Stu MacGregor and his Oiler scouts have been rolling across prairie roads all winter long in search of the next Jordan Eberle. Or maybe the next Grant Fuhr.

In an interview published today by the Edmonton Sun, Terry Jones spoke to the Oilers scouting director about the 2014 draft. It’s an interesting read, but I wanted to extrapolate on one area:

  • MacGregor: “We need to find a goaltender. There are some good prospects. None are off the charts. But there are quite a few of them. As a group they are pretty good.”

The Oilers have a plethora of defensemen, but lack forwards on their prospect list. One of the reasons of course is the three recent graduates from the top of the 2010, 2011 and 2012 entry drafts. Among goalies, Edmonton boasts the recently acquired Laurent Brossoit and little else.


ahl goalies

LaBarbera and Roy are gone, and Rimmer (who owns the best SP among the prospects in a very small sample size) didn’t cost them a damn thing. Bachman is having a nice season in Oklahoma and remains legend for his Edmonton performance — perhaps we’ll see him again. Tyler Bunz has a reasonable SP but we rarely hear the organization speak of him. Pickard is also in photo.

2014 Draft

Bob McKenzie’s  list has Boston College goalie Thatcher Demko ranked #1 among goalies (and projects him to go early in the second round in June). Also listed in the top 50 are Plymouth’s Alex Nedeljkovic and Swede Jonas Johansson.

To my eye, the best goalie available might end up being Ville Husso  of Finland.  Hockey’s Future questions his mental game but that save-percentage in SM-Liiga tells me he’s pretty tough.


Guy Flaming of the Pipeline Show is on top of the college scene, and tells me there are five goalies at the top of the NCAA free agent list. Some of these goalies will return to college in the fall (and not turn pro), but it’s worth following them.

  • *Joel Rumpel Wisconsin 22GP, 1.83 .936
  • *Ryan Faragher St. Cloud State 22GP, 2.62 .910
  • Clay Witt Northeastern 27GP, 2.17 .940
  • *Casey DeSmith New Hampshire 30GP, 2.32 .921
  • Steven Summerhays Notre Dame 31GP, 1.90 .929

Witt and Summerhays are both in their final year of college eligibility, the other three (asterisk) can go back to college for another season.



If you’re a really good goalie, and know Edmonton scouts are in the building, do something to get noticed. It’ll be worth the effort.

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow

    Yes we need a goalie prospect.

    We need a #2C

    We need a #1D, #2D, #3D

    We need a #1G

    The lottery pick will fill one of the above. Nurse fills another.

    Hopefully MacT uses the 40+ mil in cap space this off season to fill the rest..

  • CDNinATL

    Really, LT, the Oilers are looking for a goalie? Which one of your superficial bloggers clued you in ? (Giggle) Connor, are you/do you remember… (Giggle). And who calls a grown man “Jungle”? (Giggle) Seriously, your band of bloggers aren’t paid, are they? (Giggle). They offer no more insight than a bunch of guys talking hockey in a bar or office (Giggle). Two hours of inane radio bug it’s like z car wreck….(Giggle)

    • toprightcorner

      You giggle more than my teenage daughter, maybe you should go to the TMZ website!

      If you actually read the artilce you would realize Stu MacGregor told Jones in an interview they need to draft a goalie, it was not LT claiming this revelation.

      • CDNinATL

        Me ? Giggle ? You ever listen to his show? Giggles like a 10 year old girl who’s skirt flew up in the wind. Everything is worth giggling about . All his blogger buds are brilliant . Everything is interesting. And Conner has to put up with it day after day. Train wreck, man.

          • Lowetide

            I know this isn’t the “Lowedown with Lowetide” and your radio show has to save some thunder for the shows following yours.Sometimes you and Conner do a little bit of rambling when you could be answering more texts and tweets than you do, besides that if you don’t like the guests and context don’t tune in,I really like your taste in music and enjoy your show.

          • toprightcorner

            I love that your show brings in guests that otherwise would not be heard because they are stats guys and I love getting their perspective. Dellow is one sharp dude and there are many others. I get a different look at hockey when I listen to your show and that is a great thing.

            Keep up the good work!

    • PutzStew

      I don’t write on here often, but this comment is stupid. A clock typically is right all day long. A stopped clock would be right twice a day. Please try to think before you type. People like you are tiresome.
      Have a good day.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    The Oilers have one right under their noses. After they move Scrivens/and or Bryzgalov, why not give Ty Rimmer a shot……since they have 21 nothing games left. Maybe he’ll have some Marincin type success. He is almost 22 already.

    The Oilers are big on pedigree and supporting kids they’ve drafted. Maybe it’s time to shipcan that policy and just find a kid who’ll stop the puck. Despite the fact he was a non drafted free agent.

    • Lowetide

      I think they will. If I were to guess, suspect EDM will sign Scrivens and also bring in another NHL goalie. OKC will feature Bachman/Brossoit/Rimmer with the extra going to Bakersfield.

  • LT

    Doesn’t it bother you in the least bit that the Oilers could have drafted Jarry and or Comrie but instead chose to move those picks?

