Ben Scrivens.


Ben Scrivens. 

Need we say more?

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Most Saves In A Shutout

This table via, which has all NHL data going back to 1987-88:

Rk Player Date Team Opp. Dec. Shots Saves
1 Ben Scrivens 1/29/2014 EDM SJS W 59 59
2 Mike Smith 4/3/2012 PHX CBJ W 54 54
3 Craig Anderson 3/2/2008 FLA NYI W 53 53
4 Curtis Joseph 12/10/1996 EDM DET T 52 52
5 Jonathan Quick 12/13/2010 LAK DET W 51 51
6 Martin Brodeur 1/12/2010 NJD NYR W 51 51
7 Glenn Healy 1/16/1990 NYI VAN W 51 51
8 James Reimer 2/4/2012 TOR OTT W 49 49
9 Niklas Backstrom 2/19/2012 MIN BOS W 48 48
10 Cam Ward 2/2/2012 CAR BOS W 47 47

The Oilers Defensive System

On second thought, let’s not talk about that.

So Scrivens?

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Yeah. That was something else. 

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  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    See what a real goalie coach can teach. I would have to think Billy Ranford knows a thing or two more about goaltending than Freddy Chabot. Scrivens doesn’t flop all over the ice, he is square to the shooter unlike the previous goalie we had here. That folks is what a real goalie coach can teach. We need some D badly and not Brian Campbell.

  • Sevenseven

    Jennifer Hiel get your name down from Ben Scrivens road immediately!! Your gold medal performance might as well be a participant ribbon compared to his best in the universe showing.

  • Tikkanese

    Hey didn’t another Oiler goalie come from Spruce Grove? I remember him being pretty good. Who would have thought a goalie factory would be so close to Edmonton? .oh yeah Calgary sucks.

  • Zarny

    Ben Scrivens…just awesome last night.

    If Dubnyk letting in beach balls over the first 20 games was all bad coaching by Eakins (LMAO) I guess last night was a Jack Adams’ performance.

  • Tikkanese

    I can understand the “logic” of keeping Lowe around given his 6 rings, work with Team Canada, history with the team and so on.

    What is the “logic” of having Chabot around? Or even behind the hiring in the first place?

  • Johnnydapunk

    I have to say that last night was one of the first times I clapped in front of the TV in years, I think Gagner’s 8 point night was the last time.

    Despite Scrivens seeming to downplay the whole thing in his interviews after the game, they showed him skating around the ice when he was the first star and it looked like it meant something to him, even if he was trying to hide it. He looked like he was gonna cry.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that even if he gives the impression of not wanting to be here, inside he loves wearing the Oil jersey. And I don’t care who you are, if you’re a sports fan and you get the honour to wear your hometown jersey and play the game of your life, it means something to you. Last night, he was that “hero” he dreamt of being as a kid.

    I’m only guessing of course, but that was the impression I got.

    • Johnnydapunk

      No such things as stupid questions 🙂

      He is called the Professor because he went to Cornell University which is a private Ivy league research University and his mask is filled with Shakespeare quotes.

      That’s about it really 🙂