The Oilers have traded Devan Dubnyk to the Nashville Predators for centre/winger Matt Hendricks.

Hendricks is in the first of a four-year deal that pays him $1.85 million.

Dubnyk will be a UFA at the end of the season.

Hendricks is a 4th line guy who kills penalties.

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He will be their 4th line centre, maybe winger, for the foreseeable future, so clearly the organization isn’t that high on Anton Lander. Lander needs to improve his footspeed. I know some won’t like Hendricks’ contract, and that is fair, but if the cap keeps going up it won’t look as bad as it does today. He doesn’t bring any offence, however, so in two years it could look really bad. A gamble for sure.

He plays the 2nd most PK minutes of any Nashville forward, so expect him to play a lot on the PK here. The Preds PK is currently 13th.


According to Bob McKenzie the Oilers have acquired Edmonton native Ben Scrivens from LA for a 3rd round pick as well.

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So Hendricks and Scrivens for Dubnyk and a 3rd…


    • Truth

      Is this Kevin Lowe? You are justifying an unjustifiable move.

      It is a 3rd for Scrivens and Dubnyk for a 4th liner for the next 3 years at a wage approximately 3 times his actual value.

      3rd for Scrivens – not bad.

      Pending UFA for easily replaceable 4th line player on a substantially overpaid contract – Jay Feaster-esque.

      • A-Mc

        FACT: The Oilers tried to get Hendricks last summer and offered more money than NSH but still lost out.

        Obviously it isn’t as easy as it seems and the value isn’t outrageous.

        • pkam

          Poor Hendricks, you should learn from Souray, signed a long term beefy contract with the Oilers then asked for a trade after the 1st year.

          Now you end up here for less. Not even a limited NTC? Can’t blame anyone but your agent and yourself.

        • Spydyr

          And you are Hendricks’ agent…that is how you know the Oilers offered Hendricks more money…or are you relying on rumours for the basis of your comment. Cause you know you can’t always trust rumours…the rumour is Edmonton has an NHL team…but everyone knows that just isn’t true.

        • Truth

          And I’m willing to bet you think the Oilers would be better off now if they had signed Clarkson for more money and longer term than the Maple Leafs did (which was reportedly offered)?

        • Truth

          In a cap free world you are correct, Katz can spend all he wants. But if J. Schultz is traded away because his contract demands won’t fit within the cap while Hendricks is getting overpaid by $1.2 million dollars per year it’s a big deal.

          • Actually it’s 1.85 for a player barley hanging on to NHL employment, this player is a slight upgrade on Konopka, who is half the cost with a shorter contract.

            Put that together with Scrivens being a UFA and the Oilers have themselves a little bit of a river boat gamble.

            I think the trade boarders on ridicules.



            “Nashville just exchanged a guy with contract cancer for a guy who disappears at the end of the year for zero dollars. Good work.”

            MacTavish should just stop trying to make the team better; he’s actually making the team worse.

            While most of the analytical community scratches their heads over this trade, other’s……….. applaud it.

          • 2004Z06

            And that’s why the analytical community doesn’t play hockey.

            Everyone is looking at this trade from the wrong angle.

            It doesn’t matter who/how old/cap hit at all with regards to Hendricks.

            It was the cost to move Dubnyk out. Period.

            Have none of you heard of two teams swapping reclamation projects? That is all this was.

            We have heard many NHL sportscasters talk of having to bring back another teams bad contract to get rid of one of your own.

            A fresh start for both players may be just what is needed.

          • Then waive him!!! Why take a boat anchor of a contract back? Who said you have to do that?

            Dubnyk was worth nothing! Zero, so take zero back! Instead the Oilers got a 33 year old with three years left at 1.85.

            You could get that exact player come this summer at half that cost! Half!!

          • 2004Z06

            At the least, if Hendricks doesn’t work out, he will garner a 4th round pick which is more than Dubnyk brings back if he walks.

            If you think 1.85 x 3 yrs in a 70 mil cap world is a boat anchor, what is/was Gagner’s, Hemsky’s, Smid’s, Dubnyk’s? I would say Titanic!

            Far, far worse signings have been made in this organization than what Hendricks is getting.

            Let’s wait and see what this Hendricks guy is all about before we pass judgement shall we?