    Jarry meanwhile is boasting better numbers then Brossoit did.

    Then to top it off the Oilers make a stupid trade with Smid, (who is no where near as bad as Belov) out of town for a goalie prospect?

    This is an utter fail on the Oilers part.

    • Lowetide

      jmo, but I wouldn’t draft a goalie in any of the first three rounds. I’m fine with EDM trading their third for Scrivens, that’s a great risk. But drafting a goalie at #36? I would prefer the Oilers stay away from G’s that early.

  • toprightcorner

    With as many young promising goalies that seem to be available every year, either from college, Europe or from other teams, I hope the Oilers don’t spend more than a 4th round draft pick on one. Let someone else draft them, develop them and then are forced to trade them becasue they have a #1 goalie already like Bernier, Schneider, Halak, Kipper, Bishop twice, Luongo and Varlamov.

    It has been over 20 years since the Oilers drafted a goalie who did anything, in fact most goalies that succeed do so with the team that didn’t draft them.

  • toprightcorner

    How the current starters/top goalies with over 20 starts got to the NHL

    Drafted 1st round – 10

    Drafted 2-4 rounds – 7

    Drafted after 5th round – 14

    Never drafted – 7

    Suprises Miller #138, Lundqvist #205, Smith #161, Thomas #217, Rinne #258 (13th last pick)

    That tells me unless you have a stud that would be drafted in the 1st round don’t bother drafting a goalie. Out of the goalies drafted outside the 1st round only 25% are with the same team, mostly late bloomers.

    over 80% of the best goalies outside the 1st round have either been traded or were not drafted. Unless you are drafting a stud in the 1st round, don’t waste a pick on a goalie, its a crap shoot and it is proven that starting goalies can be found in trades or in Europe.

    I would much rather the Oilers spend mid/late round picks on size with some skill and hope one of them turns into a prize cause those odds are better.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    As a guy who hates the Oilers AND Nerdstats, I still say LD w/ LT is the best show on sports talk radio. At least you’re trying something different.

  • Lowetide

    Do you think the Oilers might be willing to give Dave Bolland his $5 million per season? With Hemsky and Gagner likely gone do you they should overpay for a guy like Bolland and maybe go after a guy like Vlasic this summer? I dont think Bolland is a true blue offensive second line guy but playing with Perron, Yak, Ebs and Hall might spark a little offense for this guy?

    • PutzStew

      Careful what you wish for… you all recall a player by the name of Clarkson. Bolland is the second coming.. bit better player, but you have his agent driving up the price in the market place.. make it look like Bollan isnt really interested in the Leafs.

  • PutzStew


    Oh thank you Lowetide, You just made my morning.

    First I woke up this morning and learned theta the Oilers lost, so I knew that everything was right in the world.

    Then I decided to come on here and read Robins blog about lack of effort and silly interviews but the twits that run the Oilers.

    Then, because I thought things were on a role, I thought “Maybe I’ll have a peek at that Lowe Tide blogs, it might be good for a laugh”.

    Thank fully for me you did not disappoint.

    If I could nominate you for funniest line of the year by a Journalist, wanna be Journalist or basement dweller, it would be this….

    “If you’re a really good goalie, and know Edmonton scouts are in the building, do something to get noticed. It’ll be worth the effort.”

    I had to read it a few times to make sure I read that correctly. I still can’t figure out if your are serious or were just trying to be funny.

    Never the less, bravo.

    • PutzStew

      Well, your writing ability kind of undermined your feeble criticisms.

      For future reference:

      Your, You’re, Yer and Y’all do not all mean the same thing.

      Second, it’s Lowetide, not Low Tide. (Unless that was supposed to be funny. It wasn’t, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.)

      Role, roll, jelly donut. All different things. I’d rather read 1000 LT articles (and fortunately for me I have in just the last month, because the man is productive!) than read lame drive-by swipes like the one you have blessed us with.

      As trolling goes, leave it to the champs…you’re not very good at it. A for effort though!

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    the Oilers actually have to continue to draft goalies to have some actual prospects at that position! i realize they may have been turned off to drafting goalies after being burned by so many recently, like Olivier Roy, Tyler Bunz, the long gone Samu Perhonen and the anything but spectacular but still somewhat of a prospect Frans Tuohimaa. there was no excuse to not pick Tristan Jarry after just missing out on Zack Fucale.

  • Spydyr

    “We need to find a goaltender”

    Maybe “the braintrust” should of thought about that four years ago.Perhaps they would have a goalie ready for the NHL next year.

    At this point in time they have no NHL goalie or backup signed for next year.

    The only thing consistent about the Oilers is the incompetence of “the braintrust”.

  • toprightcorner

    With broissoit now in the system, I’m not sure why we need to use a high pic to draft a goalie. We need a young goalie who’s a few years into development. If we can re sign scrivens to a fair two year deal and bring in another young guy to compete for the number one at a good price I think we’re much better off. Not sure why the whole hockey world seems to think all we get for hemsky is a 2nd round pic at most. He’s a second line rw on any team. Maybe hemsky and a b prospect can get us fasth?