As an Oiler fan, I can give you chapter and verse about low points in organization history. The quick exit in 1983 was nothing—we knew the Oilers would be back. The Pronger trade request was a bad damn day, I suspect you remember it. Tonight? Losing like this to the current edition of the Calgary Flames? Come on.

I’m not one for grand gestures, and I’m certainly not one who believes any business or organization should have a knee jerk reaction to a specific trainwreck. However, the score and the Hall-Eakins exchange are the cherry on top of a truly incredible season.

Oiler fans have, in my opinion, been amazingly patient during this rebuild. Even in this season—which is the most trying year of all—the grumbling has been less than one might expect based on performance/expectation.

The remaining schedule is difficult, the jerseys keep flying from the stands (and may I say that’s getting old) and the hits just keep on coming.

eakins quote

Looked liked Dallas Eakins and Taylor Hall had some frayed nerves tonight. That can be a good thing—this has to be a low for both men—and something good could come from it. Sometimes these things don’t work out, and history tells us if one of them is leaving we already know his name.

This has all the makings of a bizarre spring. It is, at the very least, a dramatic low point in a season that defies description. We’ve passed surprise and driven through anger, and long ago stopped checking the standings.

What’s next? I suspect the answer is indifference.

  • The Real Scuba Steve

    To all those ignorant Lowe and Mac T fans (and media) out there who will not wake up.

    If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it is a duck.

    Again, the most disrespected management group in the lead.

    You can’t build a team trading 4th liners for 4th liners. RECYCLING NHL garbage and has beens does not work.

    A successful team is built on the the first 3 lines.

    However, the leadership in the organization is inbred with no hockey sense from the president of hockey operations, through the GM, scouting, coach, and assistant coaches.

    Right down to players like Smyth, who should hang up his skates.

    Keep paying money for this and this is what you get.

    Whoever wants my tickets next year can have them.

    Will not renew will KLowe is gone and takes all his buddies with him.

  • #ThereGoesTheOilers

    I can appreciate the tone from most of us right now because this season has been such a disappointment. However, I am left wondering why should these last two losses sting so badly? We’re not a good team and our recent success is misleading. I’m not buying that
    we’re getting better – are you?

    I had a quick look back at the previous 3 seasons. Here are all the wins/losses where 7 or more goals were tallied by the winner:

    Oct 29, 2010: EDM (7) CHI (4)

    Nov 9, 2010: CAR (7) EDM (1)

    Nov 14, 2010: NYR (8) EDM (2)

    Nov 19, 2011: EDM (9) CHI (2)

    Feb 2, 2012: EDM (8) CHI (4)

    Apr 3, 2013: EDM (8) CGY (2)

    Apr 27, 2013: EDM (7) VAN (2)

    Nov 19, 2013: EDM (7) CBJ (0)

    Dec 5, 2013: EDM (8) COL (2)

    Mar 22, 2014: CGY (8) EDM (1

    Couple of thoughts – interesting that we beat the Flames last year almost to the same tune. We’ve been a bad team for a long time now. We knew just how bad when we were eliminated from playoff contention in November.

    Look at those games. The majority of the lop-sided victories belong to us. I think that says more about the offensive potential and defensive deficiencies of this group than just how close ‘rock-bottom’ is.

    I’m not selling koolaid here. We suck and we know it. Why do these losses come as such a sting? Even good teams can lose badly. Why should the losingest team in the past 8 years be shocked when they lose so badly?

    • #ThereGoesTheOilers

      I think they were playing decent and with some confidence because of the unsustainable goaltending.They were not brutal against Buffalo and started all right last night, They should be trying to finish hard but I think a lot of them are booking holidays and tee times instead of playing the way Eakins wants. How does everyone think the rest of the season will go against virtually all playoff teams? I don’t think anything will change until one of the #1 picks on this team is traded for a player that is a better fit on the top six.
      I also hope that some teams that may be trading partners either don’t make the play-offs or are out in the first round.

  • Sean17

    I had a pair of club seats given to me from a corporate sponsor I deal with. My wife is due any day now so, I decided to give them to my Dad. They were for pick-up. The Oilers would not let me change the name for pick-up to my Dad because I was not the owner of the tickets. The sponsor was not available to call in to change on a Saturday. So, I told them to donate them to a kids organization. They said I cannot do that. All worked out I guess as it showed two empty seats on TV, my Dad and I didn’t have to sit through it and neither did some poor little kid! But I guess Katz still got his money….

  • Zamboni Driver

    I’m still looking for a ‘young talent’ defender to tell me where Hall was yesterday.


    Nugent-Hopkins (wherever he has been all year).

    Lowe did not play.
    MacTavish didn’t either.

    These “young superstars with huge upside” did.

    And got waxed.

    • YAKCITY64

      I agree with these kids not showing up but #1 Mac T was the idiot that signed all of these kids to Huge Deals. Also why are we trying to hold kids accountable when the management and owners and buddys can do whatever they want. Change the structure and create something that is basically what Matt Hendricks was talking about on After Hours. This will not happen until management changes. Sorry.

      • The Real Scuba Steve

        Mac T only extended Nuge to the six year extension( pretty tough not to follow up on Hall & Ebs deal made with Tambo AKA Lowe) and he extended Gagner another 2 years after this with a NT for 14/15 and not for 15/16.

  • Eulers

    I don’t understand all the hate directed to MacT given the train-wreck left by Tambi. MacT has done a good job of retooling the team in a short time, but has a couple more tools to trade out of town. Tambi is the reason we’ve been bouncing off rock bottom for so… many… years…

    • Eulers

      Really, Tambo? You’ve got to look further up the ladder…@KBlowe.

      I’m no MacT fan, but he made a good move with Hendricks and Scrivens.

