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Are the Edmonton Oilers improving? For months people have said the Oilers have regressed. I don’t think they have improved or regressed when you look at their overall play. After a pathetic first quarter of the season the Oilers’ record is now eerily similar to last season.

The Oilers were 4-15-2 in their first 21 games. On November 15th they were unofficially eliminated from the playoffs. It was brutal.

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Here are their stats in the first 21 games.

Goals For: 48 (2.28/game)

Goals Against: 80 (3.80/game)

PP: 12 for 68 (17.6%)

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PK: 15 of 79 (81.0%)

Shots for: 586 (27.9/game)

Shots against: 642 (30.6/game)

Goalies SV%: .883 (Dubnyk .884, Lababera 0.858 and Bachman 0.915)

In their last 49 games the Oilers are 21-21-7, and you will notice some significant differences.

Goals For: 125 (2.55/game)

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Goals Against: 142 (2.89/game)

PP: 27 for 170 (15.9%)

PK: 26 of 158 (83.5%)

Shots for: 1,305 (26.6/game)

Shots against: 1626 (33.2/game)

Goalies SV%: .913 (Dubnyk .898, Bryzgalov 0.908, Scrivens 0.932 and Fasth 0.940)

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The team’s Sv% has improved significantly over the past 49 games. The PK and GF is slightly better, and not surprisingly the GAA has dropped by almost 1 goal per game. It is amazing what competent goaltending will do for a team. The Oilers still have many areas to improve, but solid goaltending has them on an 82-point pace over a full season.


So how does the Oilers’ previous 49 games compare to last season?

Goals For: 123 (2.56/game)

Goals Against: 131 (2.73/game)

PP: 34 for 69 (20.1%)

PK: 29 of 175 (83.4%)

Shots for: 1,285 (26.7/game)

Shots against: 1572 (32.8/game)

Goalies SV%: .919 (Dubnyk .920, Khabibulin 0.923, and Denis 0.881)

The Oilers were 19-22-7 last year and in their previous 48 games went are 20-21-7. Now that the goaltending Sv% has improved this team’s results are very similar to last season.

They have scored the same amount of goals, the goals against are close and so are the SF and SA per game.

The PP is not as good, seven fewer goals, but they even that out by scoring more 4-on-4. The PK is virtually identical.

I don’t see many differences from this year to last, other than the coach and that is what I expected would happen. Until the organization makes changes to key positions, switching coaches won’t matter much. Their goaltending has been very good since November 15th, but last year Dubnyk and Khabibulin’s Sv% gave them a chance most nights, even when Dubnyk allowed a softie.

The issue is they haven’t improved much, and that is a fair complaint. I’d share that responsibility equally amongst the coach and players. I never expected this team to be a contender this year, so I’m not surprised they aren’t.



They need to change their top-six and top-four defence. It won’t be easy. Craig MacTavish has done a stellar job fixing his goaltending position. In the span of two months, he acquired Fasth, Scrivens, Hendricks and a 4th round pick for Dubnyk, Bryzgalov, two 3rds, and a 5th.

Those two moves look great, but he’ll be faced with harder decisions and more difficult moves this offseason. How can he inject some size in his top-six, and acquire some experience and skill amongst his top-four defenders?

Steve Tambellini was unable to make any significant moves while he was GM, but MacTavish has shown a willingness to make trades. He won’t win them all — Smid and Hemsky — but he has made some very good moves thus far.

MacTavish can’t rush into these moves, and I’m sure there will be a temptation to do so, but he’ll need to be shrewd and a bit lucky to re-configure his lineup without moving out the wrong piece.

It will be interesting to see how it unfolds.


  • This is absolutely awesome. What a great move by the San Jose Sharks. Watch young Sam’s reaction at the end of the video. It will make you smile. It reminds us that just going out of our way to do nice things for others can really make a difference. You might need a tissue. 

  • I’ve noticed many suggesting that in previous years the Oilers have won too much down the stretch and ruined their draft positioning. I’m not sure why people think that, because only once in the last seven years have they played great in the final quarter of the season.