          • “Far, far worse signings have been made in this organization than what Hendricks is getting”

            That’s not saying much about this group is it! I totally agree with you on that, this group has continued to overpay for players on the decline, I can’t understand it?

            Not a chance a guy who at his best scored 20 points is going to get anything remotly close to a 4th!

            Check it out, big Georges PPG is higher then Hendricks.

            I don’t need to see him, I can read the statistics on the guy and get a real good idea what he’s going to do, waiting to see is only going to disapoint me more, check out extraskater.com for confirmation, 8th worst possersion forward & trending down, brutal..

            sorry, just don’t like the trade at all.

          • So, it’s ok to overpay for a player on the decline? I’m not still not understanding

            “Right, because so many players are banging on the door to play in Edmonton”

            How true! Mactavish offered this guy a contract in the summer & he turned them down!

            Ya! Go Oilers.

          • 2004Z06

            Yes and it wouldn’t have freed up the spot to bring in Scrivens. I would also suggest that Hendricks is at least an asset vs Dubnyk walking with zero return.

            It’s all semantics anyway. If he comes in and does a reasonable job at 4C, provides a little toughness and some PK then it’s a win, if he doesn’t, he gets moved for a 4th round pick later.

            This is really not a trade that anyone should be losing sleep over.

          • emonkee

            Well in that case, treat it as the cost of checking out whether Hendricks pans out as the 4C, since he is supposedly one of the guys MacT want in the offseason. If it doesn’t work out, buy him out, it’s only Katz $$ we are talking about here

          • Bonvie

            They trade Dubnyk, Smid all for virtually nothing. these sort of players have value only at the trade deadline, Dubnyk as a backup goaltender for a playoff team with unexpected injuries, and Smid types always have great value at the deadline… Its shaping up like last years deadline, where they had nobody to trade, which as a non playoff team is not a good situation. THERE ARE ONLY A HANDFUL OF TEAMS THAT WILL BE IN Edmontons position as dreadful as it is that go into the deadline knowing they are not going to be playing playoff games. Stupid stupid stupid. Trade veterans at deadline.

          • emonkee

            Normally I only bother reading LT and Gregor’s blogs coz they are the only ones I care to read up on…in this case, I will give JW the benefit of the doubt becoz he is commenting purely on Hendricks for Dubbie, and not in conjunction with the Scriven’s deal.

            Yes, if you just trade Hendricks for Dubbie, of coz we lose big time, but you need to account for Scriven. Since we may be on a desperation mode to get the Dubbie deal done before the Scrivens, unfortunately we aren’t going to get 80 cents on the dollar.

            You go look at the Preds roster, and you tell me who the Preds are willing to trade in order to get a UFA goalie as a stop gap? They aren’t going to give away Hornqvist or Fisher or Stalberg, so you are obvioulsy going to be left with a guy like Hendricks. Do we want more for Dubbie? Yes, but what can MacT do? Now if he is able to trade away Hendricks sometime in the future without taking another huge contract back, then props to him.

          • Randaman

            We’ll then Wally, instead of roasting every trade made what or who would you pick up this coming summer for half the cost? I realize you have a man crush on Ekblad but isn’t the goal to improve no matter if the season is toast? I don’t get your thinking sometimes and by the way the cap is going up so the contract isn’t really an issue in my view.

          • Who said I had a man crush on Ekblad?

            I’ve questioned wether the Oilers would take him but no actually if it comes down to a defensmen or a center, I believe the Oilers already blew that once before.

            Leon Draisaitl, learn the name, then will talk about Ekblad or Draisaitl.

            It is going to matter regardless of the cap going up, you realize you have multiple free agents, RFA’s both on the present club and AHL club.

            You also don’t get that you picked up a player on the wrong way of 30? You don’t get that? He’s 33 with three years left!! At 1.85. Polie took MacTavish out behind the woodshed, got him to take a boat anchor contract & then made MacTavish pay the rest of Dubnyks salary!! WOW!!!

            Tell me how this improves the Oilers? I’ve looked up Hendricks stats, they ain’t pretty.


            Go ahead, I’ve done my looking, have a peak for yourself, then tell me if it’s good.

