One of these games, all of the frustration from this season is going to be released in one fell swoop. It’ll be 9-0 or 0-9, but the build of frustration has been non-stop and the pressure is still there. Stand back, when this thing blows up it’s going to be spectacular. 


The great thing about sports is that fans and men in suits on the sidelines can be involved, too. Oiler coaches, management and fans haven’t had a chance (not really) to absolutely blow our collective stacks. I mean just let it loose, primal and real. The kind of moment that leaves you checking your body parts after the fact just to make sure everything works. Moments like, well, the soccer guy above.

yak celly

I miss the old Nail. Nail Yakupov the mannish boy, the kid who Ralph let loose. I know everyone has to grow up (I learned from Puff the Magic Dragon, the kids song) and put away the toys, but for everyone’s mental health it’s a great idea to rip this joint in Carolina today.


what you see

Dallas Eakins can’t coach the power play. I’m not suggesting I know more than he does, only that the results suggest this year’s Oildrop are hellawful at the discipline. Sooooo, let’s change things up! First, let’s compare Ralph’s PP to Dallas’ version this year:

  • Ralph Krueger’s PP: 20.1% efficiency, 34 goals in 48 games (.708 per game)
  • Dallas Eakins PP: 16.1% efficiency, 37 goals in 68 games (.544 per game)

So, our concerns are valid, this PP isn’t working. Suggestion: why not go back and look at last year’s video? Surely the Oilers still have that video, and if not saves all the goals. Seems to me the personnel should be basically the same (we’re down one Smid, but that’s not a bother) and if Edmonton shows a different look this afternoon maybe they’ll score a road PP goal.

Just a thought.



I know this won’t be popular, but I’d like to bring back the swarm. Early in the season, Edmonton’s swarm resulted in the club outshooting the opposition in several games. The goaltending was horrible, so the swarm was abandoned in favor of “the swim” which I think is coachspeak for “no-man’s land” but am uncertain.

Bring back the swarm! Seriously. Let’s institute any plan that gets the Oilers back to outshooting the other guy in most games. They had it, they lost it. They can get it back!


The Oilers haven’t called anyone up, but Fraser and Joensuu are hurt. Soooo, a guess:






GAME DAY PREDICTION: Oilers win 9-0, hat-tricks from Hall, Yakupov and Klefbom! All on the PP!!! Scrivens stop 11 shots, the swarm swarms and the bench sings Black Keys songs!

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Martin Marincin will defy his years and experience. 

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: The Edmonton Oilers will outshoot their opponent. Thousands will be speechless.

  • **

    Just a little background on the guy on the GIF:

    His name is Miguel Herrera, aka el Piojo (the lice, because he was short and annoying and wouldn’t go away when he played).

    He was one of the best players in the mexican soccer league.

    He moved on to coaching in 2002 and did ok, getting to his first final in his third season as coach.

    He took over Club America in 2011 (my favorite club) and that GIF is from when they won the Championship in 2013, the first of his career.

    America had been terrible since 2005, even failing to make the playoffs in some of those seasons.

    This guy put them back together.

    He also saved Mexico’s qualifying run to the World Cup. Mexico was pretty much out on the last round of games, had gone through I think 5 or six coaching changes in one year. The last guy managed to keep the team in the hunt, but then he lost a game, and was replaced by Herrera. Mexico had to go to a playoff against New Zealand to squeeze into the World cup.

    Herrera is known for being emotional and direct. But he is also known for being a great strategist.

    Eakins could definitively learn a thing or two from him.

    Mac Tavish could definitively learn a thing or two from the Mexican national team managers, like it’s ok to cut heads off until you find what works.

  • vetinari

    We can say what we want about the Oilers. At this time we need to look forward and leaders on the team need to come forward and lead change. But just who are or should be those players?
    Regardless of the problems, the management, the 8 years lost or the finger pointing, this team needs to move forward and become successful. Soon.
    Who will lead the change?

  • vetinari

    Good on Yak for doing a flying takedown on the second Cane in on the Hendricks scrum…. more than what I’ve seen Gagner or Eb’s do for a teammate this year.

    • Bonvie

      Yakupov getting a penalty on that was bs!!! The second guy who jumped in on Hendricks should have been penalized! Heck I thought that’s a game misconduct. So if yakupov just stood there and didn’t take that guy down the oilers get a powerplay? This league is going to the sewers.

