Tyler Pitlick played for the Oklahoma City tonight, scoring a goal and adding an assist in the Barons game against Rochester. He’s 2-2-4 in his last five games, and should be close to ready for callup.


  • R Ales Hemsky (48, 7-17-24). Veteran winger has injury concerns (good lord) but if healthy (and if Edmonton chooses to trade him) 83 should bring good value.
  • L Ryan Smyth (40, 6-10-16). The elder statesman of the team is having a solid year, and teams may come calling. If the Oilers have no plans to bring him back, this might be his last chance at Stanley. I wonder if LA would acquire him for the run, or perhaps San Jose.
  • D Anton Belov (42, 1-5-6). Big man lacks NHL experience but he’s a big body and might be able to help a contender, especially in the eastern conference where they slow play the game.
  • R Ryan Jones (31, 2-3-5). I didn’t have him on the list one week ago, but he keeps fighting people. I wonder if Jones fighting comes from an effort to get noticed by another NHL team. Far fetched? Maybe. Jones can score goals from the 4line, and that has value.
  • D Corey Potter (12, 0-3-3). Potter has had injury problems this season, but as a depth defender he might fit and wouldn’t cost a lot.
  • D Nick Schultz (48, 0-3-3). Guys like Schultz ALWAYS have value at the deadline, although Schultz has struggled badly of late.
  • G Ilya Bryzgalov (14, 3.27 .902). I’m not certain he’s done enough to earn another team’s trust, but the pricetag shouldn’t be too dear.


  • D Taylor Fedun (30, 5-15-20). College man has had his first NHL cup of coffee and with Marincin’s success those OKC boys appear to be able to play defense!
  • R Tyler Pitlick (21, 3-7-10). When he was called up earlier in the year, Pitlick looked very comfortable in the NHL, and coach Dallas Eakins was impressed. Now that he’s healthy, a trade or injury could inspire a callup.
  • F Roman Horak (24, 7-9-16). He didn’t impress in his first callup, but Horak has significant NHL experience and may get an opportunity in the second half.
  • C Anton Lander (23, 11-11-22). He can play center, help on the PK and given some actual linemates might be able to score a goal or two in his next NHL recall.
  • G Richard Bachman (20, 2.96 .910). The hero of one incredible night of Oiler goaltending early this season has been playing well in OKC. He may get the call if Bryzgalov is sent away.


A team in the Oilers position must comply—there’s no sense keeping a pending UFA if you have no plans to sign them, and the Oilers have a rather long list of possibles. The Barons have already sent Mark Arcobello and Martin Marincin north already this season, there may be room for one or two more after the deadline.

Strong candidates: Pitlick and Fedun.

(Barons photos by Rob Ferguson, all rights reserved)

    • Lowetide

      I don’t know. The Oilers should be much better than they are, and currently the worry is over the top 2lines and the blue (along with goaltending, but I like the new hire).

      Terrible answer, I’m not sure. But it fits.

      • D

        If I may offer one scintilla of hope LT – I’ve run a few business over the years that needed to be “turned around”. Sometimes years of work seemed to get nowhere. Then, just like that, everything started to click. Fingers crossed that the Oilers are in the same position.

      • Love the optimism. Try to never miss your show LT.

        But to make the playoffs … It will take … Shea Weber, Ryan Suter, PK, one or two heavy forwards who can play, Eakins to realize the north China hockey team needs a good fitness coach … And 8,453 Corsi miracles.

        Possibly even Mrs Scrivens to realize Winter is better with snow and the Octane girls really need her. And all the girls of edmonton hold out on the Hall and Ebs show until they see a cup.

        Meh… Stranger things have happened.

      • What are some of your theory’s on what is truly transpiring on the Oilers?

        Keep in mind I think everyone realizes that the Oilers need defense, and a better mix in the top six with better center depth.

        However, I think it’s deeper than that, can you ever recall such a disheartening effort put forth by this team before?

        I’m not entirely sure who’s in charge here? Also do you not see Klefbom coming up for a cup of coffee?

        • Lowetide

          I think the Oilers decided to rebuild and basically set about using the draft as their only building block. They didn’t acquire any free agents to help, or if they did they were quickly sent away. The club didn’t sign a lot of useful college free agents, Tambellini was a disaster in the trade market and we are here.