          • Randaman

            I agree with Draisaiti but I don’t agree that defence is the best option at this juncture when it comes to a rookie. Nurse should be real close by fall. A trade for a quality blue liner seems to be the answer for me while drafting a #2 centre because we all know we are sorely lacking at all levels at that position.

            Hendricks might just surprise us. I don’t want to throw him under the bus already. We do that too much already. Let’s wait and hope for the best.
            Glass half full?

          • Truth

            Players with 5 or 4 points (Hendricks has 4) this season and negative in plus minus (playing more than 35 games):

            – Mike Brown,
            – Luke Gazdic,
            – Tom Wilson,
            – Eric Tangradi,
            – Marc Andre Cliche,
            – Chris Thorburn,
            – Matt Hendricks,
            – Peter Regin,
            – Stephen Gionta,
            – Tom Sestito,
            – Patrick Bordeleau,
            – Craig Adams,
            – Derek Dorsett,
            – Jay McClement,

            I’ll let you look at the average salaries of those players. Not to mention Hendricks is 32. They’re not taking a flier on a player that may yet improve. He’s going downhill in ability.

          • A-Mc

            Value is determined by the people who are willing to pay it.

            I think movie ticket prices should be in the $5 range, and maybe $8-9 for 3D. Movies, imo, are supremely overpriced but guess what? we still pay the $13+ to go anyway.

      • DarkLinkCosplay

        3rd for Scrivens- pretty good

        Easily replaceable 3rd string goalie on a substantially overpaid contract for an easily replaceable 4th line player on a substantially overpaid contract.
        At least he’s better than Lander

    • Reg Dunlop

      You may be right about that. A win is always a good thing. But more importantly from oil mgmt. perspective it is a distraction, shifting attention away from the real problems here that are infinitely more difficult to address.

  • reaperfunkss

    In a way i hope Dubs getsd some actual coaching and can develop fairly quickly. That may be the tipping point for Katz to realize he has morons working for him…Although i highly doubt it.

    I personally don’t think Dubby will be great because he still doesnt move laterally that well and cant track the puck effectivly but if Nashville has actual coaches who can develop a player he may turn it around.

    Heard a rumor that the Oilers are paying part of dubnyks salary. Is this true?

  • billythebullet

    Hendricks > Acton/Lander in 4th line role
    Scrivens > Dubey
    I for one like these 2 moves.
    Everyone wanted dubey gone, ufa back up goalie for a 4th line center. No way u get p.k subban, dustin byfuglien or weber for dubey and a pick. Just saying.

  • Zarny

    A warm body an actual NHL player in exchange for Dubnyk? You gotta call this a win, Flubnyk has gotta be one of the worst positionally awkward big men in goal in the whole NHL. Going out and getting Scrivens right after is icing on that cake. Scrivens was obviously the odd man out with Jones strong play after Quicks injury. Not looking too bad considering how poor the goaltending was to start the year. Now onto some competent defensemen and this might start looking promising.

  • Jack Dupp

    Perfect – good move Oilers. Finally. Now get Scrivens a couple of decent Defensemen. We have our Goalie for the future , with L.B. a few years away. The goaltending situation now looks better.

  • Zarny

    I have no problems with what MacT has done. There is no silver bullet. The Oilers aren’t 1 move away.

    Dubnyk had to be moved; the well has been poisoned. He’s been the heir apparent for years now and he failed. You can’t keep him as a back-up or a tandem because he’d always have that baggage of failure hanging around.

    And since Bryz isn’t playing well either MacT had to make a move. To make a move he had to move Dubnyk. Right now, with a 3.36 GAA and 0.894 SV% Dubnyk isn’t worth much. That’s reality.

    I’m not optimistic Scrivens is the answer long term but he can’t be worse. And even if Hendricks doesn’t work out no team has been in cap trouble because of a guy making $1.85M.

  • Spydyr

    Everyone wants that #1 D – Why cant we get it, why why why.
    F–k already i will tell you why, they dont grow on Trees, a #1 here
    is yeah, a 3-4 on other teams perhaps, do you think these types of players are not valued by their respective teams ? They are hard to come by and the asking prices people for a solid 1-2 defenceman for the Oilers
    will be high , so be prepared to give up Yak or a very good package of players. This type of trade is not easy. The last time a relevant D man was moved was probably when we got Pronger. Shoring up our D from outside the organization is not going to be cheap or easy. Be prepared to Pay
    and most likely overpay.

