Oilers acquire Mark Fraser from Toronto

TSN’s Darren Dreger reports that the Oilers have added some size to their blue line, adding Mark Fraser from Toronto.

What The Oilers Sent Away

The players going the other way in the deal were both outside of the organization’s plans, so the cost on this isn’t especially dear.

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Teemu Hartikainen is having a pretty good season in Russia and has to be the guy the Leafs were interested in on this deal. He’s a big winger with some skill who couldn’t do much in 23 NHL games last season with the Oilers; he wasn’t interested in staying in the organization on a two-way deal and so he went off to Russia. I’ve been told down the line that this isn’t a player that Edmonton really had plans for, but that doesn’t mean he might not break out with the Leafs. 

Cameron Abney, the other guy in the trade, has negative value; he’s an ECHL enforcer taking up a spot on Edmonton’s 50-man list. In the Oilers’ organization he was passed as a player by Erick Lizon (currently with the CHL’s Wichita Thunder). 

What the Oilers Added

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Everybody hoping Edmonton would add a big, physical defenceman for the third pair got their wish today.

Fraser is listed at 6’4", 220 pounds. He has had three fights in the NHL this season; last year he had nine fights in the majors and eight in the AHL. He’s a stay-at-home defenceman who plays a throwback style; the new Theo Peckham on Edmonton’s blue line. 

As for what he is as a player? Theo Peckham isn’t far-off as a comparison there, either. Fraser has struggled badly this year, with regular partners Paul Ranger and Morgan Rielly both faring better without him than with him. Of interest, though, is the way he and Cody Franson played together last season, and the way his regular partners in New Jersey (primarily Andy Greene and Johnny Oduya) played with and without him. He has had a measure of success in the NHL before, even if he isn’t enjoying that this season.

For the time being the pending unrestricted free agent can provide the Oilers with physical play in the six/seven slot and provide the Oilers with a warm body if they choose to move other free agents like Anton Belov or Nick Schultz or Corey Potterat the deadline. He has familiarity with Dallas Eakins from time spent with the Marlies, so he should slot in to the Oilers system with relative ease, and his skillset is a nice fit alongside any of Potter, Philip Larsen or Taylor Fedun on that bottom pair.

This is a small trade, but it adds a dimension the Oilers were lacking at the cost of players the team didn’t really care about anyway. The player with the most potential to be an NHL difference-maker went to Toronto, but Hartikainen wasn’t going to be that guy in Edmonton and the trade market for ‘tweeners who want one-way deals isn’t as robust as it could be. 

Update – via @Steve_Dangle of Leafs Nation comes this Hockey Night in Canada segment on Fraser:

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Additionally, Jeff Veillette – who covered Fraser in person when Fraser played for the AHL’s Toronto Marlies – wrote a piece on the trade for Leafs Nation.

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  • Serious Gord

    2 things: kudos to JW who is still replying 3 pages into posts.

    Re: Fedun. Lots of us would love to see the feel good story of last couple years play more in Oil blue and maybe him and Fraser make a great 5-6 pair some day. If not, we’ll still watch him play on another NHL team. That is a fact.

    Why? Because he’s been something to cheer for when we’ve had nothing else to cheer for. (Until the sharks got Scivened that is)

  • Zarny

    Considering that we added an NHL player for a soon -to-be beer league player and a self-entitled player who was never going to play us, I would say this is a solid trade. Mactavish certainly isn’t sitting on his hands doing nothing. My guess is that the deals he makes before the deadline will mostly be selling off veterans to recoup some draft picks. We need to add to the group of players that make the most difference (top 6 forwards, top 4 D) but my guess is that those kind of moves won’t come until the off-season.

  • northof51

    Whoa… I was reading through the comments and had to make sure I wasn’t over at TSN. I’m going to get torched for saying this, but at the moment I’m embarrassed to be a card-carrying member of Oilers Nation.

  • toprightcorner

    Dale Tallon did not get stupid overnight. Campbell is his biggest asset. He paid to get him when he arrived in Florida. Now that the new owner has expressed his wishes to become a cap team going forward why in hells name would Talon trade him?

    Campbell gives Florida a legit number 1. You pair him up with Gudbranson and they’ll be solid for a few years to come.

    I take a wait and see approach. We’ll see a number of departures this off season. I think we’ll see one or two FA signings. But of the minor league variety. We’ll see more players graduating via OKC. We’ll also see the likes of Mitch Moroz and Dillon Simpson being added along with some others to the OKC roster.

