Position of Strength

The Edmonton Oilers need to make big changes in the summer, and with a weak free agent crop most of those changes are going to have to come via trade. Given that, it seems highly likely that the team will raid one of the few positions of strength available to it: a strong group of blue line prospects.

The List

The Oilers currently have an impressive list of talented but young and/or inexperienced defencemen in the organization. The chart above shows my thoughts on the system; I’ve seen lots of most of the guys on this list but I am significantly less familiar with the Nurse, Simpson, Gustafsson, Betker and Laleggia.

I’ve ranked the players in order of the value I’d place on them, with value being a combination of a player’s potential, his likelihood of attaining it and how quickly he can contribute in the NHL. There is a fudge factor in the NHL projections – to pick a guy like Nurse, he’s bound to get a cameo next season and may or may not stick; I’ve opted for the earlier date but he may not be NHL-ready until later.

It’s a group that splits nicely into three chunks:

The Top Prospects: The Oilers have six players in this group, and five of them predominately play on the left side (though Simpson told Copper & Blue that he prefers to play on the right). This is an exceptional group and makes up the heart of the Oilers’ prospect pipeline; five guys qualify for my Edmonton prospect list and they all slot into the top-seven.

Depth Guys Now: Fedun, Belov and Larsen are all capable of filling a spot on an NHL roster today, but all suffer from somewhat limited ceilings. Fedun’s the best player of the bunch in my books because he’s incredibly smart and does everything well (though his size may keep him off the Oilers), Belov’s foot speed hampers him but I do wonder if there’s a player there and Larsen’s the kind of guy available on the waiver wire every year.

The Rest: An assortment of players who are either some distance from the NHL or who need to play a specific role or who qualify under both categories.

What To Do, What To Do?

There are a lot of blue-chip players here, and Edmonton might add another one at the draft this year. If the Oilers could have the versions of these players from four years down the road, they would be a much, much better team. Unfortunately for Edmonton, they don’t, and the team only has room to develop a finite number of defencemen at a time.

The team is likely locked-in with Nurse and Schultz in its top-four long-term. There’s no way to fit Marincin, Klefbom, Gernat and Simpson on the blue line, even assuming that they all turn out, and that means one or more of those guys is likely to end up as trade bait for the team. Marincin seems to have passed Klefbom this year and brings more offence to the mix, so Klefbom may be vulnerable (particularly since he’s likely to have significant cachet in trade). Gernat and Simpson are both further away from NHL duty, though, and Simpson is unsigned so those guys might be trade bait, too. The Oilers need high-end help in the worst way, and at least one of these guys is likely to be sacrificed in a package that makes that happen.

Of the middle-tier guys, Larsen seems to be in good with the coaches but is a chaos defender who isn’t a good fit for team need; it’s hard to imagine Edmonton qualifies him though they may bring him back on a two-way deal. The team hasn’t really given Fedun an honest shot; he could be a great number six/seven next year and should be given an opportunity post-Olympics. He’s been fantastic in the AHL. As for Belov, he might be a fit in the six/seven slot next year, or he might be trade bait at the deadline. He’s had some struggles but there’s also a Hejda vibe to him given history and usage, and he’s the only one of these three that brings real size to the mix.

The other guys are all ‘wait-and-see’ types or sweeteners on a multi-player deal. Gustafsson in particular has some nice points and could surprise when he comes over to North America while Musil has pedigree and might be the tough third-pairing guy teams like. Hunt has a wicked shot and is one of those ‘glue guys’ people spend so much time talking about. Betker’s miles away from NHL duty and Laleggia looks like he’ll make it as a power play specialist or not at all.

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    • Zarny

      Irrelevant. Pit didn’t develop their D first either.

      What they did do was support Crosby, Malkin and Staal etc with solid, veteran D early on.

      When Pit won the Cup their blueline consisted of Gonchar (35), Gill (34), Scuderi (30), Boucher (36), Eaton (32), Orpik (28), Letang (22) and Goligoski (23).

      There isn’t one way or one model to win the Cup. The only requirement is that all of the pieces need to be in place to actually contend.