          The catching up is happening now, and I think they are probably fewer pieces away than we think, but then again a top defenseman, a quality center and a two-way winger who can score 15 goals a season (along with goaltending) is still a pretty long list.

          • MKE

            Those are the facts we know .. And all correct.

            I think most fans are looking for the facts we don’t know … And may never know.

            Not the management and on ice stuff … But the thoughts and feelings of the players and management. What is really going on and really on their minds.

            If I cared as much about what my wife was doing and thinking .. Not just the surface stuff but what was “really going on” … I’d probably be … Well … Not on a hockey blog.

          • Oilerz4life

            LT. Do….I……have……….enough………….. periods………………………in……………………………….my………………………………………………….blog?

          • Lowetide I know Tambellini gets a lot of blame. However how do we know that he was not fulfilling his mandate. Did Lowe not extend his contract for two years at one point? That suggests to me that the POHO was satisfied with him. I don’t think that one can compare these two managers unless one knew what there initial mandate was. Clearly MacT was brought in when the team was in a position, everyone thought, to succeed. Yet it was Tambellini that really developed the farm system. I dont know, thoughts?

          • reaperfunkss

            Still gonna hang it on tambellini even after Lowe confirmed that he never actually gave up proper GM responsibilities to him?

            Not calling Tambellini great or anything like that but to put it on him when it was mostly 6rings making the call seems unfair.

        • I know this question was meant for LT, but I’m bored and in my opinion ….

          Players have stopped playing for Eakins
          System ? If you can call it that is not working.
          Most (all) top six players have no contract to play for.
          23 demoralizing plays (players and coaching decisions) by end of 1st
          Most players simply don’t seem to even like or respect each other.

          Or … Could be simply a lack of vitamin D

        • camdog

          What’s happening? Let’s see. To start, I think there is no sense of “Team” on the Oilers. There are a few small cliques, but because there is SO MUCH turnover beyond Hall, Ebs, RNH, there is never even enough consistency in player decisions to allow a sense of team to develope. So you’ve got a bunch of guys playing like mercenaries, free agents out there. No one knows each other all that well, and they don’t particularly seem to like each other.

          Add to that as LT explains, that the top guys don’t have to play for contracts for MANY years, and that you’ve tried to rebuild exclusively through the draft, and no wonder things are terrible.

          Unfortunately, there aren’t any good or easy ways to fix this. You have got to make all of your big trades ASAP. Set a roster, then STICK WITH IT. Allow it to actually gel. What that also means, is you are going to have to pay (overpay to get them to EMD if we’re honest) for quality players. No more searching for “value players”, because clearly we stink at that. Pay for the good ones, then keep them. And stop this “hall and RNH are untouchable” BS. I’m not saying trade them, but I am saying let them know–they are not immune to being traded away if they can’t get it together in EDM. No one should be immune–you can’t hold contracts over their heads bc you already signed them LT, but you can at least hold the fact you can send them to Buffalo over their heads.

      • In the Grease

        LT, I know you just wrote about this, so isn’t coaching now also a major concern for you? I wish that we had a proven NHL vet coach in place – someone with a solid track record – so we could at least get a general sense that it’s probably not the coach. I would like to see some stability in that position as much as Gregor, but damn if dude (Eakins) doesn’t have a huge vote of NO CONFIDENCE from fans and media alike. I really wanted to believe in him (this coach was apparently a hot commodity) at the start of the season – but rookie GMs make mistakes… like hiring rookie head coaches who turn out not to be the right fit for the team.

  • reaperfunkss

    If only the Exiting the System list included:

    Kevin Lowe
    Craig MacTavish
    Scott Howson
    Rick Olcyk
    Dallas Eakins
    Keith Acton
    Steve Smith
    Kelly Buchberger
    entire pro scouting staff

    list courtesy (

    and there was an incoming list that included

    PHOP who knows something about hockey and is not a former oiler
    GM who knows something about hockey and is not a former oiler
    VPHOP who knows something about hockey and is not a former oiler
    AsstGM who knows something about hockey and is not a former oiler
    Coach who knows something about hockey and is not a former oiler
    Asst Coach who knows something about hockey and is not a former oiler
    Pro Scouts who knows something about hockey and is not a former oiler

    just maybe the amazing players we have could blossom into the players that they could be instead of the players they’re turning out to be….