    Adding players like Fraser and IB costs little. Scrivens cost a 3rd pick. We know the odds of those making it to the NHL.

    MacT is expending little in terms of viable assets to acquire players who have UFA status. If they work out.Great. If not.Flush. Its a win win situation for the Oilers as they look for the right mix of skill and grit.

    I like what he is doing. Little risk.

  • northof51

    Oiler fans are going to love FRASER…..Fraser, Hendricks….. Thank You MACT….thank you…thank you…..thank you!!!!!!!EXACTLY WHAT THIS TEAM NEEDS!!!!!Thank You!!!!! Keep going….Simmonds????, etc…

  • Joe Mamma

    Hmmm, team is slowly getting big and tough. Anyone think Steve Downie could play top six minutes on the wing? Maybe then trade one of the wonder kids for a top 2 D man?

  • Johnnydapunk

    I’m not gonna start any fires with anyone here, but I think it’s not a bad trade. What he brings is some size, he is a defensive defenceman, and a bit of grit which does help the Oil a lot. What he also has is 2 other things which aren’t as easy to always get. He has a fire in his belly to prove something, he sees this as a chance to get his career on track with the Oil (that’s a key) and he is loyal to Eakins so if he turns out alright, I don’t think he will be that pricey to resign.

    Whilst this isn’t a three way deal to get Subban and Weber for a 4th round pick, Will Acton and Grebs, it’s still a not bad trade. It addresses a tiny bit of what the Oil need so I am fine with that.

    I’m sure some will disagree, but MacT is not doing half bad with what he has got. He is trying to make deals and it seems like it takes a noticeable event for MacT to pull the trigger, when Gagner got his face broken, he signed Big Mac and when he got hurt, he found Gazdic, when Dubnyk pooped the bed too many times, he signed the Bryz, when Barbs did the same, he got rid of him, and when Bryz wasn’t the answer, he went for Scrivens.

    MacT is trying, and it seems like he is putting in an effort in, 8 out of 20 trades have involved the Oil,this season, that’s an effort. Fair play for trying.

  • Bucknuck

    Quit being mean and nasty to each other. We are all fans on the loser bus together, but that doesn’t mean we all have to act like losers. Agree or disagree with the trade, and discuss the GM who made the trade, and discuss the similar players we sent packing. But drop the nasty please.

    The worst part about the Oilers losing has been the way the fans are turning into a pack of rabid dogs and ripping everything Oiler, even the good stuff, and then ripping on every fan who dares to say something good about the team.

    • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

      Obscure Reference Alert

      You know Bucknuck, as strange as this sounds…what you’re pointing to is a big part of the dynamic that occurred in Nazi Germany…where good people were scared or worried about speaking out and some good people were drawn into the rabid dog fever of the mob mentality. Obviously not an appropriate analogy for what happened here, as such a comparison is silly, but in a small way the parallels do actually exist.

      Edit: and I didn’t get your name wrong…it was an autocorrect….Apple thinks you should be Bucknut

    • pkam

      He does 2 things at least. He hits anything that is moving, like Fistric. And he drops the gloves better than Smid. And he only costs 1.2M. And he costs us nothing to acquire.

      • How can you say he cost nothing to acquire?

        A-why trade Smid?

        B-why let Fistric go?

        C-Why are you giving the rights to Hartikianen away for free?

        This trade again makes little sense, and you gave a functioning, useful prospect away for free!

        • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

          A) 3.5 Million Dollars

          B). Demanded an overpay at $2 million per

          C) it wasn’t quite free, but for the sake of argument, free was market value.

          I’m not being snide, I do get where you’re coming from. I don’t think it’s a clear cut decision on either side of the argument, which usually indicates that it was in the neighbourhood of a fair deal.

          • Completely agree on Fistric, so that’s my bad! Fistric is a bad example, I’ll concede that.

            Smid would be more relevant, to be brutally honest with I’m not a Hartiakinen fan ether.

            However, I can still see value in him, just like I saw value in Brodziak, might not have been part of the concept then, but look at him go! It’s all good man, this is what this place is for, good debate, great opinions, we all want the same thing, Oilers to get better.

    • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

      Hey Wes, how you doing?

      Consensus in most circles is that it’s better than ok.

      The argument goes something like this:

      Fistric demanded an overpay $2 mill per to stay in Edmonton.

      Fistric while physical was hesitant to drop the gloves.

      Harti and Abney were never going to be part of the equation here.