  • vetinari

    This team is definitely showing signs of hope going forward under MacT. This off season, our shortfalls should be remediated i.e. trade a few draft picks, a few rookies & hopefuls and as well a few top 6 players for a legit 1-2 Dman pairing and more muscle up front.
    The last piece of the solution should be the firing of Eakins assistants.

  • dougtheslug

    Is there anything more Oiler than a go ahead goal in the third period being greeted by an embarrassing comment that this is the FIRST power play goal by a d-man this year.

    That’s 69 games.

    Any wonder Oilers are 29th?

  • dougtheslug

    Yesssssss!!!! I’m heading down to Whyte avenue to break some windows!!!!!!!

    Wait a minute. I’m an Oiler fan, not a Canucks fan.

    I’ll change channels and watch some golf.

  • Johnnydapunk

    If I can bitch when they play crap, I should also acknowledge when they play well, and they played well today.

    As much as it will annoy all the doom and gloomers here, MacT has done well with making the team better.

    Even the goal that Scrivens let in was a funny one so I wouldn’t even call it a bad goal.

  • Serious Gord

    Fair to say that if EDM was in the east they would be at least a couple places higher on the standings. Carolina is no better than the oil.

    Noticed that the published attendance was over 16000. Lol.

  • O.C.

    “Oilers are the worst team in the league!”

    “Fire Lowe!”

    “Fire Eakins!”

    “Fire Bucky and Smith!”

    “MacT has made the team worse! All his moves have simply been changing garbage for garbage!”

    “Get rid of the old boys club!”

    “This team has gone BACKWARDS this year. There’s been no progression at all!”

    “Trade Yak!”

    “Trade Schultz!”

    “Trade Petry!”

    “Trade Eberle!”

    “Trade Gagner!” (Okay, I still buy into this one.)

  • bazmagoo

    Oilers looked pretty solid defensively today and was great to see Lander play well and Yak jump in to help out Hendricks! MacT’s pick ups are looking to be good so far, although I still can’t figure out the Smid trade. Overall we are at least trending in the right direction, although there is absolutely no room for Gagner.

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow

    MacT you suck.

    That 3rd rounder you traded for Scrivens is going to come back and haunt us.

    Dubnyk for Hendricks, bad bad move.

    Worst of all trading a blue chip prospect like Paarjavi for Perron, every team needs a guy like Magnus.

    If you keep making horrible trades like you have been the oilers will never get better.

    Horrible job your first year!

      • Johnnydapunk

        As much as I get that it hasn’t improved the standings this year. But I think the Oil are in a better position than they were at the beginning of the season despite the standings.

        I’m still up in the air about expectations, I’m gonna expect trashes for asking this but what are the expectations? Is it just make the playoffs or having a proper cup run or ??

        Despite Eakins talking up the team at the beginning (huge mistake) I didn’t expect much from the Oil, the goaltending was rubbish, the defence was nothing spectacular either and AHL tactics don’t work in the NHL (and Eakins seemed to adjust) so being crap this year isn’t a shock.

        Thing is that I think some of the trades and acquisitions made, were pretty decent, Scrivens and Fasth are miles ahead of Dubnyk and Barbs, and Hendricks despite a bit of a fat contract has been quite good for the Oil as well. Most of the trades made seemed to work. I know people will point at Hemsky who is lighting it up in Ottawa, but I think that is more just that he seems to only play when his contract is up, and whatever system Ottawa uses is working for him.

        If they can get some decent assistant coaches and a goalie coach that doesn’t ruin careers, that and a defenceman or 3, they could be not so bad.

        After I wrote the last sentence, I realised the Oil are miles off from being playoff calibre, and after a quiet curse, I think at least there has been some progress.

  • Serious Gord

    On tonights latest efition of Oilchange they showed the braintrust discussing a trade that was ultimately “shelved” until the off-season. (We’ll re-visit it Mact’s words). The trade sounded like it involved two non-physical players. Any ideas on the Oiler player and the player coming back might be?

  • Johnnydapunk

    Gagner gets an amazing amount done given the fact he has zero heart. He’s a medical marvel on that count alone. If he does get dumped…er traded, I am going to miss his non-contact play and those brilliant behind-the-back passes to the opposition. How do you play at the NHL level and manage to learn nothing in 7 seasons? Gagner is a poser.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Please do not attempt to defend Gagner’s play this year. He is a turnover machine, he is pathetic defensively and the play dies on his stick far too often. Add to that his soft play and he is wxactly what the Oilers must improve upon. The Oilers will never be a contender with him in the lineup.