We’re just a few hours away from the Olympic Gold Medal game, Canada versus Sweden in deepest Russia. The Canadians and the Swedes have been on a collision course for the entire tournament. The earthquake hits 5am Edmonton time. GO CANADA GO!


Four years ago in Vancouver it was Sid the Kid and now we’re waiting for someone to man up and deliver destiny for the Canadians. Is our nation the dominant one during the NHL-at-Olympics era? We’re about to find out.








Canada’s hockey story will see another chapter written before daylight in our town. This is a new team—gone is Sakic, gone is Iginla, gone is Niedermayer, gone is Brodeur. This is the team of Toews, of Crosby, of Bergeron and Weber and Doughty and increasingly of Price.


If you’re staying up all night to watch the game, I’d suggest some kick ass rock and roll to keep you rolling. Since our American friends aren’t likely in the mood, perhaps we can borrow some of their best! Love this song, and it feels like summer too!


canada flag1

Win today and we walk together forever”  (Fred Shero)

There was a time in this fair land when the railroad did not run. We were not bound by rail or air or blacktop or radio or television. The news came monthly instead of instantly. We were bound together by the things we had in common, coast to coast—and the song remains the same.

We are the land of the ice and snow, we are winter, we are Canada. It’s our game, at the lowest levels and, today, at the very highest.

God bless you, men. We are with you and we believe in you. Giants walk among us.

  • Lofty

    Russia probably matches or exceeds Canada in offence. But they don’t have the defense. Same with USA. They have offense and better goalies . Even tho I think they should of went with miller. Canada’s defense is just too dominant

  • Spydyr

    I do believe most of the Oil fan base realize that our “Star Players” were not good enough to make the incredible star studded Team Canada. I am hoping like hell that the Oil players watched these games and took something away from them.

    There is not a NHL team that comes close to what Team Canada was in this Olympics. Seeing all of this talent on one team is very impressive and you can bet every other country saw the same thing we fans saw, a team of the best players in the league and a team the played as a team and not as individuals with egos that are unmanageable.

    Excellent win for our country and showcased why hockey is Canada!

    Now back to reality, the Mighty Oil are in need of………

  • Spydyr

    3 goals in 6 games. Pure domination. This is the answer to all the skeptics that believed that offence wad lacking. You only need one goal to win. Canada is the best….

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    3 goals against in 6 games, never trailed on the scoreboard, undefeated.

    This just might be the best hockey team I’ve ever seen play. NHL dynasties don’t count, I missed them all…

  • Rob...

    ~Leave it to Crosby and Kunitz to finally score when it no longer mattered. Hall should have been on this team!~

    Edit: 23 people are too stupid to know what the tilde character means on this site.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    That was intense. The bar was packed. I said it at the beginning of the tournament that Canada’s defense would single handily win the tournament. They put on a clinic all tournament long. Also, price made shut outs look effortless. I don’t think he gave up a rebound the whole time. What a performance.

    Finally, to be the best you have to beat the best. And on that note I’m rather sad that Sedin and Zetterburg were out with injuries. But I’m downright pissed that Backstrom was booted from the game 20 min before for taking allergy medication.

    I’m glad as hell we won, but the road Canada took to victory was nothing short of easy.

    • **

      Easy? They beat the silver medallists, the bronze medallists, and the fourth place finishers.

      They were also missing a few pieces due to injury (Tavares, Stamkos). Pretty hard to assemble 23 out of 23 of your best hockey players mid season without a few nicks and bruises.

      Canada would have beaten anyone, anytime, anywhere in the universe today. They were that good. There are no questions.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    Kevin Lowe will tell us all how good he is because of this gold medal. Really, he was in the back room wondering if losing this game would score a sweet draft pick for 2018.

  • **

    Was a great win, well balanced team and balanced play. The Price Was Right.Although you have to be honest, missing key forwards made it easier for jCanada. Not saying they would not have won with Zetterberg , Barckstrom and Sedin in the line up, but would have given them a better fight.

    Should have dressed Suban instead of Hamhius, just to give him a few shifts.

    PS.. Is there a more embarassing momement than coaches corner.
    CBC spends our money to fly and accomdate this guy for two weeks, just to babble nonsense for 4 minutes a game. Time to retire Cherry he, who is totally out of touch with hockey and the world in general. ie; Peter Angelo .. who is he.

  • Serious Gord

    Good to get the win.

    Hate this tournament format – and the Olympics in general and I hope this is the last time any Canadian over 20 plays in them.

    That said, it was a real shame that:

    We didn’t get to play and beat the Russians (see format complaint above)

    The swedes and cda weren’t 100% healthy. There will always be what ifs in Both our and swedens minds…


    The international game is sick – suffering a severe case of constipation – no flow, no scoring, little physical contact. That’s worrying because the nhl is also getting a bad case of it. Face it these games were boring – especially to those who aren’t followers of the game.

    Rule changes are desperately needed – foremost being dramatically reducing the size of goalie equipment. If that doesn’t happen they might as well change from sticks to lacrosse rackets. It needs to be easier to score from outside the dots – that will pull the defenders out and thus open up (and save) the game.

