In their search for legit help on the blueline, Edmonton must look everywhere and that includes the team down the QE2. The Calgary Flames are in a different part of their rebuild, and although the price would be high, Mark Giordano could be a perfect fit for the Oil.   

Giordano is in a really productive part of his career. At 30, he’s played over 300 games and displays a wide range of skills and a great deal of leadership. He should be able to play deep into his 30’s and can supply any NHL team with a steady reliable player in all situations.

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Here’s this year’s sledgehammer, Giordano is such a nice player. Toughest opposition and some unattractive zone starts (Brodie too) and even with that he’s pretty close to even at Corsi. There’s all kinds of positives—25 minutes a night, six goals on the power play—and he’s a solid defender. The only negative you can find is his size (6.0, 200), but he’s strong enough to win battles.

This is an unusual graph, there’s no one in the "two-way" upper right quadrant and just two in the "shutdown" group. Only Giordano is playing the toughs, which suggests to me the Flames tried a few partners and then moved on. Calgary’s defense isn’t very good here, basically Giordano, Wideman and Brodie, little wonder they’ve added pieces.

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Bouwmeester and Butler were the shutdown defenders in 11-12, neither doing a terribly good job. Giordano got the zone start push but still played the toughs—this season really differs only in zone starts—and when they dealt Bouwmeester they moved Giordano into the more difficult role. Considering the quality of the team, and the quality of competition he’s facing, Giordano looks like a pretty solid option. Consistent, with some offensive ability, and he’s a lefthander who could probably work with both Petry and Justin Schultz. He did miss 18 games earlier this season due to injury, but that’s an occupational hazard. 

Note: The Sledgehammer graphs above are here, and thanks to Extra Skater for the playing card.





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The Oilers have a high draft pick, and the Flames are rebuilding. I’m not going to get into the value of a top 5 pick and Giordano’s worth compared to Michael Dal Colle or Leon Draisaitl, but there should be a deal in there somewhere with additional talent involved to make things equal. 

Mark Giordano closely resembles exactly what the Oilers are looking for this offseason.

  • #ThereGoesTheOilers

    Besides, we all know Gio wouldn’t end up in Edmonton. He’d wind up somewhere like Dallas or Detroit, or some other team that wins too much in Alberta (much to the ire of us all).

    It’s Karma for all that winning we had 30 years ago.

  • beloch

    Flames fan (and semi-oiler fan) here. I was initially intrigued by the notion of trading Giordano for Eberle and a 1st rounder. Edmonton’s first rounder will likely bring back a quality player, but Eberle… I’m a bit surprised, but he actually has more offensive zone starts and faces easier competition than most Oiler forwards and his possession stats are still pretty weak. Us Flames fans are also all too familiar with what happens when you bring a high-scoring forward from a team with no defensive structure (SWARM!!!) and expect him to play responsibly. His offensive production dries up. It’s happened to the Flames many times before, and Eberle looks like one more case of it.

    Now look at what Giordano does for the Flames or could do for the Oilers. Lowetide covered the stats well enough. Gio is a good defender, no doubt. I’d like to add that he plays much bigger than his height and weight indicate. I actually did a spit-take when I saw his weight, because he throws other players around better than Smid. I suppose a big part of being able to rag-doll an opponent is actually being able to catch up with him! However, the big thing about Giordano is his leadership. Nothing was given to him easily. He clawed his way into the NHL by will alone. The Flames, despite having nowhere near the talent the Oilers do and spending $11M less on salary, are ahead in the standings because the team plays their hearts out every night. Some of that is coaching, but Giordano also plays a huge part. If Edmonton acquired him, Giordano would elevate the entire club’s play. If the Flames lost him, the team would play with far less heart.

    Yes, Giordano is likely going to be too old by the time the Flames are a contender. Yes, smart asset management says trade him now. However, the Oilers have amply proven that kids being paid millions to play a game won’t magically develop a work ethic on their own. They need mentors. Giordano is mentoring the next generation of stars for the Flames. That’s worth something, quite probably a lot.

    Giordano for Eberle and a 1st round pick? Nope.

    • brackenbury

      How’s that now? Flames fan and semi-oiler fan? Do u live
      In Alberta? This has got to b some clear violation of
      A strict law written …. idk in Red Deer many years ago
      When Edmonton had the oilers and Calgary had the cowboys.
      I’m not sure what the punishment of said law is, in edm its
      Likely being locked in a room and forced to watch a 24hr
      Loop of Fleury’s ot winner that set him off on a goal line to center ice slide celly. In calgary its being forced to watch
      A 24hr loop of #99’s right guard shot to beat Vernon in
      Ot to seal a game 2 winner in CALGARY to put the oilers
      Up 2-0 and heading back to Edm. For game 3. And of course
      Slats one finger salute to the fans in the seats. Good times.
      Either way I guess your good.

      • beloch

        Born in Edmonton. Raised in Calgary. I was the kid whose parents dressed him in an Oilers sweater for hockey practices in Calgary. The Flames are my most beloved team, but I long for the days when Alberta was “Death Valley” to the rest of the league. You may think that I overvalue Giordano, but I merely reflect the love that Calgary has for this player. In all honesty, he’s worth less to the Oilers than the Flames would ever accept in trade and he’s worth more to the Flames than the Oilers would ever offer. Lowetide is just trolling us all!

    • Serious Gord

      Well done.

      IMO gio may be the most valuable player to his team of any player in the NHL.

      He would be a perfect fit with the oil both as a 1/2 D and as a mentor.

      But I think if he has control of where he plays (an NTC) there is no way he would play in EDM with this management team and coaches.

      I also think that Burke would be loathe to move him unless there was a huge value coming back.

  • misfit

    Sure the Oilers and Flames could make a trade. Afterall, they’ve done it in the past, right?

    Of course, both times it was the Oilers trading away the established NHL roster player and receiving nothing but “maybe someday this could be something if you’re lucky” assets in return. I just don’t see it ever happening in reverse. The QE2 appears to be a one-way street from where I’m sitting.

    But yes, Giordano is an excellent player and would be a great addition to this team. So would Alex Edler (who’s actually apparently available according to the talking heads on TSN), but I wouldn’t hold my breath on him being traded within the division either.

  • Rdubb

    There you go Lowetide, I am a fan again…I totally agree with you 100%, Giordano would look great in Oiler silks, & he would fetch a hefty price, and in my opinion, whatever that is worth, I think that it would take much more than a first round draft pick. I’d say perhaps a 1st round pick and a 2nd or 3rd line player who has NHL experience & is young.
    I think that Gagner and Edmonton’s 1st rounder might be what it’d take, & I think Burkie would hold out for more, especially with the season Giordano is having, his career up to this point and because of his “leadership” skills, all of which are extremely valuable to any team, more so to a young inexperienced team such as CAL or EDM…

  • T&A4Flames

    Enough of these little guys. MACTAVISH knows what he is doing. He is getting all the BIGTIME mashers that are available so in case u can’t beat them, at least you can beat them up!

    My main man, DION PHANEUF would have been the premier guy for us!

    We need size. And boys and girls: SIZE DOES MATTER!!!!

    Giordano is okay, but not great. Calgary sucks so that is why he plays so much. DOES ANYONE THINK HE IS THAT GOOD LIKE IN THE ATB COMMERCIAL WHEN HE HIT THAT WATER BOTTLE THAT EBZ SHOT UP!!