        • Zarny

          Yes, irrelevant in that you don’t have to develop D prospects before F prospects.

          LA didn’t draft Doughty until after Kopitar and Brown etc.

          If your D prospects are younger than your F then you had better make sure your blueline is experienced. That is where the Oilers have dropped the ball.

          • Zarny

            The Oilers rebuild is certainly not like Pittsburgh. Although I think Pit is the best example of where the Oilers have erred.

            To be fair, Pit was lucky to get Crosby and Malkin. Two generational talents and literally 2 of the best 4 players on the planet. Our kids aren’t quite that good.

            When Pit won the Cup in ’09 only 7 players were younger than 25: Crosby (21), Malkin (22), Staal (20), Fleury (24), Letang (22), Goligoski (23) and Tyler Kennedy.

            Half the roster was over 30. The defensive load was carried by Gonchar, Gill and Scuderi. They brought in vets like Guerin, Kunitz, Satan, Sykora, Fedotenko and Cooke. The young kids certainly contributed, but they weren’t the be all and end all of the team’s success.

            In terms of LA’s rebuild I would disagree with you.

            Dustin Brown was drafted in 2003. They traded prospects & picks for Carter and Richards who were also drafted in 2003. Kopitar and Quick were drafted in 2005. Justin Williams was drafted in 2000.

            LA didn’t draft Doughty until 2008 and they didn’t win the Cup until 2012. If you ignore Williams, they didn’t win the Cup until 9 years after they started rebuilding.

            Considering Edm started their rebuild 4 years ago I’d actually say there are very much going like LA.

          • The Soup Fascist

            Careful what you wish for. Overall LA is a very boring team to watch. I totally get that they won the cup in 2012 and will be a playoff team again this year, but they are soooo boring. The 2012 finals was like watching a bad soccer game.

            I want to see winning hockey as much as anyone – BUT I would much rather use Chicago as a template. Small sample size, but the Kings have scored like 3 goals in their last 6 games have scored. They are a terrible team to watch play hockey! I have seen them in Edmonton and in Los Angeles and (not counting the ice cleaning girls at Staples), trust me when I say “move along, nothing to see here”.

            I realize no playoff appearances in eight years does not allow us fans to be too picky …… just sayin’.

          • Spydyr

            The first year the Oilers won the Cup game one of the final 1-0 Oilers Kevin McClelland scoring.One of the best hockey games I ever watched.

            Your opinion of boring hockey may differ from mine.

          • The Soup Fascist

            Yes there are many who enjoy the “subtle elegance” of a nil / nil soccer match too. I just don’t happen to be on that list.

            I am not saying that the LA Kings are not a good effective hockey team, I just would not want to watch their particular brand night in and night out.

            I saw the 1 – 0 1984 Game #1 too. Meh, it was alright. EVERY ONE of the games between the Oilers and Flamers in the 7 Game 1984 Divisional series featured much more exciting play, IMO.

            To each his own.

            But to be sure, the entertainment value of watching the 2014 LA Kings is NOT CLOSE to resembling the excitement of the mid-80s Oilers. To try and equate the two is lunacy.

          • Spydyr

            “Meh, it was alright.”

            It was one the biggest wins in Oilers history. It proved to the world the Oilers could beat the Islanders in a low scoring game. To this day I say that McClelland goal was the biggest goal in Oiler history.

            “To try and equate the two is lunacy.”

            I’m pretty sure a 1-0 game is a 1-0 game in any era between any teams.

      • S cottV

        No issue with the Hall selection.

        But after taking Gagner, Eberle, Paajarvi, Hall and RNH, as top picks the past 5 years – go with Yak?

        6 straight years of less than warrior high skill mid to smaller size forwards because Yak is supposed to be the best player available?

        I think you go against the grain on that one, given the state of the back end and the knowledge that Gagner is not working out as a 2C.

