Oilers GM MacTavish Spotted In Toronto


The Toronto Marlies have an 11AM home game today. Why? Because they hate logic (actually, it’s a school day game, something they do a few times a season). To some, this isn’t very interesting on the surface (if it is? We’ll have a recap on TheLeafsNation), but a bit of an eyebrow raiser came in the form of Craig MacTavish being in attendance.

I can’t tell you exactly what he’s here for, but this is what we do know. 

  • The Marlies don’t face Edmonton’s AHL affiliate, the Oklahoma City Barons for another three weeks.
  • Oklahoma doesn’t face San Antonio until March 2nd
  • If he’s scouting a Panthers prospect, there are multiple other opportunities to see San Antonio in Canada ahead of the Trade Deadline (17th and 23rd in Hamilton, 22nd in Toronto)
  • If he’s scouting a Leafs prospect, the Marlies play ten straight games at home through March 2nd.
  • With the Oilers in the middle of an Eastern road trip (Sabres/Rangers/Devils), this is a convenient time for him to check in on some players he’s interested in. Given the amount of New York-based teams in the AHL, however (including games in Binghamton and Rochester tonight), it’s unlikely that this is watching hockey for the sake of watching hockey.
  • The Leafs have a home game against Vancouver on Saturday night., but I don’t think it’s likely he’s here because he plans on keeping tabs on that game as well.
  • Edmonton and Toronto don’t face each other for the remainder of the season.
  • The Edmonton Oilers have five players and the head coach of the 2011/12 Marlies roster, and there’s still two guys from that team wearing AHL blue and white today (Korbinian Holzer, a defensive defenseman, and Jerry D’Amigo, a utility bottom six winger).
  • The Oilers just acquired Mark Fraser from the Toronto Maple Leafs a few days ago.
  • MacTavish has been a regular at Ricoh Coliseum for several years, even as his role and employers changed.

What does this mean? I couldn’t tell you for certain. But it’s a thing that happened, if nothing else.

  • Show me da Money

    Just saw Sportsnet’s Hockeycentral at Noon. They had Mark Messier on as guest.

    At the very end of the show they finally asked him what he was doing as an advisor in Edmonton. He advises.

    How do you feel about your old friend Kevin Lowe being under the gun by fans in Edmonton? “Well, we all know you’re judged on your results”. And then he added but he led them to a Stanley Cup final a few years ago and many teams would give anything to be there. Huh?

    Maybe he was advising MacT?

    • Joy S. Lee

      Actually, not so fast. They have a ways to go there, too, not kidding.

      You’ll recall, some of Kevin Lowe’s earlier moves included having shared farm teams. Before that, no farm team at all.

      No doubt this reflects the sheer genius of the man with 6 rings. Who needs a farm team, anyway?

      Ok, I’m being sarcastic. The farm team is one of the most important things a team has, and we all know it. MacT knew it when he started trading down for more picks last year, too. Long way to go just yet…won’t be finished until every player on the team is a truly potential call-up. At least that would be my gauge.

  • Joy S. Lee

    I hope he’s looking at one of Brad Ross, Tyler Biggs, or Jerry D’Amigo. They’re the only ones who intrigue me out of that group, but I won’t make any sort of claim to know all of them, either. My perspective is very limited, but I like the 3 I mentioned.

    Hope the cost isn’t too high, is all, since none has been able to crack the NHL yet, either, and the Leafs aren’t exactly flying high these days. (Which makes a trade that much more feasible…neither team is getting it done.)

  • STAN

    I’m certain Mac was misquoted when he said he would “make bold moves”. I heard from the usually unreliable sources that he said “make Broll moves” or perhaps “make Bodie moves”.

    • STAN

      Are you serious? Clarkson has been a bust over here in Toronto, over pay and had a few suspensions already. He has 9 points in 37 games and -5 for the season. Gagner has 23 points in 45 games (missed some games with broken jaws) and -20 for the season, the fans there run him out of town. WOW that’s why no UFA want to come to Edmonton. Oilers fans never happy with what they have, Oilers need a real coach, Eakins is ruining the team and players confidence there.