      We moved one unwanted contract. (Abney) and the “rights” to a guy who got cut from team Finland.

      We get a physical stay at home 6-7 Dman who is ready willing and able to mix it up in more ways than one.

      We get him for less money than we were paying Fistric.

      Eakins knows what he’s getting.

      I’m probably leaving something out but that’s the gist of it.

      Oh yeah….he’s 6’4″ 220

      Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say.

      • I’m good!

        Just confused as to why people think it’s ok to give away a prospect like Hartikianen for a knuckle dragger for 25 games worth of nothing!

        Cause for one thing, if Fraser is getting time over a player like Klefbom then, ya I got a problem with that.

        Trading an asset for a rental player is strange, even worse when you consider the Oilers owned his rights.

        Who cares about Fistric, I don’t, but letting Smid go for nothing then acquiring a worse defensemen in the spot Smid could have played is beyond weird.

        This trade does nothing moving forward, so why make it?

        • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

          See my major problem with this trade is that it is taking the spot of guys who could “try-out” for next year. (Fedun/Klefbom/Gernat)Unless MacT is doing this because he doesn’t want to see them and would rather they take the Barons to a “successful” playoff run.

          • Valid!

            I would far rather Klefbom get some time up playing with the big club, get him use to the systems Eakins wants now so it’s not so foreign when training camp opens next season.

            By the time the Oilers season ends Klefbom will be ready for the Barons run, similar to what they did with Paajarvi & Lander.

          • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

            Fair point DF….but it is entirely possible that Nick Schultz, Potter, and maybe even Belov get moved at the deadline….leaving room for call ups of young guys…and a guy like Fraser to stick up for them. Let’s hope anyway.

          • Arius Mumin

            I don’t believe the Oilers will trade Belov. He will start next season as an Oiler, there is no reason to get rid of him-and there is no reason not to give him more time.

      • Not to point something obvious out as well, but Hartiakinen is 22 years old having a terrific season in the KHL playing a tone of minutes.

        Should we completely give up on all 22 year old prospects by the logic “he was never going to part of the equation here” or is it not incumbent on this organization to see development through?

        Cause I can give you a list as long as your arm about the “doesn’t fit the equation” here of players the Oilers washed away with that same logic.

        Not trying to be a prick here, but is this not a huge issue with this org?

        • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

          All fair questions Wes. And I get that you’re pointing out a pattern here. I’m just saying that so far the reaction while mixed seems to be considerably more positive than negative. I get your point that that doesn’t make it right.

          I liked Fistric, but I didn’t know he demanded two million. Not sure what the market was for Smid but maybe his contract was viewed as prohibitive by some teams? Maybe Broissoit and Horak was market value? I mean really, what else makes sense? Dumping Abneys contract was clearly a plus. So for me that leaves Hartikainen…..and you’re point about being 22 is a reasonable question…my guess is 1) they think they gave him a fair shot and he didn’t make the cut, combined with he wouldn’t accept a two way deal, combined with I’m sure they shopped him and like Linus Omark, their were few, in fact maybe only one taker. Do you have an alternative explanation that makes sense?

          Edit: Agreed Wes. It is all good….it is why we’re here.

    • pkam

      Regarding Fistric, what is MacT supposed to do other than let him walk? Sign him to 3 years at 2M? This is what happen when you can’t agree with the contract term with a UFA. Fistric is no different than any other UFA, like Iglina. If you are not interested in him, don’t talk to him. If you are interested, you try to sign him to a contract you think is reasonable to you. If you can’t sign him to a contract you think is reasonable to you, then you move on to the next one. How complicate is it?

      You think Fraser is worse, obviously MacT thinks otherwise. Fraser not only will hit, he will drop the groves and stand up for his teammates. How many time did Fistric drop the gloves to protect his kids? If you have to choose between Mike Brown and Fraser, who would you rather have? Both the Oilers and the Sharks have to give a 4th rounder to get Mike Brown, do you think any team will give a 4th rounder for Fistric?

      I am not sure what the right to Hartikainen will get us. What did we get for Omark? futher consideration, inw, a 6th/7th rounder. This summer MacT release Toni Rajala to Europe. I was quite upset because although Rajala is small, he, imo, is our best forward in OKC. If MacT can let Rajalo go, it is just a matter of time that we will do the same to Hartikainen. Since he is not part of our plan, therefore the roster spot has more value to MacT than his right.