      • Serious Gord

        Interesting to see the negative response (thanks for reading). Curious as to what part you disagree with: the crap game play? The suggested rule changes? Are you content with the scarcity of scoring – possibly the lowest ever this season and in the iihf it averages one goal lower per game. That’s soccer-level scoring frequency.

        If the nhl had games like this every time it would fold within the year. Dreadful hockey played at an uber-elite level is still dreadful hockey.

          • Serious Gord

            Not trolling at all. In fact there was a very lengthy debate about this very topic (45min) on bob mcowns show on Friday – debaters included john Shannon and Damian cox. Low goals are a serious issue. Sure low scoring can be entertaining if it is due to scintillating goaltending and lots of scoring opportunities. That really wasn’t what we saw this morning or in most of the games.

        • **

          I personally loved todays game and thought there was some great hockey played over the course of the Olympics. Nonetheless I could have predicted your response Gord. Have you ever written anything that was not dripping with negativity and pessimism?

          • Serious Gord

            I thought they were arguably the greatest team ever assembled. I think we we’re let down by the format (no meeting with the Russians) injuries and big ice big goalies.

            If my flaw is demanding the best I wear it proudly.

            Ps- Russian anthem in closing ceremonies may have been the best ever. Stunning.

          • Joy S. Lee

            The format was set up so that we could meet the Russians in the Gold medal game, in the event both teams made it there.

            We beat all of our opposition, Russia lost 2 of their 5 games.

            It wasn’t the format, it was Russia’s inability to win.

  • Lowe But Now High Expectations

    To win in today’s hockey, you must have structure and discipline. This is the main reason the Oilers are such losers. And you must have both. Until the best players on the Oilers show a commitment to playing with discipline within a system, winning will elude them.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    OKC at Marlies 2PM Sportsnet 360 HD. Might be our last chance to watch Big Steve Macintyre on a TV. Gotta a feeling he is retiring at the end of this year! HOPE NOT! GO BIG MAC!!!!!!!!

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    I’m almost scared to go back to watching the Oilers after the unreal hockey we’ve been treated to the last couple weeks.

    Aw who am I kidding, LET’S GO OILERS!

  • **

    Canada’s play reminded me of Spain’s play in the last world cup. Might not be the most spectacular, but it is structurally sound, committed to defense, effective, frustrating to the opposing team, and wins the big price. Credit to the coaches for implementing the systems and credit to the players for putting egos aside and buying in.

    A perfect game.

  • **

    That was the greatest team assembled in the history of sports. If you don’t agree, you hate Canada and should be imprisoned in Guantanamo and classified as a terrorist. The rest of us look forward to Taylor Nugent-Eberle winning gold for Team Canada in 2018, 2022, 2026 and 2030.

    • **

      No one on the Oilers know how to play a 2-way game. Unless they have been traded to the Oilers.

      Oilers old boy philosophy has always been lets score 1 more goal then the other team 7-6 type games. But Oilers can’t score like that.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    How to play the proper defense by team Canada:

    1.Dominate the puck possession.

    2.Crowd the neutral zone.

    3.Keep the puck out of defensive zone.

    4.Take away the middle.

    Only if Oilers can learn from that…

  • Zamboni Driver

    You know what, if you’re STILL on the Kunitz thing you’re a complete moron. Run now. Go look in the mirror. Yes, you. Moron.

    They frickin’ won.

    Now I get as a blind faith Oilers fan that doesn’t really compute this whole “winning” thing, but they did. They were victorious.

    Also Kunitz scored a fantastic goal.

    So really.

    Shut the hell up.

    • Zamboni Driver

      And hired by EPL soccer team in England. Really good year for him, so why did MacT fired him for? Even non-hockey related teams want his service, he must know a thing or two.

      • Joy S. Lee

        You know, it’s entirely possible…maybe even probable…that Ralph Krueger was hired for Team Canada on Kevin Lowe’s recommendation, right?

        And, that Krueger’s detailed information on their opponents may have been a vital cog in the wheel…makes Lowe smarter than most of us here give him credit for.

        I don’t know that it happened that way, I’m just supposing on likelihood or possibility. Oilers management wants to build a great organization, and they try to be dignified, and fair, and so on, but there are a lot of moving parts to that. There is a tendency to reject anything that doesn’t fit our expectation or belief. Maybe we’d be better off being a little more aware, and little less judgmental. But then, I guess I’d be promoting acceptance over this forum designed to ignite passion and controversy. And, it’s ok, I’m as susceptible to getting caught up in it as anybody. But IT IS LIKELY that Lowe had a hand in Canada utilizing Krueger. And we won, at least in part due to that. Props for Lowe…imagine that…

        • Joy S. Lee

          I could not agree more. I cannot imagine Team Canada not asking Lowe for his comments / recommendations regarding Krueger.

          If you all look at the Team Canada’s Gold Medal Team picture, you’ll see Krueger right behind Lowe. If they did not have the respect for each other, they would have been on opposite sides of the photo. What I do find odd in the picture, “Where is Hitchcock?”

          For all the Canadian athletes, you did Canada proud!! Even to compete and participate at this level, is an amazing achievement and commitment.

          Well Done!!
          Let’s hope the Oilers have a few players on the 2018 team.