  • Lowetide

    If those are our top prospects that are ready to come up. Wow we’re In trouble. Maybe Pitlick could be a third liner but the rest will be Minor leagues. Our biggest issue within this organization is our evaluation of players. In all areas. 8 years out of the playoffs and counting. I need a drink.

  • Lowetide

    All terrible and over valued. Typical Oiler style. There is only 1 player in edm worth anything to more than a handle of teams and that’s Hall. Corey freaking Potter!!?? This clown is available? Ummm. Wtf!! Why how is he on an nhl team???!!!!!!

  • reaperfunkss

    If Nick Schultz is not dealt for whatever reason, Fedun needs to be brought up in his place, and they need to decide whether Belov or Fedun is the guy they are going to overextend next year by forcing into a top 4 role.

    In all seriousness, I would try and trade Nick Schultz right now, even if its a bit low. Gives you time to bring up Fedun and have him compete with Belov before the trade deadline. Either way, both those guys need NHL experience this year, as all the Oilers should be furiously focused on developing/auditioning players at the NHL level while the points don’t matter. Belov and Fedun should be auditioning for a role alongside Marincin in the #4-7 rotation (to be joined by Marincin as well as Ference and J Schultz).

    If neither work out, then trade one or both, as we have a log jam of #4-7 D-men with more coming up in the system.

    Petry should be a #3, but next year I will be content if he is a #2 D-man and the Oil bring in a #1 and #3.

    But for goodness sake, show the fans you have a plan on how the prospects are going to be integrated, and sell D prospects from a relative position of strength (when they are non-urgently disposable commodities, not roster spots that urgently need to be disposed).

    • Lowetide

      Now wait just a second. There’s “suck”. And then there’s “suck with potential to suck less”. I would reevaluate that list of yours kind sir !

  • J.R.

    Hemsky should bring good value? Really?

    I see his return being slightly north of what we got for Omark. We’d be lucky to get a decent fourth liner or even a third round pick.

    Sad but probably true. I hope I’m wrong.

    • In the Grease

      Hemsky is an interesting case.

      Penner got a first and a B prospect.

      If Hemsky is only worth a 3-5 pick at trade deadline. Then what does that mean he is worth to resign ? If he is only worth a 3rd, does that mean he’s only worth 1.5 million in free agency ? Less ?

      My guess is that if Hemsky goes for a 3rd or less his agent suffers a mild heart attack shortly after.

  • MKE

    Following the deadline we should only bring up the hard players. I do not adhere to the philosophy that promotes young players with potential to fill air time on a losing hockey team.

    Fringe guys like Pinizzotto should fill those emptied roster spots to close the year out.

    Tough guys like Pitlick are good too.

    Fedun would probably be necessary just to have a third RH Defenseman.

    Send Yak down for the rest of the year (If that is still contractually possible). He won’t like it, but he could dominate people again and get back some of that boyish enthusiasm.

    No Klefbom or … Jaysus, do we have any skilled prospects?

  • MKE

    For arguments sake I will say tambo sucked.

    So if we can agree on that, why are we running MacT out of town and not giving him a chance to clean up the mess?

    Are we going to give the next guy less then a full season to put his stamp on the team too?

    And the guy after that?

  • MKE

    Also on Justin Schultz. Dmen take time to develop. So why the hell are we running a guy out of town who has played less then 100 games in the NHL?

    The Oilers have sucked for a long time. I get that. But we are in year 4 of the rebuild.

    Everyone wants to use Chicago as the model.

    Keith took time to develop. Seabrook and Sharp and others took time. These pieces were in place before they ever got Kane or Toews.

    Chicago’s rebuild took 8-9 years.

    If you want to use the Chicago model fine. But compare apples to apples. Edmonton tried to be compete for a few years after 2006.

    Should they have tried to rebuild right after Pronger left? Sure. But they didn’t.

    Again this is year 4 of the rebuild.

    Lets not confuse 8 years of sucking with an 8 year rebuild.

    • In the Grease

      what makes you say Chicago took 8-9 years? they sucked for a long time no doubt! but was the same guy incharge of running that team into the dirt then given the time to try to rebuild the mess he made?

      they had keith and seabrook way before Toews and Kane true. but doesn’t that only make the oilers situation seem even worst than it already does?? we just got 1dman to pin our hopes on last year. so youre saying just wait 8-9years? just be patient? give klowe another decade to rebuild?

