GDB Wrap Up: Sabres @ Oilers


Luckily no one gets relegated in the NHL. Final score: 3-1 Sabres

There is nothing that will fire up the Nation more than a 29th vs 30th place battle! Not so long ago (only 8 years *sigh*) I remember sitting at the bar with some buddies and trying to decide who I’d rather the Oilers play in the finals, Carolina or Buffalo. Fast forward to tonight and neither team have anything to play for except draft picks and spoiler statuses. A Sabres/Oilers game has all the allure of milking a tiger, and that is a sad state of affairs.

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The Buffalo Sabres are a terrible hockey team. There were periods in this game where the Sabres looked like they would never win another hockey game – the suck knob has been broken clean off in Buffalo. With that being said, our suck knob has been broken for years. Even though there were stints (short ones) where the Oilers dominated the hockey game, they lost to the FUNKIN’ SABRES!  Losing to the Sabres is 10 shades of awful, yet we managed to accomplish it with all the style of a jalapeno shart.

Let’s wrap this thing up…

The Bright Side

  • Ben Scrivens will stop pucks and break faces if he needs to
  • Justin Schultz has apparently learned about slap shots
  • Lots of AHLers got NHL pay cheques
  • The Power Play actually looked like an actual Power Play

The Face Palmers

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  • Losing to the Sabres should result in 50 lashes and not the sexy kind either
  • The safe word for Oilers name is the sound of weeping adults
  • The shorthanded 2 on 1s are almost comical at this point
  • Getting booed because you lost to the Sabres is bad news
  • Ales Hemsky may have scored the goal of the year *sigh*

Best of the Tweets

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 7.27.09 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 8.04.37 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 8.17.48 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 8.21.16 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 8.28.08 PM

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Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 9.41.42 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 9.46.44 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 9.50.07 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 10.09.21 PM

  • TKB2677

    I have a question that I hope people will answer.

    For all those people that bitch and moan every time Hemsky does something good or scores a point for the Senators. What would you rather?

    Hemsky stay for the month and a half that was left in the season at the deadline with the Oilers, finish the season. Then in the offseason just walk away and the Oilers get NOTHING for him or trade him at the deadline like they did and get a much as they could?

    I’d really love to hear people’s answers because lets be frank. He’s playing to his capabilities with the Sens because he’s excited to play hockey again and he’s excited to play hockey for a team that is in the playoff hunt. If he had stayed with the Oilers, Hemsky would of played EXACTLY like he was this whole season. Brief flashes but overall sick of losing and playing relatively disinterested.

    Hemsky wasn’t resigning with the Oilers. He said he was heading to free agency. HE WAS NOT GOING TO RESIGN. So is it not better to get at least something for the asset rather than NOTHING?

    I don’t understand why people can’t understand that.

    • Spydyr

      I get all that and said it many times.I’m just happy he is free from the toxic environment “The braintrust” has created here.Sail on Pardubice prince.

    • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

      I agree with what you’re saying, but I think fans are upset with how Hemsky as an asset was managed.

      Flipping a former first round pick/proven NHLer for magic beans is a bit disappointing, even if the other option was watching him walk away for nothing.

      Blame KLowe/Tambo for not moving him earlier in the rebuild for better assets or for giving him his contract (also for not supporting him with skilled leadership earlier in his career), or blame MacT for tipping his hand to the press and saying he wanted to move him. Either way, it doesn’t really look great on the organization to let a proven NHLer with skill leave without much to show for it.

        • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

          I could just imagine KLowe’s response to a question about the Octane in a press conference:

          “I think it’s pretty safe to say that half the teams in the league would trade our cheerleaders for theirs. There’s one other guy I believe in hockey today, that is still working in the game, that has won more Stanley Cups than me, so I think I know a little bit about sexy outfits. If that’s ever a concern…”

      • So Tambellini moves Hemsky in 2011 (for 2 slightly better picks plus a prospect). Hemsky goes on to play like he is today. Entire fanbase want Tambellini legless for not keeping Hemsky.

        Moving a player like Hemsky who was clearly finished playing inspired hockey for Edmonton is a no-win situation.

        Everyone angry for not moving him sooner would be angry that we moved him then, too. The Hemsky that Ottawa got would never be the Hemsky that played for us. Losing ate his soul as an Oiler. We traded our broken toy to another kid, who replaced the batteries.

        • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

          Yup. I guess I’m saying that personally I blame the organization for “breaking the toy” and putting themselves in a no-win position where they couldn’t trade him for any value.

          EDIT: Doesn’t basically the entire fan base want Tambellini’s legs anyhow?

        • TKB2677

          Bang on buddy. I don’t understand what the hell Oilers fan expect he was worth.

          This season at the deadline 55GP, 9 goals, 26pts
          2012-2013 38GP, 9 goals, 20pts
          2011-2012 69GP, 10 goals, 36pts
          2010-2011 47GP, 14 goals, 42pts
          2009 2010 22GP, 7 goals, 22pts.

          Plus the Oilers had to sign him to over 5 mill just to get him to stay his last contract.

          Look at those numbers? Who the hell is going to say “please take my 1st rounder” for that guy based on the last 5 seasons of numbers. People need to stop thinking about Hemsky 6-7 years ago. The last decent season he had was 08-09 where he had 66 points. That’s 6 seasons ago and several surgeries later.

          Take your Oilers colored glasses off and use your heads, not your hearts people!!

      • TKB2677

        Name a UFA this offseason that got any team a ton in return?

        Matt Moulson & Cody McCormick for Torrey Mitchell, 2nd 2014, 2nd 2016. So McCormick & Mitchell are both 3rd- 4th liners so they are a sway. So Moulson got 2nds. 1 is 2 years from now.

        David Legwand for Patrick Eaves, prospect, 3rd 2014. So a 4th line player, a prospect and a 3rd.

        Tuomo Ruutu for Andrei Loktinov and a conditional 2017 3rd. Loktinov looks to be a 3rd-4th that has a career high 8 goals.

        Marcel Goc for 5th 2014 & 3rd 2015. Exactly the same as Hemsky and who’s a very good 3rd line center/winger with some size.

        Gaborik for Matt Frattin, 2nd in 2014 or 2015. Conditional 3rd 2014.

        Lee Stempniak for 3rd 2014. Hemsky only has 1 goal and 4 points more.

        Vanek & conditional 5th 2014 for some low end prospect and conditional 2nd 2014.

        Other than Stempniak, I’d take any of those guys over Hemsky in a heart beat. The Vanek deal is a complete joke so I won’t even count that as a comparible. Hemsky has more skill than Goc but Goc is bigger and can do more things that Hemsky. The rest are 30-40 goal scorers and a legit, very good second line center. They were traded for 3rd and 4th liners and low picks.

        So how can you say the Oilers flipped a “former first round pick” from 13 yrs ago so who cares for “magic beans”. That is what people were paying for players that were BETTER than Hemsky. When the Oilers finally traded him, he had 8 goals and 26 pts. On top of 3 or 4 years of being constantly injured and last season not being great. So seriously, take your Oilers glasses off and realize what he was worth.
        They tried trading him last year and they were offered even worse.

        • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

          Thanks for the recap of trade deadline activity across the league.

          What I’m saying is that at the 2011 deadline, if Dustin Penner gets a former 1st rounder prospect (who turned out to be horrible but whatever), a 1st rounder and a 3rd rounder, then in 2011 Hemsky on an expiring contract would likely get at least a 1st round pick.

          Tambo decided that return wasn’t good enough and gave him $5mil/year for two years. Essentially the Oilers paid Hemsky nearly $10mil to hang out for another couple years so they could let him go for a smaller return.

          Given the soft market for rental players, MacT did well getting what he did for him at this year’s deadline, but I think a lot of people hoped that trading Hemsky would return a piece that would improve the team in the long run. Unless Stu pulls a rabbit out of the hat, then it’s unlikely that the 3rd and 5th that they got for him will make the team any better in the next few years.

          So I think that’s the frustration: over the last few years, the organization didn’t do enough to manage their asset or effectively improve the team.

