Scrivenses, You’re the Best


When Taylor Hall scored in overtime how many of you noticed Ben Scrivens race down the ice to join in the celebration? How awesome is this guy? If he keeps up this kind of play and antics we’ll be building a Scrivens statue to go along with RX2. I offer a coffee mug salute and multiple fist pumps to our hometown prince!

Since showing up from LA, Scrivens has done nothing but shoot the moon with his studlyness. He’s rocking a .941 save% FOR THE OILERS and already has nearly as many saves in 9 games played as he did in 19 for the Kings! (303 saves for the Oilers, 432 for the Kings) I’m not sure how he’s managed to keep things going, but whatever he’s doing it’s working and I love him for it. Just imagine, if Scrivens had been around at the start of the season maybe the Oilers could have been in 23rd place instead of 29th! REBUILDIN’ BABY!

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When the year started, who would have thought that the Oilers would be using 6 goalies before the year was done? If it wasn’t for Montreal picking up Dubnyk for future pistachios, both of the Oilers starting goalies would have finished the season in the minors. That’s crazy! I’m not going to go and blame all of the Oilers problems on batch 1 of the goalies, but their sucktacular play certainly didn’t help. I’m excited about the Scrivens/Fasth combo and it’ll be interesting to see what happens now that MacT has his guys.

The First Lady of Edmonton


If Ben Scrivens hasn’t been awesome enough, his queen seems to be leading the charge as the new Oilers ambassador to the Nation. She’s taking pictures with fans, posting post contract jersey shots and winning Twitter every time you look at her account. She coached girls hockey in LA and one would imagine that won’t be long before she finds a team to coach here.  After taking a shot from a blog, when Sir Scrivens was first traded, she didn’t respond and has been nothing but cool since they arrived. That’s champion material.


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If the First Lady thinks Rexall is loud when the 29th place Oilers win in overtime – just wait until we get back to the playoffs. If you’ve got sensitive ear feelings grab some ear plugs, and you may as well start callusing your hands now – you’ll be high fiving more strangers than you’ll ever remember. Yeahhhh that’ll be sweet.

Scrivenses, we salute you!

  • Sevenseven

    I enjoyed his interview on HNIC last weekend as well. He has a good taste in music. He needs a chant because he saves our bacon quite often during games.

  • Rdubb

    Hopefully, his mates noticed him rushing down into the opposite corner to congratulate Hall & Gagner, and perhaps, fingers crossed, some of that enthusiasm and spirit rubs off on a few of the others.
    It is too bad, but perhaps being from the Grove has something to do with it (but I doubt it because the teams he’d have cheered for weren’t very good either), but the Prof seems to be one of the few Oiler players who seems to have the copper&blue running through his veins, and he has only been here for short time, opps, shouldn’t the “core” have it in their veins too?
    Now, one hasn’t heard much about players wives doing much since, it’s been a long time. Good to see that she is embracing the Oiler culture. I am also glad to see that she is giving time for the fans too, putting herself “out there” so to speak.
    I know many wives and girlfriends do a ton behind the scenes either with their spouses charity or with the Oilers wives stuff, but it’d be nice to see more go about visiting and interacting with the fans, showing the fans that they too have the same passion as the fan does. I think it could only help out, all around, maybe even letting the “boys” know that they have as much passion as they do, and perhaps that would rub off on them, and thus they’d show it more often on (& off) the ice. One could hope?
    Tip my hat to Mrs.Prof, and WELCOME TO OIL COUNTRY

  • camdog

    If the Oilers as a team take the phenomenal goaltending they have been receiving lately & use it properly then it’s a good thing. It can be utilized as a cushion giving them leeway to work on systems & tighten up on mechanics since they don’t have to worry about every mistake ending up in the net.

    However if they get back to thinking that everything is better because they are winning 70-80% of their games then this franchise is poised to take another huge step backwards!

    A huge “Thank you for giving us something to cheer for” to Scrivens for now though 🙂