      • Puck_In_Throat


        But we didn’t have to keep taking small forwards. We didn’t have to take Yakupov in 2012. I am sure Yak will turn out to be a good player but the point is there (were)are bigger weaknesses on this team. We could have drafted what we needed (Big Centre or Defensemen)or traded down. We didn’t have to draft the same type of player that we already had.

        It’s almost like nobody in this organization is looking ahead. We all look at these franchise defenseman and drool over them wishing that we had one. At the same time, it’s said time and time again that you just can’t go out and trade for one of them, you have to draft them……..and yet until Nurse we didn’t.

        Who is to blame for that?

        • pkam

          Experience, or statistics, tell us that it is more risky to draft a defense than a forward with top 5 picks.

          Bleacher Report rated Chara, Weber, and Keith top 3 defenseman. None of them is top 5 picks, not even 1st rounder. And in top 10, only Doughty is top 5 and Suter is top 10 picks. 3 of the them are mid to late 1st round, the other 5 are 2nd or late rounders. And Lidstrom was a 3rd rounder.

          So we can’t say the Oilers are not drafting franchise defenseman since we draft Marincin with our 46th overall, Klefbom with our 19th overall, Musil with our 31st overall, and now Nurse with our 7th overall.

          In 2012, we could have picked Galchenyuk over Yak. But Galchenyuk was injured and played only 2 games in his draft year so it is a very big risk to gamble.

          • Spydyr

            A lot of people say you build a team up the middle. We could have used a centre like Galchenyuk but I agree it would have been a gamble. Can we stick with Sam Gagner at Centre? I personally don’t think you can have a 1-2 punch of RNH and Gagner. You need “some” size in your top 2 lines. Gagner is terrible in his own end and he is just not a true #2 centre. Just my opinion.

            And in 2012 8 out of the top 10 were defensemen. Obviously those other teams were willing to gamble on a Dman.

  • Zarny

    Of course the Oilers should be using their D prospects as trade bait.

    Petry just cleared 200 games and Schultz hasn’t even reached 100. The Oilers should plan for no more than 2 prospects to join them in the next 3 years.

    Which means every other prospect should be packaged for top pairing D that are 25-28 y/o and to fill other holes in the roster.

    • The Soup Fascist

      That is the problem. Which ones do you move?

      Who is to say which (or any) of the Simpson, Gernat, Klefbom, Nurse, Gustafsson, Musil – hell even Marincin – group are going to be viable to very good NHL d-men?

      Nurse is 18, has pedigree and physical tools. I think you have to keep him. That is easy. But no one can definitively say how good (or average) any of the other guys are going to be when they are 25.

      No one wants to trade away the next Ryan McDonaugh. I totally understand what you are saying – especially if they draft Ekblad, but I would want to be very careful about packaging young defensemen. Nothing can bite you in the a$$ more.

      It very well may happen, even should happen, but this organization does not instill confidence that they can identify talent in young D-men. For the love of “Gord”, hire someone from Nashville.

      • Randaman

        Draft Ekblad? Why with all that is coming up through the system would they draft Ekblad. It is time to draft for need instead of BPA. Dal Cole or Draissait are the only two that I see as viable options. A big C with sick skill and a big C/LW with grit and sick skill.
        Just sayin…

      • Zarny

        The answer is you don’t know. Not with 100% certainty. If you’re looking for risk free running a pro sports franchise isn’t for you. Neither is trading stocks. You can’t let fear of making the wrong move paralyze you from doing anything.

        What I do know is waiting for prospects like Nurse, Klefbom, Marinicin, Gernat, Simpson etc to all develop isn’t an answer unless you want another 4-5 years of losing.

        Nurse looks like a keeper which means Marinicin and Klefbom are battling for the same spot in the top 4. Keep one, trade the other. Which one depends on who you think has the higher ceiling and who potential trade partners want.

        Pit has been in a similar spot with several good D prospects the last few years. Last year they parted with Joe Morrow. This year Maata has looked good so they are looking at moving Dupres.

        • The Soup Fascist

          Thanks for making my point with Despres. He is going to be 23 years old this year. A full 2 – 4 years older than the guys the Oilers are talking about. I am much more comfortable making a decision on a 23 year-old Despres than a 21 year-old Klefbom.

