RX2 Update & the First Lady at Soup Sisters

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Let the traffic problems begin!

One of things I’ll be doing throughout the Spring/Summer is to make my way down to the new arena site and take pictures of the progress that’s going on down there. For those of you that don’t work downtown, it’ll be a way of keeping you up to date on the glorious traffic delays and lack of parking the rest of us get to go through. Here’s your March 24th update…

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I’m not sure what these things do, but they look like a lot of fun. There’s probably a half dozen of these ground punchers around and the holes are getting bigger and more numerous. Lots of holes being dug, a lot of guys looking miserable at how cold it is outside. Yes, I’m from Edmonton and yes I’ll complain about the wind.

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There are a lot of piles of dirt laying around and no one will let me get near the fence to take better pictures. When I walked up, the man with the clipboard told me that I wasn’t allowed to be there. If it wasn’t so cold outside (read: If I wasn’t so underdressed for the conditions) I would have stuck around to see what else was going on.

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Nothing major to report this week, but there are a lot of big machines scattered around the site and I’ll be back to take more pictures when something interesting happens. Worst arena reporting ever? I say yes! And we’ve only just begun.

Oiler Ladies Lending a Hand to Soup Sisters


On a serious note, I wanted to give a shout out to the Oiler ladies as they continue their tradition of lending a helping hand in our community. Over the weekend, the First Lady – Jen Scrivens – let us know that Oiler ladies and some wonderful women from the front off office will be making their way to Sunterra Market to lend at hand to Soup Sisters tonight.  What is Soup Sisters?  Soup Sisters is a non-profit organization that produces and packages soup to distribute to those in need in support of WIN House. Soup Sisters believes in the comforting abilities of a warm bowl of soup and in Edmonton we couldn’t agree more.

What you need to know… 

The ladies will be at Sunterra Market (Commerce Place 201- 10150 Jasper Avenue) from 6-9pm, preparing and packaging soup. The Soup Sisters organization will deliver everything to WIN House who will then distribute it to women and youth in Edmonton. If you want to get involved, visit the Soup Sisters website for your opportunity to help out. All the soup made through Soup Sisters goes to support all three WIN House locations in Edmonton. It is a fantastic organization and we truly encourage you to check it out and offer your support.

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  • Dutchscooter

    I think the Oilers should all just hand in the white flag and donate their time to those in need. For every Oilers game that was supposed to happen, all the “fans” can enter the arena and watch video of the Oil Kings Playoffs… afterall, itll be the only playoffs an Edmontonian will ever see!

  • Czar

    Next time carry a clipboard, you’ll look important and blend right in.

    Just don’t wear your jersey, especially inside out, you could end up incarcerated.

  • Czar

    Traffic is going to be UGLY during events at RX2.

    As someone who has worked downtown for over thirty years and have seen it get more congested each year I am happy to be retired.

    It was bad enough driving by Rexall Place on Friday evening when the Rush and the Home Show were on. That place is sitting on a freeway for effs sake. What happens when the same thing happens downtown?

    You can’t argue that people can take the LRT because the LRT goes to Rexall now and the congestion is awful.

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow


    Seemed like Yakupov had character before Eakins destroyed it .

    I agree with your assessment of MacT- I’ve always been a fan.

    • Tikkanese

      Mr. Eakins is not the problem – one or more of the “stars” needs to go! Eakins didn’t destroy Yaks character – their personalities just conflict at times – I just think some of the young multi-millionaires need to look at the CHARACTER of Ference, Smyth, Hendricks, et al and immitate it! When you are getting your a$$ kicked punch somebody, be very hard to play against, stir up all kinds of $hit!!! Eakins has been, is and will always be a winner!!!

  • smiliegirl15

    I drive by the site every day. Riding my bike to work for the summer will give me a new route.
    Watching people trying to figure out they can no longer turn left at the Greyhound Station is both amusing and annoying. Today 104 Ave was down to one lane westbound. Good times coming people!


    Oh hey bm – nice reporting. I just wanted to make sure you understand how bad you suck. Also those hole punchers look amazing, thanks for risking your life to go take pics in the wind homie.

  • Czar

    Since I don’t live in Edmonton, it’ll be nice to have an idea of how the arena is progressing. I’m definitely glad that I don’t have to worry about the mess that traffic looks like it’s going to be.

  • A-Mc

    yea… Baggedmilk, i’m going to need you to go ahead and climb up to the north side of the closest office tower to the arena site, and install a webcam mmkayyy?

    And uhhhh, while you’re out, i’m also going to need you to pickup my dry cleaning mmkay? great.

    *adjusts glasses*
    *tightens suspenders*

  • How totally cool would an Oilers Nation branded web cam be, hidden somewhere across the street from the project? Some place where Oilers staff would have to hire S.H.I.E.L.D. to find it. Some smart guy might even go up to the roof of the Oilers Nation building and install said mythical camera. Then have the feed running right here on the home site with a scrolling advertiser banner on the bottom.

    Hypothetically of course.

  • Rdubb

    We in Oil country can handle -30C weather, snow, sleet & a combination of the above, but what we cannot handle is the freaking wind, especially when it’s -12C to -15C or colder. I HATE the wind on colder days, it just seems to blow right through a person…
    The unfortunate thing is that when you listen to all these news stations and the people reporting the weather, they always say “it’ll be nice today with sun & a slight breeze”, meanwhile it’s -15C with a 20kph wind, know what I say to those weather people, go work outside for 8 to 12 years and tell me how freaking nice it is outside. And, unless you’re working downtown Edmonton, many others must work outside. And many f those who work outside must work outside when it is the most miserable, such as a power outage, these guys must go outside and work so other can get their power back on, and what do many without power do, bitch and complain that it’s taking so long, all the while they are inside a warm home staying dry. The figure because the inside temp dropped to 20.5C that they’re in need, or a fireman who has to put out a fire when it’s -30C, cannot even imagine what that feels like, poor bastards, but thank you, and hway crews, they are out (in most communities anyways) in early hours cleaning the hways making it safer for us, they are at their busiest when the weather is the worst…& there are many more, thanks to all of you…
    Sorry for getting of topic, but I figured we needed something else to complain about after Saturdays debacle, and then having to watch that game too…

    • *Steps back cautiously, looking over shoulder, eying door*

      Uhhh…yeahhhh…OK buddy. How’s about you have a seat right there and I’ll just step out for a second to get someone who can help you with that.