          • TKB2677

            Penner was traded at the deadline in 2011. At the time Penner was traded he had 21 goals and 39pts. Hemsky, who by the way was still playing on his previous contract in 2011 that paid him 4.5mill, played a grand total of 47 games. He had 14 goals and 42 pts. That season he missed 3 games with a leg, 10 games with a groin, 4 games with a concussion, then missed another 18 games with another shoulder surgery. This after coming off the previous season where he played a grand total of 22 games then going down with a shoulder injury. Penner was traded at the deadline in 2011 on Feb 28th. Hemsky went on the IR, 3 days later, March 3 to be exact with a season ending second shoulder injury. HMMM, I wonder if GM’s who are paid to be in the know about the happenings all over the league had a sneaking suspicion that Hemsky was hurt and trading for him would be stupid. DING DING DING!! Then you pile on top of that the previous, he only played 22 games, then you pile on top of that, that before he went down with a second shoulder injury, he missed another 17 with various things. So as a GM, would you really be dying to give up a 1st for Hemsky?

            At the deadline in 2012, the Oilers tried too trade a UFA Hemsky and found he was worth squat given his previous 2 seasons of being hurt and his 2011-2012 of 69GP and 36 pts. So they signed in to the current deal for 2 seasons in the spring of 2012.

            So Oiler fans can blame past and present management all they want, but like I said. If you take off the Oilers colored glasses for a few minutes and have a look at Hemsky’s points, goals and games played really don’t make him worth a whole lot.

            I’m in no way trying to stick up for Tambo because he was an idiot but when it comes to Hemsky, he had nothing to work with. At the time he had a fragile, vastly under performing, relatively expensive winger. Hemsky had 2.5 seasons of barely playing and when he did actually play a reasonable season 2011-2012 of 69 games, Hemsky who is strictly an offensive guy had 36 freaking points for the whole year.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    After Nashville’s comments about Dubnyk, I think one of the best things the Oilers could do is replacing the goalie coach. I don’t want Chabot anywhere near Scrivens.

    • Spydyr

      I know I’m going to get trashed for this but I don’t care.

      Got a buddy who works with the Oilers organization. From what he heard, which may or may not be true, Barry Trotz was telling the reporter that Dubnyk wasn’t very confident, and they were going to work on that. The reporter made to make a story out of nothing and make our goalie coach look bad. Trotz then personally apologized to Chabot later in the year.

  • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

    I honestly dies laughing for a minute when i saw Connacher put on Scott’s helmet. What a beauty move, who could help but to laugh. Then The little gy goes out and daggers the Oil right in the heart with 2 beans. Im happy for BUF, Oilers are such a bad hockey team, im embarrassed. The Vanekless, Moulsonless, Ottless, Millerless, Myersless Sabres just beat our mostly healthy Oilers on home ice. Nothing like helping a team snap a losing streak hey Oilers? Good job boys..Go kill yourselves

  • Spydyr

    if you hired me to build you a house because I burnt down the one you were already living in, and 4 long years later while im finally starting to frame the foundation collapses, how long will you give me until you look for another contractor?

  • Spydyr

    im not mad that they traded hemmer to Ottawa this year for a 3rd rnd pick. Im mad that this team sucks and has been mismanaged so poorly for so long that they sucked the life out of him and were in the position to have to make that trade in the first place!

    for the love of all things holy, end the pain, cut the cord and FIRE KEVIN LOWE!! you want drastic?? try changing up your assistant coaches after a couple consecutive last place finishes!! this team is laughably terrible!!

  • Clyde Frog

    Two things…

    1. Complaining about Hemsky’s possible return 2 years ago is misleading because the team was focused on becoming a winner. The fact that they failed doesn’t change that Hemsky being re-signable at the time changed the complexion of any deal, especially when even back then you are trading him for a chance at help in 2-3 years.

    2. Hemsky seems to be getting off easy, sure the early season bomb was mostly goal tending, but he has been pretty uninspired since signing his deal. I am more upset that he couldn’t be bothered to try harder and contribute positively for us….

    Hemsky going away and doing well speaks volumes against his commitment to the Oilers and the serious issues with team culture/management that made him feel so disconnected.

    Now I fear if the culture issues persist, how that impacts Yakupov who seems to be showing all the sames signs of having the talent but not wanting to bring it for some reason…

    • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

      Valid points.

      I don’t really love Hemsky the player and his lack of leadership and work ethic won’t really be missed. If he was an integral part of the culture of the room for the past few years, then it could be argued that moving him for anything is an “addition by subtraction” move.

      Any trade contains risk and any trade needs to present value for both sides. It’s just kind of a shame that the organization couldn’t do a better job of deciding which assets they knew wouldn’t be part of the long term future and selling them at peak value to address areas of weakness elsewhere in the team.