          The longer you can put off moving these young D-men, the better. Make the mistake with young forwards. They are significantly easier to replace. Plus, by the time they are 21 or 22 you have a good idea about what they are all about. Defensemen not so much. The learning curve difference between forwards and defense is significant.

          I get that you may have to package one or two of them up to get a solid current NHL-ready defenseman. All I am saying is: choose wisely!

  • Randaman

    it’s tough for people to hear but a little more patience is needed. The Oilers are starting to reap the benefits of good drafting & I for one would be disappointed if they traded this fine young talent away for immediate help! Build it to last & let these young d-men develop properly, in the mean time try to fill some holes with players like Fraser who I think will be very helpful to the Oilers once he gets his legs under him!

  • Lowe But Now High Expectations

    The problem is in order to make the type of trade that brings in a quality player the top prospects will have to a part of it. The Oilers will not improve drastically until they get that minute eating top level D-man. They could attempt to develop one(Nurse for instance) but your looking at least 4 years at by that time Hall, Eberle, RNH are at the end of there deals and will want out of here. And your back at square one.

    For me, Hall & RNH are the only players you don’t trade. Every other player is available.

  • Spydyr

    The GOOD news is that these players are being developed AWAY from the Oilers coaching staff – therefore they are LEARNING to be 2 way players, unlike the players on the Oilers now, who were thrown in at the deep end, coached by second rate assistant coaches and now everyone is scratching their heads and asking why this happened. Duby and his bad habits – as per Nashville HC, is a prime example of how assistant/specialty coaches in Edmonton are not top class and are letting the team and fans down enormously.

    • Zarny

      Good grief that is ridiculous logic.

      The bad habits Dubnyk picked up in Edm probably weren’t from the coaching staff.

      More likely they were picked up from playing behind and reacting to the worst blueline in the league.

  • toprightcorner

    @jw, interesting article. assuming schultz, nurse and marincin won’t be traded. what kind of return could we reasonably expect from klefbolm, simpson or any other of the defensive prospects? what package of these and other assets the oilers have could land the oilers a 1 or 2 dman?

    • It depends on who is available; the sad truth is that Edmonton’s best chance to acquire a defenceman in trade is if some team decides they need to move a guy.

      I could see Klefbom as being the centerpiece of a deal for a guy like Ehrhoff, though.

  • The Soup Fascist

    Does not matter how many prospects, Oilers do not know how to develop players. It is someone’s fault.

    I don’t understand why people get excited about the draft. Does not matter if they draft Ekblad. Oilers will stunt his growth.

  • The Soup Fascist

    Ah yes, it appears the Oilers did the rebuild backwards, getting the high end offensive talent before the much needed top flight D, and forward depth players.

    Since Edmonton can’t be a team with nothing but young D on their blue, it doesn’t seem realistic to be keeping every single one of these guys for NHL employment. Even between J Schultz, Nurse, Klefbomb, and Marincin, I can’t imagine all four end up on the Oilers, or at least I can’t imagine the team would be very good if it did happen.

    So the question then becomes what could we get back for some of these guys? At least one of these guys could net a top six vet with size and grit and some skill. For example, look at what Foresburgh netted the Capitals last year.

  • derrickhands

    How does Dillon Simpson become a top 4 D, when his skating is well below average, doesn’t play a physical game, and doesn’t have a good shot from the point. Why do the Oilers even sign him?

    • The Soup Fascist

      I had the same opinion from watching him in the AJHL in Spruce Grove, but apparently his footspeed is much better. The kid is a Hobey Baker finalist at 20 years old. I think he may be the real deal.

      Again a reason you don’t want to write kids – especially D-men – off too early.

      • derrickhands

        What I understand as of last summer his skating hasn’t improved and was considered a long shot. Do the Oilers need another non-physical D with a poor shot from the point? I would consider Davidson, and Musil better prospects.

        • The Soup Fascist

          Again, I had the same opinion that you did watching him in the AJHL and a bit in his first year in ND.