    Last year, on April 3rd and were tied for 8th. They won 3 of their final 12 (quarter of the season) and dropped out of a tie for 8th place.

    In 2012, they went 7-9-4 in final 20 games.
    In 2011, they went 5-11-4.
    In 2010, they went 8-10-2.
    In 2009, they went 7-9-4.
    2008 was the only year they ended on a high, going 14-5-1 down the stretch.
    In 2007, they limped down the stretch going 2-17-1. They won the last game of the season in Calgary, but that DID NOT cost them Patrick Kane. Had the Oilers lost the game, they would have had the 4th worst record in the NHL. When Chicago won the lottery the Oilers would have drafted 5th instead of 6th.

    Let’s stop with the suggestions this team wins too much down the stretch. It isn’t the case. This team needs to learn how to win, and if that means they draft 3rd, 4th or 5th then so what? Expecting another draft pick to magically solve the Oilers woes makes no sense. This group of players must learn what it takes to win, not lose more games just so they can pick 2nd at the draft. Even with their 10-4-3 hot streak the Oilers are still in 29th place.

    You also can’t ask players to lose. Is Eakins supposed to tell his goalies to allow an easy goal if the game is close? Are you supposed to tell Hall not to try and score?



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  • Rdubb

    Gregor, good little read, BUT, I MUST disagree with 100%.
    Have the Oilers got better, HELL YES…All you have to do is look @ their record since MacT brought in both Hendricks – who happens to be the main heart beat of this team for so some unknown reason, why they didn’t have much of one before is beyond me, and Scrivens – a goalie who actually showed his mates he could stop a puck, thus giving them loads more confidence, and by adding MM who seems to have had a great effect on Petry, and these two have become our best D pairing. Plus, you can also add in the deletions that have been made and the additions, whether of NHL players via trades or younger guys from OK.
    No matter how you put it, this team is head and shoulders better than the team that played in the first 30 games, a team who was booed off of home ice between periods and after games and had the fans fuming on radio call in shows day in and day out. Now, fans are not so irate, but see what this team can be, if they could only add another Hendricks style player, perhaps a bigger somewhat skilled C and a shutdown D. I know that’s asking for a lot from MacT, but @ least he has somehow been able to shore the goalie situation & added a “beat” style guy in Hendricks mid-season.
    This team, when all of them decide too, they can play with almost anyone, it’s when they decide to take a period of off that hurts them oh so bad.
    But, back on topic…this team has showed so many signs of becoming a much better team in these past 40 games and they are heads and shoulders better than the first 30 or so and I feel much better than last season.
    Now, if we could have only started last season with this team, I think that we’d be in a whole lot better situation than we are now. I do not think we’d be fighting for a playoff spot, but at least we’d be in there fighting, not being such a “push over” for above .500 teams.
    One must also remember how much air was taken out of the Oiler player’s sails those first 12-15 games, especially when they should have won @ least 4 more of those games, and perhaps as many as 7. If we’d have had the Prof and Fasth as the start, who knows where the Oilers would be right now, it’d have been nice to see how much confidence they could have carried out of the starting line?
    Now, if MacT could sign a bigger gritty winger/C, trade for a bigger skilled C, top pairing D and maybe & perhaps sign another, plus drafting the right player, which I personally feel should be one of the bigger skilled C, and there are 2 or 3 that I have heard tossed around, than we’ll be okay moving forward.
    I think that biggest mistake MacT could make this spring would be to draft Ekblad with his 1st pick. It takes D so much longer to develop for one, and by the time he is ready, this core will be near its end in contract lengths, some will be re-signed, some traded and some let go, but they won’t be together, not to mention our “pipeline” is looking fairly good going forward thus far, and yes, I know we need to draft more D, but use our latter picks for them. Also, we currently do not have a veteran presence who’d be able to help a younger D learn the ways of the NHL, learn how to play, prepare & whatever else a vet does to help a up & coming guy. By drafting a C this spring, odds are, any one of those top 3 would be able to step in and help out, unless we trade for or sign one before that. Then, he’d be able to go to OKC, learn the system and step up when needed, and if he is not called up during the yr, he’d be ready for the following yr…