    • S cottV

      Don’t think a lot of people understand just how important stength in the middle and back end is to a smaller offensively skilled winger.

      Guys like Hemsky, Eberle and Yakupov need strong centremen and d men to push zone play forward or they are gonna look awful.

      RNH is still a couple of years away from being a dominate 1C and Gagner is arguably the worst 2C in the league.

      Our d men are all playing in a rotation or two beyond their capability. J Schultz in first rotation – omg…

      I just can’t understand how we don’t have a veteran centreman capable of playing in the forward zone in one or two C and at least one bonafide first rotation d man.

      It has killed off Hemsky. Eberle and Yak are not producing like they could be and the situation has significantly devalued them.

      What good are small offensively skilled wingers playing 60% of the time, on the wrong side of the red line?

      Hemsky should sign where he would be best supported at a little less pay, than might otherwise be the case. If he finds the right fit, I can see him being a productive top 6 player for 3 or 4 more years.

      • Spydyr

        Not much makes sense. The oilers management is driving around with a flat tire… no matter how much we all wave and yell to point it out, they just continue on their merry way like a 100 year old man that left his glasses at home.

  • **

    To everyone bashing the cheerleaders, yes, they might not be Dallas cowboys cheerleaders, but come on people!, what’s next? bashing on the snow shovelers for not skating hard enough?

    I know we’re all frustrated, but this is getting ridiculous.

    • Spydyr

      You know what I find ridiculous.”The Braintrust’s” whole idea of having cheerleaders in the first place.Never liked that idea but if your going to do something do it right not half-assed.

      • S cottV

        Regardless of the merit of cheerleaders in the first place, let’s consider two things:

        1. First of all, most of us would have one of those girls on our arms in our dreams. Yes, they’re not Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, but neither are they women you feel compelled to look away from.

        2. They’re not the product on the ice, they’re not earning millions of dollars, and they’re not actually what we’re angry with. If we have to heap scorn on someone, can we please do it on someone who has an effect on the game and can go home and wipe the tears away with hundred dollar bills?

        I don’t mean to white knight or whatever, but I just don’t feel like picking on young girls earning pennies, for whom this will be the highlight of their lives is cool.

        And that’s all I have to say about that.

        • Spydyr

          Relax have a drink or three.

          1)Speak for yourself not most of us.

          2)I have heaped scorn on the on ice product so many times it is old.

          On your last point perhaps if they paid the young girls more then pennies the um talent might improve. Like everything “The Braintrust” touches it is done ineffectively.They are not a good judge of talent on or off the ice.

        • Spydyr

          Ugly people need love too!! Besides, it might be a little contradictory to have smokin hot cheerleaders for our team.. they should probably be pot bellied snaggle tooths, that instead of dancing, just stand there and give the fans an eakins like stare during the breaks.

    • Spydyr

      Well, they could work harder… one of them did fall at the game last night… and had trouble getting up.

      poor guy got laughed at… almost as much as the Oilers did at the end of the game

    • Admiral Ackbar

      Goodness the lack of pride of this fan base. I’m embarrassed.

      Those cheerleaders are not even in the same universe as the caliber of a professional sports team.

      Comparing them to the Cowboys cheerleaders is valid. The same goes for any other professional sports team. The fact that they’ve taken some attractiveness affirmative action plan to the team screams bush-league. It’s pathetic.

      Stop defending what shouldn’t be defended. This entire organization has no integrity. Ownership all the way down to the cheer team.

  • welp.

    a five game home losing streak has to start somewhere… right?

    I left after Buffalo tied it up. The sabres were pretty much powning and its more entertaining listening to the paid apologists try and put lipstick on a pig than actually watch it live.

    FWIW the apologists were brimming with confidence that the two teams were heading in opposite directions and hackett was the wrong choice and other “superior” type talk pre game. 40 minutes of mail it in had the convo changing to if eberle, if yak, if a clue or a care were present.

    Ohhh and perhaps 30 mentions of Leon Draisaitl. Just because.