          Lowetide’s site this fall had a number of objective and current links that discussed the vast improvement in his skating. I think Willis may have linked a couple of those in the past few months.

          In terms of a shot, I cannot comment as I have not watched him in ND much. I will say that Justin Schultz has almost no heat on his slapshot but has a decent wristshot and the ability to get it through. Smarts seems to go a long way in that regard and NO ONE has ever said that Dillon Simpson is lacking on intelligence – on or off the ice.

          Musil is physically a beast, but is a below average skater, IMO. I would be anxious to hear what others think of Craig’s boy that have seen him recently. His arrows seem to be moving in the up direction from everything I have read and heard.

          • derrickhands

            The same could be said about Musil’s skating and it can be seen in his play. I do watch the Baron games and Musil would bring more by far than Simpson as would Davidson. I read LT’s piece and lets say it wasn’t the best.

    • Sevenseven

      Are you kidding?! His dad is Craig Simpson. Yeah, the same Craig Simpson who played with Kevin Lowe. So he definitely knows something about winning.

      It’s kind of like six degrees of Kevin Bacon, except infinitely more depressing.

      • Sevenseven

        Agree totally. Except now we also get to look forward to not only friends of Kevin being brought in, but also a gm who goes out of his way to bring ex-marlies in. Scrivens might be an answer, but another 7,8 fringe defenseman in Fraser isn’t. Its almost a good thing that the ufa list is so shallow. I wont be upset we didnt get a top player because they dont want to play for Lowe.

  • Puck_In_Throat

    JW, usually I agree with you but on this one I have to say that you have horribly over-valued some of the prospects.

    Justin Shultz is a #3 at best. Look at the way that St.Louis uses Shattenkirk; they are similar players. Shattenkirk plays with Barett Jackman on St.Louis’ second pairing. Shattenkirk is the points/puck mover, Jackman is the muscle (but also quite adept at moving the puck).

    Justin Shultz will always need that type of partner; in fact, the lack of a Barett Jackman type is a major problem for the Oil.

    Nurse IMO is our best shot at a true top pairing D man; he can skate, hit and is mean. But if he doesn’t turn out that well, he could be a 2nd pairing guy like Jackman.

    The rest of our prospects are not tough or mean, both of which preclude them from being GREAT bottom pairing guys, therefore we will have more of the same “puck mover” d men…which just means that they do what all other defencemen are supposed to do, but are soft.

    • The Soup Fascist

      Who are the “tough” D-men from the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Black Hawks blueline?

      I don’t disagree that the Oilers are very soft, but if you look at what is universally agreed to be a very good blueline you don’t need a bunch of gorillas. Ability to defend positionally and move the puck is more important.

    • Spydyr

      There is a huge difference, I think, between comparing Shultz and Shattenkirk, and indeed any Oilers D-man to St. Louis’ D. For one, St. Louis has arguably the best 1-2 D pairing in the league in Pteterangelo and Bowmeister. VERY few d-men in the league could crack that pairing. Also, Kevin Shattenkirk is 25 and has played in 250 games, compared to JShultz at 23 with just under 100 games. Basically you are suggesting we can derive that JShultz’s ceiling (which we don’t know yet, unlike Shattenkirk) is going to be a number 3-4 dman, because another player with similar skill set is failing to crack the best d pairing in the league.

  • Tikkanese


    That’s 8 Defensemen either ready now or next year, not even counting the possible Ekblad.

    Although Belov is a UFA next year and unless he gets something similar to KHL money, I doubt he’s back in the NHL next year. He hasn’t played well enough to get the $3 million he was making in the KHL(I believe that is what he made there).

    With only Ference signed for next year, with the more than likely resigned RFA’s of Petry and J. Schultz joining him. That is 4 spots open on the Oilers blue line next year.

    If the plan is to get McDavid, then I can see them filling those 4 spots with 4 of those rookies and near rookies. Let’s hope that is not the plan.

    How many of those 8 do you see making the Oilers next year JW?

    • A lot could happen; I’d guess this:

      Schultz and Marincin make the team.

