of affairs.

    • Zarny

      Yeesh, we get it. You hate Eakins.

      No doubt if the guy running the hot dog stand accidentally tears the bun you’d blame that on Eakins too.

      Have you ever actually played hockey?