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Mitchell Moroz scored the 30th goal of his season today. And then, he scored 31. That’s a solid total for the physical winger, a number many didn’t think he’d reach in a single season. I’m sure Moroz is feeling good about himself—and he should—because 30 goals in a season among big tough wingers is a pretty rare thing. Or is it?

30-GOALS AT 19

How often do big forwards with a physical edge score 30 goals as 19-year olds? Here’s what I did: took all of the Oiler-drafted CHL forwards since 2000 into a group, and the plucked out those who scored 30 in a year with 100 pims. How many did it in those years? Here we go:

  1. Dan Baum, 19, 2002-23 72GP, 32-41-73 218pims
  2. JF Jacques, 19, 2004-05 69GP, 36-42-78 56pims
  3. Mitchell Moroz, 19, 2013-14 57GP, 31-27-58 133pims

I included Jacques because he had over 100pims earlier in the junior career, but not at 19. He fits the description, so it would be silly to exclude him. A lot of good players scored 30 (Stoll, Brodziak, Pouliot) and a lot of these guys had lots of pims (Stortini) but among Oiler CHL picks since 2000 this is it.

Jacques made the NHL but couldn’t score at all, Baum lost his career to injury.

That’s a pretty rare feat as Oiler prospects go, 30 goals and 100 pims in season. I’m thrilled for the young man, it can’t be easy being an Oil King and an Oiler prospect in this city. Allow me to congratulate Mitchell Moroz for a splendid accomplishment. 30 goals. One season. Something to be proud of forever.

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    I was one of those people who was initially upset that we had ‘wasted the pick’ on someone I had never heard of before. I go by the rankings generally. The one caveat to that is that even Detroit’s GM who made the Zetterberg pick says if he knew he was going to be that good he would have picked him in the first round!

    From all accounts the merit of the pick would hinge on whether he would develop into a solid and skilled power forward. They admitted they thought he would once he was given the ice time he would be getting, but up to that point was denied by their junior team. They knew him inside and out, in a way other teams couldn’t. They knew his character, work ethic, and obviously saw something they really liked.

    For a guy who has frequently bashed the Oilers’ picks I have to admit they had the foresight to correctly predict this. They beat the other teams to him that were rumoured to be taking him in the 2nd round. If they believe he will, or could be that good, then it doesn’t matter where they picked him if they wanted him most. His player type, I believe, is what the Oilers need most, if he’s good enough to play on any line.

    He is doing better than I dared to dream he would this year, and progressing VERY NICELY, indeed!

    I don’t get caught up in the first second third or fourth line predictions. I remember clearly a highly respected analyst for the Oilers themselves saying that Jarrett Stoll’s ceiling was as a fourth liner, if he ever did play in the NHL.
    Some who enjoyed the Oilers heyday may remember before the Oilers were ‘The Oilers’. Mark Messier was said to ‘have to use his elbows’ if he ever were to even have a career in the NHL. What did he end up being, second all-time in NHL scoring when he retired? The only captain of two different Stanley Cup winning teams.

    I think at this stage of his career it is silly to lock him into comparisons with any one or two players, be it JF Jaques or Milan Lucic. He will write his own biography by the end of his career, and he could be the best of the bunch or never play at all.

    The thing I see is the best players are rarely predicted to be as good as they become when they are only prospects. It is almost impossible to predict how they will play against men, the best in the world – unless you are a 66 or 87, or 88.

    All I know is I’m excited by what I see; from where I sit the sky is the limit with him. Nobody combines his toughness with his level of skill as an Oilers prospect for as long as I can remember. And as an Oilers fan that is the best news I have heard in a while!