      Nurse gets a nine-game cameo and gets returned to junior. Klefbom starts the year in the AHL but comes up once Nurse is shipped back to the OHL.

      Hunt stays on the farm, and one of Belov or Fedun is kept as the No. 7. Larsen either signs a two-way deal or is let go over the summer.

  • Spydyr

    Jonathan I like your optomism but you’re seriously overvaluing prospects. May or could should be replaced by “most likely” and depth chart position should be relevant to League standards, not Oilers currently. My take
    Musil, will never see an Nhl game without a huge increase in foot speed. Was pushed out of a whl teams top 4 as a 19 year old.
    Larsen, lack of depth is the only reason hes here, has he improved since hes got here? i dont think so, hard to tell with his “illness”
    Nurse, struggling this year, hope for the best, take a few years to see what he is.
    J Shultz, wont be a 1-2 anywhere other than a 29-30 team if he doesnt work on his defensive game.
    Marincin, looks like he could develop to be a 3-4, again on a team with any kind of depth.
    Klefbohm, overhyped, non-descript player, no part of his game over average. Cant see over a 6-7 guy here.
    Belov,Hunt, not nhl d-men
    Fedun, great story, could be a 6-7
    Havent seen enough of the rest to give an opinion.

    Outside help is going to be needed to fix things long term.

  • Sevenseven

    I’m still hoping that the Oilers make a trade for PK Subban…….perfect fit for our up and coming young d-men. He is young enough to fit in and has enough experience to be a top two d-man for the Oilers.

    Send Yaks, ( either Marincin or Klefbom) and throw in third round draft choice……..make it happen Mac T and you will be happy for many years!!

  • Sevenseven

    BIG JOHN SCOTT!!! Imagine him in an Oiler uniform! Imagine Westgarth, McGrattan, Sestito, Kassian, et al CRAPPING THEIR PANTS EVERY TIME they had to play the Oilers!IMAGINE!!!!!!!! BIG JOHN SCOTT!!!!!!!

    • S cottV

      Agreed John Scott is a menacing force!

      We have Gadzic who is proving more than capable and up to the task.

      Thoughts on Brian Boyle….Huge guy….can score (a bit).

      Would be a nice centre for Joensuu (I think is worth a look again – plays tough and big) and Gadzic.

      Massive 4th line.

  • derrickhands

    Thanks for the “sugar coating ” on our prospects in the AHL in particular . Despite your optimism , the OKC record is worst in the AHL @ 159 goals against . Really do not see how that transmit into any of them doing an awful lot in NHL in the near future ? If they can’t do it in the AHL very well , how are they ever going to do it in the NHL ? As for value in trade , quite questionable considering OKC results so far .

    • The Soup Fascist

      Playing kids typically means a poorer record than playing AHL veterans. You can load up (as much as is allowed) on Alexandre Giroux types and win the AHL championship. Big deal. Playing and developing kids may suck in OKC but hopefully pays dividends here in good ol’ Our Town – eventually.

  • D

    Dear Hockey Gods,

    After all these years of Oiler incompetence, please don’t let the people who got the team into this mess also work their “magic” on the prospects.

    Also, if the Edmonton Oilers ever win the Stanley Cup again, I will never, ever take it for granted (like most of us did the last time).

  • @JonathanWillis

    You project Nurse to be ready next season? Why are you all of a sudden hitting the panic button on him? Less than a month ago, all you guys were saying was that, while yes hes good, the best thing for him will be seasoning for a few years until he plays in the NHL.

    To say he should be on the team next year is a joke because it wont help the team and it will only hurt his development.

    • From the article:

      There is a fudge factor in the NHL projections – to pick a guy like Nurse, he’s bound to get a cameo next season and may or may not stick; I’ve opted for the earlier date but he may not be NHL-ready until later.

      In other words, I think he should get a cameo and then be sent back to junior, but it’s also entirely plausible that he impresses enough in that cameo to stick with the team.

  • S cottV

    The problem with whatever model was intended, is that it’s not coming together in any kind of unified fashion.