  • bazmagoo

    Considering we’ll likely be saving money next season on Nick Schultz, Ales Hemsky, Dennis Grebeshkov, Ben Eager, amongst others I’d say the fact that Hendricks makes approx $350,000 more than he is worth won’t be much of an issue.

    • 24% body fat

      He makes $350k more than he’s worth – this year.

      Next year, because he’ll be older, slower, and Belanger, he’ll make $850k more than he’s worth.

      The year after that, when he’ll be older, Belanger, and Belanger, he’ll make $1,350k more than he’s worth.

      The final year of his contract in Edmonton, when he’s Belanger, Belanger, and Belanger, he’ll be earning $1,850k more than he’s worth.

  • Randaman

    More size, grit, PK. What more did you expect after Dubnyk imploded this year?? I also think Scrivens will surprise all the negative Nellies here. Hope is all I have left and I am clinging to that.

  • emonkee

    People kept saying Dubynk for Hendricks is crap. I agree, but if we don’t trade Dubbie, even for a bag of pucks, the Scriven trade wouldn’t have happen.

    So let’s refer today’s transaction as Scriven + Hendricks for Dubbie + 3rd rather than 2 separate deals. No way MacT make one deal but not another. They go together.

    That being said, I am interested in seeing how Scrivens perform with our D since they are nowhere near as good as the Kings. Kinda disappointed in how Bryz played lately.

  • Zarny

    Scrivens has a 0.931 save% in 19 games for the kings, and his career numbers are a cut above Dubbi’s. Also to this point he has been paid much less than Dubnyk.

    Add to that an unquestionable 4th line center and you have a pretty major club improvement in my view

    • reaperfunkss

      But you havent seen him play on this team so you may wanna reserve judgement. Using his numbers with the Kings may not be appropriate as the Kings not only know that defense needs to be played in the NHL they do it as well as any team in the last decade perhaps.

      Not saying they have been the best for the past decade just saying this year they are as good or better than most teams in that period of time

  • Spydyr

    With a cap of $70 million and an owner willing to spend to it $1.8 million for an effective fourth liner is a non issue.

    When you’re 29th place you can’t “overvalue” your assets. If you did you’d never make a trade.

    I like Dubnyk. Feel bad for him. Outside of the first five games this year I really don’t know if he blew his chance or if the Defence is that bad. Who knows? Maybe even Henrik Lundqvist would be throwing his stick in the air playing behind this group.

    Don’t start trashing MacT because these moves aren’t “bold” let it go. Don’t forget the “bold moves” quote was only the third dumbest thing said at that press conference. MacT is trying. His lack of bold moves isn’t because he’s new or that he overvalues his players it’s because he’s the GM of a 29th place team in a league where only 16 trades have been made all year.

  • bazmagoo

    MacT did well today in my opinion, but I’m always an eternal optimist when it comes to my Oilers. They certainly do have a way of ruining that and turning me into a pessimist though. Go Oilers Go!

  • Phuryous George

    Exciting stuff, but probably not the answer. It will be interesting to watch Dubnyk and Scrivens numbers, and see if Dubnyks goes up behind NSH d-corp, and Scrivens drop off with EDM’s d men playing above where they would on any other team.

    As for Hendricks, i’d rather over pay him than watch Lander play anymore NHL hockey here.


  • bwar

    Hendricks is a guy I thought the Oilers should have targeted in free agency and honestly I think Scrivens is the same calibre goalie as Dubnyk. Fair trades overall in my books.

  • Bucknuck

    Most people think that Scrivens is an upgrade on Dubnyk. Most people think the Oil need more grit and size and veteran presence (Hendricks).

    I hate losing the third round pick, but if Scrivens is the starter that MacT is betting he is, then it’s well worth it.

    I am OK with these trades, since it will make watching this dismal team a little more interesting and I need that right now. That Dallas game depressed my Oilers Mojo.

    • This is what gets me, while Scrivens numbers were better than Dubnyk, he (Scrivens) was playing in front of one of the best defensive team in the NHL.