      • MKE

        I don’t give a flying crap about Kevin Lowe. I’m not talking about him. I’m talking about CRAIG MACTAVISH. MacT did not create the mess. I’m not giving anything to Lowe. Fire his ass.

        I say 8ish years because they drafted in the top 10 several times between 2000 and 2008.

        And no, you should actually read what I said. I said this is year 4. No where did I say give Klowe 10 more years. No where did i say wait 8-9 years.

        I’m saying if people want to use the chicago model, then we are only halfway through the rebuild. We shouldn’t expect to do in 4 years what Chicago did in 8.

        Firing everyone is not going to make this change any faster.

        • but you did say oilers are in year 4 of the rebuild but went on to say it took Chicago 8-9 years because they drafted top 10 for 8 years. so the gagner draft was a top 6 selection so that should add a year to our rebuild then right?

          • MKE

            The Oilers made it clear that the plan was to try and compete up until the 2009/2010 season.

            Fire everyone and then what? How long do you give the next guys? 50 games?

            If you want to fire everyone, fine.

            If you want to add a year on the rebuild and say this is year 5, fine.

            Whats your solution? Fire everyone…..and then?

            Bring in who exactly?

            Give them all 50 games to turn it around?

          • In the Grease

            I don’t want anyone fired but Lowe! you don’t even need to bring in anyone to replace his made up job title. give absolute clear and undeniable control to mact. gives everyone a fresh start

          • @RexHolez @MKE

            After 8 years it’s difficult to see the forest from the tree’s, ya? Personally, I am feed up with the organizations mediocrity, if you want to even call it that.

            For Christ sakes, make some bloody moves that actually help, get good players, keep good players, get better!

            Like I asked LT, I don’t know what the problem is, but there is a definite problem inside this organization, the only true way to root out a problem is to wipe the whole thing clean, mafia style. When in doubt whack’m all.

            Bring in whom? Start with hiring a guy like Scotty Bowman as a consultant; bring in people who’ve worked with some of the best GM’s in the league, talk to Boston, talk to Chicago et al, and talk to player agents.

  • In the Grease

    whatever they’re doing isn’t working! time for fresh ideas and new leadership without the baggage and years of hopelessness that is attached to klowe

  • In the Grease

    don’t even get me started on the assistant coaches!! this entire organization is flawed and its reflected in the record!

    time to take off the rose colored glasses and put away your excuses and explanations! their is nothing left to explain! its not working!!

    • MKE

      Just because a body has cancer in it does not mean you throw out the whole body. This team is not in this position because of the assistant coaches.

      Lets not over generalize and rationalize like 16 year old girls here.

      Or worse yet like flames fans.

      What was the last team you led to a cup final?

    • camdog

      It is a position that does NOT need to have a replacement, the position gets removed from the management hierarcy. And the GM has one less opinion involved in him doing his job. I see Lowe as a very competitive but not as intelligent or skilled in his current position as he believes he is, it happens, see Micheal Jordan’s basketball career in management picking talent and running a team.

      • PlayDirty

        OK – I don’t disagree, but you’re not gonna leave MacT in charge of the entire hockey commodity. Just askin’ all the gurus who they’d bring in? Who’s out there you’d want? I would think it would be a simple question seeing as there 5000 people here that are so good at being GM’s.

  • camdog

    Nick Shultz lost his game a year before we traded for him. If he is traded, it will be for a conditional pick that likely doesn’t turn into anything. Much like Whitney I don’t expect him to stick in the NHL next season. I personally don’t see his value. If he had value the Oilers would be crazy to move him and not re sign him, considering our weakness on D.

  • paul wodehouse

    Love to hear all the talk about what this player is worth or that player is worth.

    Please bear in mind however that all these players you are talking about play for the -worst- team in the league. They have no cachet as, for example, a Hawk or a Bruin.They have the odor of having played for the Oilers.

    This is where knowledgeable hockey guys come from when they say the Oilers over value their players. We do. We’ve seen them good. Everyone else looks at our record and knows we are blowing smoke.

    Trades scenarios look tough. UFA’s look tough. No talent in the system. Better draft wisely and often.

    • reaperfunkss

      If Ference had come from say the panthers or blue jackets I believe you could take a million a year off his contract at least. But when you play for a winner you get certain perks, as it should be.