      I was never a fan of either player so I am totally okay with it. Perhaps you are a fan of those 2 players, or MacT hater?

      • camdog

        I’d take Brown over Fraser. Oilers traded a third rounder for Fistric. Not sure what you are saying about the organization that traded a third for a guy you state nobody would trade a 4th for?

        • pkam

          How many minutes does Brown play per game? 5? The only reason he is iced is to stand up for his teammate and fight. Fraser will do the same and play the #6 D. But before Fraser even plays one game for us, you already like Brown more. What else can I say?

          What I think about the trade for Fistric, never like the trade for Fistric and Smithson.

          • camdog

            I watched them both play in Toronto. Suffice to say I don’t expect them to change the player they are now that they are here in Edmonton? Fraser will bring some nastiness, both in terms of physically and his below average skill set.

  • Oilerz4life

    It amazes me the amount of hockey insight many people that post on this site have. Trade speculation etc. But this is a whole new level of childishness. Hockey banter is one thing, but I think we are better served by just ignoring this “ME” guy. Just stop responding to him. Is there any way to just block his IP address or….? JW?

  • Oilerz4life

    Anyone catch Darren Dregers tweet about tweet about The Rangers Ryan Callahan’s agent being allowed to talk to another team regarding his client?

    MacT in on that?

  • camdog

    Abney being included was an awfully nice gesture from the Oilers towards him. They knew they weren’t going to renew him so they allowed him to get a fresh start in a new organization that didn’t mind taking a flyer on him for the remainder of his ELC. This deal is essentially TH for Fraser. A player who didn’t want to play for the Oilers for a player that has something to prove and has already proven it under a coach. In terms of asset management, this is a pretty good trade. It’s not BOLD, but we got a potential useful part for two parts that weren’t ever going to be useful.

    • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

      Hey Spydyr,

      Agreed. I agree that Smid was a physical presence and did stick up for his teammates….but I wish he was a lot meaner….and I really can’t remember any good Smid fights. Don’t get me wrong..it is .not obvious why you move a semi physical Dman when your D is so soft……but the reason I don’t really miss him, besides the 3.5 mil, is that he wasn’t mean and he didn’t drop them often enough.

      I’m reading that Fraser is 6’4″ 220 and is a [email protected] ! And he’s more than willing to mix it up in more ways than one. If true….we win that trade.

        • toprightcorner

          Unfortunately “looks better” and “good” are two different things. To me, JJ is a clinger who can use his size but offerers little else and is a 7 minute 4th liner until someone is brought in to do that job better.

          To take a big step forward, existing bottom 6 players need to be pushed down a notch and replaced with better players for those positions. Imagine if Jones, Gordon and Hendricks were our 4th line and our 3rd line was made up of players better than them? That would be a huge improvement.

          Instead, we continue to bring in guys who are put in positions greater than they have played before. JJ was an good AHLer/4th liner and was brought in for the 3rd line. On good teams, Ferenence is 5/6 dman but playing top pairing minutes, Hendricks is a 4th liner but playing 3rd line, Jones is a 4th liner playing on the 3rd line, Petry is a 3/4 guy playing the #1 role, Acton is a career AHLer brought in for 4th line.

          Most of our players would be playing at a step or 2 lower on a good team.

          The Oilers have done that since the last cup run and that is why they have not improved. Here is a list of players that were put in a position 1 step higher than they were capable of or would have played on a good team: Pisani, Neilsen, Cogliano, Horcoff, Belanger, Eager, N Schultz, Petrell, Whitney, Reddox, Brule, Jacques, Penner, O’Sullivan, Putolny, Comerie, Pouliot, Cole, Kotalik and Foster.

          That is why the Oilers have not improved. MacT needs to push many existing players down a notch and replace them with ones that are better in that position to improve the team.

          • vetinari

            It was the other guy who took up the roster space… Harti’s rights don’t count against the 50 man contract list. We also unloaded a ECHL fighter who didn’t likely have a chance to ever see the NHL in the process.

  • Rick Stroppel

    To all those saying that the Oilers gave up on Harti, allow me to ask why it is that you feel free to assume that the Oilers didn’t have discussions with Teemu’s agent and/or the player himself throughout the year to get a feel of his mindset of playing for the Oilers in the future? Perhaps he wanted to move on. If that’s the case, the asset’s gone sour and it’s best to move him for a decent return before it goes public.

    So in other words, stop assuming that the Oilers didn’t do their best to convince him and consider that maybe it was the player himself that had no intentions of coming back. Until we know otherwise, it’s just as valid a consideration as the opposite.