      He also lost the “back up” position to an AHL goalie……… He also prior to the L.A trade was back & forth between the Marlies & the Leafs.

      If this is the Oilers starter, I’m not at all feeling good about it, Having said that, it can’t be worse then Dubnyk, unless of course they don’t re-sign him….

        • geoilersgist

          I think that is because a large portion of our bottom 6 aren’t really bottom six players in this league… I am honestly ok with these trades because we got a slightly better goalie and someone who knows their role on the 4th line and can play it.

          • Zarny

            Not true at all.

            Contenders routinely trade picks and prospects for proven NHL players.

            It’s teams that always trade proven NHLers for draft picks that end up losers.

          • A-Mc

            Not easy to use the word “contenders” and Oilers in the same sentence!

            Hendricks a slight over pay, but dont think Jones is back next year, Smyth likely gone , Hemsky , and maybe Gagner. At least we are adding real sandpaper.

          • Spydyr

            Tell that to Sam Pollock the GM that won 12 Stanley cups.

            Here is one story:

            Among one of his shrewdest moves, was a series of trades in which the Canadiens obtained the first overall pick in the 1971 NHL Entry Draft, the year in which Guy Lafleur would be eligible. It appeared as if the first overall selection would be held by the California Golden Seals so he persuaded Seals owner Charlie Finley to trade the Seals’ pick and François Lacombe in return for Montreal’s first round pick and a veteran Ernie Hicke. However, during the 1970-71 season, the Los Angeles Kings were playing even more poorly than the hapless California Seals. The Kings were in danger of “beating” the Seals out for last place, and if this happened Pollock would lose his first overall pick. Pollock cleverly traded the aging but still valuable Ralph Backstrom to the Kings for two insignificant players. Backstrom’s presence lifted the Kings out of last place, the Seals finished at the bottom, granting the Habs the first pick. Pollock hesitated between Lafleur and Marcel Dionne, but chose Lafleur with his overall no.1 pick.

            Now that is a GM.

          • Zarny

            And go tell that Chicago, Boston, Pit, LA and Detroit who have all traded picks and prospects for proven NHLers over recent years and won the Stanley Cup.

            And one story from 40 years ago in a much different era doens’t have a lot of bearing in 2014.

          • Spydyr

            When your team is contending for the Cup sure trade picks for players to help you win the Cup.When you have not made the playoffs for eight years trading draft picks to placate a growing fire Lowe chant, well there is a reason they missed the playoff for eight years.

          • Zarny

            The Oilers have missed the playoffs because they have consistently traded proven NHL players for draft picks as part of the rebuild.

            Obviously you don’t trade every draft pick away but the LAST thing the Oilers need is another draft pick or rookie in the dressing room.

            They started the season with half the roster having played less than 200 games. Hall, Nuge, Eberle, Yakupov, Schultz…the Oilers have all the young players they need.

            What they need are players 25-32 y/o who can play now and support the young kids.

            They have a logjam of D prospects; half of whom should be packaged with picks for players 5-6 years further developed.

            The Oilers have had multiple 2nd and 3rd round picks in recent years. It’s time to turn the corner.

          • pkam

            Are you suggesting the Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli was not smart enough because he should have tried to trade us a couple of veteran players to help us win some games so the Leafs could finish last and they can get Hall?

          • Serious Gord

            Go check out the stats – Dionne was a far better player who toiled on some of the worst teams in the league and still had a far better career than lafleur.

          • Spydyr

            Scrivens is still unproven. Hendricks is what he is a fourth line player.Good teams draft good players in the second and third round.The Oilers are not a good team.Nice try though.

          • pkam

            Petry is a 2nd rounder, isn’t he? So Petry will never be an NHL regular?

            Pitlick and Marincin are also 2nd rounders. So none of these two will ever be an NHL regulars?

            I think we have about 10 2nd round picks since 2004 (last 10 years), if we can have more than 1, it is better than 10%.

            Looks like we will have at least 2, probably 3. And we haven’t counted the picks of 2011, 2012, and 2013.

          • Tikkanese

            Hate to burst your bubble but Pitlick and Marincin are far from NHL regulars. Sure they have up arrows and Marincin has looked good so far but it’s only been 11 games. Hardly a regular yet. Possible? Yes. Fact? No.

