Baggedmilk Live Blogs the Trade Deadline ***UPDATED***


It looks like my first order of business at the Nation is to sit on my ass and watch TV for the day. Life is good. Which Oilers will be traded? How many 4th round picks will we collect? No one knows for sure, but I’m “excited” to find out.

What’s Happened So Far

Yesterday, MacT took care of the goaltending part of his to do list with a couple of trades. After only 4 months, #BryzNation is no more. Our favourite Russian Space Lord was traded to the Wild for a 4th round pick and I wish him well unless he is playing against the Oilers. MacT followed up the Bryzgalov trade by scoring Viktor Fasth for a 5th rounder in 2014 and a 3rd rounder in 2015.

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Fasth still has another year left on his contract at $2.9 million and should make for a solid running mate with our beloved Ben Scrivens. It’ll be interesting to see how they battle for ice time down the stretch. WHO COULD HAVE THOUGHT THAT THE OILERS WOULD HAVE BETTER GOALTENDING THAN THE CANUCKS WHEN YESTERDAY STARTED?!!? One thing is for sure, Vancouver sucks at goalies.


The Likely Candidates

As much as it sucks to say it, Ales Hemsky will likely not be an Oiler when the day is done. I never understood why some people dislike Hemsky so much. He’s been a warrior for the Oilers, has played hurt, and was often the best player on a team full of clowns.  The return for Hemsky is likely definitely going to be disappointing and I’ll even go so far as to predict a Twitter meltdown when the trade goes down. He scored a beauty goal last night and it bums me out to think about him on another team.

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  • baggedmilk’s prediction: Ales Hemsky for a 2nd and a 3rd round pick

I’d also be willing to bet Wanye’s lunch money that Ryan Smyth will be leaving town again. For Smytty’s sake, I hope MacT sends him to a contender for a chance to win the Cup. Personally, I’d like to see him re-signed for another year and finish where he started, but the guy deserves a chance to win. If anyone is down to go cry at the airport with me, just hit me up on Twitter.

  • baggedmilk’s prediction: Ryan Smyth for a 4th round pick and my tears

Next up on your ol’ pal BM’s chopping block is Nick Schultz. The thing that bums me out about trading Nick Schultz is the fact that the Tom Gilbert trade will likely end up as a late round pick. At the time, lots of people were really into the Gilbert trade (I was too) but now it seems like it was all for nothing. Gilbert is having a solid year #FancyStats-wise in Florida (Jonathan Willis, Lowetide, Tyler Dellow etc. can explain) and now it seems like Nick Schultz will be traded for any asset MacT can grab. Seems like a Tambo trade lost, no?

  • baggedmilk’s prediction: Nick Schultz for a 6th round pick
Last of my likely moves is another favourite of mine, Ryan Jones.  Jonesy hasn’t been the same guy since the eye injury but I’ll always love the man with the flow. He gave a lot of effort with not as much skill and he used his carcass to score some goals in his time here. Lots of stats guys disliked him, but luckily I don’t know how to math – my guess is that we say so long to the flow today.

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  • baggedmilk’s prediction: Jonesy for a low pick

Hemsky feb

The Gagner/Marcobello Factor

Before the Olympic break, Twitter had Gagner going to the Kings but nothing came from it except getting angry at Kyle Clifford’s name. At this point, there’s no need to trade Gagner.  He’s under contract for a couple more years and he would likely fetch more at the draft. Meanwhile, Marcobello has been lighting things up in OKC and it would seem like he’s too good to be playing in the AHL at this point. Can he replace Gagner on the 2nd line? Has Marcobello done enough to make MacT think Gagner is expendable? I can’t see it happening right now. In my uneducated opinion, it’ll be Marcobello that gets traded today or neither. I think Marcobello deserves a chance in the NHL but I can’t see it happening with the Oilers. 

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  • baggedmilk’s prediction:  Arcobello for a prospect we’ll all have to Google after

The Trades

While you’re pretending to work, be sure to keep refreshing this article as I’ll be posting live updates of Oilers trades as they happen.  Until then, if you disagree with my trade predictions let me know. If you have a prediction of your own, feel free to share so we can all argue about it. Enjoy the trade deadline, friends – workplace productivity be damned.

