Ales Hemsky’s fate may depend on Ryan Callahan


Last night was billed as Ales Hemsky’s last game as an Edmonton Oiler, and if so he certainly delivered a fine performance. Reports on the morning of the trade deadline suggest New York may be his ultimate destination, but that might be dependent on the fate of fellow pending free agent Ryan Callahan.

On the Edmonton end, the highly-connected Bob Stauffer suggested that the Rangers might be a good fit for Hemsky late last night/early this morning:

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Stauffer’s take was confirmed on the New York end by the New York Post’s Larry Brooks, who confirmed that Rangers’ general manager Glen Sather had held talks with his Edmonton counterparts about acquiring Hemsky. The sticking point, according to Brooks, is the Rangers’ reluctance to part with the second round draft pick that Edmonton is asking for in trade. Brooks added, however, that events might force the Rangers hand:

Of course, Hemsky might just be a fall back if the Blueshirts aren’t able to sign Callahan and instead move him, thus creating a hole at right wing management believes can’t be filled by J.T. Miller.

The Rangers have been linked to a higher end right wing (Martin St. Louis) and of course there are plenty of other possibilities on the market, but prices for those will also have New York balking: 

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At some level a Hemsky deal to the Rangers makes a lot of sense. New York and Edmonton have always had a close trading relationship, and it’s customary for Oilers skill players to finish their days with the Blueshirts. We will just have to wait and see if that’s what happens with Hemsky. 

  • shanetrain

    As long as he goes somewhere I will be content. Not as happy as I would have been 3 years ago when he would have fetched something worthy, but happy nonetheless.

    • You’re just like the majority of the level headed hockey world: you just don’t get it…you’ll never get it man. Ales is special, I just KNOW IT.

      We here at ON see something special in our players. We just love them so much. Gags and Hemmer should be frickin’ traded straight across for Crosby and Webber. Read Lowetide – he’s a Belieber too.

      In MacT we trust!

  • I’d love to keep him for the duration of his career, but since that’s unlikely to happen, I’d love to see him go somewhere with a real chance of winning it all. He’s been a strong soldier through the dark years here and deserves a chance to get his name on the Cup.

  • Hemsky most certainly brings more value to this team as a player than he would via trade. A second rounder is the asking price, but he brings way more to the table than 95% of second round picks. My guess is that he doesn’t want to sign , and how can you blame him?

    I was hoping that this year Hemsky , Perron, and Smytty were going to be used to keep 4-93-14 64 and 89 accountable. As in, when those guys keep turning it over, you can bench them. Apparently that rule only applies to #64.

    Hall and Ebs have deserved to be benched probably 10 times this year and yet it’s only Happened once.

    Hemsky deserves better and I don’t blame him one bit for not wanting to re-sign as a 3RW when many nights he deserved 20+ mins of ice.

  • Serious Gord

    Hemsky’s value at the end of the season is ZERO. Trading him now for anything is better than zero.

    If he isn’t traded MacT should be fired.

    Ditto Ryan Smyth.

    • Joe Mamma

      Potter gone. Hemsky Gone.IB gone. VF in.

      So we gave up a 3rd and a 5th for VF. A 5 this year and 3 next.

      Hemsky gets us a 5 this year and a 3 next year.

      Net gain is zero picks. But we have rid ourselves of 2 contracts. The contracts are important as we move forward.

      I heard your call this morning and I wish at times that you would put less passion in your comments. Its like your Hulk. Your angry all the time.

      I disagree with your comments regarding Scrivens and VF. I disagree that the goaltending will be our Achilles heel next year.
      The problem remains the same unless something is done in the off season. Its our defense that needs improving. We need at least 2 veteran dmen. I don’t think we our going to get a true 1-2 dmen either today or at the draft. Matt Greene is available in the off season. We need bridge dmen.

      MacT has done a solid job in his short time as GM. Can you say the same thing about Tambo in his first year? IMO.

      Less anger Serious. You make valid points but at times they are clouded by anger and when that happens people tend to tune you out.

  • vetinari

    With no hope of playoffs in the immediate future, Hemsky’s more value to the team in a trade than on the roster. That said, if Hemsky returned next year at around the $3.5M to $4M per season mark, I’d have no problems with that… of course, I think that that will never happen.

  • drunken_Master

    i really think Hemsky is worth a 1st round draft pick.. but because of bad season.. low stats.. maybe because of Eakins.. his value went down.. but as we saw last night .. if motivated .. this guy can do some damage… and i think he’ll play like that for the rest of this season.. so wherever he ends up.. i’m sure hell help them alot..

  • Hopeless in Etown

    I hope we get a second rounder for Hemsky but considering Penner (I think who was 4th in scoring on the Ducks) went for a 4th rounder, that may be expecting a little much. Whatever we get back for him though will be from the highest bidder. Just hope we get some desperate teams today.

  • Serious Gord

    I think it’s really going to depend on the desperation factor of teams. If teams start missing out on the Keslers and Vaneks. THe price may become higher. Depends on if MacT feels like playing chicken or not.

  • Joe Mamma

    Well, with the St. Louis for Callahan trade, I guess there is another destination out the window. Sure would be nice to get something for the guy before he walks for nothing.

  • Joe Mamma

    The market will set the pace for what Hemmer with fetch. Remember when Paul Gaustad was traded for a 1st? The longer Edm waits, the higher the chance of a 1st.

  • BobbyCanuck

    I made my wife watch the game last night, with the tag line ‘come watch my favourite Oiler over the last 11 yrs, tonight is his last game with us’. As I watched, weeping into my beer about the impending divorce.

    She asks: Why are we getting rid of him? Well, he is UFA at the end of this season, and we need to free up some top 6 spots for your youngsters so they can get proper playing time and more experience.

    Like who? she says: I list them of, so she starts paying attention to them, and says…but they are not as good as Hemskey. I say that is debateable, our youngsters need the top 6 ice time.

    Why? She says, don’t they have to prove they belong in the top six first? I thought we had some kind of junior team for your youngsters to gain experience and what not in.

    I reply with a wimpering ‘yeah’, as I go fetch a beer

    OMG, she shrieks as Hall does a behind the back tape to tape pass to a Sens player right inside our blue line. They should trade that guy instead.

    He is our franchise player getting paid $6M/yr for the next 6 years, there is no way he gets traded I tell her.

    $6M for him? Really? She says, well that would explain why we suck, what the hell is wrong with whoever decides to give out these contracts?

    What about that guy skating around between the red and blue line, isn’t he supposed to be helping to get the puck out of our end? What about that guy at the blue line, should he not be covering someone? How come that guy is
    not going into the corner to dig out the puck.

    By now she has taken the fight out of me, all I can do is sigh and say I dunno.

    I am not asking her to watch another Oiler game with me, ever. I am not making this up