            So you’re saying Gregor’s article where he did all the math and had those figures was wrong? Maybe it was 20% for a 2nd rounder, I don’t remember exactly. Either way it is still terrible odds. That was also odds only for a regular, not a “good player”.

            That’s all 2nd rounders anyways and the conversation was about the trading of a 3rd for Scrivens. Spydyr said all good teams draft good players with 2nd and 3rd rounders. That is hardly the case.

          • pkam

            I am responding to Spydyr’s comment that Oilers are 0%.

            I didn’t say that Pitlick and Marincin are NHL regulars. I asked Spydyr if he think they will ever be NHL regulars?

          • Spydyr

            Scrivens is set to become unrestricted free agent this summer.So if the don’t sign him they will have nothing by the time that 3rd round pick happens at the draft.

            Stupid move.It is not like they were in a playoff battle.

          • Spydyr

            Good managers don’t hope they can keep an asset. They know.

            What I know is if they sign him or not that third round pick is gone.

            Perhaps Mac-T asked permission to talk to him before the trade and they have a deal in the works. If not it is a gamble.

          • Spydyr

            Yeah your probably right. What scares me is that they traded the second and now the third and there is talk about trading the first.

            Not sure if a team ever had a draft where they did not pick till the fourth round. Top five picks at that.

            Imagine looking back in five years at the 2014 draft class.

          • Spydyr

            Trading picks for players works if your contending for a Cup.

            Trading picks for overpaid ,old fourth liners and UFA goalies when your building a team does not work.

          • pkam

            I agree.

            So what should we do? We still have many holes to fill, and we don’t want to wait, and we don’t want to trade away our picks or prospects. So how can we improve our team now?

  • Phuryous George

    MacT does cover a lot of holes here. Don’t expect a lot from Hendricks, but 4th liner with size, a lefty in the circle to complement Gordon. And he’s experienced. The Oilers need more experience on the ice.

    But my excitement is for Scrivens. I think a very good team can win with competent goaltending. Scrivens doesn’t need to be a rockstar if the other pieces fall into place. But it’d be real nice if Scrivens continues to play like he did before he got hurt this year.

  • As far as I’m concerned, the goalie is a swap of peers, both about the same historically. Bryz is also terrible. Seems to me all we did was gain an extra offensively challenged center – didn’t the Oilers already have that with Lander without giving up another contract spot?

  • ghostofberanek

    Holy cow, can we get over the “bold move” thing already? MacTavish has done a fine job, given what he had to work with. His “bold moves” statement was made before he truly understood the difficulty in making a bold move.

    I like the moves today, his decisions seem to be very careful and calculated. Even the best GM’s make a boneheaded move now and then. His worst move was to sign Gagner to that contract, but the Perron deal was pure brilliance. I trust MacTavish all the way.

  • **

    The oilers dont need offence. they are 17 in the league in scoring, but dead last by far in goals against. If this dude is good defensively, then it’s a good move. Scrivens is a definitive upgrade on Dubnyk.

    • Truth

      Scrivens numbers are good with the best goals against in the league, now he is with the worst goals against team. To say Scrivens is an upgrade is wrong. Dubnyk is a 1st round pick Scrivens undrafted.

      Oilers are dying for any news that does not deal with the standings. This trade is pointless.

      • **

        Yeah, Dubnyk was picked in the first round by the same crew that brought us Rob Schremp in that same round, so, yeah, there’s that. Oh, and the pick after Schremp? Cory SChneider.

  • 24% body fat

    Trade does very little as D is still horrible, Forwards lack size. Scrivens’ body of work is much less than Dubnyk and he played for a good defensive team…Oiler fans will soon be on Scrivens when he posts a .900 sv percentage behind this shoddy team. Getting Hendricks and his contract is a big gamble…pretty expensive to play a fourth line forward with little production. Definitely not a bold move by MacT…

  • 24% body fat

    Proper asset management says you sign or trade hemsky before doing something with Gagner. Gagner can still be traded in the summer after free agency gets tight or at the draft. Hemsky is goners. So I think the next move is trading hemsky, and building up gagner as a wing so he can be traded, or slot into there permanently so Eberle or Yak can be moved for the Dman or number two center.