  • 10:05am – Boston Bruins claims Corey Potter off waivers
  • 10:30am – Ales Hemsky to Ottawa for a 5th round pick (2014) and a 3rd round pick (2015)
  • 10:49am – Former Oiler, Devan Dubnyk has been traded to the Canadiens for future considerations… tough year for Dubnyk
  • 12:23pm – Nick Schultz to Columbus for a 5th round pick **Corrected** -thanks John Shannon
That’s all for Oilers trades today. The countdown to the draft lottery begins. 

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    Just looking at the structure of the Goc deal…..3rd in 2015 5th in 2014….makes me wonder if MacT was going back and forth on Hemsky between Pittsburgh and Ottawa?

    • vetinari

      If that’s the case, then I’d go with Ottawa’s picks because they are likely to be better.

      Second round picks look like they are the new “first round” picks from previous years. Lots of third round picks got thrown around this year.

    • Phuryous George

      Gotta think ( at least hope) MACT would have dealt Hemsky to PIT over OTT for the difference in years. 3rd and 5th round picks are long shots, regardless, so i would hope he’d put Hemmer in the best position for a cup run.

      • BobbyCanuck

        You are basing your thoughts on what is known as a moral compass, whereby you do the right thing for someone that you respect. You make an ethical decison based on game theory: we both win, or I win you lose. or you win and I lose, or we both lose. With both winning being the best.

        Pointed out many times, that 3-5th rounders rarely turn into 11 yr NHL veterans.

        SO we both lose, Edm gets a two picks that may turn to nothing, Hemsky’s team misses the pplay-offs by 2 points. Should have traded him to Pitts for future considerations.

        Oiler mgmt has proven over the years, that so called compass has been misplaced, and they really don’t care to spend the time to look for it.

        • BobbyCanuck

          Are you Hemsky’s brother?

          The Oil did not have an obligation of any sort to ensure Hemsky moved to a cup contender. If Buffalo had offered as much as Ottawa he should have been moved there.

  • YEGFan

    I think the GMs of the league (especially in Minnesota) will quickly come to regret their over valuing of Moulson and under valuing of Hemsky.

    I’m glad it will be to Ottawa’s benefit and a team in our division’s downfall.

  • Sevenseven

    Couldn’t dump Jonesy, but hey, no big deal. Goaltending situation looks way better for next year than this year. Not a bad trade deadline for the oilers! Could be worse, we could be the Islanders! Lets hope the market for Gagner gets hotter this summer. Please play great down the stretch Gags, please play great down the stretch….

    • Spydyr

      Let’s hope he was another eight point night.

      Then again he had one point in the last ten games last year.A second assist.I think the former is more likely.

  • Mike Krushelnyski

    Well I guess Mac T did as good as possible today,
    as far as the rest of the year I would give him a B-, A for Perron, B+ for goaltending moves, Horcoft contract and Gordon, C for Ference and Hendricks,D for Russian defense men and the two Marlies but I guess they are helping OKC try to get into play offs.
    So far the only real bold move was when he was coaching, making it impossible for “Harvey the Hound to lick himself.
    I hope Hemmer gets into play-offs.

  • Mike Krushelnyski

    Pretty funny MacT explaining the demand increase for Hemsky after last nights game.

    Note to MacT you got a 3rd and 5th rounder and you had to eat half his salary.

    Huge demand. What a bunch of PR Bull

  • D'oh-ilers

    Nothing too surprising from the Oilers today. The return for Hemsky was underwhelming, but he’s also been stuck on the 3rd line the past few years, which hurts his value.

    MacT wasn’t kidding when he said he was impatient. Since being hired, he’s flushed Horcoff, MPS, Smid, Brown, Labarbera, Dubnyk, Hartikainen, Bryzgalov, N. Schultz, Potter, Omark, Hemsky, Whitney, Danis, Khabibulin, Belanger, Plante, Peckham, Petrell, Fistric & VandeVelde. That’s 21 players who’ve suited up for the Oil in the past year, not to mention Krueger. Good grief.

  • pkam

    That Vanek trade was a big win for Sabres.

    They got Moulson, a 1st rounder in 2014 or 2015, plus a 2nd in 2014.