  • Randaman

    Simply we SUCK but you want to know what the really sad part is? There is absolutely nothing that any of us can do about it. Comment all you want but Lowe, MacT, Eakins, Buchberger, Smith & Acton are not going anywhere. That tells me there will be no improvement as there are many in line if tier #1 fans give up their seats. The new builsing will be full if we are in the play-offs (doubtful)or if we are in last (more probable).
    Bah bah bah bah
    Hall, Nuge, Eberle & perron will be asking for trades out of this gong show within a year or two at most. Thumbs down all you want but the writing is on the wall.

  • TheresAlwaysNextYear

    The odds are always against the Oilers when it comes to breaking streaks. LOL. I can’t remember the numerous amount of times where a team on a losing streak would snap it against the Oilers. Or also the amount of times a player on a long scoreless slump ends it against the Oilers. Talk about a stepping stone…

  • TheresAlwaysNextYear

    Well we sure helped Giroux out of his slump. He came into Edmonton, finally scored a goal and has been on a league-wide tare since.

    Thats what the oilers are around for… to make others feel better about themselves.

  • Anton CP

    I really, really, want the Oilers to be a hockey team again.

    However, there are some facts we need to realize and not hold onto old hopes and glories.

    The facts are:

    1) The worst team in the NHL over the past 14 years, coinciding with Kevin Lowe’s arrival on the scene.

    2) The majority of what Lowe has done includes Mac T. They are joined at the Hip. They are a team.

    3) As was quoted from a friend of mine who works in the NHL, will not give any more information. “The Oilers are a recycle plant for all the NHL garbage. This is well known in the NHL and there is no respect for the management of that team.”

    4) The major sports industry magazine in North America voted the Oilers the worst managed team of all major professional sports teams (NHL, NBA, NFL, Soccer, Baseball).

    So, here are the facts. There are two things to consider getting free agents to Edmonton. The most obvious, the players. Second, their agents, which are equally important because they want to protect their financial assets.

    The agents, who make their lifelong paycheck from advising and negotiating for players that play an average of 3 to 5 years in the league are well seasoned in the “business”.

    So, If the agents look at the Oilers. They want to maximize the economics of the player, but also the future value of their asset. This includes development, and the “winning” factor which will affect future negotiations.

    Because of the Oilers recent 14 year record. The agents look at the Oilers as the “team of last resort” in their recommendations to their players. If two teams are bidding for a player with equal money. Do you go to a winning team or the Oilers if you are an agent? That is easy.

    The only way to correct the problem is a culture and leadership change within the Oilers organization so a “fresh slate” can be developed with the players and agents.

    This will not be accomplished with Lowe, Mac T, Smith, Buchburger et al.

    We need a complete change, otherwise the NHL recycle team for NHL garbage will continue to be very good at what it has been for 14 years. Losing.

    • Admiral Ackbar

      Your post takes too much effort. It’s a flat tire, and the oilers have an endless supply of corner store “fix flat” cans.
      If anyone wants I will load up my bbq, meet you all at the head office, and grill until the cops make us leave.
      My only request to keep the hobos away is that everyone needs to bring a slanderous picket sign.
      I haven’t even started drinking yet, and it’s a genuine offer.

  • TKB2677

    I will take ten people and up until I need to spend more than 500 bucks. After that Point, it’s 3 bucks a burger.
    Let’s do something guys. The news will show up for sure.
    Stop being sick of your voices not being heard. Anyone with a fire kevin low sign is in. We don’t need to do some gay “love in” oops, I am not supposed to say “gay”. I am putting up 500 bucks in food for anyone that can commit to stopping by to throw a collective middle finger.

  • TKB2677

    Grow some balls and quit being a bunch of Internet babies. I gave up my golds two years ago.. sucks I might miss out on the 2023 re-build, but oh well.

    This entire site is full of people that thrive on in-action.

    And yes… I am a little insulated nobody wants to join my bbq. ahahhhaha. Fk it anways.

  • TKB2677

    Serious Gord, email me at [email protected] if you have a kid that wants to watch a game. I refuse to forget how much fun pro hockey is for the little guys.
    Trolls don’t need to waste their time emailing me for tickets. If I get more than one from a guy named Gord, I will simply throw in some verification peramiters. It won’t be hard to do.

  • TKB2677

    One single trash it on my last 3 posts including the one where I obligated to buy a little kid a ticket.. I can guarantee that you have a horrible life.
    You might think that things just random happen bad to you… I would bet a lot, that your favorite phrase is “Fk my life”