      If he can pull a magical D pair in the offseason and get rid of Eakins, only then will I tip my hat to him.

  • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

    With the frustration the fan base is feeling, does anyone think that the Oilers can draft Aaron Ekblad? Why would fans expect anything different next season when Nurse/Ekblad should likely going back to junior to develop?

    Can the organization pass on a player that can play 2/3 C next year in the NHL in Bennett/Reinhart/Draisaitl?

    I know another 18-19 year old won’t solve the team’s issues and carry them to the promised land, but it would be the first step in changing the makeup of the top 6 forwards and offer some signal of change while the D they’ve already drafted continue to develop…

  • vetinari

    @Admin –

    please review comment #271 and remove the offensive commentary.

    Debate management decisions, criticize ownership or complain about players but leave out the anti-semitic commentary.

  • Eulers

    @milo I’m sure you spend a lot of time wondering why other people don’t see things the way you do. Ever wondered if you could learn something from the rest of us?

  • Lowetide

    What was the point of building a top heavy team with “offensively gifted” players again? Oilers are sitting at 23rd in the league with 2.43 goals per game

  • Serious Gord

    Reflecting back on these lost years – years of misery, firings, contract clashes etc. I am fascinated/amazed that Kevin Lowe hasn’t resigned long ago.

    What personality trait does he possess that prevents him from doing what any same executive would have done long ago?

    Is there a parallel in hockey? In pro sport ?

  • Oil Vice

    There are three ways to build a team. Draft, trade or free agency. Trading requires that you already have valuable assets. With Edmonton remaining at the bottom of most FAs list we have one option. Draft. Lowe being fired will not change this reality. How long was Detroit’s rebuild before they finally broke through? Now they have no problem signing the players they need in the off season. Simple logic suggests we need to stay the course. Painful indeed but what other option do we have? Upper management is not going to block a shot or take a hit to make a play.

    • Oil Vice

      I don’t know what you’re getting at, and you’re using Detroit as an example?

      Detroit has NOT missed the playoffs since 89-90. Sure out in round 1 or 2, but made the playoffs, with two cups. That’s a rebuild – It’s good management at Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburg. They have vision on building a team.

      Oilers – 05-06 was last appearance in the playoffs – it will be NINE straight years golfing in April, always a bottom 20 team.

      To stay the course with the current management at the helm will lead us down the same path. KBlowe lacks vision and leadership. C.R.A.P. flows downhill.

      Draft isn’t working – as you can see from the standings, because they can’t bring the talent out of the players. That’s management.

      Upper management doesn’t block the shots, but they pick and choose who will, and how they will. Unfortunately, they are more concerned about their golf swing.

      • Oil Vice

        What I’m getting at is that management’s hands are tied. It doesn’t matter who manages the team at this point. After the 06 finals the oilers were completely depleted of all assets. I don’t think people realize how little we had for prospects at the time. It takes time to regenerate that amount of depth in the system. We didn’t have a dedicated AHL team for way too long and that hurt us badly.

        Dig a little deeper into the wings history. I’m talking about the years leading up to 89-90. They were terrible for longer than 8 years. Yes the game is different but the principles of managing are simple and have not changed. How can you question what I’m getting at?!
        It’s pretty cut and dry.
        FAs don’t want to come here and we don’t have the assets to make a significant trade without giving up on players that we want to keep.
        Every hockey fan knows the blueprint to the Pens rebuild was a lottery win to pick Crosby.
        Suggesting the oilers should emulate the penguins rebuild strategy shows limited hockey IQ IMO.

        Oilers fans posses unequaled passion thus the constant cry for new management will not end until we make the playoffs but I feel some are blinded with rage. What would new management have to do besides waving a magical wand?!
        If you were managing then what would you do?

  • Oil Vice

    I’d fire myself. Then I’d fire you for doing such a poor job of concealing you are an Oiler employee, as no one could really be stupid enough to make such claims otherwise. How has staying the course worked so far? The course has turned the franchise into the laughing stock of the league. When that happens you CHANGE course. The people who drove the team into the ditch and have been stuck there for 8 years are not the ones to get us out. They are a big part of why no FAs want to come here.

    Kevin Lowe leaving and being replaced by a proven hockey manager would be the first step to changing the course in the right direction. No doubt there are some ex-Oilers that might be able to do the job but it must be someone else. Someone with no previous connection to this club. Brian Burke would have been perfect, but it’s too late for that now.

    • Oil Vice

      I’ll admit I sound like an oilers employee. Not true but if any employees are reading then I’d love to be one even if we are the laughing stock of the league.
      Sounds like you’d be one in favour of the magic wand scenario.
      Fire everyone….very original.
      Brian Burke has done very little as a manager. He was lucky to inherit the ducks when they were already built and primed to succeed.
      Do better.

  • Oil Vice

    You seem to be forgetting that Burke won the Cup in Anaheim after he fleeced Kevin Lowe, getting Chris Pronger for a bag of pucks and Lupul. Nice try though. Go back to your boss and ask for some new arguments.

    • Oil Vice

      You seem to be forgetting that pronger demanded a trade. Thus the oilers had no hope of getting fair value…nice try tho
      And since I’m so forgetful then plz remind me who was it that convinced pronger and peca to sign here in the first place? Pronger was the best UFA signing in the history of the franchise at the time.

  • Oil Vice

    We need to stay the course. Fans I assure you firing me is not the answer.
    We just need to be patient and in the next 8 years I guarentee you we will be a competitive hockey team. We are so close and if we can only land 2-8 more first overall draft picks we will have the right mix up of 5″10 centremen to really get ourselves into a fight for that 8th playoff spot.
    However after a series against St Louis/La we will have to rebuild again.