    Only way to bail it out is thru major trades or ufa signings and getting the right players to truly round things out, will be very difficult.

    A big weakness is the failure to acquire a d prospect or two, that turned out to be much better than anticipated. Scouting and development needs to hit a home run with d men, every now and again.

  • Rotten Ron wrote:

    My take Musil, will never see an Nhl game without a huge increase in foot speed. Was pushed out of a whl teams top 4 as a 19 year old. Larsen, lack of depth is the only reason hes here, has he improved since hes got here?

    Musil has actually had a pretty stellar rookie pro season; he’s playing top-four minutes in OKC these days as a rookie pro. Some of that’s a weaker depth chart, but a lot of it’s been earned with solid play.

    I do think he’s a guy who looks better in the A than in the majors, because you can get away with a little less foot speed in the high minors than you can in the NHL.

    But in any case, he’s a guy I have rated as a potential bottom pair defender because he’s big and strong and can break up the cycle. I’d certainly be open to trading him.

    i dont think so, hard to tell with his “illness” Nurse, struggling this year, hope for the best, take a few years to see what he is.

    I haven’t seen him in the OHL this year, but I really don’t get the impression that Nurse is struggling.

    J Shultz, wont be a 1-2 anywhere other than a 29-30 team if he doesnt work on his defensive game.

    Yep. He’s also less than 100 games into his NHL career; let’s see if he gets it before writing him off as a power play specialist.

    Marincin, looks like he could develop to be a 3-4, again on a team with any kind of depth.

    I think ‘good No. 3’ is a pretty reasonable goal for Marincin. He might be more, but right now he’s a big guy with tremendous reach who can skate and move the puck; there is a lot of raw potential there.

    Klefbohm, overhyped, non-descript player, no part of his game over average.

    Actually, Klefbom is a fantastic skater, especially with the puck. I do think he was overhyped but this is a guy who will play at 6’3″, 220 pounds and can skate like the wind. There’s nothing nondescript about that.

    Cant see over a 6-7 guy here. Belov,Hunt, not nhl d-men Fedun, great story, could be a 6-7 Havent seen enough of the rest to give an opinion.

    I really like Hunt, but I do think he’s a guy who has a nice career in Europe; his size is going to be hard to overcome in the NHL. I wonder about Belov; that first year is often brutal for Euros coming to North America and he does have some tools (though footspeed’s an issue). I think Fedun will make it because he’s as smart as they come and he plays a 200-foot game; he might not be more than a six/seven but he’s a really nice end-of-roster option and my hope is that the Oilers give him some NHL minutes post-deadline.

    Outside help is going to be needed to fix things long term.

    Yep. That’s why you move some of these guys.

  • If Marincin plays well at the Olympics, there should be increased interest in him.

    Klefbom is coming off missing significant time and had to adjust his game to the North American sheet. Very hard to read how good he will be.

  • Johnnydapunk

    I am still a fan of Belov, despite this season being a bit difficult for him. I think that a half to full season of the AHL would have done wonders. There is potential in him, and the other advantage that he brings is that he does sign one year deals only, he has stated the reasoning is that he feels that it motivates him to play for his next contract, so in a way I don’t know how much money motivates him per se. He is at a good age for a defenceman also, so I think next season he will do a lot better.

    What I do wonder though is if the system the Oil play is the same system used for both OKC and Bakersfield, as that would make the transition quite a bit easier since the speed and quality of the game is the biggest difference and ideally a player would develop by starting in the ECHL, then working up to the AHL, then the NHL. Though a system like that needs stability which I hope the Oil get.

    In the end, a sacrifice needs to be made to improve the defence as without that, there isn’t a goaltender that will improve the Oil’s fortunes no matter who they sign.

  • Time Travelling Sean

    Everyone talks so glowingly about the Kings because they won the Cup. They had the easiest road to the cup that I can recall.

    They also might not make the playoffs this year, so yeah, I think they’re overrated because they beat PHX and NJ in the playoffs, and both of those teams didn’t make it in the year after.