      It is not just drafting wisely, the development is crucial as well. Another thing this team has not done well in a long time

  • paul wodehouse

    The eastern play-off race is an interesting opportunity for the Oilers’ to find a trading partner. Teams 5-12 all are in a very tight battle for a play-off spot.

    To my eye Washington and the BlueJacket have enough depth on defence to give up a top dman to get true goal scoring foward.

    Our peaking forwards are 4, 57, 14, 93.

    I think the conditions are right to trade 14 or 57 to get that dman we NEED.

    If we miss Ekblad at this years draft, who knows when you will get another shot at a 1/2 dman.

  • paul wodehouse

    LT…the new movie “Her” features, just the voice of a woman talking the to lead in the movie through a computer and they … fall in love … the voice of the woman is …wait for it … your Scarlett Johansson…!!!!!!!!!!!!thank me for the heads up later you complex soulful man you!

    p.s. loved the piece…Pitlick should be here, er. there. for the rest of the season…but I think you may be on a bit of a stretch that we are only a few pieces away from being a playoff contender…still need a goalie for Scrivens to back up & all hail Seven of Nine

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    If we think or talk about the Hawks rebuild as having taken 8 years, I think we cloud the issue here. A rebuild is a stage one and stage two process, something that takes you from ground zero to icing a decent competive team. Which shouldn’t take more than three or four years max.

    From there, there are other milestones you need to reach. You need to reach the stage where you make the playoffs regularly. This is called learning how to win consistently. Then you reach the stage where you’re in the upper echelon of the top six teams. This is where you learn what it takes to win cups.

    The problem here is that it’s been 4 and a half years and we are not icing a decent competitive team. We have been and still are a lottery team.

    If the accession to being a cup contender is say a 5 stage process, we should be in or past stage three by now….and yet we seem stuck in stage two and on some nights it feels like stage one.

  • paul wodehouse

    ORG…is it at all like a problem with the owner himself? I liken D Katz to Charles Wang in NY … crazy jock sniffers and stupid with money…Wang hires a goalie to do the mixing and matching of players until Tavares and Katz hires a Dman to hire buddy after buddy until Hall…

    • reaperfunkss

      I have stated right along, that Katz, has his fingers in this mud pie in a big way.

      We are all armchair managers, but Katz decided he can be more than an armchair guy, heck I’ll buy the team and become the Jerry Jones of the NHL, although I will do it more discreetly . I ll hire a couple of gophers , put a leash on their necks and have some fun running an NHL team.And make a bunch of money doing it.

      We all have seen what the gophers have done to this team.

      If Katz honestly wanted to have the state of the art NHL / dream team, he would have had competent people in place a long time ago.Let the gophers play in the sandbox.

  • paul wodehouse

    I say keep the call-ups down……..everytime they come up they are never put in a position to succeed, usually played out of position, and expected to walk on water.

    Leave them down on the farm where we seem to have a great coach, doing great things. Up here they will have to Chop Water and Drink Wood, hardly a recipe for success.

  • reaperfunkss

    I have trouble with the Fire Lowe but keep macT. They are of the same mind. Peas in a pod if you will. This organization is sick and needs the management side cut out completely along with all the coaches. Neither lowe nor mact are very good at evaluating talent as they have both proven. Mact as a coach said Glencross was dime a dozen type player, not quite true he is actually quite effective. He said Brodziak was not NHL level talent yet we could sure use him and Chimera another guy he ran out of town.

    No one makes perfect calls all the time but consider that Belov was personally scouted by Mact then he ttold us this guy had a shot at an Olympic spot with the russians. IMO Belov has never looked like an elite or near elite. he is just an average looking player at best.

    If you are not very good at judging talent then Hockey operations is a place you should not be

  • Johnnydapunk

    I actually hope they keep Belov and resign him for next season. He has been alright for his first year in the NHL and will improve. I see him in a similar situation that Hejda was in when he played for the Oil, his first year was a learning experience and he turned into a pretty steady defenceman.

  • Zarny

    Don’t see any of the players listed exiting being part of the solution so MacT should get what he can. They won’t be bold moves but picks and prospects for the pipeline are never bad. Maybe even an upgrade for the 3rd or 4th line.

    It’s paramount some of the prospects graduate to the big team. They don’t have to play big minutes but LA, Chi, Pit etc all have players like Muzzin, Clifford, Shaw, Saad, etc who are part of solution and not drafted in the top 10 overall.