GDB Wrap Up: Oilers @ Wild


Who would have ever expected this game to get to a shootout when the Oilers were down by 3? Just like they drew it up! Final Score: 4-3 Oilers

Tonight, we got our first look at 2 new Oilers in Viktor Fasth and Oscar Klefbom. Klefbom’s debut was a little bit shaky but you’d have to think the kid was super nervous. There’s a lot of expectations for Klefbom, and I thought he played with more confidence as the game went on, even registering his first assist. Not a perfect debut but who was perfect in this one? As for Fasth, he wears #35 and has already gone uninjured longer than Khabibulin – you’ve got to respect that. Despite being welcomed by the land of no defence, Fasth stole the Oilers a win tonight. It’s pretty exciting to have a legitimate goaltending duo for the first time in forever!

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Overall this game was messy. ELPH? This wasn’t it. Maybe it’s because they were playing the Wild, or maybe the game was as slow as it looked. I can’t decide. (More likely the Wild) Either way, this game was like being kicked in the shins, watching the WNBA, then getting a massaged by a pretty lady – kinda boring, mostly irritating, but worth the wait. Regardless, the Oilers came up with a hell of a comeback to win this game. WHO SAW THAT COMING? Not Towel Boy, not you.  

Let’s wrap this one up…


The Bright Side

  • Viktor Fasth stole that game for the Oilers
  • David Perron continues his quest for all word studlyness
  • Taylor Hall’s play on DPs goal was the result of hard work and godlike genetics
  • Perfectly executed the pass, pass, pass, pass, pass , turnover power play
  • PK was really good during the Minnesota 5 on 3

The Face Palms

  • 3 straight goals in 4 minutes for the Wild
  • Many many passes to the wrong team
  • Power Play was groooossss
  • Defence was often a suggestion more than a requirement
  • Minnesota Wild games should come with a coffee enema

Best of the Tweets


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Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 7.58.13 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 8.04.46 PM





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If you want to be included in next game’s Best of the Tweets, be sure to mention @OilersNation with your witty (or terrible) jokes. Since I didn’t tell anyone I was doing this, I had to search around for twitter jokes and I’m far to lazy to keep doing that.

  • Doctor Smashy

    Glad to hear Eakins is proud of them for not quitting in the NHL! Just 5 more years and the kids will be motivated again for another contract and maybe they’ll start actually putting in full games and start winning

  • Doctor Smashy

    @Doctor Smashey

    “Also, I know the stats support this but has anyone noticed that Gagner LOOKS like he is playing better?”

    To me he seems lost out there.

    • pkam

      I would say that the last coupled of games he has played better, more battle along the boards , but still making dumb passes.

      Lets see how he plays here on in, after the
      old Cookie crunch last night. Lets hope Sam doesnt
      turtle after that big hit.

  • Doctor Smashy

    Always nice to come from behind and win. Honestly though, who’s responsible for this power-play set up? Bubbles and Ricky? I have never seen such a poor PP in my life. Over this season I am sure that the chances against are near the same as the chances for while on the PP. Its a joke, and you know who I really like? Ray Ferraro. Guy calls it like it is and knows a lot about hockey. Guy played over 1,000 career games and was a pretty decent player in his time. Maybe he should be brought in to help the woeful Oilers. I just love how he calls a spade a spade though, said something like, “wakey wakey Oilers, this powerplay is embarrassing” and it is.

    The lone bright spot for me last night was Fasth. The guy played lights out and could have easily had a shutout if it weren’t for some poor defending on rebounds after a couple stellar first saves ( Marincin, Klefbom) and one really unlucky bounce that totally changed direction that no one could stop. Aside form that he was our best player and I have no complaints.

    • pkam

      Ferraro is the best color guy in the game and I hope Rogers picks him up. Ideally to do the Oilers games, but that is probably too much too expect. Having said that, almost anyone would be better than captain obvious (AKA Louis DeBrusk).

      • Tikkanese

        Although it is not much to pick from, Debrusk is the best member of the trio of:

        – Gene “Even my hair is a pun” Principe

        – Kevin “I thought every hat-trick was a natural hat-trick” Quinn

        – Louie “hahaha oh Kevin” Debrusk

        Dream team would be Emerick from NBC and Ferraro.

      • pkam

        DeBrusk….so annoying!! I was happiest when Penner got traded so i wouldnt have to hear “Big Dustin Penner” everytime he was on the ice. As if it was part of his name.

        Hes terrible! But not as bad as what the Flamers down south get…. Roger Millions… how he is still on TV i have no idea. Even voice is annoying, his comments are annoying… even his hair is annoying!

      • pkam

        DeBrusk might not be a shinning star, however,
        he is miles and miles ahead of Kelly Hrudy on CBC, and the two homers on Canuck games.. John Garette has to be the worst in the business.

        • Doctor Smashy

          I like that DeBrusk can barely contain his anger and confusion over bad calls…however, someone needs to talk to him about saying “sniffing back door” three times per telecast…I know what he means but it always evokes an image of how Mark Spector must have got into broadcasting…(sorry, I just can’t stand that guy)

  • Doctor Smashy

    Just seen the end of the game. The comeback.

    Hall made a real nice move along the boards past two defenders by the blue line. And to hold on to the puck!
    He’s also looking more physical on the forecheck and it looks to me that his strength has improved significantly this year.

    That makes for great potential and brings a smile to my face. Needs to stop with the silly passes though.