  • camdog

    Nice to get some nasty on the d. It’s been embarassing watching this team get pushed around for much of the season. I still don’t understand why Mact got rid of the toughness to start the season, looks like he has admitted he was wrong.

    You can’t bring up kids and expect them to physically compete against men over an 82 game NHL schedule, without having some muscle to help and protect the kids.

  • Quick note:

    “me”: you not only didn’t take the hint, you posted as “brownlee.” You’re done here — no matter what name you choose to use.

    “Joe Mamma”: If you lost an unrelated comment while I was wasting a part of my day deleting your spat with “me/brownlee,” too bad. It wasn’t intentional, but that’s how it goes.

  • The Ryan Callahan trade rumors are interesting especially if they involve the Leafs. Kadri’s name is out there. The Leafs would need to dump more salary though. Wonder if we could pry a player like Franson out of the Leaf. That buyout now has a lot more value to the Oilers now than it did back in July. Could bring us a meaningful player.Hopefully the fallout if it happens favors the Oilers.

  • toprightcorner

    This season has been the most disappointing of all Oiler seasons. However, I can see MacT starting to reshape the team, one piece at a time, and I have a good feeling about it.

    Biggest piece will be the first paring D-man, which hopefully he can secure this summer.Also need a gritty big second line Center, and a legit second pairing D-man.

    If he can get that done before next season, I’m sure the Oil will be in the mix for a playoff spot in March. Then, he can continue to tweek the team and address weaknesses in 2015-16.

    I know we are in 29th place, but I feel some hope, and not just because of a 3 game winning streak. MacT made some bad moves before the year started, but he seems to be getting a hang of it, and is starting to change the make-up of this team, and adding the nasty gritty size that we need.

  • Arius Mumin

    I for one would have like to see Pitlick and Harti in the top 9 next year at the beginning of the season. WHY IN THE WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS is MacT loading up on AHL D, I know MacT. quit the booze, but, Fraser is not a regular roster player at 28, so why make this trade in the first place.

    This trade has no relavance on this season, or any past this one, except unless Harti goes to T.O. and becomes a energy player on the third line, and want’s to hurt anybody wearing a oiler’s jersey.

  • Rick Stroppel


    Anybody who wants a good laugh should read the article on Leafs Nation “Leafs Trade Fraser… “. The link is in the article. The article includes a very elaborate, stats-based analysis in support of the argument that Mark Fraser is BY FAR the worst defenseman on the Leafs and implies that he is possibly the worst defenseman in the NHL. They never wanted him! Just clearing out cap space and/or a roster spot! Good riddance!

    Sound familiar?

    We get the same thing in Edmonton. Every time the Oilers trade FOR a player he is described as “feisty…great potential…victim of numbers game…fills an important void” etc. When the Oilers trade a player AWAY he is described as “overrated…overpaid…was never going to be a regular…easy to play against despite his size…wasn’t going to sign here anyway” etc.

    I heard Bob Stauffer talking about Smid the day he was traded. Basically he said he had become soft, complacent, was afraid to block shots, etc. Strange. The night before he was “bleeding Oiler blue” or something like that. Oh well, those grapes are probably sour!

  • The Last Big Bear



    I TOLD YOU SO!!!!

    Craig “The Brain” MACTAVISH did it again. A freakin genius move!!! Once again!!!

    MacT is active and is bringing in the freaking BIGTIME MASHERS in the NHL!!!!

    I pity any who this this or the Hendricks deal is a bad deal!!

  • "Frank the dog"

    With his history of a fractured skull and a knee injury followed by declining stats, I suspect that Fraser may be Whitney’d.

    No harm, no foul, he may get over his injuries, and if not, we are no worse off on the ice.

    Another solid, if minor, trade by MacT.

  • Arius Mumin

    As the NHLs #1 underground hockey insider:

    I say it’s all about beating up the other team. You think a 3 game win streak was a fluke???? The boys are pushing and fighting back!! Ryan Jones, Matt Hendricks, Luke GADZIC..

    C’mon boys and girls… Hockey isn’t rocket science. You have to have scoring but you also gotta have some grit..

    We play on smaller ice surface. We have to grin gout pucks and push off other players for space!!! Arcobello ain’t gonna push his way through Milan Lucic or Ryan Kesler.

