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The Los Angeles Kings roll into Edmonton tonight, in search of two points and a healthy roster at minute 60. The Oilers? Evaluating the recalls, making sure next year’s goalie tandem doesn’t spring a leak, and trying to straighten out the ghastly power play.

In February I looked at the lottery section of the  2014 Entry draft

  1. D Aaron Ekblad
  2. C Sam Reinhart
  3. C Sam Bennett
  4. C Leon Draisaitl
  5. L Michael Dal Colle
  6. L Jake Virtanen
  7. C Ivan Barbashev

It’s time to add another name, we’ll call him #8 on the list: RW David Pastrnak. Each year I look for a name (near springtime) to emerge from the Europeans and for 2014 I believe it’s Pastrnak.

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  • Craig Button: Pastrnak’s ability to challenge defenders with his skating from both
    straight-ahead and darting positions makes him dangerous. He has very
    good hands and is always looking to create scoring opportunities.

If the season ended today, Edmonton would be drafting 2nd overall (I believe they’ll pass the Islanders and the Panthers). I also believe they’ll be happy with any of the top 4 names above, and that there’s a slight chance Ekblad is not chosen #1 overall. It’s a very interesting top of the draft board currently.

My bet for Oilers pick: Ekblad if they can make a move draft day, Draisaitl any other way.


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After the trade deadline passed without a second or third-round selection coming to Edmonton, I think there’s an increased chance we see Sam Gagner dealt for picks (or a pick and a player). Bruce Garrioch talks about NHL teams holding their high picks more dear at the deadline here. 

If the Oilers deal Gagner for a second and a third at the draft, I’m absolutely certain many Oiler fans will be up in arms. However, the Gagner money ($4.8M) may be better spent on a free-agent defender (possibly Brooks Orpik or Andrei Markov) or in trade for Braydon Coburn or Christian Ehrhoff.

Gagner for Ehrhoff works too, but the Oilers may have to offload the Gagner contract and then pursue a player with the cash in hand.




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I’ve lifted this from the last GDT, the two recalls won’t play. Both men are on emergency recall, so we’ll see how it rolls. Edmonton is down to three recalls available now (Larsen being the first) so at least three of the guys in OKC we thought we would see won’t be here this season.



PREDICTION: Scrivens stops 50 and the Oilers win 2-1. Team takes Scrivens out for fries and a Coke after the game.

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OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Los Angeles will dominate entire shifts.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS PREDICTION: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins breaks out of his slump with both goals—on the power play!

  • Admiral Ackbar

    I just watched the 1st period and I’m glad that’s all. It was brutally obvious that LA was on a completely different level, a playoff level. The Oilers looked like an AHL team out there.

    The Kings were organized and had amazing puck support. The Oilers always seemed to be way too stretched out and had little puck support. It’s honestly not even fun to watch. Hall scored a great goal in the first but I don’t expect much more than 30 seconds of brilliance from this team, night in night out. A few of the Kings goals were lucky, but eventually a couple trickle in when you get 50 shots in a game. The Oilers surrendered 50 shots to a team struggling to score! Ridiculous.

    I hold no pride in saying that I was there, supporting the team, in the darkest of times. That’s just foolish. Why would I chose to be unhappy every second night? There are more productive things to do. I’m happy to come back to the team when they show that they actually want our support. Until then, it’s pure insanity to cheer for this team with unquestioned loyalty. People walk away from marriages for less.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    Forget about Ekblad, we need another good big center, winning games at end of last year cost us Monahan (Flames got him). Now there’s no point to win games again that will cost us high draft pick in last 17 games. Stay competitive and score some goals but lose some games, win 5 and lose 12. With 62 points is good enough to pick 2nd or 3rd.

    Taylor Hall is amazing but we should have picked Tyler Seguin (he is coming to his own now) and Landeskog at left wing the next year. Yukopov will turn into a natural scorer soon. Then we would have a good team now, RNH is too soft like the Sedin sisters.

    That’s what I think, props if you agree.

    • Admiral Ackbar

      No team that ever want to have successes should try to lose. You can have 10 years first overall pick in a row but still be a bad team without the mine set of winning.

    • Admiral Ackbar

      Seguin was already traded once, what do you think that says about his personality. If Edm drafted him and had to trade him after a few years because of attitude, everyone would have complained “how much research does management do before drafting?” They did their research and choose the best player and the best fit for the team.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    Sam Bennet is the player we want. Gagner for a bag of pucks and his $4.8 Million cap space back would be just fine. Arco is a better player then Gagner and I think everyone knows it. But Bennet or Reinhart will likely be better long term then Arco. As for Ekblad well I guess if he’s there they will feel forced to take him.

    • Admiral Ackbar

      I also think we should grab a center. I would really like to see the team sign a stop gap UFA for some big dollars until our draft pick can take over as second line center in one or two years, right around the time Nurse makes the show.

      Sam Gagner is not the solution to second line center.

      Stasny, Downie, and maybe even Markov are the free agents I would like to see arrive here for next year.

  • Rdubb

    If, and I mean IF the Oilers pick 1st, than pick the d-man with size and character, but my guess, & odds say they won’t so, if they pick 2nd, then instead of trading and moving up only 1 spot in the draft, Edmonton should pick on of the top C’s, and from what I hear, I think that there are 2 or 3 in or near the top of draft. But, MacT must not just pick the best player @ the C position, he must pick the C with the most size & character, especially since there isn’t a big difference between them…At this moment in time, I feel that the Oil need more size with good skill and character over good size & better skill & little or no character…
    As mentioned in the article, Edmonton can chase Markov in free agency or trade for Erhoff or someone of the sort…what gets my goat is that MacT could have easily had a character D-man in Hainsey (@ least I think it was Hainsey) @ very little cost as he sat @ home after the lockout. He was a leader for the NHLPA, & that showed character…
    What are your thoughts???