    Now they trade Moulson and McCormick for Torrey Mitchell and 2 2nd rounders.

    Assume McCormick and Mitchell is a wash, Sabres get a 1st rounder in 2014 or 2015, 2 2nd rounder this year and a 2nd rounder in 2016. That is a massive return for an UFA that is not going to re-sign.

  • Lofty

    1) Who cares if the oil eat 100% of Hemsky’s salary. The only person that should have an issue with it should be D. Katz. The season is a wash for the organization and the contract is over in 4 months.

    2) I question the gamble of Hemsky playing last night. Had he got hurt (again) they would have got nothing for him. I don’t see last night increasing his value to where it was worth the gamble.

  • dougtheslug

    I wonder if some critics of MacT’s moves think he was offered more and turned it down for less. The price for Hemsky was obviously what was paid. Nobody offered more. So what do you do? Take nothing and let him walk in June?

    I think he is worth more than they got but so what. I liked him as a player, but he is part of a roster that has produced 4 lottery picks in 5 years. Face it, his production this year was very Marcel Goc like (26 vs 23 points, plus Goc is a useful faceoff man and kills penalties, and costs 1.7 mill vs 5 mill). Goc is actually more desirable, and the return on Hemsky was almost exactly the same.

    We are living with the legacy of Tambo and KLowe. Hopefully, a time will come where we don’t have to endure this stuff at the trade deadline anymore. It sucks.

  • T__Bone88

    It feels like the return on Hemsky was underwhelming but at the same time did any of the higher profile free agents go for drastically more? Not a single player got a 1st for this upcoming draft which is considered weak compared to other years. I think GM’s now feel that paying big prices for pending FA’s isn’t the smart way to do busy. Today wasn’t a day for the Oilers to make the big trade splash which I think some were expecting. The Oilers did fine in my mind getting something in return for expiring contracts and we will have to wait until the draft/free agency in which I’m sure MacT will do something more meaningful.

  • T__Bone88

    The St.Louis situation today reminded me of how bad a GM Lowe was. He would let have his ego get in the way and would have gotten all vindictive with St.Louis and let him sit for nothing (ie comrie, lupul, pronger, souray, etc). Yzerman handled it like a pro and got great return for his team.

    • Spydyr

      Actually they did pretty good on the Pronger trade when you look at what they got. Considering the circumstances it was a very good trade. I think Souray had everything to do about Tambellini and nothing to do with Lowe. Comrie was a gong show on Lowe and Lupul I can’t remember what they got for him so I don’t know. I get that you don’t like Lowe but saying Yzerman did great is only true if they resign Callahan. If they don’t I would never make that trade.

      • Spydyr

        Even if Callahan doesn’t sign Yzerman has a first and second rounder (possibly two first rounders if NY goes to conference final) for a soon to be 39 year old. Not to mention that he will have over $5MM freed up. Tampa won that trade.

  • Time Travelling Sean

    So, MacT is setting himself up for this summer, hopefully he is smart and build this team properly this summer. He has the room and the money. This might be the Oilers biggest summer yet. Even if they overpay, at this point. Just get our Suter and Parise. JUST DO IT! ITS NOT MY MONEY!

    • Spydyr

      Have you ever gone to a game or brought Oiler merchandise?

      Then it is you money . As crappy as this team has been Katz is still making money.Our money well not mine I have boycotted all things Oilier.

      • BobbyCanuck

        I did not boycott per say. I stll have an Oiler coffe mug from Avon, but that is about it.

        Last game I paid my own money for was Wayne’s last game back when he was with the Kings.

        Wayne got his typical goal, the type when he dikes out most of the team, and scores all by himself, and Kurri got his typical one-timer goal, and Oilers won the game…good times good times

  • dougtheslug

    I’m trying to figure out why it’s a big deal that the Oilers have been asked to eat part of the remainder of Hemsky’s salary.

    If there are 20 games left in the season … that’s a quarter of the season. A quarter of $5 million is, like $1.25 million. If the Oilers are on the hook for half of that, it’s $600,000. Chicken feed nowadays. Certainly not onerous … and certainly not worth holding up as evidence that MacT got fleeced.