  • The Last Big Bear

    On a different note, great to see the Canucks lose again. I wish Mac T could have made a deal with Winnipeg before they changed coaches.
    I find it funny how so many so called Oiler fans can do nothing but ridicule every move made by the Oilers management, Hartikainen did not impress me at all, he knew what it would take to make the NHL team and would not do it consistently and then bolted to the KHL, “he was not willing to do what it takes and the Leaf’s wont pay him what he is making now.
    If nothing else Fraser will defend the front of the net and his team mates for the rest of this year.

  • james_dean

    I think this comment sums it up best…….oh how I miss these days!

    Thank you rheumatoid arthritis–I am on Twitter.I have only used it a few times and am still new,i cant get on it now as I forgot my password and havent reset it yet,but I am learning and will do that soon.I dont really know how it all works yet.I set it up during the playoffs last year to acess a specific team ASAP but didnt really use the account after that I think I made 4 tweets.I am not a Tweeter by nature.I am nervous using it because I am not sure exactly who the tweets go to –all I know is I get tons of Twitter stuff in my e-mail–time to sharpen up I guess.

    I dont really prefer a social media format as I dont play well with others who arent into winning 100% and unless I start a blog I need to use proper forum manners which I find to confining when I am trying to problem solve.I am on ATS “moma2s NewAge Hockey System” its not an organised blog but its a NHS thread you can respond on.Right now its pretty much a maze of random posts,all NHS related,but not in chronological order at all.I was a player/coach through high school-coached 3 teams and played on one myself so I have some very basic competative tactics and philosophys to share,not much but some.It seems in many cases the tactics and ideas fit really well into a hockey mindset.But anything new is always denied until it proves itself to be superior to the old.To be quite honest I am used to competing and in that environment I am in control and a constant communicator and very verbally involved,I was a quiet leader in practises and a loud verbal one in competition,as a result I am used to people just trusting me based on results they are personally witnessing that prevent them from questioning me and my tactics.It saves tons of time when you can just do it and show someone.I am very ill-prepared to handle the constant questions and debates from people that i am forced to accept when I cant just go out and do it as an answer to their inquiries or simply have them comply first and experience the results and ask questions later??So I end up writing huge volumes of text because if i was on the ice I would be considering all of these things–so how can I justifiably leave anything out if I am playing to win or teaching to win???

    90% of the time the questions are the same from people,the sticking points are the same and it is soooo frustrating because hockey is so well coached from such a young age that players are indoctrinated and really handcuffed into conforming to convention and tradition or they just dont ever hit the ice.And my lack of basic hockey knowledge drives people batty especially when after two thousand words they finally get it–they couldnt define the dynamic situations but they had all of the data all along–which I wasnt getting,ha ha ha.I think and communicate in dynamic terms always,I cant change that anymore than I could throw any type of game on purpose,its just not possible.

    If a G.M just told a team I was a consultant with carte-blanche and didnt give any more dynamic data other than I was untouchable as per managment then Players would listen and learn new dynamic tactics faster than in other sports because then that deep and complete coaching system would be working in my favor even if some of what i said was counter to conventional thinking.But if there is even the slightest chance that conventional thinking and tradition can be used to trump or impede me ,all is lost because those steel trap hockey minds will instinctively revert to their lifetime of teaching.I personally would have paid attention as a competitor to the freaking janitor just out of curiosity and the understanding that critical data can come from literally anywhere. Social forums are a death-trap for my methods.But alas I need the hockey brains because I have no technical baseline as a non-player–just a dynamic baseline from being a winner at many other sports.I NEED the people who fight new ideas so i can learn what they are thinking and seeing dynamicly.The problem starts after we communicate and I begin to introduce non-traditional dynamic actions,because all hockey players do is demand results or shut down,they are seriously not even willing to explore anything that isnt 100% results based,they are like storm-troopers.So I hit and run,post and duck,make a point and retreat to let the smoke clear–and do it again.Its the long way but without the basic hockey knowledgebase to properly do a blog I need hockey peoples perspectives controversy or not.

    I love coming here because of the direct and short manner in which hockey people make their points and counterpoints based in large on each ones paralell personel experience,I learn a tremendous amount from them.I know that even a pee-wee player outguns me here but it is a learning environment for me not them,I know I am the one asking strange questions and presenting strange ideas to them.But I also know that places like this are the BEST resource if you are trying to learn about the game and how it works aside from just watching games on TV. Hope to see you on the moma2 thread when I straighten out Twitter I will post the name there.But I am here the most where I can learn the most.